2016 Draft Discussion, May 16th

The 2016 draft discussion continues here.  These discussions will be accessible under “The Draft” menu option “2016 Draft Discussions and Picks” for reference.

BA updated their Top 100 Draft Prospects on May 5th. The new top of the list is –

  • #1 – A.J. Puk, LHP, Florida
  • #2 – Riley Pint, RHP, St. Thomas Aquinas HS, KA
  • #3 – Jason Groome, LHP, Barnegat HS, NJ
  • #4 – Kyle Lewis, OF, Mercer
  • #5 – Nick Senzel, 3B, Tennessee
  • #6 – Corey Ray, OF, Louisville

Florida’s A.J. Puk gave up a solo home run in Saturday’s (May14th) game against Vanderbilt.  That was the only run he allowed, but the Gators couldn’t overcome even the one run as they lost 5-0.  Vanderbilt’s Kyle Wright pitched well.

A.J. PUK (L, 2-3) 6.0 3 1 1 2 11 1 0 0 0 21 23 4 3 110

Riley Pint was reported to have hit 100 mph a couple weeks ago.  I’ve got nothing since.  His team is scheduled to play in the playoffs this week, May 16-19.

Jason Groome pitched two innings as a warm up for Monday night’s game against Gloucester Catholic in Camden’s Campbell Field.  He allowed a walk and a single, and struck out 6 batters.  His FB was 90-93, t94 mph.  Here’s a report from the Press of Atlantic City, 5/11.

Kyle Lewis, Mercer: .419/.547/.753/1.300

53 G, 198 AB, 61 R, 83 H, 11 D, 2 T, 17 HR, 64 RBI, 56 BB, 6 HBP, 42 K, 5 SF, 6/11 SB

Nick Senzel, Tennessee: .339/.441/.578/1.019 (Corrected, 2015 stats listed earlier)

52 G, 192 AB, 52 R, 65 H, 20 D, 1 T, 8 HR, 54 RBI, 35 BB, 4 HBP, 18 K, 5 SF, 23/26 SB

Corey Ray, Louisville: .320/.392/.580/.972

52 G, 219 AB, 47 R, 70 H, 16 D, 1 T, 13 HR, 54 RBI, 28 BB, 2 HBP, 33 K, 6 SF, 35/35 SB (Corrected SB/SBA)


206 thoughts on “2016 Draft Discussion, May 16th

  1. Watched a little bit of Puk against Vanderbilt, he’s good but I wasn’t too impressed. Not sure if I like any of these p love to see the phils

    1. Comment got messed with. Not sure if I like these pitchers in the draft, would love to see the Phils pick Corey Ray, kid looks like a stud.

      1. I’m not a fan of Puk either, but I could see taking Groome or Pint however I’d probably roll with Lewis who has the best power potential, should provide average RF defense, and seems to have a pretty good hit tool. The thing with Ray that bothers me and I’ve said it before is that most things I read on him say he probably won’t stick in center and would be in LF. I just don’t know if he can hit for enough power to be worth taking at 1.1 if he can’t stick in center. Don’t sleep on Moniak (sp?) either.

    2. not only that but boy does he have odd shaped body. I really don’t know what to think about him other than I am now leaning on getting best college bat.

  2. According to Keith Law, the Phillies are hoping to spend their second pick on Southern California HS pitcher Kevin Gowdy.

    “Gowdy, committed to UCLA, is a fastball/curveball guy with good feel to pitch and a fair amount of physical upside remaining. The Yankees are supposedly heavily on him at pick No. 18, and the Phillies are hoping to get him as an overpay at pick 42.”

    1. Thanks, Tim. Don’t understand why STATS on the tennessee site would take me to 2014-2015. The regression didn’t look right, but I couldn’t figure it out last night. They don’t put a year or date stamp on the page. I found the correct location on the tennessee site and now have the link you provided. Thanks.

  3. I’m beginning to think you can throw a blanket over these top 8-10 picks. It’s a tough call for them. But my guess is, looking back ten years from now, Moniak will be considered the best player.

    1. Jeff it might come down to who in there top 5 will take the discount. I Really don’t see them paying slot for any of these guys,

    2. Yeah it’s a large group of guys in play for the number one pick and Moniak is gaining quite a bit of helium.

  4. My plan for this draft would be:

    1. Trade a B prospect to the Oakand A’s for Billy Butler and the A’s competitive balance pick.
    2. Get two of Braxton Garrett, Joey Wentz or Matt Manning to say that they will not sign for less than 4 million and promise them 4 million in the comp round.
    3. Pick the best bat (Lewis, Senzel, Ray or Moniak) with the 1:1
    4. Pick the best HS pitcher that falls into the comp round.
    5. At #42, select Cal Quantril or Matt Krook or Alec Hansen, whoever is left.

    1. VOR:
      Like number one and four wrapped into one. Waiting to see how creative Matt Klentak is , especially with all the RHP prospects at LHV and Reading. And with that A’s pick, perhaps a Florida HSer LHP like Jesus Lazardo could be had, though he is coming off TJ.
      Number two sounds about right if they agree.
      And number five….if Hansen really has dropped as they say, why not give it a go.
      Number three…..however it is Puk for me.

      1. I can see the argument for AJ Puk. He has the highest floor of anybody in the draft, IMO. But I think his ceiling is a bit exaggerated.
        I see AJ Puk’s likely outcome as Andrew Miller. Big LH pitcher with two plus pitches and command issues. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had the exact career arc as Miller. Struggle for years as a starter, then become a dominant reliever. For me, I’d rather have a Ray Lankford or Jermaine Dye in three years, than the current Andrew Miller, in six years.

        1. Agree.
          Puk’s floor is high and ceiling is probably actually lower than the usual 1.1 selection people are accustomed to seeing, like former SEC Vandy pitcher Price.
          And Miller could be a very good comp at this point
          If, however, Lewis were in the SEC conference, or even PAC12/AAC or Big Ten, and hitting like he is, then I go for him.

        2. I don’t want to assume a high floor from Puk, since his control isn’t so good. He strikes out enough hitters, so he shouldn’t be afraid of throwing strikes, but he’s still walking >4 BB/9. Maybe that would improve, but not a certainty.

          He absolutely has a lower floor than Nola did, and he was 7th pick.

