Open Discussion: Week of May 23rd

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics. 

The Phillies are 25-19 after going 3-3 this week.   They took 2 of 3 from Miami and dropped 2 of 3 against Atlanta.  They finished the home stand 5-4 and go on the road this week against the Tigers and Cubs.  They still have the fifth best record in the NL.

The Phillies continue to get good starting pitching, good relief pitching, adequate defense, and timely hitting.

They are still playing much better than I expected.  So, I’ll continue to enjoy and appreciate the good things that have happened to the Phillies so far this season.

Tommy Joseph started Sunday against a right-handed pitcher.  He went 0-4 and in an incredibly SSS is 0-7 against right-handed pitchers since his promotion.  In the same SSS he is batting .444 against left-handed pitchers with a home run and his only RBI.  His SSS slash is .250/.294/.732 with 1 BB and 6 K in 16 AB.


Prior Week’s Transactions:  

  • Rosters are up to date here.
  • 5/22 – Phillies sent OF Cody Asche on a rehab assignment to Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 5/21 – LHV activated Frank Herrmann fro the 7-day DL
  • 5/20 – J.P. Crawford assigned to LHV IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 5/20 – LHV placed Alec Asher on the 7-day DL retro to May 18th. lower calf contusion
  • 5/20 – Phillies traded 2B Ryan Jackson to Los Angeles Angels for cash.
  • 5/20 – Shane Watson assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • 5/20 – Lakewood BlueClaws activated Drew Anderson from the 7-day DL.
  • 5/19 – Reinier Roibal assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/19 – Lakewood BlueClaws released RHP Alejandro Arteaga.
  • 5/19 – Kenny Koplove assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Phillies XST.
  • 5/18 – Optioned RHP Michael Mariot to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/18 – Sent LHP Mario Hollands on a rehab assignment to Reading Fightin Phils.
  • 5/17 – Phillies sent RHP Michael Mariot on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley.
  • 5/16 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released C J.P. Arencibia.
  • 5/16 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released LF Alfredo Marte.
  • 5/16 – Logan Moore assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading.
  • 5/16 – Joel Fisher assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Phillies XST.
  • 5/16 – LHP Joely Rodriguez assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater.
  • 5/16 – RHP Yacksel Rios assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Reading.

116 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of May 23rd

    1. I’ve always been a fan of Nick Markakis. Consistent, well-rounded, under-the-radar effective.

      That said, I have zero interest in seeing the Phillies add him. If it was the final year of his contact, sure, why not? But not with two years remaining.

      1. What do you think they would have to give up to get Markakis? If it’s not much I don’t really see the downside. He brings good defense (if I remember correctly) and he’s a good hitter. He would also bring a good veteran presence so they could get rid of bourjous. Who knows he could be flipped for prospects the following year.

        1. Markakis defense from last year….poor in the negative for SDI….maybe he picked it up this year. But not noted for defense.
          Jason Heyward STL… 10.2
          Ichiro Suzuki MIA… 8.2
          Curtis Granderson NYM… 7.8
          Bryce Harper WSN… 4.9
          Ender Inciarte ARI… 4.1
          Jay Bruce CIN… 3.9
          Andre Ethier LAD… 1.6
          Gregory Polanco PIT …-0.2
          Carlos Gonzalez COL… -0.6
          Yasmany Tomas ARI… -2.6
          Matt Kemp SDP… -3.7
          Nick Markakis ATL… -3.7 **************
          Ryan Braun MIL… -4.0
          Jorge Soler CHC… -8.2

          1. Maybe that was a one-year dip, because he’s always had a solid arm and been a fine defender.

            Regarding this talk of trading prospects for him, ha! If Atl kicked-in no money, they’d accept a case of day-old hotdog buns for him….and pay for the shipping!

  1. Markakis doesn’t bring enough power. Nice player, but I wouldn’t offer anything close to a significant prospect. Only a couple of AAAA or major league role players, especially if Atlanta wouldn’t pick up most of the contract.

