Box Score Recap – 5/23/2016

Lehigh Valley (24-19) No game scheduled.

Reading (29-15) Lost to Erie, 8-3.  Nick Pivetta gave up a couple home runs, one a grand slam, en route to his third loss.  Reading got solo home runs from Jesse Valentin and Jorge Alfaro.  Alfaro and Angelo Mora had multi-hit games.  Mora had the Phils’ other RBI.  Ashe went oh-fer again.

  • Pivetta – 5.2 IP, 7 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 2 HR, 1 HBP, 1 WP.
  • Quinn (.255) DNP.
  • Valentin (.263) led off and went 1-4 with a HR (1), 1 RBI (17), and 3 K.
  • Asche (.000) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • Alfaro (.355) went 2-4 with a HR (3) and RBI (20).
  • Cozens (.276) went 1-4.
  • Hoskins (.265) went 0-4.
  • Mora (.269) went 2-4 with an RBI (22).
  • Mora SB (2), Alfaro CS (2).
  • Serna committed a fielding error (1).
  • Alfaro threw out 1 of 3 base stealers.

Clearwater (27-17) Beat Palm Beach. 9-3.  Matt Imhof had to be lifted after one batter in the fifth inning with a 4-1 lead.  He had just finished walking his 7th batter and throwing his 90th pitch.  More on his enigmatic performance later.  The bullpen followed with mid-90s fastballs to hold the Cardinals at bay.  The Threshers’ offense scored first in the second inning and continued tacking on runs through the end of the sixth.  The banged out 14 hits and crushed 5 home runs.  Gabriel Lino had 3 hits; and Andrew Pullin, Kyle Martin, and Malquin Canelo each had 2-hit games.  Martin slugged 2 HRs; and Mitch Walding, Lino, and Canelo also went yard.  Martin had 3 RBI, Walding had 2, and Canelo also had two.  Al 5 home runs were hit off the Cardinals’ left-handed starter.

Back to Imhof.  He started off pitching well.  He faced 7 batters in the first two innings.  He threw only 24 pitches/15 strikes.  His fastball was only 86-89, but after two innings he had 3 ground outs, a swinging strike out, a fly ball to Tocci, and a sacrifice following a lined single to center.  Plus he 5 swing-and-misses among his 15 strikes.  Things looked good even though he had 2 three-ball counts in the first and second innings.

Imhof took the mound in the third with a 2-0 lead.  He gave up a line single to center to the eight-hole hitter to start the third in an 8-pitch at bat.  This was the second and last hit the Cardinals would get off Imhof.  It was also the last ball they would put in play off him.  The next 6 hitters in the third inning went like this – K, BB, BB, K, BB, K.  All three strike outs were swinging.  The third walk forced in the Cardinals’ first run.  Imhof threw 36 pitches in the inning, 17 for strikes (60/32 for all three innings).

The Threshers got the run back in the home half of the third, and Imhof took the mound in the fourth leading 3-1.  He would face 5 batters, throw 24 pitches/9 strikes, walk three and strike out 2 more swinging.  The inning went like this – BB, pick off, BB, K, WP, BB, WP, K. Imhof exited the inning with his 3-1 lead intact.  After four, he had thrown 84 pitches/41 strikes.  I was mildly surprised when he came out for the fifth.  He was gone after a 6-pitch walk.

I can’t explain what happened between the second and third innings.  But, I’ll try.  It seemed that when he tried to throw his FB with velocity, he could not control it in the strike zone.  Even in the first two innings, the 3 FB he threw at 89 mph were all balls.  His one 88 mph FB in the second inning was a called strike.  He gained a little more consistent velo after the second inning, reaching 90 a couple times.  But his control was sketchy at best.

  • He threw two 90 mph FB. One for a swinging strike and one for a ball.
  • He threw 13 FB at 89 mph.  Only 4 were strikes.
  • He threw 16 FB at 88 mph.  Only 4 were strikes.
  • He threw 13 FB at 87 mph. Only 4 were strikes.
  • Overall he threw 43 of 90 pitches for strikes (47.7%).
  • He threw 13 of 44 pitches over 86 mph for strikes  (29.5%).