          1. ReiDe…I posted this yesterday…IMO young tall lefties and control issues.
            May 15, 2016 at 4:00 PM ………..One thing that is continually discussed about with Puk is his poor command and control, which among other things leads to high pitch counts and early exits. But taking a quick look at Clayton Kershaw’s first three years in pro ball at ages 18-19 and 20, and also AJ Puk’s first three years in college ball here is the BB/SO metrics as of 15 May2016. Both tall pitchers , Puk at 6’7″, and sometimes that is a difficult assignment to get their mechanics flowing consistently at a young age.
            Kershaw- 220 IPed…91BBs…3.7-BB/9…11.3 –K/9.
            Puk – —–175 IPed…80BBs….4.1-BB/9…..11.8-K/9.
            Majority of all the hitters Puk faced at 18 and 19 were older collegian players.
            At 20/( turned 21 three weeks ago)most hitters Puk faces are now his age or younger in the SEC
            Kershaw, on the other hand at 20, in AA faced a majority of older and experienced hitters.
            …..it will be all about progectability if Puk is the guy they select.

            1. I agree that it can happen, and I think he has a higher ceiling because of his fastball, but the fact that is is difficult for the tall lefties to maintain their delivery, and that he hasn’t done it yet, indicate that his floor is probably reliever. Or worse.

              I would much rather draft a hitter.

    2. What if we offer that much money to two of those guys and nobody takes either one, a likely outcome since none of those guys is worth 4. We can’t possibly afford both of them, and can’t promise a guy enough to get other teams to pass, and then fail to follow through. As to trading draft picks, I think any pick could be now be traded. Just announce it as a player to be named later, then announce it after the Series.

  5. Every hitter looks different based on the quality of the pitcher they face. I have seen many times a hitter look elite against a weaker pitcher and then look lost against a great pitcher. That’s what scares me about Lewis. You almost have to scout him like he is a HS hitter from the North East. Possible he is a poor man’s Mike Trout (from NJ). Also possible he is Jeff Jackson (from Chicago area).

    1. He did OPS .844 in the Cape Cod League against quality pitching with a wooden bat, although the SS is fairly limited. I’m hopeful he’s been on the radar long enough that scouts have an ample body of evidence from which they can dissect his swing.

    2. v1….I equate OFer Phil Ervin @ Samford in ’13 from the Ohio Conference to Kyle Lewis in the Southern Conference. Though Ervin was the 27th pick he was the 5th rated OFer taken in that draft by the Reds, and still is in AA ball,
      SEC and large conference hitters seem to fare better than the smaller conference hitters.

      1. Yeah. IMO it is harder to scout Lewis than Groome. A 70 grade curve is a 70 grade curve. Doesn’t matter who is in the box. 94 mph with movement and command is a plus fb. Doesn’t matter who is in the box.

        For hitters, we know plus power doesn’t always translate in game. We know great amateur hitters who struggle with quality breaking balls.

        I agree that Lewis’ Cape performance is encouraging, while still a small sample. It is a real positive. And to be clear, there are some great northern HS hitters who become great MLB players. Just saying, the scouting is different when a hitter faces weaker pitching.

        1. Put another way someone within the Cubs organization likely scouted both Schwarber and Bryant. That person had the conviction to say to say these are our guys above the rest. These guys can hit in the MLB and get there quick and thus it was so.

          1. DMAR…Schwarber was a Big Ten guy and he faced have quality pitching. Bryant on the other hand was a West Cost Conference guy….but they also face quality non-conference opponents, ie PAC12. It is harder to judge hitters competitive levels vs pitchers who have velos into the mid-to-upper 90s and also good breaking balls.

      2. Phil Ervin and Kyle Lewis played against similar level competition in their conferences, but there is a big difference between a 330 avg/1.000 OPS and a .430 avg/1.350 OPS. Lewis is murdering his competition.

        1. Yes I agree. Lewis is killing it in is conference play. And he is definitely rated better than the 5th best OFer in this draft…..but at 1.1 that is an awful tall leap than the 27th pick like Ervin was, and for a guy in a conference that may not see one pitcher ever pitch in MLB.
          Its just me…I am skeptical of the smaller conferences.
          At least Corey Ray at Lousiville faces a quality of better pitching in the AAC vs the Southern Conference.

          1. SSS, but Mercer plays Georgia Tech (#19 RPI) and Georgia (#30 RPI) every year and Lewis is hitting the same against them, as he is everyone else, the last two years.

          2. http://www.pointstreak.com/baseball/player.html?playerid=782454 this is form Lewis cape cod league . It breaks down his atbats , notice he hit 7 HR’S 3 came in the first 3 games . Nobody ready knew who he was off the grid. He didn’t start playing baseball full time until your senior year of Hs. Romus check the playoff numbers too he cooled way like BA said. It also has a spray chart and look on top at the leader board you can Senzel all over it.

            1. Yes…Lewis has his short-comings, along with all the other 5/6 candidates for that 1.1 selection.
              Klentak has his work cut out for him.
              And this has to be a ‘hit’ year, since it looks like they will be picking next year and after, out of the top ten and maybe in the late teens..

          1. Lewis does have great and truly gaudy top of the leaderboard numbers.
            I wonder how the pitching equates in that conference..

    3. Viagain you scaring me I agree with you again. I read what the scouts said about lewis , Watch video on him. he scares me too, He does have a ton of movement in his swings. and I said the same thing I hope he wasn’t another Jeff Jackson.

  6. The numbers on Ray are impressive. 13 HR and 35 SB. Power and speed. I’d be happy with him or Lewis.

      1. This one is on Louisville. They are listing him as 35/42 on their site. He was 35/35 last week. I found it hard to believe he was 0 for 7 in the past week, and thought it was a correction from a previous mistake. It’s still 35/42 this afternoon. Baseball Cube says 0 CS. I’ll go with that for now.

          1. Viza has a 6-pitch mix – 4-seamer, 2-seamer, cutter, slider, curve, and change. I can’t say if any one of them is a good pitch, I don’t have a good angle to view movement. But, he generates swing-and-miss thru multiple velocities. He throws strikes and doesn’t walk many (36 K/6 BB in 35.2 IP).

            He certainly handles adversity well after that first season in Lakewood. And even though he finished 5-10 last season after going 4-0 in his first 8 starts, he averaged six innings per start and held the opposition to 3 ER or fewer in 10 of his last 14 starts.

            Tampa is a free-swinging team and leads the FSL in most offensive categories. Viza missed bats and minimized hard contact. He shut down Jorge Mateo with an 0-4 that included a pop up, two ground outs and a double play ground ball. Mateo had hit over .500 in an earlier 5-game series.

            1. Jim,

              I haven’t seen Visa pitch yet, but look forward to seeing him when the Threshers visit SWFL. Meanwhile, thanks for the information on him. I’ve said it before but it needs to be said again: You do an absolutely great job with this site. Thanks.

  7. Anon, Although I have liked Groome and am looking forward to tonight’s game, you make a great point with the aggressiveness Klentak needs. I love your proposed deal with the A’s. That is exactly what I would like them to do.

