2016 Draft Discussion, April 25th

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Florida’s A.J. Puk pitched the opener of the Georgia series on Thursday, April 21st.  He took a 1-0 lead into the seventh inning.  He was lifted after a leadoff double and two-run double allowed Georgia to tie the game.  Florida eventually lost in 12 innings.

A.J. Puk 6.2 3 1 1 1 10 0 0 0 0 23 24 4 6 103

Oklahoma’s Alec Hansen made his last appearance on April 15th.  He hasn’t made an appearance thru the conclusion of the West Virginia series on April 24th.

Riley Pint was reported to have hit 100 mph in a game this week.

Jason Groome was suspended by the NJSIAA for violating its transfer rule.  He was tentatively set to come back and pitch on April 25 at Point Boro, but that start could be pushed back two days if the schedule holds.  As it stands, Groome will be eligible to pitch in the Ocean County Tournament.


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  1. Keith Law saw Riley Pint and Joey Wentz last week: ” If you want to dream on a No. 1 starter, hoping to grab the next Stephen Strasburg, you take Pint. If you want a pitcher who’s more advanced right now, with projection to end up with a plus fastball, you take Wentz.

    • As good as Wentz is, I’d rank him third among prep lefties in this class, behind Jason Groome of Barnegat, New Jersey — whom I scouted earlier this spring — and Braxton Garrett of Florence, Alabama. Garrett, a Vanderbilt commit, struck out 15 batters last Thursday at Athens (Alabama) High School, at least ten of them on his plus breaking ball, with outstanding control that night and a super-aggressive approach.”

    1. Wentz hmm isn’t he a pro football QB prospects lol. Like to hear what Pint after a couple more starts . Also like to hear what BA has to say about Pint.

  2. I don’t know how closely everyone follows Keith Law, but he has been adamant in his chats over the last few weeks that the Phillies do not want to draft a high school pitcher at 1:1, mainly because of the high flameout rate of high school arms.

    He thinks Phillies are going college bat at 1:1 and has mentioned Corey Ray, Nick Senzel, and less likely Kyle Lewis. He said if they go high school bat he thinks Mickey Moniak could be the pick.

    Law is not high on Blake Rutherford because of the fact he is already 19 in high school. I believe he said that Puerto Rican SS Delvin Perez would be the #1 pick if not for maturity issues…

    1. I haven’t seen Law mention either Nick Senzel or Mickey Moniak as possibilities. He doesn’t rank Senzel as a top 10 prospect.

      1. You’re right man. I must have made it up. Oh wait, no, he said it right here in his chat the other day:

        Scott: Is Jason Groome your leading candidate to go #1 to the Phillies? What do you see as his upside if so?
        Klaw: No, I think the Phillies want a college player – Ray, Senzel, Puk now that he’s healthy, Lewis as a longshot. If they go HS bat, Moniak would be the most likely pick.

        Thanks for not knowing what you were talking about though

    2. I tend to agree about HS pitchers. Only three have ever been taken and they’ve all had major issues, and none have amounted to anything (though that by itself is a poor reason not to do it). Too much can happen in the four or five years it takes to make it. They are, by nature, the riskiest picks.

      But if a guy has the potential to be a generational player, it may be worth that risk. Every draft choice comes with risk. Groome and Pint are starting to show that potential.

      Take whatever Law has to say with a grain of salt. He couldn’t cut it as an actual executive, and he’s been wrong so often it’s laughable. He lost all credibility with me ever since he said Victorino had a weak arm and has done nothing to dissuade that.

    3. I’ve seen this. I’ve also seen him list Puk outside the top 10 but then in the most recent post he lists him as a possibility for 1.1? Odd.

  3. There is ZERO chance and I mean ZERO chance that they don’t take either Groome/Puk/Pint. Zero chance it’s not one of the 3.

    1. Well Eric D has spoken. It’s set in stone. Eric D probably talks to more scouts and front office personnel than Keith Law to get an idea how the Phillies are leaning.