The irony is that he had 6 strike outs, all swinging at 77, 83, 85, 83, 80, and 87 mph.  He induced 7 other s&m – 86, x, 84, 85, 82, x, and 90 mph.

Not surprisingly, Imhof only threw 9 of 20 first pitch strikes.  He was 3 of 7 in the first 2 innings.

  • Imhof – 4.0(+1) IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 7 BB, 6 K, 2 WP.
  • Rios – 2.2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 WP, 1 inherited runner scored.
  • This was an unearned run charged to Imhof.  Lino’s E2T set up the run.
  • Rivero – 1.1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • DeNato (de-NAY-toh) – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • Kingery (.255) went 1-5.
  • Pullin (.250) went 2-4 with a double and HBP.
  • Tocci (.259) went 1-4.
  • Martin (.252) went 2-4 with 2 HR (7) and 3 RBI (29).
  • Green (.267) went 1-4.
  • Walding (.262) went 1-4 with a HR (7) and 2 RBI (28).
  • Lino (.228) went 3-4 with double, HR (2), and RBI (6).
  • Sandberg (.257) went 1-4.
  • Canelo (.236) went 2-4 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI (13).
  • Canelo was picked off.
  • Lino committed a throwing error (4).
  • Imhof picked a runner off first.
  • Pullins bounced a ground rule double to right center that came to rest on the top of the padding in front of the chain link fence.
  • Martin hit a home run that ricocheted off the yellow vertical pole that supports the Wawa sign next to the RF fair pole.  It caromed back into the field of play but the umpire instantly signaled HR.  Because of the curvature of the pole, the ball was headed toward center field.
  • It would be easy to blame the umpire for Imhof’s deterioration in the third.  Lino was called out on strikes in the second inning, and argued with the umpire a little longer than he should have.  The next inning Imhof couldn’t buy a call. However, that wouldn’t be the case.  I could see that he was consistently missing high.  Those behind the back stop, told me later that he was also missing in, out, and down, too.

Lakewood (16-27) Lost to Hagerstown, 7-4.  Jose Taveras pitched well in for five innings last night.  Unfortunately, he was in the game for six innings.  He handled the Suns except for the fourth inning when he gave up 4 runs.  Scott Harris made his 2016 debut and pitched two, 4-hit innngs.  Robert Tasin gave up 3 runs in the ninth.  The offense started slow, but took advantage of the Suns’ bullpen in the late innings.  Jose Pujols hit his 9th home run in the eighth inning.

  • Taveras – 6.0 IP, 4 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, 1 HR.
  • Marrero (.287) went 0-5.
  • Duran (.270) went 2-5.
  • Tobias (.279) went 0-4 with an RBI (27) and HBP.
  • Pujols (.247) went 1-5 with a HR (9), 3 RBI (30), and 2 K.
  • Grullon (.238) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • Hernandez (.258) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • Marrero committed 2 errors (4, Tobias one (8).
  • Grullon was charged with his 7th PB.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Lakewood LF Cornelius Randolph has been in Clearwater rehabbing his shoulder at the Carpenter Complex.
  • 5/23 – Reading activated Christian Marrero from the 7-day DL.
  • 5/23 – Lakewood activated Scott Harris from the 7-day DL.
  • 5/23 – Lakewood placed Damek Tomscha on the 7-day DL retroactive to May 21, 2016. concussion
  • 5/23 – Venn Biter assigned to Lakewood from XST.
  • 5/23 – Luis Morales assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood.
  • The Rosters are up to date here.

92 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/23/2016

  1. Good hitting in Clearwater saved us! Love the detailed reporting on Clearwater. By far this is the best source of info on phillies prospects. Would love to see same details at other levels
    Lakewood bats continue to struggle
    Hammered Reading

    1. @Louis, the more detailed Clearwater coverage is due to my living in Clearwater, having season tickets, and being afforded the opportunity to sit in the media box. I’m not playing favorites over the other affiliates. My situation here just gives me the opportunity to see and provide this level of detail.