    1. matt13…the Giles deal was an aggressive move on his part IMO. But it seem to be a foregone conclusion to do that in the midst of a rebuild.
      However, not sure I have seen any thing else resembling aggressiveness or creativity. Signing a corps of experienced ‘coming-off-injuries’ relievers and bats like Featherston and Bourjos just seems to be playing it safe.
      if he makes the riskier moves by trading prospects, and thee is a corral full of RHPs, for Comp Balance picks in the Rule 4 and also for more money tacked to the $5.8M international pool they have now…then I think he is being aggressive.

    1. So, if the Phillies want a “safe” pick at 1:1, who is the safest pick among the top guys? I’d say Puk, Ray, or Sentzel. Maybe even Hudson, in an under-slot deal?

      1. Nick Senzel , moniak there nothing safe about Puk other then the fact he hasn’t had TJ surgeries yet.Groome because of his age , we have so many outfielder’s . We really don’t have 3rd base depth with Senzel he’s the advanced college bat . Moniak and Groome make sense there .

        1. Yeah, I could see the Phils taking Sentzel as an advanced college bat. I think that is what you’re saying as well, though I can’t really tell for sure …

  8. Consider Puk’s past 5 games but throw out the game before last when he only allowed 2 er in 3.1 ip with 6 walks and 6 ks and consider that in the other 4 games that he pitched 23 inn, allowed 15 hits, 6 er, 9 bb, and 40 ks.

    He’s doing all this against SEC hitters who are at least as good as AA players. Puk turns it on at the end of each season. He pitches his best when it gets to tournament time and he does well.

    The Phils could get a hitter at 1-1 but if he projects to be a LF, why did they draft Randolph? They could take Pint or Groome, but do you want to wait 4-5 years for a badly needed LHP to maybe make the bigs? Puk gets there in a year and half.

    1. SEC Hitters are at least as good as AA players . . . mmmm . . . since when? You won’t find a conference in D1 baseball where you can say they are as good as AA, not even the SEC.

      1. You didn’t know that all sec hitters are at least as good as AA hitters. I thought that was common knowledge. (I’m only being slightly sarcastic…….) I think Puk is at least 3 years away I don’t even know if he could start at Clearwater. He seems to have major control problems and I don’t think he is all that polished. I’m not a scout but that’s just my opinion. Hopefully the FO nails the pick because the way the big league team is playing I don’t think they will be picking top 5 again for a little while.

  9. If I may add, they could probably get Puk to sign under slot, perhaps at 60%-75%. No way Puk wants to go back for his senior year and have to go through all this again. I think it’s the right way to go.

  10. I think everybody agrees there are no sure things at the top of this draft. My position really hasn’t changed since the season began: I think Groome is the guy at 1.1. I don’t care if he’s coming from a high school in the Northeast — 6’6″ lefties with mid-90s fastballs, two other plus offerings and effortless deliveries do not grow on trees. Is he a risk? Sure. But the potential makes him worth it IMO.

    I’m hoping for either Groome or Lewis, but honestly, the org has been so spot on with its first rounders the last three years (Crawford, Nola, Randolph) that I’ll throw my faith in them no matter who it is. I keep seeing the name Jeff Jackson come up in this thread … assuredly, there are smart people running the Phillies scouting department, and that situation is not likely to repeat here.

    1. Agree %100. If for whatever reason/strategy they don’t take Groome, I’m fine with their decision. But I’m not going against my gut out of fear. It’s Groome for me as well, all things being equal. Otherwise I go outfield.

    2. You see Jeff Jackson being thrown around because it’s a lazy comp for every African-american Outfielder.

      1. Anonymous that is the worst comment ever, Take you stupid race junk to another site. Now were all racist. what a a dumb comment

        1. Since you fancy yourself a scout, try coming out of the stone age and find another comp, instead of bringing up Jeff Jackson from 30 years ago, for every African-American OF that shows more than 2 tools. Nobody under 45 on the site can even get the reference.

        2. Yeah that was a really dumb comment Anonymous VOR! Race didn’t cross my mind one second when I used him as a potential comp above. The reason he is an interesting comp is because he is an example of a northern high school prospect with great tools and video game stats against weak pitching. But he couldn’t hit quality pitching. It is a lesson to learn from. His skin color is irrelevant to the discussion.

          1. How does a Northern-High School OF prospect from 30 years ago compare or remind you of a Southern-College prospect today? They didn’t even make Scouting reports available to fans back then, and you know it, so I know you can’t compare their skills. Jeff Jackson is a reference used here, since the beginning of the site, when one is trying to avoid using the tired “Toolsy OF” for any African-american Outfielder being considered at draft time.

            … And that’s fine, but call it what it is: A Lazy reference by an older demographic, who couldn’t tell you a thing about Jeff Jackson other than he was a HS OF from Chicago, who was a bust.

            1. I don’t understand why you keep interjecting race into the discussion. i just explained why I use Jeff as a comp. IMO he is an example of a prospect that put up video game numbers against weak competition. the lesson is about how the level of competition affects grading of a hitter. the color of his skin is irrelevant. you are the only one focusing on it. doesn’t make sense.

            2. Gotta say, I saw no bias before you mentioned it. And now that you have, we’re all sorta worse off for it. It’s obnoxious how people continually try and bring race into the sports discussion. It’s over, perhaps time to move on?

              Who cares what comp he used? I didn’t get it but I don’t really care to. So what, a toolsy player flopped, nothing shocking there.

  11. A lot of people have talked about competition within certain conferences. D1Baseball.com did a ranking of the top 100 college baseball programs . . . No surprise who ranked 1st (Vandy). Mercer was ranked 82nd btw.

    -The SEC led all leagues with 13 teams on our list, including four in the top 10. The ACC and Pac-12 were next with 10 teams apiece in the Top 100, followed by the Big Ten (nine), Big 12 (eight), American Athletic Conference (six), Big West and Conference USA (five apiece). In all, 25 conferences placed at least one team on the Top 100.

    The state with the most teams in our Top 100 is California (13), followed by Texas (nine), Florida (seven), Virginia (six), Georgia and North Carolina (five apiece). Overall, 31 states were represented.- d1baseball.com

  12. I’m kinda surprised that Kyle Lewis is going up draft boards while his numbers on the season have gone down . . granted they are still GREAT numbers . . he went from hitting:

    February: .462/.600/.846
    March: .446/.571/.919
    April: .387/.518/.613
    May: .389/.511/.583

    I realize they are great numbers but he’s not being a force anymore at the plate . . 2 doubles in the past 2 months with 5 HRs (3 in April and 2 in May, that’s after 9 HR in March). When I say “force” I mean in relative to how he was in Feb/March.