  2. As for Tommy Joseph, 0-7 vs RHPs. At this point it wouldn’t matter if he’s 0-70. The first matter of importance right now is Howard. TJ only 12 ABs in first 8 games since call up made absolutely NO sense. A road trip is an ideal time to say goodbye to .161 and the embarrassment to all concerned.

    1. I think the timing will be when Asche is ready to be activated then Howard goes, but I think it will be a DL stint like Utley last year, except this time there won’t be a return from the DL or a willing trade partner. My guess is Asche will get 12 ABs or so this week on rehab. Howard will go 1 for 12 in Detroit with 8 Ks and the Phils will make the move Thursday. TJ will play almost everyday at 1B with Asche or Blanco starting against the occasional tough RHP. If Asche can get anything going with the bat, he’ll likely play LF against most RHP and they’ll move Goeddell to RF I would imagine.

  3. I think you have to give Joseph at least a month to see what he can do. I am really bother by Galvis obp. and Franco trying to hit everything 500 ft. Both need to take what the pitcher is giving them. Galvis has to stop swinging at bad pitches. Franco needs to hit the ball to all fields. Boujos is a lost cause.

  4. rocco…..’Boujos is a lost cause’….that is funny.
    Once he pulls his pants down to his ankles and stops wearing them like a minor leaguer, he will be fine. 🙂

  5. I’m not interested in giving up something to get Markakis, only a nominal improvement. He’s just not that good. TJ will play 1b in Detroit all three games, let’s see if he can get going. Howard will DH. This will be an interesting six games for the team. If they go 2-4, that’s about what I expect. Pitching keeps them in games.

    1. Agree. Markakis makes no sense for the Philles. He makes $11M per year and offers only an incremental improvement over what the Phillies already have in right field (as bad as that is). The only way I even consider Markakis is if the Braves give him away and agree to pay a chunk of his salary to boot. No way is Markakis worth a decent to good prospect.

      Plus, being realistic, the chances of the Phillies sustaining their early success and making a serious push at a playoff spot is remote, with or without Markakis. Getting a $11M right fielder who is unlikely to make a difference doesn’t compute.

  6. Wondering where all the drum beaters for the “play Howard and trade him to the AL” have gone??

    Now we’re at the point where the Phils have to DFA him as to spare him the indignity of having the worst offensive season in live ball history. As Jeff Passan point out he has 3 HRs in May, and one other hit. It’s gone well beyond ‘painful to watch’ and now is just a sad side show.

    1. Not sure they will DFA him first in May.
      Perhaps some type of a DL stent awaits him..
      At least it gives management two weeks to decide what direction they will have to go into.

      1. I’m wondering what sort of discussion needs to take place re: 1B for the remainder of 2016. Let Joseph play out the season and then address the position this winter. Does it actually matter if he’s a 0 – 1 WAR player? Howard is a -2 WAR player, at best and Mac’s insistence on hitting him 4th is beyond silly and borderline sabotage.

      2. Beside his swing, what physically is bothering Howard that they would put him on the DL? I can just here the phone conversation:

        Klentak: “Hi Ryan, this is Matt.”
        Howard: “Hey, Matt. What’s up?”
        Klentak: “We’re gonna put you on the DL.”
        Howard: “I’m not hurt.”
        Klentak: “Well….um….I think you are. Maybe you just don’t know it.”
        Howard: “Oh….okay. “

        1. sorry but it doesn’t work that way. Howard would notify the player’s association which would file a grievance that the Phillies would lose.

          If they want to stop playing Howard, they need to either bench him or release him. I don’t doubt teams have made up phony injuries but the player would need to be willing to play along..

  7. I agree Joseph needs to start against all kinds of pitching. Give him a good month or so. This is the season to find out some things about the future. If, come July, and the Phillies are still in it and Joseph and Howard are struggling, then buying a veteran upside at 1b makes sense. Should reality finally bite and the Phillies sink in the standings, let Joseph and Howard play it out. Remember there is Rhys Hoskins in Reading, who is starting to make some noise; and Knapp as a possible 1b. Both may be September call ups.