  2. Imhof’s ineffectiveness is a good example of how we can’t jump to conclusions. That being said, I will jump to the conclusion that the pitching coach wants him to establish his fast ball, so he will do so until he has a better command of his fast ball, whatever the speed. I was struck by his inconsistency, but this conclusion helps me understand the reason for it.

    1. Perhaps JimP can get in a quick conversation with Aaron Fultz and see what Imhof is working on.
      I assume the upper 80s are probably 4 seamers which is tough to keep down and the 2seam FBs are the mid-80s.

    2. I recently watched 8 Men Out again. Your comment reminded me of the comment between the two sports writers. “He’s throwing nothing but fast balls.” “Yes, slow ones.”

  3. Kingery has 400+ ABs in his professional career (I know short season rules apply). He’s 22 y/o in A+. He’s a polished college second baseman and was a #2 round draft choice. Everything about that screams that he should be more than a .250 hitter. In 2 seasons, he’s been a .250 hitter. He will take a BB and runs well so his OBP is in the .320s for his career. He looked like he could be spark plug for the top of some phuture Phillie lineup but those numbers don’t appear to be anything more than 7 or 8 hitter… if even that.

    Valentin is the same age, a level higher and hitting in the .260s for a career. He’s also a nearly .350 on base guy who doesn’t have Kingery’s speed but he can steal you a base. He looks like the better prospect for a 7 or 8 hole hitter.

    Josh Tobias will be 24 before the year is over. He’s a level lower than Kingery and has cooled off significantly. He’s still hitting .279/.381/.429 but that 2 year age difference stands out.

    I picked Kingery to be my breakout guy this year but he’s not even the 2nd best second baseman in the system. Any future Phillie lineups might have to put Valentin over Kingery. I may eat my words and I’ll get a lot of negative votes on this post but that’s the reality as it stands right now.

    1. Negative votes just means. They don’t know the game. What you say right now is true. There is a ton of love for this kid. Who might get better but right now. Isnt a great or even good prospect with his numbers.

    2. Other than batting average I’m not sure what you’re really looking at stat-wise that tells you Valentin is a better prospect or even having a better year than Kingery. Yes Valentin is hitting 10 points higher right now, but that can probably be partially explained by Kingery’s below average BABIP.

      And yes, they are the same age and Valentin is a level ahead of Kingery, but Kingery is in his first full season of pro ball while Valentin is in his 5th season.

      And you never even mentioned their fielding….is Valentin a better defensive player than Kingery? I honestly don’t know but I know that Kingery’s fielding is supposedly a plus tool, whereas Valentin I haven’t heard one way or the other to be honest.

      And finally lets take a look at a couple more advanced stats. First Kingery’s ISO is .141 in Clearwater while Valentin’s is .093 in reading, a great hitters park. So Kingery is slugging much better than Valentin in a much worse hitting environment.

      And if you look at wOBA (a stat to meant to measure a players total offensive contribution) Kingery’s is .347, while Valentin’s is .317 and if you look at wRC+ (a stat meant to measure a players runs created versus the league average, where 100 is the league average) Kingery’s is a very healthy 124 while Valentin’s is a below average 96.

      I think you’re being fooled a little bit by batting average, which can be a dangerous way to measure someone’s performance at times….

      1. Okay this is a very easy question. Just give me players who hit 250 in minors and became good major league players. Obp is great . but doesn’t always translate to majors. The kid isn’t hitting his weight. His last ten games not one walk hitting 238. I just don’t know of guys who hit 250 in minors who are big league players. that’s all, In fact I wonder how many kids hitting this low get called up to majors.

        1. who says he’s even a .250 hitter? its may 24. he could end up hitting .310 this year for all we know.

          and here’s literally the first guy I looked up: Chase Utley hit .257 in his full season at clearwater

        2. Just took 5 minutes out of my day and started googling random players. Here are some other “good major players” that hit .250 in the minors:

          Andrew McCutcheon .258 in AA
          Miguel Cabrera .259 in A
          Bryce Harper .256 in AA and .243 in AAA
          Odubel Herrera .257 in AA
          David Ortiz .246 in A

          Cant imagine how many more I would find if I actually spent some time proving your dumb hypothesis wrong….