      I have no idea who the Phillies are taking, but neither does anyone on this board. But I’m willing to bet Keith Law has slightly more inside info than Eric D on how the Phillies are leaning though

      1. If they had completely written off Groome and other HS arms, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN AT HIS FIRST START THIS YEAR.

        And if he’s as advanced as many of the college pitchers (which could easily be the case), then there’s little to no added risk taking him over a college pitcher.

        1. You are probably correct. I suspect Keith Law’s comments should be interpreted to mean that the Phillies are hoping for a collegiate player to emerge as a reasonably solid 1.1 and would prefer a position player to a pitcher. Thus far none of the college position players has stepped forward as a realistic 1.1, although Puk may be starting to establish himself. The strength of this draft is H.S. left-handed pitching. The lack of an adequate alternative may force the Phillies to go in that direction, even with the historical bust percentages for H.S. pitching. Groome seems the best of the H.S. pitchers, but with 3 others not that far behind, this is like the Goff vs Wentz guessing game, with no guarantee that any become a #1 starter.

      2. Well i’ve seen Groome in person SEVERAL times over the years (as recent as his first start), have talked to college coaches and scouts . . . all i’m saying is that Groome/Pint/Puk are above and beyond the hitters in this draft and Pint/Groome and recently Puk have proven that. You don’t pass up on 3 players w/ the stuff they have because you hope an offensive player can emerge. Mark my words, they will take one of the 3. Period

        1. Eric D … I know you coach against Groome. Have you also seen Gian Luca Dalatri pitch ? If so, what are your thoughts on him ? Is he worth a second day pick by the Phillies ?

        2. You still have no idea who the Phillies are taking, even though you doubled down on your baseless speculation about who they take, just because you’ve seen Groome in person and talked to a scout. But neither does anyone on this board, so your OPINION isnt any more or less correct than the rest of us. But, again, I’m willing to bet Keith Law has slightly more inside info than Eric D on how the Phillies are leaning though

      1. And in Blutarski’s voice….’seven years of college down the drain, might as well join the f…ing Peace Corps’

    2. Actually think there’s zero chance they take Puk, slightly higher than they take Groome. But that’s fine, we’ll see soon enough.

  4. Keith Law is not the only authority on the draft, so I don’t want it to seem like I think his word is gospel. It is just voice. But he does extensive on scene scouting and interacts daily with scouts and front office types. Here are some other interesting excerpts from his recent chat:

    Todd: After seeing Pint do you think he will be available to the Padres at 8? Or is he for sure a top 5 pick?
    Klaw: I think better than 50/50 he gets to 8. People who assume his velocity makes him a top 5 pick are a bit out of date – velocity alone doesn’t lock you into the top 5.

    Sam: I see you were out to see Riley Pint this week. Did you notice anyone representing the Phillies there ?
    Klaw: I think every team was there. It was a chance to get Pint and Joey Wentz in one day, so of course just about every team was present. The Phillies had at least three guys there, but all left Pint’s start after an inning to go to Wentz. I have said before I don’t believe they’re taking a HS arm at 1 and I absolutely don’t believe it would be Pint if they did.

    Satya: Blake Rutherford’s old for a HS senior, but where would he rank in this draft based on his tools a year ago?
    Klaw: Still think he’d be top 10. The issue with the age of a HS position player is that he’s older than his competition, which I think makes gauging the hit tool in particular difficult – can he really hit, or is he just beating up younger kids? In Rutherford’s case, the hit tool is definitely there. You’d just have to believe he’ll have enough pitch recognition to start 2017 in low-A.

    Ty: Did Pint or Wentz do anything to cause you to consider moving them up/down in your rankings?
    Klaw: I’ll slide Pint down a few notches next time around, nothing huge, but 96-100 is not sufficient by itself to put him over guys with more developed repertoires like Wentz or Garrett.

    Scott: Is Jason Groome your leading candidate to go #1 to the Phillies? What do you see as his upside if so?
    Klaw: No, I think the Phillies want a college player – Ray, Senzel, Puk now that he’s healthy, Lewis as a longshot. If they go HS bat, Moniak would be the most likely pick.