  8. All this Howard to the DL talk makes me laugh, unless he has an actual injury the MLBPA would have a field day with the Phillies. While maybe they may release him, I don’t see this front office doing it anytime soon. Now while Howard is definitely struggling his BABIP is below .200 which is way below the normal even for the last few years. Now I’m not suggesting he is going to suddenly turn it around but if his BABIP can get around the .270-.290 he can be serviceable enough even if it’s in a reserve role.

    1. If you watch Dan O’Dowd on MLB network DL moves are used by GM’s and players in situations such as Howard’s.

      1. @TonyCurry
        Yes the shift has killed Howard and I am not suggesting he is finally going to learn to beat the shift. However his BABIP the last 3 years has been .270+, so it is almost .100 less, which is due to his increase in IF/FB% being around 12%( career avg is 5%) If he can level out his swing a little and get some more LD which is down 10%, he can be serviceable, granted these are big IF’s.
        The freed-up roster spot can be strategically valuable, leading to occasional creative use of disabled lists by MLB teams and their affiliates (similar to teams appealing or dropping the appeal of a suspended player to maximize player contribution). Players who are performing poorly and are slightly injured might be put on the DL so they can go to the minors on rehab, when the MLB club might only want them in the minors because they are playing poorly. There are rules against blatantly “gaming the system” in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and the league.

        1. There are however more restrictions on the 60-day DL.
          A player may be moved from the 15-day to the 60-day DL at any time, but not vice versa.

          1. I was just trying to point out to DMAR that the Phillies couldn’t force Howard to the DL to free up a roster spot and then release him, since it’s against the rules

            1. Correct…administratively he would need to be first brought off the DL. No one can get DFAed when they are on the DL..
              I tried to find the release option in the rules but only found this.
              “In most cases a player on a disabled list can be traded, even if the player is not eligible to be reinstated and/or healthy enough to play. The one exception is if Trade Assignment Waivers must be secured before the player can be traded. In that case (only), the player must be eligible to be reinstated from the Disabled List AND healthy enough to play before the player can be placed on waivers. Otherwise the disabled player would have to remain a “Player to Be Named Later” until the conclusion of the MLB regular season. “

      2. DMAR…yuo are correct, all the time they are used….but most are retroactive to a few days earlier so the player may only be out a little over a week or so.
        The Mets even thought about it with Harvey ….until he nixed it and decided he would do a simulation game on Friday.

    2. Not really…15-day DL for back strains/calf strains are legitimate. Muscle pulls seem to be one that could be used. Slight oblique’s are undeterminable
      Teams have done it in the past….especially with some Rule 5 guys to buy some time. Not every DL requires fractures.

      1. Absolutely this is not a practice a current GM is going to publicly put out there nor is it something they would try without the player being on board with the move.

        Clearly a player in Howard’s position might accept a DL assignment to stick around for a while as opposed to being DFA’d. It’s an obvious win-win as it provides the player some dignity and the org an out from answering questions surrounding continually playing a player with the worst BA in the league.

        1. DMAR….in Howard’s case it is only a short-term fix, after that two weeks they have to make a decision one way or the other on him.

          1. I agree with you Romus. I don’t see this ownership/management using a bogus DL stint to buy time. If they were going to release him, they would just do it, but I don’t think they will. I think they will wait until the season is over, although I, personally, think it is way overdue.

            1. It is an unpleasant decision, PR wise, for them.
              Though 99 and 44/100th percent of the fans know what they want done.

      2. I watched Howard get out of the box phew he can’t move . TJ has to hit this series make the job tougher on the brass . Who will take Howard spot I want Asche to take Burris spot.

  9. Joseph’s recent struggles probably stem as much from not playing regularly as from facing right-handers. He was hitting .400 on May 17th, then didn’t bat again until May 20th. He got one at bat on May 20th and one on May 21st before the 0 for 4 yesterday that accounts for the majority of his stats against right-handers. It will be a fairer test if he gets more playing time. As for what to do with Howard, it doesn’t look like he can hit for any average, even against left-handers, so there will be no American League trading partner for him. He can hit a home run once in a while and has a good lifetime pinch-hitting record, so if they do not release him, that may be his role. A sad end to a once brilliant career.

