Open Discussion: Week of April 25th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics. 

The Phillies are a tantalizing 9-10, and a game-and-a-half out of the second wild card. However, they are still the worst hitting team in the NL with a .230 AVG and .287 OBP.  Their .287 SLG and .659 OPS rank ahead of only the equally pathetic Padres and Braves.

The Phillies have struck out the third most at 166, have walked the least with 46, and have the lowest runs per game at 3.26. Their 7.53 hits per game is only slightly ahead of league worst Milwaukee.  They have the worst SB % at 52.9% (9 of 17).

Organization rosters for all full season teams have been updated from the affiliates’ web sites.  They have been added as a selection on the Rosters selection on the menu.

Prior Week’s Transactions:

  • 4/24 – Philadelphia Phillies placed RHP Charlie Morton on the 15-day disabled list. Strained left hamstring
  • 4/24 – Philadelphia Phillies recalled Luis Garcia from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/23 – Lakewood BlueClaws placed OF Zachary Coppola on the 7-day disabled list. Hamstring injury.
  • 4/23 – Venn Biter assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/22 – Philadelphia Phillies sent James Russell outright to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/20 – Philadelphia Phillies designated LHP James Russell for assignment.
  • 4/20 – Philadelphia Phillies selected the contract of Andrew Bailey from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/20 – Hoby Milner assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/20 – C Joel Fisher assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 4/20 – Lakewood BlueClaws placed 1B Brendon Hayden on the 7-day disabled list.
  • 4/19 – LF Alfredo Marte assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/19 – Reading Fightin Phils placed C Jorge Alfaro on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to April 18, 2016.
  • 4/18 – Philadelphia Phillies selected the contract of David Lough from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – Philadelphia Phillies optioned LF Cedric Hunter to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 4/18 – Baltimore Orioles traded LF Alfredo Marte to Philadelphia Phillies for Player To Be Named Later.

130 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 25th

    1. If you are implying it was a mistake trading him… Well, sir, we had to do it. Move on.

      1. Nah no matter where he at he’s going to be Chase. Jimmy still going to be Jimmy what did they get for them ? Bird who’s hurt and Sweeney could be a CF / 2nd . Jimmy I forgot already Windle I think. Jp and Kingery are on there way.

        1. Windle and Efflin for Jimmy. Richey and Sweeney for Chase. I’m not sure who you mean by bird. JP should be up next year imo and Kingery the year after that. I just hope they can be as productive as Jimmy and Chase minus the power.

      2. Well, that’s a crazy response to my post. Where exactly did I imply we shouldn’t have traded him? Can I not simplybe a fan of a great player?

      1. Not last yr he wasn’t hot when he was hurt . He had to come back and show some people he was still a baseball player. LA took a chance gave up a 2 prospects for a now player future HOF that puts fans in the sets. The Phillies fans get some good Sp An up Coming CF and and 3rd we already had.we wait on the rest hoping there’s no injuries.

  1. 6 doubles 2 triple’s 1 sb 23 hits 10 runs 5 rbi. He batting leadoff a 37 and he knows the infield pop rule lol.

    1. tim…interesting read on Appel. He modified his change-up grip and seems to finally working for him. And he throws it to righties …I guess if it works why change it.

      1. Yep and he using the FB less he has good off speed stuff that was a good line up he though twice.his stat look better maybe he’s using the 2 seam Fb ?

  2. I would enjoy seeing Utley, Rollins, Hamels AND Howard prosper this year in other uniforms. But I’m more excited about who’s coming up. It took so long to say goodbye, and with Chooch and especially the Piece still here, we’re somehow finally moving on. One by one the kids are trickling up the ranks and it is a fun time to be a true Phillies fan.

  3. Great job so far by Pete and his staff. On paper this is not a good team and over the long season they will reach their proper win/loss ratio. I predict they will be drafting in the top five in next year’s draft. And that is a good thing. But they have run into a couple of bad teams (Padres, Brewers, etc.) and have kept things interesting. That is the best of both worlds. Stay somewhat competitive and accumulate high draft picks.