          1. Gunner……I may be wrong but me thinks rocco may mean , not one season, but 1500 PAs plus ‘.250 BA’ hitters in the minors. I tappears Kingery is now going into his second season in that general direction, and he must be assuming , along with bellman, if it carries thru this season and into the next, his prospect status takes a hit.
            But…….cannot argue with his ISO and wRC+

            1. Yes romus. I don’t care because I still think I know a good player when I see one. I don’t know kingery if he is going to be great or not. But I don’t buy 250 college hitters after those many at bats. maybe I am crazy. But right now coming out of college. And a second round choice like to see more.

          2. Let’s make sure we add the full color for these guys Tommy

            McCutchen at age 21 in AAA hit .283
            Cabrera was in the MLB at age 21 hitting .294
            Harper was in the MLB at 21 hitting .273
            Herrera at Hi A at age 21 295 combined A+ and AA was 264. His age 22 at Hi A was 297 and his AA was 321 in 408 AB’s none the less
            David Ortiz this is my favorite at age 21 he did 3 levels of ball A/AA/AAA 331/322/214 and then topped it off with a brief age 21 MLB debut of 327 over 51 PA’s

            Don’t try to put poo poo on BA it still very much means something!

            1. Roccom asked for good major league players that hit .250 in the minors.

              I gave it to him.

              He didn’t ask for qualifiers or ages or level or anything.

              His unintelligent assertion was that guys that hit .250 in the minors do not become good major league players. Lets not change his argument now.

          3. tommy moron school?/ Mc Cutcheon hit 258 at age 20 in aa. Check out his other years at younger age. He wasn’t a college kid in a ball. Why didn’t you show his other numbers>> see its easy to throw out that number for a young kid getting throw into double aa. At 21 he hit 293 in triple a with 372 obp. age does mean something.

            1. Hey dummy, here’s your exact post:

              “Okay this is a very easy question. Just give me players who hit 250 in minors and became good major league players. Obp is great . but doesn’t always translate to majors. The kid isn’t hitting his weight. His last ten games not one walk hitting 238. I just don’t know of guys who hit 250 in minors who are big league players. that’s all, In fact I wonder how many kids hitting this low get called up to majors.”

              I was answering your question. You didn’t say anything about age or level or anything like that. Your simplistic, unintelligent argument was that guys that hit .250 in the minors do not become big league players.

              Please don’t try to change your argument now roccom. Have at least a little bit of integrity and stand by your statement

          4. Cabera hit 259 at 18 yrs old in high a ball. 4 yrs younger than kingery. anymore comps Tommy at 20 he hit 365 in double a anymore tommy. Cause at 21 he was in majors.

        3. Roccom, So you doubled down on your ill advised batting average metric? Well done, way to go down swinging (literally).

        4. Bryce Harper’s only experience in AA and AAA before being called up to the majors he hit .243 in AAA and .256 in AA.

          Joey Gallo hit .195 in AAA last year. .265 this year and just got called up.

          Maikel Franco his .257 in AAA in 2014 (over 133 games)

          JP Crawford his .265 over 120+ in AA and is a top 5 prospect in all of baseball.

          Or let’s go to some major league 2B for comparison purposes-

          Neil Walker- .203, .244 and .265 his first 3 years in AAA (in 19, 133 and 95 games)

          Chase Utley- .257 in his 1st crack at High A (in Clearwater no less!). .263 in his first crack at AAA.

          And my personal favorite- Michael Jack Schmidt- .211 in Reading (over 268 PA’s)

          Please use something besides BA when evaluating a player.

    3. I just love prospect analysis that start and end with batting average. Such a thorough way to analyze the quality of a prospect.

      Let’s start with his speed/power combination. He is 7th in the FSL in stolen bases. There are 4 players in the entire FSL (regardless of position) with more SBs and s higher ISO (.141) thabln Kingery. None of those players are 2nd basemen. So you can say Kingery has the best power-speed combo of any second basemen in the FSL. That should take care of any arguments that his walk rate won’t translate to the majors.