  10. I am very strongly in favor of Howard DFA’d or to the bench, but Howard has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in terms of how he has played. He has had a remarkable career in which he probably was called up a year too late, and his prime fits what most big lumbering first baseman have, in fact it exceeds almost all of them. It is not his fault that his agent coaxed Amaro into that deal. What was he going to do, say no? He was once great on the field and has always been great off of it and a great ambassador of the team and of the city. Having said that, its over, fans know it, the team knows it, and I am sure he knows it. There is no reason to continue to throw him out there. He should be given a choice: DFA or he stays on the team as a LH bat off the bench and OCCASIONALLY gets a start. Give him the courtesy of choosing between those. I will say this, I’d much rather have him than Burriss or Asche at bat down 1 in the 9th. I hope Philly as a whole is smart enough to recognize that a. he had a sensational career and b. its not his fault Amaro overpaid him by infinity. But at the same time, I hope he is smart enough to understand that at this point, a benching is not personal, its a business move.

    1. ive felt all along the Phils would never release or even bench Howard, but watching last night I started to feel it could happen. Seeing Joseph have a good night against righty while Howard looked awful again. He isn’t providing any protection to Franco- not serving any purpose. I felt they wanted to treat Howard in right in part for the young players to see him being treated well- but young players can also see another young player not getting a full chance because of running the clearly done Howard out there. it should end.

    2. There is absolutely no reason to put him on the bench as he has no value and shouldn’t be taking up a spot on the 25 man. This isn’t summer camp – Howard should be given no say in his eventual outcome. This is a major league baseball team and also big business. Howard has zero value (actually less than that) as a player and an asset and should be evaluated as such. A DFA is long overdue.

      The rest of your post cannot be argued with. Howard is an all time great Phillie.

  11. Last week I said Goeddel seems to have trouble inside. I saw it again yesterday and it looks like the Braves tried to pound him in most of the series. Granted I missed his triple but I’m guess it was on a pitch away.

    When do you make the obligatory replace the hitting coach move!

    1. The article doesn’t say they are trying to trade Hellickson for Major League bats.

      1. Article doesn’t even say the Phillies are trying to trade Hellickson. Just says that the Phillies would trade him for the right offer..

      2. Think If there Trading Hellickson now instead of At the trading deadline . When they could get Moore , why would you think ? They going after bats Matt said they don’t want the young pitchers putting stress on themselves.

  12. I just watched Herrera 14 pitch at bat wow he a stud. CESAR comes up and hits into a Dp he’s a dud please get a new of the right side of the infield.

  13. He didn’t run out a play ,Either that or he was hurt. Hernandez and Howard should be the 7 and 9 hitters. The are the WORST STARTING 2nd and 1st Baseman In ALL OF BASEBALL. Cesar hits Into 2 DP Back To Back. .301 .OBP .305 SLG.

    1. Pete should bench himself for letting Howard face that lefty with runners in scoring position. So absurd….

    2. No, Howard shouldn’t even be in the dugout. But hitting him 4th is simply farcical at this point.

  14. Cesar Hernandez is not an everyday player. He strikes out too much for a guy with 0 HRs. Peter Bourjos is not a major league player but for his defense. Ryan Howard is done. These are three replaceable players.

    I would rather see Featherston, Sweeney and TJ now even if they aren’t the future.

  15. Problem is Featherston can’t field a grounder right now. I am a fan of Pete Mackanin and what he has done, but what a disgrace that was last night. Look, I get that you have to hustle, but you know what, on a grounder to the first base side of the pitcher, I’m not making a big deal of it. Not hustling to first on that play really didnt hurt anyone. This city is way to obsessed with “hustle.” You don’t bench the .340 hitter when you refuse to sit the .160 hitter even against a lefty. Who is harming the team more, the guy who can’t hit the ball, or the guy who has been playing at a superstar level (not an exaggeration) but, gasp, didnt run out a grounder to the pitcher?! Wrong time and wrong guy to make an example.