    If pitchers fall after one start that isn’t as solid as usually how don’t hitters fall when their numbers regress? again I get the regression still has him hitting over .385 but its a regression none the less. Add in better competition over a longer season and what could happen? Not my choice for 1-1

    1. Pitching early in the year may have not been as sharp and as the season goes on they have a better scouting report on him. Or he could be tiring or have a nagging injury. Actually there could be a myriad of reasons for his sloping downward.
      But get your point about the hitter vs pitcher eval process.
      Any word yet on Groome tonight at Campbell Field?

      1. As of right now Groome has given up a run (unearned) on 2 hits, 11K’s and 2 walks thru 6. GC up 1-0. Mondile has given up i believe 3 hits with a walk and 9Ks

  13. Romus he did the same thing in the cod league. Start out on fire, then just about hit 300. Tired or teams make adjustments and he doesn’t know how to change.

    1. I mean he’ll still raking but hes more of a lead off guy right now . . the power isn’t showing at all (well 5 HRs in the past 2 months) . . he isn’t even hitting any doubles. I would say it could be how they are pitching him but with his level of comp. unless they are int. walking him, i can’t imagine they pitching is good enough to not make mistakes pitching around him.

      1. Also does it say something about the competition that several players in their line up have 10 plus HRs (i believe 4 which is a decent amount to have 10 or more HRs), also there are i believe 6 guys with 40 plus RBI. They are either a really good team (record isn’t bad at all 33-20) or their competition isn’t that great. I see they have scored 9 or more runs 25 times!!!! Is he racking numbers up on bad pitching?

  14. Interesting – to me at least. I did not realize that Kyle Lewis was from snellville GA. He is a junior now in college. That would mean he was a 2013 high school draftee. In the 2013 draft, pick 5 (Clint Frazier), and pick 9 (Austin Meadows), were from Loganville GA. Loganville and Snellville are suburbs of Atlanta, and border each other.

    What are the chances that 3 kids from one smallish geographical area in the suburbs who graduated from high school the same year would all be top 10 picks?

    The Atlanta area always pops out several early picks, but this is impressive.

  15. Groome ended up with 1 Run, 0 ER, 14K, 2 BB, 2H. Struck out the last 8 batters he faced. So if he went down with his last start . . . logically this brings him up right? He looked great tonight, so did Mondile however his past scares me.

    1. Groome – 6IP, 2H, 2BB, 14Ks – 97 pitches, 63 strikes

      Mondile – 7IP, 3H, 2BB, 10K – 101 pitches 66 strikes

      1. In front of Johnny Almaraz Charlie Kiefield I think that’s how you spell it . RETIRED the last 8 batters on K’s.

        1. Saw one scouts who had Groome sitting 92-95 just about all night long. Saw a few 96s.

        2. Saw Groome and Mondile last night. Great great crowd. Just a few observations.
          Groome is smooth and has effortless delivery. Mondile is herky jerky and max effort. Appeared that Groome was either upset at himself or his fielders a couple of times (glove covered his mouth). The Home Plate ump had a wide (and a little inconsistent at times) strike zone which I guess is to be expected. He was like that for both P’s.

          The crowd ahhh’d on almost every one of Groome’s curveballs. He must have used it to get half his strikeouts. At times, I think he tried to over throw his fastball and was high in the zone, It appeared to me that GC made their best contact when Groome missed high. The lined single to right field was up and away.

          Jim Callis from MLB was there with a camera guy.

          I thought it was interesting that Johnnny Almaraz sat by himself in the crowd and not with the scouts behind the backstop. He didn’t take notes.

          1. My apologies. It was Jonathan Mayo and not Jim Callis at the game.

            I concur with the report further below from BA that it did appear to me that Groome did hesitate or slow down his arm speed on the breaking pitches.

  16. I love the down votes for prob the pitching lines in what was one of the best high school baseball pitching match ups in a long while and prob the best one of the year across the country.

    People are petty and immature haha

    1. I’ve said I’d take Moniak. I think he has the biggest upside of any offensive player in the draft. Ray and Senzel don’t strike me as number 1 picks. I have mixed feelings about Lewis. Groome might have a higher upside, but a greater risk.

      1. He’s certainly been helping himself this spring. Go with Moniak @ 1.1 and then an overspend on a pitcher with the 2?

          1. Jeff, trying to get the right pronouncement of his name. Is it MONiak with long or short O and is accent on 1st syllable or on the I (Mon-I-ak) with long I?

  17. It stinks there’s no transcendent players available, but that said, I’m only really disappointed if the phillies select college pitching. I don’t really like any of those prospects.

    It’s either Groome or a hitter to me.

  18. I gotta say, you should probably turn off this whole moderation thing. The word “s**cks” is apparently not ok? LOL

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. We had/have a commenter who includes the word in his name, uses it in his one sentence comment, and comments over and over in every thread. This “moderation thing” keeps him off the site. If it is too much of a problem for you, you can increase your vocabulary or go to another site to use the word. I’m going to continue to block the word so he doesn’t come back.

      1. Jim you getting little rain down there lol I have friends up north Florida . They said it’s the hole state getting hit.

    1. This is one difficult decsion for the Phullies.
      Also this is where MLB really has fallen behind other pro sports leagues in amateur drafting…..trading the 1.1. for the 1.2 would be an ideal scenario….and getting also the Reds Comp Bal pick in the deal.

    2. From what I’ve read, Groome’s velocity seems down a bit in the last few starts.

    3. His dad wouldn’t lent him throw a curve ball until he was 15 so he learned a 70 grade CB in a yr.

  19. Personally I see no point for him to throw 97 in HS at this stage. Not like he’s facing AA batters if you get my point.

  20. If it’s a choice between Puk and Groome, i’m taking Groome. His command is better, and his secondary pitches are better.

  21. An interesting point from J.J. Cooper of Baseball America:

    Of the 15 high school pitchers who were drafted and signed in the top 20 picks since 2010, nine have had a serious injury. Seven have had Tommy John surgery.

    High School Pitchers Taken In The Top 20 Picks In The 21st Century

    2015 (2): LHP Kolby Allard (Pick No. 14), LHP Brady Aiken (17).

    2014 (4): LHP Brady Aiken (1), RHP Tyler Kolek (2), LHP Kodi Medeiros (12), RHP Touki Toussaint (16).

    2013 (4): RHP Kohl Stewart (4), LHP Trey Ball (7), RHP Phil Bickford (10).