      Let’s talk about his eye at the plate. There is no second baseman within 20 ISO points of him when ranking second baseman by k%. Which means he strikes out very little for a guy with 17 of his 40 hits going for extra bases. His 8.6% walk rate is good. Not elite but good.

      Then there is defense. By all accounts, Kingery is very good defensively. I have even heard “plus” thrown around.

      Now let’s return to batting average. Currently at .256. There are 6 second baseman in the FSL who have a higher batting average. Their average BABIP is .338. Kingery’s BABIP is .295. So while we already established that he has a better power/speed combo than any other 2nd basemen in the FSL, his BABIP is 43 points lower than the average of all of the hitters with a better batting average than him. If you gave Kingery that same BABIP, his batting average would be near .300.

      In summary, Kingery is a very good prospect and doing just fine. He is where he should be. In a perfect world, Tobias would also be in the FSL, but his time will come. If he was a better prospect, then Klentak would move him up. Klentak didn’t draft either guy. His incentive is to optimize prospects.

      1. I agree with this and you should add to this the fact that he was promoted aggressively from the beginning. On top of what you have said, he supposedly plays a fine second base and the scouting reports are good. If anything, I’ve been encouraged by his progress because the big issue on him for me was whether he would be able to hit for some extra base power – and he’s showing that he can. Everyone is so quick to judge our prospects and not take a deeper dive into the statistics and the scouting reports (which you did – and good for you!). This guy is quite a nice prospect and probably has a better chance than anyone else in the system to be our second baseman of the future. Keep in mind that Chase Utley’s first full season at Clearwater was not a whirlwind statistically – he hit .257 with a .746 OPS – but he played well and showed his potential and was promoted directly to AAA the following season. I’m not saying that Kingery will skip a level, but I think he’s doing just fine – exactly what I had hoped he might do.

      2. I didn’t say he wasn’t a good prospect. But the minors are loaded with good prospects. I think for a college player he should be hitting better. I Don’t have your wisdom to know that his obp in lower minors will translate to majors. only you know that. He has so much hype , I just thought he would be a better hitter at this stage.

          1. But I think part of the reason people are bullish on Kingery IS because of the scouting reports and not just his current batting average.

          2. you are insulting a lot of people today Rocco. take a breather buddy.

            anyway, i am pretty confident that I have seen Kingery play more games live than you have. I saw him play live 5 games last year at Lakewood. How many games have you seen him at Clearwater?

            But again, the big difference between you and me with regard to prospects, is that you believe you are a professional scout. I know that I am not a professional scout. so i read people who get paid to do this for a living. and i look at stats to support or refute reports. maybe you should be more humble?

        1. “Isnt a great or even good prospect with his numbers.”

          Isn’t this a quote from your response to support for Bellman? If your going to make a such definitive statement about a prospect, at least own the statement..

          1. “but right now. Isnt a great or even good prospect with his numbers.” – Rocco at 6:06 am

            “I didn’t say he wasn’t a good prospect.” – Rocco at 7:58 am

            1. Dude…….rocco’s thought process evolved in those two hours Isn’t that what we all do?.

            2. that’s totally cool. but then we he shouldn’t say “I didn’t say..” he should say..”you guys have convinced me”

              the former denies the facts. the latter is a gracious way of admitting that others have good points.

          2. I really don’t understand yes with his present numbers. Imo I don’t see a great prospects. I stand by that. What don’t you get. Right now. I don’t see results I expected from all the hype I heard about him. Now the main thing is I never saw him play. I like to see a kid play. And it doesn’t mean he cant improve. I am not saying he wont get better. but right now too much hype for what he is doing. that’s all.