    1. If you actually watched that play, you could see the pitcher had some trouble and had to double clutch to make that throw to first. If Odubel had hustled it would have been close. Odubel is a young player that is part of the future here. You make an example out of that because you don’t want him to develop bad habits. I had no problem with that benching and hope Odubel continues to play hard.

      1. If YOU actually watched the play, you would see that the pitcher did not have trouble, he just realized as he picked up the ball that odubel was not running so he didnt have to hurry, so he put a hitch in his throw just to be safe. But realistically, he could have placed the ball on the ground and kicked it to first base. When you team doesnt score runs easily, you don’t bench your best hitter in a tie game. Sure enough, Lough came up in the 9th and was retired easily. If Odubel is going to hit .340 and get on base over .450, im ok with him not hustling now and then on a lazy grounder. Worry about the guys who are hitting between .160 and .220 before you worry about him.

  16. 3 moves for June 1 st ( cause I have ocd and the first feels better) Perkins for Lough, Featherston for Burris, Russell for Oberholtzer. Im still avoiding Howard situation.

    1. What is this going to accomplish, other than make you sleep better at night? You’ve been saying this for days, we get it. Like those 3 guys were the main reason why the Phillies have lost 3 out of their last 4…

      1. I appreciate you paying attention…uh possibly make the team better…whats wrong with tinkering with the big league club…this year is a building year…however they have played really well…so whats wrong with trying to get better even if only marginally…you cant find out what you have in guys…the three guys im replacing are giving the Phils nothing…replace them…i dont want them to buy a bat at the expense of a prospect or two…i rather them try to get better internally…i like the signing of the Cuban cause all it costs is money…the Phils gave Hunter a chance…didnt work they replaced him with Lough…also not working…give Pekins a chance…i dont want them to rush Williams or JP…so tinker…not sure why you or anyone would be against a move like this…people want to get rid of Howard cause he is hurting the team ( not sure if you have a stance on this or not) …Howard is probably a dead man walking but atleast he has accomplished great things for this team…what do you care about Burris, Oberholtzer or Lough? Probably nothing and thats my point…Tinker…maybe it gets us an extra win or two which may be needed down the road…games in May count as much as games in August.

  17. Exciting next 2 months. Draft, international signing period and perhaps most intriguing is the trade deadline. Do we package some young talent for a bat? or just sell off Hellickson, Chooch and co.? Or both?

    1. Heating up in trades for Comp Bal picks and international slot money.
      The Reds got close to a total of $700K (two slots) from the O’s for a 23-year old minor league pitcher without distinguishing career numbers.
      If Matt Klentak works it right he could also do the same with the corral of pitchers the Phillies have that are in high-A and above.

  18. It’s only a matter of time before Howard loses his job to Joseph. You have no argument when you’re batting under .200.

  19. can someone explain to me how the competitive balance picks after the first round are awarded.

    1. Half the teams are considered ‘small market teams’ without the financial advantages of the ‘large market team’. One past advantage was the signing of high FAs by the larger market teams.
      That seems to be passé now.
      Anyway, they are granted 6 picks after the first round (A) and six picks after the 2nd round (B), That is a total of 12 picks……so a lottery is conducted every year for those 15 teams labeled as small market and 12 get the opportunity to select if they are drawn.
      And those teams can also trade those picks, as the Braves and O’s did yesterday.
      Really doesn’t sound to fair to be awarded higher picks