    2012 (3): LHP Max Fried (7), RHP Nick Travieso (14), RHP Lucas Giolito (16)

    2011 (3): RHP Dylan Bundy (4), RHP Archie Bradley (7), RHP Jose Fernandez (14)

    2010 (4): RHP Jameson Taillon (2), RHP Karsten Whitson (9), RHP Dylan Covey (14), RHP Mike Foltynewicz (19).

    2009 (7): RHP Matt Hobgood (5), RHP Zack Wheeler (6), RHP Jacob Turner (9), LHP Tyler Matzek (11), LHP Matt Purke (14), LHP Chad James (18), RHP Shelby Miller (19)

    2008 (1): RHP Ethan Martin (15)

    2007 (5): RHP Jarrod Parker (9), LHP Madison Bumgarner (10), RHP Phillippe Aumont (11), RHP Blake Beavan (17), Chris Withrow (20)

    2006 (4): LHP Clayton Kershaw (7), LHP Kasey Kiker (12), RHP Jeremy Jeffress (16), RHP Kyle Drabek (18)

    2005 (2): RHP Chris Volstad (16), LHP Mark Pawelek (20)

    2004 (3): RHP Mark Rogers (5), RHP Homer Bailey (7), LHP Scott Elbert (17)

    2003 (2): LHP John Danks (9), RHP Jeff Allison (16)

    2002 (6): RHP Chris Gruler (3), LHP Adam Loewen (4), RHP Clint Everts (5), RHP Zack Greinke (6), LHP Scott Kazmir (15), LHP Cole Hamels (17)

    2001 (6): RHP Gavin Floyd (6), RHP Colt Griffin (9), RHP MIke Jones (12), RHP Kris Honel (16), RHP Dan Denham (17), Jeremy Sowers (20)

    2000 (6): LHP Mike Stodolka (4), RHP Matt Harrington (7), RHP Matt Wheatland (8), LHP Mark Phillips (9), LHP Joe Torres (10), LHP Sean Burnett (19)

    Read more at http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/ask-ba-prep-arms-risky/#WfjOeglU6tkOvyib.99

    1. And for comparisons sake, now lets look at the college hitters drafted in the top 20 in the last 5 drafts:

      2015 (7): Dansby Swanson, Alex Bregman, Brendan Rogers, Andrew Benintendi, Ian Happ, Kevin Newman, Richie Martin

      2014 (5): Kyle Schwarber, Michael Conforto, Max Pentecost, Trea Turner, Casey Gillaspie

      2013 (5): Kris Bryant, Colin Moran, Hunter Dozier, DJ Peterson, Hunter Renfroe

      2012 (2): Mike Zunino, Tyler Naquin

      2011: (3): Anthony Rendon, George Springer, CJ Cron

      1. This list reminded me of how highly Law and most amateur scouts touted Anthony Rendon coming out of Rice. This dude couldn’t hit if he used a canoe paddle – and Zunino is even worse.

        Guess there is no such thing as a “safe bet” for selecting a college player (hitter or pitcher).

        1. Rendon was a 130 OPS+, 5 WAR player before he started getting injured. Pretty hard to scout future injuries.

          1. 1 season @ 6 WAR and 3 seasons under 1. You’re arguing the one year was the norm and not the outlier?

      2. Now in who’s worth 1.1 Bryant, Schwarber even know he’s hurt. 2015 it’s too early.a for the 2015 bats. Mlb top 100 prospects are hs bats or LA guys for most part.take Moniak work out a deal and draft a lefty pitcher in the 2nd Belge might be there. If they dont Groome the Braves could get there next stud.

    2. There are four possible Hall of Famers on that list (Kershaw, Bumgartner, Hamels and Greinke) and some very good ones like Wheeler in there. The point is that there is usually a boom or bust outcome with top high school pitching prospects with some average outcomes like Danks.

  22. Just a hunch but I would pay attention to where Pat Gillick is scouting. His input will carry as much if not more weight than anyone else in the organization. As much as I like Groome, I wouldn’t be surprised if we select….. (and what a name for Harry the K to announce)…..that MICKEY MONIAK.

    1. The more I read about him, the more I like him. Reports say he has great natural instincts at CF and can definitely stay there in the pros. Not only that, but he’s a hitting machine. His lack of in-game power is due to the fact that his home stadium is huge 320 ft down the line, 400 feet in center, 415 feet in the gaps. So what does he do to compensate? Hit 12 TRIPLES, and the year isn’t even over yet! I know the Phillies’ brass is leaning towards a pitcher, but Moniak might be the best choice out of this bunch, imo.

      1. k,

        Add him to Herrera and Quinn and lots of center field choices.

        I kind of like the idea of picking a position play. If they are going pitcher, I’d lean toward Groome. I know all the positives about Puk, but I’d still like to not see so many walks.

        1. I completely agree. Puk’s pitch count is consistently high. He gets a ton of strikeouts, but he lacks control. Skeptical of how well that translates to ML caliber hitters. I still like Groome, too, but recent reports say scouts are backing off because he has to rely on his curveball to get average high school hitters out, whereas a potential 1-1 pick at this stage should just be blowing them away with a simple fastball/off-speed pitch (mostly fastball, though). I think Groome will grow into his body and add more velo, but as the Phillies are trying to minimize risk, that might be a significant impediment to his being selected 1.1.

  23. Romus Help me understand. Cause your a wise man. The Phillies get the first pick and there are no superstuds like a harper or Kershaw. Sixers get the first pick and there are no le brons or towns. type. Even though I love Brandom Ingram. As a Italian we need to sign a petition to put the red horns on all the teams logs. So they can take the curse of philly off. How do I start the petition

    1. rocco……’red horns’…ha…I thought they were called the ‘maloikes’. But the curse of William Penn is over….so patience.

      1. In Italian, “malocchio” is the evil eye. That has become “maloikes” for some Italians in the US.

  24. ….and then international signing period begins July 2. Trade deadline Aug 1 due to wknd.

  25. Keith Law’s mock draft 1.0 is up. http://espn.go.com/blog/mlb-draft/insider/post?id=2618
    Phillies 1.1 AJ Puk … “Puk threw well Saturday with a ton of heat in the house, including three folks from the Phillies, at least two each from Atlanta and Colorado and the scouting director for the Reds. The Phillies’ mix is still pretty broad, reflecting the lack of consensus around the top talents in the class, with Puk, Kyle Lewis, Corey Ray, Mickey Moniak and Blake Rutherford forming their current decision set.”
    He also says, “this year it’s more difficult because the teams at the very top, including the Phillies at 1-1, have yet to decide who they’re taking.”
    Law also thinks most prep arm will be pushed further down the firsts round and will be either overpays or be unsignable. That sounds like good news for the Phillies at the top of the second round with lots of pool money saved from 1.1. Law again mentions Kevin Gowdy as the player the Phillies would like to overpay there.

