Around the System–Middle Infield

Lehigh Valley

Ryan Jackson, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2016; .214/.347/.238 in 101PA; 0HR 17RBI; 1/3SB; 17%BB/26%K; .148 vs LHP; .246 vs RHP; .083 in May; 26 games at SS with 2 errors (.979); 2 games at 2B without an error; 2 games at 3B without an error; With the exception of the good walk rate, it has been ugly with the stick for Jackson. That said, showing a good glove, albeit with somewhat limited range.

Darnell Sweeney, 25, Acquired from Dodgers in 2015; .240/.292/.380 in 129PA; 2HR 11RBI; 1/5SB; 6%BB/21%K rates; .324 vs LHP; .207 with RHP; .333 in May; 27 games at 2B with 3 errors (.977); 6 games in the OF without an error.  Its been a season of streaks for Sweeney, starting off very cold and coming on lately.

 Carlos Alonso, 28, Phils 32nd round pick in 2010; Alonso just came off the DL on Friday after missing four plus weeks with a broken jaw.  A very intelligent player, Alonso should make some things happen in the LV lineup.


JP Crawford, 21, Phils 1st round pick in 2013; .250/.385/.355 in 151PA; 2HR 8RBI; 4/7SB; 18%BB/14%K; .300 vs LHP; .240 vs RHP; .200 in May; .214 with RISP; 33 games at SS with 7 errors; Some have suggested that Crawford should be in Lehigh Valley immediately, however Crawford has been far from spectacular this year.  Maybe bored, but has looked lackadaisical at times. Continues to have an outstanding “eye” at the plate leading to an excellent OBP.

Jesmuel Valentin, 22, Acquired from Dodgers in 2014; .261/.317/.339 in 125PA; 0HR 10RBI; 3/4SB; 8%BB/13%K; .280 vs LHP; .256 vs RHP; .220 in May; 31 games at 2B with 2 errors (.986); Has been solid this year.


Malquin Canelo, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .248/.321/.355 in 134PA; 1HR 11RBI; 4SB; 10%BB/16%K rates; .100 vs LHP; .277 vs RHP; .298 in May; 34 games at SS with 9 errors (.939); A slow start but coming on as of late.  Has been less than stellar with the glove. Has now hit 400 PA at Clearwater over two seasons with his average hovering around .250.

Scott Kingery, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2015; .257/.344/.397 in 151PA; 2HR 6RBI; 10/11SB; 10%BB/7%K rates; .323 vs LHP; .238 vs RHP,  .095 with RISP; .245 in May; 32 games at 2B with 3 errors (.979). Kingery has been the offensive catalyst at the top of the Threshers lineup all year, getting on base regularly and has been among the league leaders in runs scored and SB.  Very steady with the glove as well.  Should be ready for Reading by mid June.

Drew Stankiewicz, 22, Phils 11th round pick in 2014; .224/.296/.408 in 54PA; 0HR 8RBI; 9%BB/22%K rates; 3 games at 2B without an error; 4 games at SS with 1 error (.917); 3 games in the OF without an error; Stankiewicz was placed on the DL a week ago.  Very pedestrian numbers in the seasons first month in a back up role.


Grenny Cumana, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .226/.300/.283 in 57PA; 0HR 6RBI; 4/5SB; 7%BB/7%K rates; .308 vs LHP; .200 vs RHP; 14 games at SS with 3 errors (.930); 1 game at 2B without an error; Seeing limited time backing up Emmanuel Marrero with limited production. Still young.

Emmanuel Marrero, 23, Phils 7th round pick in 2014; .311/.357/.379 in 141PA; 1HR 11RBI; 4/8SB; 6%BB/12%K rates; .364 vs LHP; .293 vs RHP; .354 in May; 22 games at SS with 2 errors (.978); 5 games at 2B without an error; 6 games at 3B without an error; Marrero has been excellent with both the bat and glove this year.

Josh Tobias, 23, Phils 10th round pick in 2015; .314/.417/.471 in 138PA: 3HR 25RBI; 1/3SB; 12%BB/11%K rates; .452 vs LHP; .267 vs RHP; .261 in May; 30 games at 2B with 6 errors (.951); The skill set Tobias has is beyond what the SAL has to offer and as soon as Scott Kingery is ready for Reading, Tobias should hit the ground running in Clearwater without missing a beat.

4 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. Many are clamoring for Tobias to be pushed up, and some lean his way as the future 2nd baseman.
    But Valentin is quietly making his mark two levels above Tobias and 18 months younger.
    And then there is Kingery, who has the ability to actually be the future 2nd baseman at the Bank.
    IMO, its Kingery, Valentin and Tobias in that respective order.Then others like Canelo, Cumana, Brito, Gamboa and Marrero all in the mix

    1. Agree to an extend. Tobias is at least one level to low for his age, but we can’t hold his success against him. He didn’t choose to be there, there’s just a crunch on 2B jobs at that level of the organization at the moment. Once Kingery moves up, Tobias will see pitching more in tune with his skillset and age.

      Totally disagree on Valentin. .261/.317/.339 is making his mark? I don’t think so even a little bit. He’s there until Kingery is ready to move up, nothing more.

  2. Kingery has the potential to become the regular 2b-man. He has the speed and base-running to be a threat once he gets on base. He also seems to have an advanced strike zone awareness. Don’t know how good he’s been defensively, but his pre-draft analysis indicated that he’d be better than average. HOWEVER, his BA seems to vary between .250 & .275…with occasional bursts of better contact yielding a better BA.
    From the commentary here over the past several months, we all want him–a college pluck–to become a higher average hitter, and I’d not move him up to Reading until that occurs.
    His college career, in his last 2 seasons, have his contact rate very high. Would like to see that happen ASAP.

    1. Kingery gets knocked because his box score numbers aren’t impressive. Point is – and I believe the Phils organization realizes this – he’s a type of quality 2bman suited for what they’re looking for. Contact hitter, high OBP even if he hits between .250-.270, top of the lineup speed, solid defensively. Much like his future keystone mate, it’s his intangibles/character and NOT gaudy numbers that will make him a success.

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