Box Score Recap – 4/25/2016

Lehigh Valley (10-8) Fell behind early and lost to Scranton, 5-2.  Jake Thompson lasted 5.0 innings and gave up 5 runs in the second and third innings.  He allowed eight hits and struck out six.  He walked none.  Nick Williams hit his first home run.

  • Colton Murray struck out two in two perfect innings of relief.
  • Williams (.288) went 1-4 with a HR (1) and RBI.
  • Knapp (.302 )went 1-4 with a 3B.
  • Joseph (.405) went 2-3 with an RBI.
  • Perkins (.395) went 1-3 with a 2B.
  • Knapp picked up his 4th PB, but threw a base stealer out at second.
  • Nick Swisher hit a home run off Thompson.

Reading (12-6) Overcame a couple blown saves to beat Akron, 7-4.  The game was a pitchers’ duel through the opening four-and-a-half innings.  Nick Pivetta had allowed Akron one hit (and 3 walks) in five innings, and Reading had 2 hits through four.  Reading took a 2-0 lead in the fifth.  But, Pivetta loaded the bases with nobody out in the sixth. Joely Rodriguez came in to give up the lead and blow the save.   The Phils came back to re-take the lead in the seventh, but Seve Gonzalez came in to blow another save.  Reading went ahead again, and Gonzalez got the win and Edubray Ramos got the save.

  • Pivetta – 5.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 4 BB, 4 K, 92 pitches, 52 strikes, pitched to 3 batters in the sixth.  One of Pivetta’s early walks was erased on a CS.
  •  Rodriguez picked two runners off during his 1.1 innings.  He allowed 2 of 3 inherited runners to score.  One came home on a FC.  The other scored after a pick off and ahead of a home run.
  • Rodriguez went walk, pick off, walk before being lifted in the seventh.
  • Gonzalez allowed an inherited runner to score, but had 3 K in 1.2 IP.
  • Ramos picked up his 5th save.
  • Quinn was back in the starting line up and went 1-5 (.206).
  • Crawford (.292) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • Cozens (.242) went 1-4 with a 2B and RBI.
  • Fox (.293) went 3-3 witha HR (5), SF, and 3 RBI.
  • Valentin (.271) went 2-4 with a 2B and RBI.
  • Brown (.163) went 2-3 with a 3B and RBI.
  • Valentin stole his 2nd base.

Clearwater (13-5) Off day.  Starts a three-game series in Daytona on Tuesday.   Tom Eeshelman, Matt, Imhof, and Ranfi Casimiro are scheduled to start.

Lakewood (4-14) Off day.  Starts a seven-game home stand on Tuesday with three games against Charleston. Tyler Gilbert, Shane Watson, and Luke Leftwich are scheduled to start.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings – 

  • 4/25 – C Greg Brodzinski assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Williamsport Crosscutters.

56 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/25/2016

  1. Tommy Joseph might be the first one called up over Knapp! These could be the last few weeks of Ryan Howard…

    1. Would love to see Knapp, Joseph, Williams up before the all star break, lets get this train rolling….

      1. I’ll give you this much ….at leastyour new handle ‘Freddy galvis’ afro’ beats the old one….Big Hairy Dong.

      1. Unfortunately Joseph’s played all of 7 games at 1B in 2016. 79 games over his entire career. Do you think throwing him into the deep side of the pool with his hands tied behind his back is the best course of action? He hasn’t played in more than 100 games since 2012 and he didn’t hit the ball well when he payed during those in between years. Bringing up the hot hand to play a position he’s not ready for, could do more harm than good…. for everyone.

  2. XST action at Yankees: Mariot threw again today walked first two batters then got 2Ks and a FO. Fanti followed and started well by allowing a W and a hit but getting out of the inning with a K and 2 FOs.2nd inning 2Ks and a GO. Trouble came in the 3rd inning GO,W, double, triple, single K, GO. 3inn, 3R, 4H, 2W and 4Ks. Offensively they received HRs from Lucas Williams and Greg Pickett and a single from J. Ortiz. Video available at

    1. Lucas Williams could be the Phillies steal of the draft by the Phillies scouts….and also by rocco’s advanced scouting team.

      1. I saw him up close in ST. He looks just like a young Craig Biggio. I didn’t get a chance to see him play very much, but he looks like an exciting young player.

    2. I still have a hunch that Pickett could become something. Wsport should have an interesting team, and that’s before the draft.

      1. I like Pickett’s potential, too. I read this on him from The Baseball Draft Report last summer …

        “This pre-draft assessment sums up my feelings on Pickett well…
        The Greg Pickett (Legend HS, Colorado) bandwagon has emptied quickly this spring, but I’m sticking with the big raw power, disciplined approach, and average all-around skill set elsewhere all the same. There’s some justified concern that he’ll have to move to first base sooner rather than later, but that’s not an outcome I’m sweating too much just yet.

        I still don’t quite understand how or why Pickett fell as far as he did — both in the pre-draft rankings and during the draft itself — but I’m sure the Phillies don’t mind. I suppose big guys with some inherent swing-and-miss and defensive concerns tend to fall, but at some point the reward begins to greatly outweigh the risk. Only in the MLB draft can you land your third best prospect with your eighth overall pick.”