            1. I am just putting this out there Rocco.
              1. You bust on V1 for not going to games and claim that you need to see a prospect in person to gauge them however you have never seen Kingery play so you are scouting his stat line.
              2. You also seem incredibly wrapped up with BA and there are plenty of other stats that you ignore.
              3. You have back pedaled at least twice during this discussion to contradict what you said earlier then claimed to have never said it. Maybe you should think more about what you are writing so you don’t make those mistakes.
              4. I would like to see your record on scouting prospects. I am fairly new to this site but in all honesty if you are right on as many prospects as you make it seem maybe you should go be a scout for the Phillies. That is not meant to be sarcastic it’s an honest view on my end.
              5. You seem to get upset when people dissect your arguments and counter them and then lash out. You know this gives you less credibility and makes it seem like you are a spoiled child.
              6. This a fun site with intelligent conversation have fun.

          3. Part you left out of my statement was RIGHT NOW. or didn’t you see it. I said right now with this play. I don’t know what the future holds. so if you want to quote me do it right ty

      3. My favorite Comp for Kingery is Dustin Pedroia both drafted second round both from college one from AZ State and one from U of AZ, both share a like physical profile.

        Pedroia came out a year younger and was full time in the big leagues by age 23. At age 20 Dustin’s FSL numbers were 336/417/931. At age 21 he did half a season at AA and the other half at AAA his combined slash was 293/385/837

        Let’s do another comp Howie Kendrick drafted 10th round out of a community college by his age 21 season he was in AA and finished in AAA his slash combined both leagues 367/406/1.020

        So if you were to ask me to judge Kingery today I would say wishing doesn’t make it so. He’s potentially a MLB player but not much more than Hernandez and not anything close to Pedroia or Kendrick.

        Catch mentions Chase and that too is a good comp but Chase also pounded 16 HR’s and hit from the left side at 22 in CLW followed by his age 23 at AAA with 17 dingers. If Kingery does that you’ll convince me.

        1. I did not list Chase as a comp. He’s not a comp for Chase, who always had a much higher ceiling as a hitter. I mentioned him as an example of putting too much weight on batting average for a player with good scouting reports and peripherals.

          1. Look I know you have to look at the whole picture. I just don’t know if you can count on his obp going forward as he faces better pitchers. Chad I am the only one on this site. and got my ass lit up for it. Who said dom brown who was in his 6 week hot streak. Wasn’t that good. I question his bat. his approach. Not one person on here didn’t call me a ass. but I was right. Two I told people from watching franco he starts slow and then will hit. Saw him at reading and at lhv. Even when people came on with the keith law didn’t like his swing. its was long and other nonsense imo. so if you want to rip me chad. Get the facts straight. I love to watch prospect and think I can see a lot from it. I have been showing kids to hit for years. I know that its one thing I have a eye for. Pitching not a clue. but hate right handers with low velo.

            1. Roccom. I don’t remember “ripping you” I remember asking you questions and giving you advice. It’s nice to know that you were right about Dom Brown and Franco. Maybe you should apply for a scouting job? No sarcasm implied.

        2. DMAR…I had Pedroia also.
          Both same size, same bat, same state of college residence.
          But Pedroia is only 15 weeks younger than Kingery in their respective draft year.
          That is…..Kingery is 62 days prior to June 30th and Pedroia is 48 days after.
          So the age relevancy is skewed.
          Kingery faces RHP at a clip of approx. more than 60% of the time…which the average is around 70/75% in all baseball..
          Pedroia’s splits were much better.
          Until Kingery can hit RHPs better he will be judged as highly as a prospect.

          1. yes…he is another and he seems to have slashes that are higher in his first 300 PAs, than Kingery’s at this point.

        3. The Phillies would be quite happy if Kingery turns out to be the same caliber player as Dustin Pedroia or Howie Kendrick. Seems to me that his year so far has been good, not great. I think this is the point that Rocco is trying to make. I would add that good is still GOOD and hope he continues to progress.

      4. Excellent points, v.1
        Speed, which Kingery has, affects everything….

        1 At the plate, it affects whether the infielders play up or not. (Does he maximize that as a drag bunt threat?) He’s a contact hitter.
        2 On the bases, obviously. He’s regarded as a 30+ stolen base guy.
        3 In the field, range is a major asset. He’s already regarded as a plus glove.
        4 He’s a smart player. Dumb players with speed run themselves into trouble. (Though outfielders can sometimes outrun their mistakes.) He also played cf in college if I’m not mistaken.