    1. exactly. wins and losses are irrelevant, although sure, you don’t want these young guys losing 110 games, but for the most part, we care about the progress of the young pitching, and franco and odubel, and as far as that is concerned, things could not be better. Thats literally all i care about this year, and if they can play Goeddel into a ML starter, then thats great too.

  4. Come on guys, if you really want them still on the team because “its chase and jimmy!” then you have the exact mindset that held the franchise back for so long when they should have been making moves to stay competitive but instead chose to dwell on the past.

    1. No body dwelling on the past the future at SS, 2nd, LF , C , isn’t here yet . The starters are, and more are coming as well as the bullpen . Thus team isn’t going to be bad for long . Roccom right there’s no Fan’s in the sets there will be soon.

  5. I think one of the funniest things on here is people with there, We robbed Texas on cole trade. Cole has won 10 in a row. To my knowledge no one of the guys in that deal has help us yet. There are no guarantees that they will. So right now Hamel and Texas won the trade. Maybe within the next year or two we will come out on top. Alfaro cant stay healthy. Asher imo is nothing and Eickhoff stinks When you have to relive on a curve ball. you better not make a mistake. Curves without other stuff. hang. But if Alfaro doesn’t pan off you got two stiff pitchers. and a maybe in Thompson. so right now laugh at texas. but cole has been really good and help them.. Finally Nick Williams is no sure thing either. Until I see him get around on a good fastball you have another dom brown.

    1. rocco…and I thought you finally shed the negadelphia image.Still early in thewhole process. Asher and Eickhoff were originally thought to be back-end guys or relievers some day. So anything they give is a plus. The headliners were the other three and that will be judged in years down the road. Cole may be retired before it all plays out.

      1. Romus I am just tired of we killed it. we so far all we have is hope. but no results. so as of today Texas got a big piece for a championship run. And didn’t have to give up nomar who looks like a superstar. that’s all. I telling you watching Williams swing the bat scared me. I hope I am wrong on him. I just voice my opinion.

        1. roccom, I’d like to assure you that you are most likely wrong. On one hand I say that because I also have seen Williams multiple times, and I think you’re point about him not having bat speed is dead wrong, and on the other hand I say it because in general your opinions on here stink and are usually way off base.

            1. You are wrong about Nick Williams not having the bat speed.

              You were wrong about Maikel Franco last year.

              And you have been wrong about a million things.

              Have a good day

            2. Tommy gunn I was wrong about Franco. YOU are a moron. everyone on here will tell you I was on franco from double a. If you want to comment dont lie. I said about Nick Williams was this the night I saw him he looked like he didn’t get around on 91 fastball. worried about his bat speed. But also said only saw 4 at bats which was a small sample. Hope I was wrong. If you want to comment first read what I said. You want to lie about my post only makes you more stupid then you already are, I would like one person on here to tell me were I was wrong about Franco. I Figure you a young kid who is never played the game and reads only stats. so I refuse to answer you stupid lies from now on. I feel bad for people who’s only argument is to lie. Just show how dumb they really are.

            3. Roccom,

              Being able to argue with someone without calling them names like a 5 year old is a trait most people develop as an adult, but I guess you still have some emotional maturity to grow into.

              Last year (or the year before) you were making the same comments about Maikel Franco in AAA that you are making about nick Williams this week. I’m not surprised if you don’t remember it (or choose not to acknowledge it), since you are already backing off your nick Williams statements from earlier this week.

              As far as my personal background, it really has no bearing on whether my opinions are valid or not, but just for your satisfaction, I am 43 years old, I am an attorney, I was a really good high school baseball player at a high school in suburban Philadelphia, then made a local division one college team as a walk-on and played two years with very few ABs before ending my career.

              And I see these minor leaguers in person WAAAAAAYY more than you do. Spring training every year for 10 days, multiple games at Lakewood and Lehigh Valley every year and every Reading game in Trenton.