    1. Law also believes Cal Quantrill already has a deal in place. “The Padres are also widely rumored to have a deal in place at pick 24 with Stanford pitcher Cal Quantrill, who’s still out after 2015 Tommy John surgery and might not pitch at all this spring (which is in turn fueling the rumors he has a deal with a team, although it could be just about any team).” I’m hoping it’s the Phillies who’ve secretly worked out a deal with Quantrill for their second round pick.

      1. Quantrill going 24th?!?!?! Or even 42 to the Phillies?!?!?! What happened to that plan to grab him #1 overall to save money?

        1. I’d still take Quantrill with the first pick if he’d agree to 1.7 money. Keith Law says he is rumored to already have a deal in place with a team in the first round. So, your claim that he could last into the second round was wrong. The plan I laid out was what I would do if Klentak could acquire the Reds’ competitive balance pick. I like Quantrill more than any other pitcher in the draft. It’s either take him at a major discount (because he hasn’t pitched in a year) at 1.1 or go way over slot to outbid any other team and have him fall to #42.

          You’re good at telling other posters how wrong or crazy their opinions are, but you’re pretty weak when it comes to offering your own deas. Just sayin’.

    2. And this bad news for Rocco … Law has the Nationals taking Carter Kieboom with pick 28 (and Alec Hansen at 29). Makes sense. I think the Nats have Kieboom’s older brother in their system already.

      1. Hinkie…would you trade back to the Reds Ben Lively for their Comp Bal pick at 35, of course if they would do it?

    3. In Puk and also Lewis and Ray can get them below slot and then go for that later guy with the upside they desire
      Personally may take a shot on Jesus Lazardo with his TJ issue..

        1. Romus … You know Quantrill is my favorite player in this draft. Lively looks like he has a chance to be a 4 or 5 in a phuture Phillie rotation. However, I would trade Lively back to the Reds for that 1.35 pick. That slot is worth just north of 1.8 million dollars. That would give the Phillies almost 12.4 million slot dollars to spread over their first three picks (1, 35, 42). I’d probably take Puk at 1.1 (roughly 6.7 million), and cut a predraft deal with Quantrill at 1.35 (4.3 million to blow away any other team, like the Padres, who are also trying to work a deal with him). I like Ole Miss CF JB Woodman at 2.42. Woodman (just like Dylan Cozens and Cord Sandberg) was a big time HS football player (QB). He’s only been focused solely on baseball for two years. I asked Frankie Piliere of D1 Baseball where he felt Woodman will go:

          I like JB Woodman a lot. Where is a reasonable spot for him to land in the draft ?
          Frankie Piliere:
          I’ve heard pretty consistently that he’s a late third to fourth rounder. I’m with you – very high upside college player that’s still improving.

          It’s reasonable to think Woodman would take a little less than the 1.55 million slot at 42. That’s 12.4 million for Puk, Quantrill, and JB Woodman.


          1. Hinkie…..you have certainly laid out a very good plan of attack. And to get Quantrill that would be the real coup for the Phillies. I don’t much about Woodman but trust your assessment.
            In any event….it is up to Klentak to try to be creative and try to get one of those Comp Balance (CB) picks and he has plenty of RHPs that teams may covet, plus those CB picks are like ‘house money’ to those teams.

            1. If trading Lively (a possible 4 or 5 starter IMO) could help me land Quantrill (a guy who could have gone 1.1 if not for TJ), I think it’s a no brainer. However, I think it’s going to be really difficult to pry away a comp balance pick away from one of the teams who own one.

  26. Mickey Moniak , Blake Ratherford , Puk would be the only 1 to ask at least slot . He’s the only 1 that will go in the top 5 . Wonder who saw Puk We know who saw Moniak and Groome and Ratherford.

    1. “Wonder who saw Puk” …they all have seen Puk on numerous occasions.
      I believe I read were Klentak even saw him in person in March when his alma mater Dartmouth played the Gators in Gainesville he took a ride up during ST to catch up with his old coach and do some scouting.
      Gillick has seen him quite a bit also from what Jim Salisbury has said.
      Puk is no stranger to the Phillies scouting system.

      1. Hinkle post said 3 Phillies were there at sat game . I know Phillies have scouted Puk your right I just wondered who went to that game. Matt has said he leaving the draft up too Almaraz and his people . May is the month Teams interview draft prospectsI was Wondering if they did it then.

    2. Are you saying that Moniak, Rutherford, and Puk will all ask for the slot value of 1:1? Or are you saying just Puk will?

      Either way, that is not right. I’ve posted this a few times, but no one in this draft is getting anything near slot value for the Phillies 1:1 pick.

      The Phillies 1:1 slot value is $9,015,000

      Here are the biggest signing bonuses ever given:

      1 Gerrit Cole, rhp Pirates, 2011 (No. 1) $8,000,000
      T-2 Stephen Strasburg, rhp Nationals, 2009 (No. 1) *$7,500,000
      T-2 Bubba Starling, of Royals, 2011 (No. 5) **$7,500,000
      4 Kris Bryant, 3b Cubs, 2013 (No. 2) $6,708,400
      5 Carlos Rodon, lhp White Sox, 2014 (No. 3) $6,582,000

      Dansby Swanson received $6.5 million bonus last year. He is probably a good comp for what this years 1:1 will receive since there was similar uncertainty at the top of last years draft.

      At the very least, the Phillies will be saving $2 million to $2.5 million when they sign their 1:1 selection. Maybe more. Not anything near slot…

      1. Gunney……interesting but four of the five are represented by Scott Boras…the only one who has not, has yet to make his mark in the majors…Bubba Starling.
        If Puk or Groome sign up with Scott Boras…..things could get dicey as for the total amount under-slot.

        1. My counter to that would be that the top 3 bonuses (Cole, Strasburg, Starling) were all pre-2012 before the current slotting system was in place.

          And also that the Phillies will no doubt have a signing bonus worked out with whoever they draft before they actually draft them. There will not be any surprises after the draft with a Boras client. The Phillies will be drafting this player knowing what the bonus will be.