        1. Unfortunately , Kingery has all the tools …. except the power tool and the one hit tool vs RHPs.
          PA-211…vs RHP-.226/.292/.592…..decent K rate of 16%, BB-9%
          PA-71…vs LHP- .323./.380/.832…13%Krate, BB-9%
          2016: (SSS)
          PA-138…vs RHP-.236/.319/.685….again decent Krate-15%, BB 8%
          PA-42…..vs LHP-.316/.381/.855… Krate-12%, BB-10%

          He has faced RHPs since drafted 349 PAs and is still having issues.

    4. So Valentin is the best 2B prospect in the system? His .709 OPS really jumps out at you doesn’t it?

  4. Again, Kingery (like Crawford in this respect) will not dazzle fantasy people. His numbers will probably always look pedestrian except for OBP. He’ll be in the starting lineup at 2b on opening day 2018.

    1. His obp might not translate to majors. When they know you cant hit. they will not walk you as much. Major league pitcher for the most part have better control.

      1. rocco……you can always use an outlier like Jeremy Heredia as an example of a great minor leaguer with plus OBP….who quite didn’t translate to the majors. There are those out there.
        Actually one of his main problems is..he cannot hit RHPs…his splits are terrible against them. But he will face them a lot so maybe he will adjust.

      2. Rocco, I don’t understand why you say OBP “might not translate” to the majors, but then assume that Batting Average = Hit Tool AND will translate to the majors.

        1. Rei his obp might not related to major league because how many kids right now in the minors does he face. that will ever pitch in majors. He might go a week without seeing a major league pitcher. There control for the most part isn’t as good as big league players. I really don’t know why I try to reason with viagain. imo he sits in his room and reads numbers. Look at a game once in a while. I ask a question and even my8 romus seemed to rip me. Show me guys who hit 250 in low minors who become good big league players.

          1. I showed you 6 star players earlier that did roccom. Are you ignoring that?

            And again, when did you see Scott Kingery play? Aren’t you sitting in your room and reading Kingery’s numbers?

            1. Gunn didn’t you go to school. I Responded to your 6 players. You should look before you post. it would help you. understand the game. And yes I am only reading numbers a mistake by me on kingery. Also something I mention I never saw him play and like to see them play. again you posted without reading. anything else gunn??

            2. yes roccom I went to high school, college, grad school, and law school. I am well versed on reading a paragraph and responding. Which is what I did above right underneath your multiple posts where you tried to change the argument and act is if you had made a different argument earlier…

          2. I agree with you that these guys don’t see a lot of major league pitchers, and even the ones that will make it aren’t polished yet.

            That being said, OBP is a lot more predictive than Batting Average. Always, and in every circumstance. And he does have a good K% of just under 15%, which is more predictive than almost everything.

            Now as far as not scouting the statline, when you watch him, is he not hitting the ball hard? Is he legging out slow grounders? What is it that you see where his hit tool should be questioned?

            1. Last night watching some of Kershaw pitching.. Change my opinion on this draft. If they believe either puk or groome has a 10 percent chance to be a keshaw I am in. That guy is great. I Would take the chance at 1

    2. 2018 is a bit aggressive. That means he needs to climb 3 levels in a year and a half. I think we need to see more hits.

      1. He was the top 2b-man selected in the ’14 draft. That would indicate a higher probability that he’s moved up thru the system more fluidly. Reading later this summer. Reading to start ’17 and then Lehigh later. Reasonable projection for him.

  5. .167 / .211 / .333 ??

    Looks to me like Cody Asche is ready to step right into a corner OF spot.

    1. Rehab starts almost never mean anything. I’ve seen Utley go down for rehab, hit under .200, then come back to the majors and light it up.

  6. When you break it down we’re looking immediately to upgrade one corner OF position since Goeddel will stick around long enough to get a good look. Asche is a safe and known commodity….but not necessarily an upgrade. Until the trade deadline we’re stuck with what we have, unfortunately. Cam Perkins might satisfy a curiosity itch in the interim but I would keep my expectations at a minimum.