              I’m sure you’ll just call me a moron again though, because people with the mentality of a 5 year old lash out at those that point out when you make really dumb comments like you did about Nick Williams and Maikel Franco.

              Have a good day though…

        2. Couple of points on your post Rocco:
          #1 your selling the Rangers short because you failed to mention Jake Diekman as part of the trade. Diekman has been outstanding.
          #2 your underselling Eickhoff. He far from “stinks”. For a guy who was supposed to be the fourth guy in the trade, he’s been great. In fact, his WAR has been almost equal to Hamels since the trade. The fact that he’s seven years younger than Cole is icing on the cake.

          For where the Phillies were and what they needed, I’d make that trade every day of the week.

          1. Hinkie how is his war almost the same. Cant understand that one. he is 4-6 in two years. and cole is 10-1?? I know I am not a stat man. maybe you can explain it to me.

            1. rocco….take out Eickhoff’s sixth inning from yesterday, and you would even be more confused, since Eickhoff may have more WAR than Hamels.


            2. Holy cow. Did you just compare pitchers records to make your argument? It’s not 1950 anymore….

    2. A team that traded 5 prospects for an elite SP in his prime is “winning the trade” 6 months after the deal is done?

      Wow. Brilliant analysis. Are you familiar with the term minor league prospect?

      1. VIagain are you familiar with watching a player instead off stats?? You think your brilliant but I know for a dummy like me. I can match your stats everyday of the week. by just watching a guy play. Who the hell have you been right on?? you come on here and post stats. I watch the player. and throw in some stats, which I think is important. so if you want to tell me that your brilliant sell it somewhere else. You haven’t shed one ounce of anything important that I ever saw. Your contacts must be slipping. have a nice day Mr baseball.

        1. the big difference between you and me is that I know that I am not a scout, and you believe that you are.

          I read people who are paid to do this for a living and trust their opinion. I then review stats to back things up.

          you “watch a player” and determine for yourself if he is a good prospect. i just don’t have the confidence in my scouting abilities that you do.

          for example, saying Nick Williams can’t get around on a fastball has to be one of the worst analysis that I have ever read. Literally every scout who has ever written about him disagrees with that view. The only question with Williams is plate discipline. But i guess few have your scouting capabilities. Certainly I don’t.

          1. I said when I saw him he wasn’t getting around on the fastball. I know he doesn’t have great plate discipline. He was missing breaking balls and looked bad on them. But I expect that in triple a . Franco was the same way on breaking balls. That league has a lot of crafty vets. I don’t think you see the velocity as much as the off speed stuff. plus the umps some night are terrible. and that doesn’t help. But I know it was a small sample size. and I tried to say that. but people will always think I am mr negative. I am voicing a opinion based on what I have seen. right or wrong.

            1. I don’t think that you can truly evaluate the trade this early in the process. We traded current value for future value so Texas obviously is currently “winning” the trade but I don’t think it is by all that much. Eickoff has been good and Philly still has Alafaro, Williams, Thompson, and Asher who could make it to the majors. Me personally I wanted Philly to get a top 10 prospect for Cole but overall I can’t say that I am unhappy about the deal but everyone has their own opinion.

    3. Wanted to follow up on another great point you made…that “Eickhoff stinks”

      Besides one bad inning yesterday, his performance at the MLB level has been terrific. His K rate and BB rate are really good. His FIP is great. He eats innings and is a positive 2 WAR player in only 75 mlb innings.

      I think we disagree on what “stinks” means.

    4. I don’t think the Phillies fleeced TX in the deal. It will probably end up being good for both teams.

  6. So I follow baseball daily but I don’t actually get to watch a ton. I know the box scores and who is doing what, but I don’t really see how it happens like I like to. I see Giles had another poor showing last night and lost the game, and he has been really bad since Spring. Does anyone know what is wrong with him? Look, I liked the trade for the Phillies and really hope it turns out being a steal, but I’ll always root for KG. Hate seeing him look so bad, his ERA has been around the 8/9 area since spring training and now into the regular season

    1. CBSSports’ R.J. Anderson on Giles:
      “………Giles has maintained his top-end velocity. Additionally, he’s continued to throw strikes and miss bats — in fact, he’s generating whiffs at a higher rate, both overall and on in-zone pitches, than he had in his previous two seasons. Giles isn’t a stranger to a shaky start, either. In his first five appearances last season, he allowed 10 baserunners in 4 2/3 innings. Granted, Giles didn’t allow a homer or an earned run, but he’s shown he can author an impressive season after a rough beginning.”.
      ….his 5.9 FIP is alarming but still very early.