          For some background. The first number is the bonus the player actually received. The second number is what their slot value was:


          1 ARI Dansby Swanson SS Vanderbilt $6,500,000 $8,616,900

          2 HOU Alex Bregman SS LSU $5,900,000 $7,420,100

          3 COL Brendan Rodgers SS Lake Mary HS (Fla.) $5,500,000 $6,223,300

          4 TEX Dillon Tate RHP University of Calif. – Santa Barbara $4,200,000 $5,026,500

          5 HOU Kyle Tucker OF H.B. Plant HS (Fla.) $4,000,000 $4,188,700


          1 HOU Brady Aiken LHP Cathedral Catholic HS (Calif.) unsigned $7,922,100

          2 MIA Tyler Kolek RHP Shepherd HS (Texas) $6,000,000 $6,821,800
          3 CWS Carlos Rodon LHP North Carolina State $6,582,000 $5,721,500
          4 CHC Kyle Schwarber C Indiana $3,125,000 $4,621,200
          5 MIN Nick Gordon SS Olympia HS (Fla.) $3,851,000 $3,851,000

          2013 (just their bonuses)

          1 Houston Astros Mark Appel RHP Stanford Calif. $6,350,000

          2 Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant 3B San Diego Calif. $6,708,400

          3 Colorado Rockies Jon Gray RHP Oklahoma Okla. $4,800,000

          4 Minn Twins Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X HS, Houston Texas $4,544,400

          5 Cleveland Indians Clint Frazier OF Loganville (Ga.) HS Ga. $3,500,000

          Looking at those bonuses, theres no way anyone is getting over $7 million from the Phillies for 1:1.

          Again, the best comp is Dansby Swanson because it was just last year and the top of that draft was similarly unsettled. He received $6.5 million. This years pick may receive a bit more than that just because these things tend to go up over time, but I cant see anyone getting $7 million from the Phillies.

          1. Makes sense…but if Puk or Groome choose Boras……$6.6M may become the starting point with the negotiations. Thus limiting their extra bonus monies for a later deal.
            On the other hand, other agencies may be more amenable to the Phillies situation in the negotiation process.

            1. Yes but then again here is the top 5 slot values for 2016:

              1. Phillies: $9,015,000
              2. Reds: $7,762,900
              3. Braves: $6,510,800
              4. Rockies: $5,258,700
              5. Brewers: $4,382,200

              In a draft like this, with no sure things at top, most players and agents cannot risk dropping the 3-5 spots if their bonus demands are really out of whack. A Strasburg or Harper could, because other teams would be willing to go over slot for them.

              But if Groome or Puk make and outrageous stance like say that they want $7.5 they risk falling to 4 or 5 or lower. Then u get to the 4 slot and are the Rockies going to bust their whole draft to go $2.3 million overslot for Puk or Grrome. I don’t think so. Because they haven’t separated themselves from their draft class mates like a Harper or Strasburg did.

              In other words, all of the 5 or so guys that are in contention for 1:1 could also reasonably slip to 1:5 and only get $4.3 million, so whoever does end up being 1:1 would be crazy to pass up the $6.5 that the Phillies could offer. The players have no leverage this year because no one has separated themselves and is thought of as worth going way overslot for if they drop to 4 or 5.

      2. The thing with Puk there’s no other college pitcher near him atop the draft .Dakota Hudson has out pitched him and is in the SEC so has Shore Logan his team mate. The thing with Puk is that he throws 98 fb other then that he’s avg if he throw 93 94 he would be in the top 10.so if he ever loses velo for any reason he’s in big trouble. He could ask for 7.5 or 8 mil his dad’s and Eye Doc so his agent might be Boras but nobody knows. Money goes to money

    3. Since we cannot afford to have a bust with 1:1 I conclude that as much as I like Groome’s ceiling, we cannot risk that pick. The history of failed HS pitchers must be considered, that leaves Puk or a College bat. I’d go pitching with Puk.

    1. The CWS is slated to go through June 28/29. It’s after the draft. Remember Ben Holmes was set to sign with the Phils after the CWS a few years back and then changed his mind because Oregon State had gone a long way that year. He thought his senior year was going to be special but the Phils put a little kibosh on that. Ben has become a pretty reliable reliever except for his high BB rate.

  27. Ty Bellman I seen that on there web site, I was wondering because their is alot of Ray , Puk on good college teams if you pick them 1.1 and they wait to sign after CWS. What happens if they get hurt re the Phillies protected.

    1. Hinkle you did it to me again I just read that article cut and was ready to paste.you bet me too it.

  28. Man Ellis is good writer but If it’s Puk or Ray I’m pissed . You can’t play Ray, C , Williams all on LF . Herrera is better RAY AND Goeddel has a better Arm just as fast and is in the majors all ready. Good news nobody picks Quall so Hinkle will be happy me too.

    1. ” If it’s Puk or Ray I’m pissed “…wow….you must have really been slamming walls back in 2014 when it was 3/4 arm, low 90s velo, LSU’s Nola.

        1. Groome has the tools, that was never a question.
          Up to the Phillies to decide if they want to go college vs HS
          I like the fact he will not be a Boras client….but instead working with Jeff Randazzo and the Ballengee Group out of Philly.
          So I look for a very good under slot signing if he is the 1.1….thus having the opp to make the 2.42 a very good selection with a deal in place.
          If Puk on the other hand goes with Boras…..then I have eservations .
          Swanson last year signed at 76% of slot…….76% of slot this year is $6.8M.
          Boras normally starts negotiations on slotted arms , my guess at the 85/90% mark of slot, and negotiates down…….so a 2016 1.1 client could look at a $7.4M signing bonus if a 50% compromise is reached from both parties. Leaving Phillies less money to arrange a deal for the 2.42 pick.

          1. That’s why Hudson and Moniak can play up cause there hot . Groome all he has to do is keep pitching if he falls to the Braves or Martin, s that’s not good.

            1. Marlins will not take Groome…..they already went thru the ‘Tyler Kolek episode’ and want no parts of another.

  29. I was very Happy with Nola still am he Dominated the SEC . His senior was 11 1 1.47 Era the Ace for his team. He was the most advanced pitcher in the entire draft. Give me Eshelman , Falter too Cliff Lee And Doc all command and control. Puk has command and control issues he throws 98 Fb that’s it. His Slider sometimes breaks and sometimes backs up over the plate . They said on tv his last game he has no pick off move also he had trouble keeping players on. His trail leg doesn’t always land in the same spot . 3 of Florida’s pitchers are leading the nation in w/9 the only 1 who isn’t Puk. His endurance isn’t good his Era in day games is over 4. Romus he’s a 3 yr project maybe that’s without TJ. I think he gets stuck In in AA where he tries over throw everything. Ray see C , Willams Herrera where you going to put him.

  30. I still like Groome think he’s still the best I like Moniak too. Rather have Senzel , Will Craig , Dakota Hudson then Puk .The Phillies if they don’t see Groome has the # 1 then this Draft is much harder . To me Puk , Ray , Lewis , are not truly #1 to many holes our farm sys has better players in it . Now Moniak , Groome , Ratherford there ceiling you really know. Two yrs from alot of the Phillies players the trades and drafting in previous years Are going to up.