      1. 88-89 FB, when he keeps his breaking balls down in the zone can be effective. Got hurt yesterday when for about 4 batters he was up in the zone, when he finally self adjusted he got out of the inning. Doesn’t seem to have much room for error just like the other HS lefties they drafted last year(Falter and Stewart), all 3 seem very similar in approach and “stuff”, but again they’re all 19 yrs old and have plenty of time to develop .

    3. Saw a blurb in the Washington Post that Williams hit his HR off Aroldis Chapman. Heard it was on a 98 MPH fastball and was hit to CF. What a memorable HR that has got to be.

        1. Didn’t know there were box scores for extended spring training. Where do you find those. Here is the link to the Post article. Scroll down to “Chapman in Tampa” heading –

  3. If he is a steal. could you imagine the killing I would get. I am getting killed by one guy who says I was wrong about Franco. I Was on him. even when keith law had questions. How someone can say that amazes me. But you still have to tell me how a guy with a 4-6 record has better war than a 10-1 guy. WAR is wins against replacement right? I Will never understand that one. So if I went by war and they said we will trade you Cole hamels for Eickoff. if I went by war I make the trade. RIGHT/

    1. Because WAR looks at a pitcher’s performance independent of the contribution made by the pitcher’s offense, which is entirely irrelevant to the pitcher’s performance. In other words, a guy who loses a 1-0 complete game start (hello Roy Halladay!) is a lot more valuable than a guy who gets tagged for 5 runs in six innings but obtains a win because his team scores 10 runs.

      As for Eickhoff having more WAR than Hamels, I don’t think anyone would (or should) suggest that Eickhoff is a better pitcher than Hamels. Over time, Hamels is likely to generate a lot more WAR than Eickhoff, so for the recent period, it’s more a sample size issue than anything else.

    2. rocco…when it comes to pitching, you can also look at FIP and I like Fangraphs Game Score, which is based off Bill James’ original Game Score.

  4. Does anyone know where C. Randolph is ? He was really starting to hit when all of a sudden he has dropped out of the box scores ? Injured ? or……..

    1. Being DLed today by Lakewood for a left shoulder strain. I don’t think they think it’s anything serious, but are being cautious.

  5. I agree with bringing up midlevel guys like Joseph and Perkins. For a few years I’ve been holding out hope for Ruf but that ship has sailed and not all his fault. Let’s start May 1 then each month target one or two players at a time to call up until the roster has been almost entirely transformed by September. Then come spring of ’17 we’re rolling….

    1. It won’t be May 1st, we’ll be starting somebody’s clock early. Wait until mid-May, some moves will definitely be made.

      1. I might agree with the decision, but not for all the same reasons. The reasons I might bring Perkins up soon are because: (a) he would slot in to replace outfielders who have been truly horrific as a group – an average player there would be a huge upgrade- he might be close to as bad, but I can’t imagine he’d be worse; (b) while he’s no star in the making he seems to have a pretty good skill set and can field; and (c) he’s not a star prospect so if it doesn’t work out you’re really not all the worried about how the promotion affected his development.

        You would think Bourjos would be a better player than Perkins, but I’m not sure that he is. He hasn’t hit at all and, most surprising, he’s been a below average fielder. Bourjos’s grasp on a major league roster spot is about as tenuous as it gets right now.

    2. “I’ve been holding out hope for Ruf but that ship has sailed and not all his fault.”

      There is no player on the Phillies that gets more excuses for being mediocre, than Darin Ruf. It IS his fault that he isn’t in the team’s plans. He hits RH Pitching like Howard hits LH Pitching. You can’t have that from a RH first baseman. RH batters have to hit RH Pitching, in order to be useful.

  6. Pigs, Fightins and Clearwater combined record so far 35-19 . Very encouraging though I realize overall W-L records aren’t the focus. Each team has several intriguing prospects if not near big league ready. Won’t be long before Citizens Bank Park is rocking’ again.

  7. Last week I tabbed Herrera as a future bench player or trade piece. I retract that. Like him very much in leadoff spot. Time will tell. Not sold on Quinn just yet despite the raves over his athleticism and blinding wheels. Hope that changes.

  8. Ulises Joaquin sent down to Clearwater, Miguel Nunez called up to take his place in the pen. Interested to see how Nunez does.

    1. Damek Tomscha was sent down to Lakewood.
      John Richy was activated and sent to Clearwater
      Derek Campbell sent to Clearwater

      and, Clearwater placed Jairo Munoz on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to April 24, 2016.

  9. I’ve been a defender of Tommy Joseph for awhile now; pretty much ever since his injuries started up. So it’s funny to me that I’m the guy who’s going to say let’s pump the brakes on his call-up. He’s only got 42 ABs on the season and a lot of them have been as the DH. Plus he has no track record of success in AAA, so why not let him continue to hit and see if he keeps it up?

    He’s been around for awhile, but he’s not ancient at 24. If he’s still mashing in late June/July, then okay, start thinking about a promotion.

  10. rocco…….get your scouting team out for local kid from Father Judge….Dan Hammer (got to like that name). 2016 draft eligible.
    Max Fastball: 92Fastball: 87-90
    Curveball: 76-78Changeup: 79-81

    …my eyes in that area tell me he has some good velo for a HSer and is on most teams radar.
    Since when he is pitching the ballfield is drawing large crowds.
    Not sure if Delaware U. will be his college of choice however….with some familial ties.

    1. Nice – will he still be pitching today? If so, he’ll probably go like 3 or 4 innings (60 or 75 pitches).

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