      1. Romus I just saw alex meyer called up. Wasn’t he a hard thrower out of high school. that’s teams were high on I forget?? Or am I thinking of a different Meyers.

    2. Hamels trade was a good one for Texas, since he has done all they could have asked for. They wanted immediate help and they got it. They traded some future for that immediate help, but that was all to plan and they kept all the guys they most wanted to keep on their farm. The Rangers went from last in 2014 to the post-season. Without Hamels, they don’t do that. He’s 10-1 for Texas in 16 starts over parts of two seasons and off to a great start this year, although definitely some BABIP luck in his low ERA. Hopefully the Phillies will reap the MLB bonanza from this trade, which we expect over the next 5 years. That would make this a trade which both teams won, not a loss for Texas.

      1. Well said. My point was right now it isn’t a win win for us not yet. I Know its early. but texas got what it wanted a ace. So far we haven’t seen imo a lot from these kids. in that trade. If Alfaro is injury prone it will hurt a lot , if not then its a big piece for us. Two of the pitchers in that trade were throw in. As I stated before the little I saw of Williams scared me. But small sample. and I hope I am wrong. People think it was a steal and so far it isn’t. That was all I was saying. I know it takes time for prospects. so people should not think we ripped off texas. that’s all

        1. rocco…..I think you are mistakenly identifying the wrong team on what posters think who got ripped….I think it is the other Texas team that posters have been saying that about. The ‘Stros and Giles trade. I see that more than the Hamels’ Ranger deal.
          Since Vinny V’s masterpiece last week, along with Eshelman and Appel fast starts, it sprouted over the boards.

            1. Thompson and Eickhoff aren’t Smoltz and Blyleven….yet. Alfaro isn’t Pudge….yet. Williams isn’t Junior Griffey….yet. We buy the seeds hoping that they bloom into what they MIGHT become. There’s no full proof plan. But it’s fun to project while we fertilize the diamond. It’s poetic….. (or pathetic, yeah I know)

        2. I’m probably gonna get a lot of down votes for this but I don’t think Cole was ever truly an “ace” by the definition.

          1. Very few teams have an Ace by definition and to boot you might get a guy who is an ace one year but not the next.

            Ace level performance is difficult to sustain. generally they are max effort guys they seeming come out of no where, peak then fall.

            Cole was always that notch below but his stuff played at a very even keel over his career. I’ll trade you one ace for 2 Coles!

  7. Odubel tied at number 10 in NL oWAR so far:
    1. Fowler (CHC) 1.4
    2. Diaz (STL) 1.4
    3. Harper (WSN) 1.1
    4. Murphy (WSN) 0.9
    5. Yelich (MIA) 0.9
    6. Braun (MIL) 0.8
    7. Marte (PIT) 0.8
    8. Cabrera (NYM) 0.7
    Cespedes (NYM) 0.7
    10. Arenado (COL) 0.7
    Herrera (PHI) 0.7

  8. Pitching? Hey, I’ve got your pitching right here…! Ben Lively was named the Eastern League’s best pitcher of the week. Zero runs in 13 (?) inns…no noticeable walks and plenty of Ks. Soon enough (in a month or so) to move up to LV AAA…and maybe ready in Sept for a visit in Philly…assuming he continues to do well. A few of us chose him to be a breakout player in ’16. Keep it up, Ben !!!