    1. Dakota Hudson ….one aspect i find a red-flag with him , is that he could be considered by many as a ‘one- year Johnny come lately’ Miss St star pitcher.
      His command control was non existent his first two years and he only threw 34 innings total with 19 BBs. Good velo and good whiff ratio but the first two years he was all over the place. This year he is now facing most players his age or younger.

      1. Romus TOTALLY AGREE. I am scare of those one year wonders. I am now leaving it to the gm. I am so lost on who to pick. I still think they will come up a top 5 or 6 and lf they agree the talent is about even. Will try to sign that one of those for under slot. That what I think they will do. but I am usually wrong.

      2. He found it last yr in the Cape cod league were he dominated. He was a reliever last yr Puk still hasn’t found his and you want him #1 overall.

  31. Put this way next yr the Phillies could have and OF Williams, Herrera, Goebbel, with Altherr and Asche on the Bench. AAA you have Quinn, Cozens , Hoskins , Jp etc. Then you have C with Pujols then then you have Ray or a lewis . You start a Ray or Lewis Lakewood . I’m not saying Goeddel or Williams are going to be ready nobody thought Herrera was either. Now pitching Nola , VV, Morgan, Eflin , Thompson both are not to far away, Eickhoff to the bp with Appel. Puk in CW still 2 yrs away , now if the Phillies take a Hs or Senzel or Will Craig both 3rd Baseman if Franco out grows 3rd he looks good but he’s young or A Hs player who would take a little more time . The Phillies just made a lot of trades and most of the players are in AAA,AA. There’s really no OF college bats or pitching better then what we have in the system. It’s 1 player against many really good ones. This draft in HS heavy at the top players like Tanner Houck And Seth Beer aren’ t draft able his yr.

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  33. Does this draft contain any players who were drafted by the Phillies but didn’t sign?

  34. Pitchers Taken Numero Uno, 1.1, in the Draft

    1973 David Clyde L Rangers From HS to bigs as 18-year-old; 18-33 career-5 seasons
    1976 Floyd Bannister L Astros First college pitcher to go No. 1 overall; 134-143 career record, 15 seasons; AL-best 209 K’s in ’82
    1981 Mike Moore R Mariners Finished 161-176 in 14-year career; went 19-11 for ’89 A’s to finish third in Cy Young voting
    1983 Tim Belcher R Twins Seven teams in 14-year career; winning career record (146-140); won a WS with Dodgers in ’88
    1988 Andy Benes R Padres Solid big league starter for 14 years; 155-139 career record; 18-10, 3.83 ERA for ’96 Cardinals
    1989 Ben McDonald R Orioles First SEC pitcher selected first overall; 78-70 record over nine seasons; 14-7 for ’94 Orioles
    1991 Brien Taylor L Yankees Considered huge bust; selected out of HS, never pitched in majors; 22-30 in minors
    1994 Paul Wilson R Mets Arm trouble stalled career; resurfaced with Devil Rays and Reds to finish 40-58; 11-6 with ’04 Reds
    1996 Kris Benson R Pirates Won 11 games as rookie in ’99; played with five teams over nine seasons; 70-75, 4.42 ERA overall
    1997 Matt Anderson R Tigers Turned into reliever and made 257 appearances in seven seasons; shoulder issues ended career
    2002 Bryan Bullington R Pirates Ball State product last pitched in majors in 2010; career record of 1-9, 5.62 ERA sums up pick
    2006 Luke Hochevar R Royals Former Tennessee star has a 45-62 record in nine seasons in K.C.; started early in career, now reliever
    2007 David Price L Rays 2012 CYA winner having best career among this group; 110-57 record, 6-1 in first season in Boston
    2009 Stephen Strasburg R Nationals An All-Star in 2012, finishing 15-6; led NL in K’s in 2014; 61-37 career record, 3.07 ERA
    2011 Gerrit Cole R Pirates Fourth season in majors; went 19-8 last season to finish fourth in CYA voting; 44-23 in 80 starts
    2013 Mark Appel R Astros Traded to Phillies after slow start to pro career in Astros organization; 20-13 career record in minors
    2014 Brady Aiken L Astros Prep pitcher never signed with Houston, now in Indians organization after TJ

  35. AJ Puk had to leave last night’s game at LSU early after suffering a stomach illness. Puk’s line … 2 IP, 1 ER, 0 H, 2 BB, 1 HBP, 1 K, 36 NP. Puk walked the first hitter of the third inning before being relieved. The next Florida pitcher allowed a couple of hits to score Puk’s walked batter.

  36. I’ll be the First 1 back pain , dehydration , indigestion, = no way m I picking Puk first . Jack Youngblood DE LA Rams played in the Super Bowl with a broken leg , He taped it with duck tape. This kid knows couple mill is on the line take some plop plop fiz fiz .

    1. For a 21-year old…he does seem to have an inordinate amount of ailments that prevent him from pitching at times.
      That could be a caution flag for some.

      1. He’s smart his dad’s a doc he knows that he playing with millions. Phillies are better of with Groome , moniak , Ratherford or Senzel . Lewis stats are going down and Ray wants to play CF . Hope they sign for 5.5 and get a pre sign with someone at 2.1.

        1. I believe last year Swanson signed at 76% of slot.
          I do not expect anything lower this year.
          I look for anywhere between $6.8M (76%) and $7.5M depending on who the agent is representing the player.

          1. If the Phillies get the 1.1 to sign for $7M…they then can offer the 2.42 the regular slot money of $1.5M , plus the additional $2M for a total of $3.5 M….which is equivalent to the 1.9 pick of the Tigers this year….if they want to go all out on the 42nd pick.

  37. Swanson was a premium defense position if they get Moniak or Ratherford who can play anywhere in the OF they maybe could maybe be around 6 mil. Calis said this what did Cameron sign for ?

  38. Another unsigned draft choice…13th rounder from 2013….Griffin (James) Jax for the USAF Academy…recently threw a shutout in a 1-0 victory against New Mexico, Jax (9 IP, 8 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 9 K) extended his scoreless innings streak to 23 and threw his third straight complete game. The junior won his ninth game of the season, the second-most by a Falcons pitcher in program history. Would appear he is set on being commissioned as an officer, however, his overall three year numbers are very pedestrian and probably will not fly in MLB. He future may be best serving and defending the country and flying in a Raptor F-22.

    1. rocco…….who do you want the Phillies to select with their 1.1?
      Predicted choices by many of the pundits are not so appealing at this moment.

    2. I called 5 1 about 2 mins before the post when my dad asked who I liked. Why cause I always try to pic a white horse and I remember 5 was changing at the end of the Derby. I could never do that again and had no money on it.

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