  7. How much longer will we have to wait for Alfaro to get promoted to Lehigh? In my opinion he should be promoted within the next two weeks with Knapp working behind the plate once or twice a week and the rest of his at bats coming at first base and possibly left field if he can handle it. Alfaro’s bat looks like it’s just about ready for the show, and the glove is showing to be progressing as well with a lack of errors so far. We could see him and Crawford in September

      1. I didn’t know that he has either, but as Tommy Joseph is showing at the MLB level the transition to first base from catcher is probably the easiest one there is. If you can scoop 90 mph sliders in the dirt, what is a throw from third? Tommy has made some really spectacular diving stops already in his few games, it’s been pretty impressive, and knapp has the look of a more athletic player. Easy for my to say on my iPhone, but he should be fine making the switch. Going to left field on the other hand is going to be tougher if he has never played out there before. Judging line drives to the corners outfield spots is an underrated skill

        1. Oh. I misunderstood. Thought you were saying he already began getting reps at 1b. Agree with your premise but I’m told they only work on position changes in fall instructional league.

          1. Thanks Romus did not know that, but that makes sense. He definitely has the build for it. So I think he has a real chance to be an everyday player that plays left field, catcher and first base. He can give Williams a spell against lefties, and either Joseph or Alfaro a spell against tough righties. He’s a perfect guy to have

            1. Oops…..maybe his first two years in college….they were not behind the plate anyway. But that was in 2011 and 2012. In HS however he was a catcher.
              “As Mayo explains, Knapp is relatively raw as a backstop since he did not play the position in his first two college seasons”

  8. Right now should Joseph continue to shine, he looks like an everyday player. Catchers are not everyday players. Keep Knapp there with Alfaro and, if his bat shows real power, he can play a bit of the outfield. I remain optimistic about the power potential of Alfaro, Knapp, Joseph, Hoskins, and Cozens.

    1. Romus That kid Knapp has such a beautiful swing. Hope they find a position for him. I watched him swing on tape and in games. Just picture perfect.

      1. rocco…he is a hitter. Rated best hitting catcher in his draft class in’13. However, only two positions other than catcher would seem viable….LF or 1sr base.
        He turns 25 after the season so times a wasting.

      2. Andrew Knapp is hitting .254 though roccom. Please show me one good major league player that hit .250 in the minors.

        Before anyone jumps all over me for such an uninformed statement, I am mocking roccom’s argument about Scott Kingery yesterday….

        1. I know and your a just a moron. So you still haven’t shown me any. McCLUTHEN TO MENTION HIM . SHOWs ME you are a little on the slow side. So for me to every response to your stupid logic. Just brings me into you world. I Know what I said and you prove nothing. You were taking to the cleaners by dmar. But you didn’t respond. And I stand by what I said show me guys who hit 250 in the minors and became good players. Not 20 year olds. in double a. 22 yr old college guys. like kingery. I Wish you could read. Cause my statement as I stated before. but a little kid like you just doesn’t get it. Right now he doesn’t. go read it and tell me I said he isn’t a good prospect. I said right now with his numbers. But twist it anyway you want. morons like you wont bother me. I just turn people who don’t know the game off. Take care sheldon

  9. roman quinn 4 for 4, one walk, 2 stolen bases tonight; where are all the dudes who were trying to trade him a few weeks ago?

    1. I like me some Quinn he has game changing speed. I just hope he continues to develop the hit tool and pitch recognition and is able to stay healthy. Him playing a full year would be very beneficial to his development.

  10. Zach Eflin 7 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 0 ER, 6 K vs
    Eduardo Rodriguez 7 IP, 4 H, 0 BB, 1 ER, 7 K

    Pawtucket scored two in the eighth and beat LV 2-1 tonight.

    1. I got to meet Zach at the futures game this year he seems like a great guy with a great attitude. I really wasn’t expecting more than a possible 4th or 5th starter as his future, however it seems like with adding a curveball and a 4 seamer he has upped his ceiling to more of a low 2nd or 3rd starter. Granted I’m not a scout but what I’ve read from them he seems to be on the uptick.

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