  9. David Murphy now a free agent better then Burris . He can hit too wow new concept for corner outfielder’s.

  10. I’m enjoying all the trade banter. Speaking of which, I’ve been mostly very impressed with the trades we’ve made and players we’ve received in the last couple of years. But you really have to see these guys play to make more nuanced judgments. Case in point – one guy who really disappointed me – and I’m not talking about his recent outings – was Jake Thompson. When I saw him pitch a few innings in the on-deck series I came away astonished. I expected to see a guy with top shelf stuff and what I saw, quite frankly, in terms of stuff, was a lot like Joe Blanton – not the type of guy I would hope would be a central pitcher in a rebuild. As a result (and again, not as a result of his recent outings – although those certainly don’t help his cause) – I have Jake Thompson way down in my rankings. Probably somewhere between 7-13. Now, maybe the stuff will improve, but what I saw did not impress me – at all.

    That said, there are plenty of our pitchers who are pitching far above expectation, including Ben Lively, who is now looking like a solid mid-rotation guy. Honestly, I think he could be a perfectly fine starter in the big leagues right now. It won’t happen, but I think he could more than hold his own.

    1. Catch is it possible he is working on a new pitch?? The guy has logged a lot of innings over the 4 years. Seems to have decent numbers .Almost a strikeout a inning. Less hits than innings pitch, that’s a stat I love. Or maybe he is just in a funk, Most people like him, I never saw him pitch. so I really don’t know about him.

      1. rocco…if he isn’t using his slider..he isn’t pitching to his strength
        Question is …what is his usage, percent-wise, with it, and is it effective?.
        That is his out pitch, once considered one of the best in the minors as of early 2015.

      2. Yup – all of that is entirely possible. It’s also possible that, when I saw him in the game at CBP, he was trying hard not to overdo it and throw too hard. It’s also possible that he just had a bad day or is trying to make adjustments to reach another level of performance. Unless you watch a pitcher (or any player, really) over time, it’s hard to tell precisely just what you think unless a player is just phenomenal or horrible. He’s certainly neither of those two extremes, but what I saw was just not that impressive that day. More like Tanner Roark or Joe Blanton or Rick Porcello. Not horrible, just not all that impressive. But players develop and sometimes they even develop better velocity (that’s what happened to Carlos Carrasco – his FB once sat in the low 90s, and then he hit his mid-late 20s and all of a sudden he was throwing in the high 90s).

        1. Great point catch. At the end of the day it is about results and not what is said about you on paper or keyboards and white space.

          I saw Jake 2X last year and was very impressed but the Jake I am seeing this year is quite a bit different. Velocity is down yes but more so I think is the movement. I haven’t seen him since the futures game so I thought maybe that game he was simply experiencing some dead arm.

  11. Yes, Thompson has been very hittable so far this season…which seems to be a reversal of his last half season in ’15. MAYBE…just speculation…he is trying out some better change-ups or maybe a splitter ,etc. I’d have to wait at least half of a season before I’d be ready to dismiss his talents. Hope you are wrong…because having another young guy competing for the MLB staff would be “awesome.”

  12. We could be a passable team with a better LF , SS , 2nd, and defensive 1st .Blanco could probably do the SS or 2nd he been great the last 2 yrs on power offense .Lough should be in LF with Goeddel . Give these young pitchers some confidence that if they have bad day the Offense will pick them up.

  13. I’m kicking around a couple ideas in my head for this site.

    First, once I get internet in my new place, I was thinking of submitting total stats every week for the top 50 prospects and other notables so we can get a good sense of how everyone is doing so far in the year, and have all the information in one place.

    Second, I’m trying to put together a “predictive” position player stat that I could include in that weekly report, using the more predictive stats and ignoring the less predictive ones. Kind of like DMAR’s kWHIP stat. So far I have [BB/(K+CS)]*[(Total Bases + SB – Singles)/AB]. Some normalization will probably be necessary as well, since that will often give a decimal below 0.1.

    Let me know what you folks think of either/both. Thanks.

    1. Rei……before you start thinking about pitching metrics, check out Bill James’ Game Score methodology (base 50) and also Fansgraph’s version of Game Score (base 40). Each, together have about the complete metric coverage of a pitcher’s performance.