        1. Yes my leader romus. You are wise beyond your years. By the way dmar. When we discussed guys under 250 in minors. Didn’t you show they were younger in higher levels. or am I nuts. Was any of them career 250 hitters in minors and became good major leaguers? To say Mc cluthen when he hit his 258 to me is nut. he was 20 in double aa. Plus he was near or a little over 300 thru his minor league career. The only guy was chase. but he show some power. What amazes me is whatever I say gets blown out of context. Like the quote some one put up. I said right now he isn’t looking like a good or great prospect. but they only posted isn’t looking like a great prospect. That is not the whole thing. only the little kid who posted. that, to me was most likely was like that kid we played ball with that would say. If I don’t bat first I am taking my ball and going home. I Said one time Williams bat look slow to me the night I saw him. But it was only 4 at bats. Next thing I know. people are saying I am saying he isn’t a prospect. How the hell is that taking as my meaning. I realize there are a couple of Sheldon’s on here. no common sense. Education is great. and you can post all the school and degrees .which I admire. But its doesn’t mean a thing. in talking about this game.

          1. I just cant do it anymore. You’re comments are the worst. You made a dumb statement. People called you on it. Then you tried to change your argument and people called you on that. Let it go.

            1. Yup. Rocco could’ve avoided all this nonsense by just saying “you’re right, that was dmub”. But instead has doubled down on dumb to completely ridiculous. Now to keep beating a dead horse it’s just annoying. Move on dude, there’s no defense for it.

      1. Romus, the Cardinals with consistent excellent attendance need extra competitive picks like I need a hole in the head. Anyone can continue excellence with 1-3 extra picks in the top 50.

      2. Romus Thanks for the explanation………I agree that it really does not seem like a fair “award” system. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this go away in a few years. Every time I hear “small market team” I think of the Bill Giles quote in the 1990’s.

    1. You’re seeing the same thing with Nick Castellanos in Detroit. It’s exactly why I’m glad the Phillies gave Dom Brown as much time as they did to prove himself, even if it didn’t work out in the end.

      1. I think there is only one reason Brown didn’t succeed. He had every bit the talent those two had with a single exception mental toughness. It can’t be easy to have the amount of success he had in the minors and then not have that carry over to the MLB.

        Self doubt creeps in and then it can be all over in an instant.

  20. I hear Cuban outfielder Osmel Aguila may be up with the big club by August. Does anyone have a profile on him?

    1. BR does. 5’11 179 LBS Cuban League Stats suggest he has a decent hit tool hi OBP guy with not much power. Interestingly in his past two seasons he has walked more than he K’d!

      1. DMAR….have to assume he goes to one of the corners, when he does make it up in a few months. That will give them more depth for sure. And then Altherr could also return in August.

  21. Does anyone have an update on Altherr. I had thought he was done for the whole year. Asche will be up at some point, although that is not exactly exciting news. I am, however, looking forward to other promotions besides JP after the Draft, like Quinn and Cozens

    1. Last report JimP gave about a week ago was that Altherr is on schedule with his rehab. Originally heard he could return late season, no earlier than Aug.

  22. Cesar Hernandez .299 obp .299 slg .598 ops the iso is like dead last in the league. He was given a day off last wk and yesterday but then Franco went out.the one yr experiment is coming to a end. Chase Ultey yr never mind .

    1. He’s not even a utility player. AAA is his ceiling. Time to pull the plug and move onto someone else.

        1. That’s why I said “someone” and not anyone specific. You already know he can’t play, lets find out if someone else can.

          1. Well that’s not specific enough. I guess you can give Blanco more ABs. The closest guy is Valentin. Hernadez is just a placeholder (which most of these guys are with 2 exceptions). I can’t get bent out of shape with Hernandez in there over random dude.

            1. I would say Blanco is exactly who should be given the bulk of the playing time at 2B.

            2. Would have no problem with playing Blanco there everyday at this point. At least he offers value offensively.

  23. Right now the Phillies have the 19th pick in next years draft.
    If you want a better pick, they may go down as far as the 13th pick…probably no lower.
    The following teams below them, still can get their act together in their respective divisions…..Royals, Tigers, Yankees, Blue Jays, Dodgers and Cardinals.

    1. A couple bats like Altherr, Goeddel, Even Asche with a replacement like Featherston or Sweeney who’s been hot for Cesar might make this team very dangerous.