    2. What I like Rei is your creativity. I think it is a great idea and the only way to know for certain is to apply it to both SSS and some career greats. Look at historic MiLB vs. career MLB greats and run comparisons.

  14. Did anyone see Ben badler just listed top ten in need of a promotion…#4 JP #5 Tobias and #6 Eshleman…Nice!

    1. Should Tobias be moved up to Clwtr?…which is where Kingery is playing 2b? PERHAPS, IF Kingery gets his bat going a bit better…he could be moved up to Reading and Tobias could replace him at Clwtr. A problem that we shouldn’t mind having. It would SEEM that Tobias has more power than Kingery….

      It is a good thing to have serious–and worthy–competitors for positions. For the moment, it seems the Pharm is operating well. Seems like a better future is not far away.

  15. Tobias only committed one error his senior year in college. He played third. wonder why they made the switch to second?

    1. rocco…they did the same thing with Asche back in 2011
      Of course Franco was already at third during the same period at Williamsport.

    2. A couple things come to mind immediately:

      1) If they thought he could handle both, 2B is higher on the defensive spectrum. Better to have him there than 3B, all things being equal.

      2) His arm may not be strong enough to play 3B in the majors. 2B is a much shorter throw to first, as you know.

      Those would be my guesses on why they moved him.

    3. Loved Tobias in Feb so no surprise to me. I’m starting to really trust my eyes again evaluating the potential of the hit tool.

      that said Tobias is old he’ll need to tear it up and move up quick to convince the MLB staff. Those of you that were paying attention 🙂 remember I said he reminded me of Josh Harrison.

      I own more Tobias stock than I do Kingery stock. It was cheaper…

  16. Romus knowing you are all wise Help me understand. All the guys we traded back in 09, the ones who might be the best is villar. and Santana. the rest are either hurt a lot or not producing. Trades are so hard to figure.

    1. Carlos Carassco has emerged.
      Travis D’Arnaud isn’t too shabby.
      Villar, Gose, and Happ were in’10 with the ‘Stros.
      Cosart, Singleton and Samtana were in ’11 with the ‘Sros.

  17. See I was right Blanco gave the Phillies a power bat tonight . He needs to play every night until he stops hitting .The Phillies are short on offense they a hot experienced bat.

    1. It’s not a fluke – he’s been hiding in plain sight for a year now. He had a .863 OPS last year in 261 plate appearances. He’s a good player. A good STARTING player. That he is not starting right now with some down right horrible players who can’t hit populating the line-up every night is downright criminal. He’s much better than many of those players. But, hey, we think about him as a utility middle-infielder, so let’s keep using him that way regardless of what his statistics tell us – very frustrating.

  18. Okay, at what point are the powers that be going to realize that, regardless of the fact that he is over 30, is a late bloomer, is a middle infielder by trade and is as low profile as they come, Andres Blanco is a better HITTER (let alone a better fielder) than Cesar Hernandez (although Hernandez could develop over time – I haven’t given up on him), Freddy Galvis, Peter Bourjos, David Lough, and probably also Ryan Howard and Darin Ruf. He’s been raking for two years and needs to play a LOT more often.

    1. Bourjos-Goeddel (let’s call them Bourdel) is what he is. Howard may never see .200 again. And we’re still a .500 team. Without getting hasty with our legit prospects, let’s see what guys like Perkins and Joseph can do. (Yeah I hear TJ hasn’t played enough games at 1b. Here’s his chance.) Agree about Blanco. Play Freddy less. Leave Hernandez at 2b. This is his trial season to show if he can endure the 140-150 game grind.

      1. 8mark…if you want to see Perkins…I guess Charlie Morton would now have to go from current 15 to 60-day DL and then Perkins can be added to the 40….he has to be added before he can be activated to a MLB roster.

      2. U mean see if Hernandez can run the bases , get a good jump to advance . He’s 1 for 4 in Sb every time he’s on first His jumps are horrible. When he bats L handed most of his hits are the other way according to his hit chart. He only has only 1 for 13 R handed this yr.I have friends that baseball guys only they say he mixture of Jeff Stone and Pierre . He seems like a nice guy but when your main asset is speed and you can’t use it right .. He’s been in the Phillies sys since he was 16 you learn basic baseball then.

  19. Well 21 games into the season. I said the biggest weakness would be the bullpen. How wrong can one be. its been great after the first three games. Gomez, never saw that coming.

  20. 2008 draft. Gose, Worley, Pettibone, may, stutes . Rosenberg. Swimmer, Broxton remember him he is up with Milwaukee. IMO that’s a lot of guys to get to majors out of a draft.

    1. Depending on the offering price, I’d buy shares of that. I find it kind of sad that he felt he need to obtain the money that quickly. It’s not the end of the world, but I think it shows either desperation (which I cannot speak to – I can imagine he might want to really help his family in the DR – and there’s zero way I can understand the circumstances under which he grew up or what issues confront him or his family) or lack of judgment. I hope it’s the former.

    2. I can understand him wanting the money up front, but I can’t see this being good for the Phillies. I get the feeling he’ll be looking to recover the 10 percent he’s losing each time he’s up for a contract. No way he’ll ever accept a home town discount. If those rumors of the Phillies offering him a six year 39.5 million dollar contract a few weeks ago were true, it would have been a much better outcome for the team.

  21. Poor Ricky Bottalico. On the pregame show, Amy Fadool asked why there aren’t any big draft deals at the MLB draft like the Eagles made for the NFL draft. Ricky had no idea that MLB teams are not allowed to trade draft picks. Instead, he said teams don’t trade for picks because the MLB draft is a crap shoot. “It’s like picking names out of a barrel”, he noted..

  22. Here’s a strange question that’s been bothering me, maybe one of you can enlighten me. When I played ball as a kid, we always put the worst fielder in RF, because RF got the least balls hit to it. In MLB, it seems they put the worst fielder in LF. Why is that? Do MLB hitters not pull as many balls to LF?

    1. I believe one contributing factor is arm strength.
      RFers normally have the best arms of the outfield corps…in order to make the throw to third with the thought of preventing the extra base taken by the runner going from first to third.

    2. I think it has to do with arm strength. While throws to second base from either corner position are the same distance, the throw from a corner outfielder to third base requires a stronger, more accurate arm in right field. It isn’t a surprise that the stronger arm is often attached to a better defending outfielder. Sound plausible?

    3. RF gets a lot more balls hit to them at the higher levels of baseball than the lower levels, because the higher you go, the greater proportion of lefty batters there will be. But that goes for any sport, surprisingly.

      I think the difference between RF and LF attempts is not very large.

  23. Sounds reasonable, thanks guys.

    On an unrelated note, did Pete seriously just pinch-hit for Nola after 7 scoreless innings and only 77 pitches??? The kid was cruising, and quite frankly, probably swings a bat better than Burriss.

  24. I’m guessing he’s on an innings limit this year. I’m okay with the decision as W-L is really secondary this year. 77 pitches to get through 7 innings is pretty freaking amazing though.

    1. Heard someone (may have been Jim Salisbury) say they could go to a six man rotation later this season to keep IP down for their young starters.

  25. What’s up with the Phillies pitchers hitting 8th. Oh, even the pitchers are better hitters than 2 guys in the OF and a 1st baseman. Maybe the pitchers can hit cleanup?

  26. I am increasingly of the opinion that the single most important prospect that we need to develop is Kingery. We have depth at SP, BP, C, and OF, while 3B and SS are pretty well held down by Franco and Crawford. 1B can be manned by either a FA or someone that fell through from above.

    That leaves only 2B where there is a real question mark, but as long as Kingery can fill it, our outlook is rock solid.

    1. I think Pedroia when I read and hear about Kingery. Looking forward to seeing him within next 2 yrs.

  27. The Phillies remind me of a poor money ball and bad news bears. There is the key if it’s on they can bet anyone.the Philles one how many off of pap ?

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