  24. The player closet to the majors is probably Crawford, so the 2B will be Galvis. But he hits even worse than Hernandez. Then we have the Valentin, Tobias, Kingery debate and no one knows who will actually emerge. How about Featherston? His D has not been good but isn’t 2B his better position?

    1. Pablo….after 2017 he is arb eligible…..this off-season before next season I can see them making him an offer for 6/7 years.

    1. I hear so much about reading being a hitters ball park. The two guys I would love to see moved are cozens and Alfaro now. I want to see how Cozens handles triple A . I believe he would struggle. but he has time to figure it out. Two outfielders in reading aren’t our future, Only Williams is the future so what would it hurt. Most people and scouts don’t think Knapp is a big league catcher and his 240 average. 320 obp might become better if he is not catching. Maybe and I am guessing sometimes. players worry so much about learning a position it hurts there hitting.

      1. I’d like to see Cozens cut down his K’s at AA then do a late july callup to AAA followed maybe by a cup of coffee @ the pros.

        After listening to todays game, I’m not sure if any of thc players will be around next time the phils are competative. I think the announcers are hinting that Franco needs an attitude change . Joseph, Rupp and Goeddel may be keepers (and maybe Franco). Its a shame Althear got hurt. It would have been good to know if he was a keeper.

  25. I think a more reasonable ceiling would be .270-35-105-ob%325-slug%500=825. 15-20 stolen bases. I’d sign up for that right now! that’s a star. Needs to bring the k’s down even more. Not horrible k rate though.

    1. Haven’t joined the Cozens Dozens fan club YET. I will admit he’s impressive physically. If he sustains close to what he’s been doing so far this season, he would be your prototypical middle of the order beast. Let’s hope he’s the real deal.

      1. Though SSS(less than 55PAs)….Cozens and Williams splits vs LHPs this year is so different.
        Cozens—-.278 /.325 / .853

  26. Chase Ultey the Mets killer. 2 hrs 7 rbi in the late 2 games against the Mets . Thor wants no part of Chase I don’t think Thor throw at either. BTW our 2nd baseman 2 hrs in 802 ml atbats 8 rbi the hole yr. Baseball ref has the man next to Chase Ultey name that’s bad ass.

    1. Happy to see Chase Utley stick to the Mets again especially after being thrown at.

  27. Tanking By Batting Order of Line Card why would Mack start Howard and Hernandez over Blanco or Tj . Howard hitting .100 this month .157 overall , Hernandez .iso .051 has 7 XBH all yr. Blanco is better over all player then Cesar period . Matt Stairs made a comment he watched Cesar Hernandez take batting practice . Why does Cesar hit fly balls into the outfield when should be practice hitting line drives and contact . Cesar has yet to hit a ball onto the track in the air this yr. TJ needs to be at 1st to learn plus he hitting so much better then Howard . It’s Macks response ability to start his best 9 everyday . When he doesn’t he’s not only hurting the team but Tj and the pitchers .

  28. I just don’t understand. Why pete keeps playing Howard. its not fair to the other guys, Look he was great for years and got paid. But this is a business and he isn’t producing, They cant keep running him out there. We really need to see if joseph can hold the first base job. I really don’t believe the owner wants him to play cause he is paying him big money. or I hope I am wrong on the owner. take your losses and release him. He isn’t the future and has no value. It would be better to just release him and let him try to catch on with a American league team. Its just not his hitting that is bad. he cant field. strikes out at almost 40 percent clip. cant run. what the hell is he good for?? The man had his run, lets cut our losses.

  29. John Middleton was supposed to change the Phillies old culture but it seems like the same old ownership with different Front Office people.

  30. Looking at the current 25 man roster*, these are names that may have some trade value come deadline:
    Jeremy Hellickson
    Jeanmar Gomez
    Andrew Bailey
    David Hernandez
    Carlos Ruiz
    Cody Asche (*soon to be added)
    Freddy Galvis

    I have heard Maikel Franco mentioned in conversations but that would have to be a blockbuster. Not likely especially should his struggles continue.

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