    Dave: How impressed are you with Groome? Do you see the Kershaw comparisons ?
    Klaw: “How impressed are you…” Well, Dave, I’m totally unimpressed! I never know what to do with those questions, even when I’m asked live on air. I can tell you what I think, but how do I tell you how impressed I was? Also, I like Groome, best player in the draft when it comes to what’s on the field, but he is not Kershaw.

    Brad: Chances Anderson or Garrett move into the top 5 for the draft?
    Klaw: My bet is that I’ll have 6-7 prep arms in my top 15, but only 3 will be drafted in the top 10 because teams will back off and choose the perceived safety of other players.

    Cccccccccchris: You think the phillies do not want to wait for a HS pitcher to develop or is it something else?
    Klaw: I think the relative risk of a HS arm is steering them toward something else.

    Brian: Senzel to Atlanta at 3? I would lose my mind. A bad athlete who hits for average?
    Klaw: Is he a bad athlete? Or just not a great athlete? Granted, I wouldn’t take him at 3 either.

    Bishop: Saw a mock today where Brax Garrett was #1. Feasible?
    Klaw: No, I don’t believe so. Again, I don’t think they want a prep arm at 1. He’s really good. He’s not 1-1 good, and he’s not “we’ll make an exception” good. But he’s really good, in case that wasn’t clear.

    1. Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

      That said, I don’t fully understand the aversion to taking a prep pitcher at 1:1. I understand the history and get the concern about high flame-out rate and wanting to take a “safer” pick. But doesn’t a team have the same concern with the 5th pick, or the 10th pick, or the 20th pick? If a prep pitcher is clearly the best talent in the draft, at what point does the risk become acceptable?

      1. Don’t know that there is a specific spot where higher risk becomes more acceptable but when a team is picking at the top of the draft, there is usually more that one player with very similar talent, so then the question becomes one of risk.

        Picking at 20, taking on more risk to acquire better talent becomes more of a part of the decision.

        I’m not opposed to the Phillies taking Groome or another HS pitcher, but if in their evaluation, they have Puk and Groome rated basically equal talent wise, do they then look at floor/proximity or at the level of risk from a historical aspect for HS arms.

        If you want the Phillies to become more numbers driven as an organization, then they need to factor in the historical failure rate of HS pitchers as part of their decision making process.

      2. The aversion is, in the last 25 years, the TOP HS pitcher selected has been a complete bust about 80% of time. The exceptions: Kershaw, Beckett, Danks and Kerry Wood. Even most of the guys who have had similar can’t miss pedegrees (Taylor, Bradley, Kolek, Bundy, Aiken) as Pint and Groome, have been terrible or chronically injured.

      3. It’s less relatively risky at #10 or #5 or even #3, because the low-risk-but-still-very-good alternatives are off the board. If the draft goes Puk, Ray, Moniak, Senzel then you almost have to go with the H.S. arms for most of the next 6 picks, because the alternatives are greatly diminished. That was just an example. I think Groome goes no later than 3 and probably in top 2..

    2. Funny now he doesn’t think Garrett is a # 1 but he said he could be a couple of months ago. Law says Senzel the Phillies might take At 1 but he isn’t good for Braves at 3. He says now that Puk is healthy he could go 1.1 . I didn’t know he was I injured. Wtf the only left is Puk
      Or Moniak.

  5. I think its ceiling to me. If I believe that pint or groome has a higher ceiling. I am taking the shot.

  6. Another angle might show that it’s not necessarily talent evaluation/projection – which is largely subjective anyway – but rather what the Phillies can get beside the supposed “best player”. A college arm would probably cost them less so they have more signaled picks later.

      1. Puk and Pint scare me Puk because yes he has the stuff but wax a mess earlier in the season . He has to put all together fast and have several great outings . Pint because he throw 100 this yr his other stuff is behind and he’s right handed. GROOME has that delivery never gave anyone a reason to doubt him.

        1. Puk has pitched 159 college innings with a whiff ratio of 11.5Ks/9
          And against college hitters, most older than him, and with many of the top level variety of the SEC.
          You will never get a sure thing.

          1. Romus Imo this is a important pick. I really wonder if they go bat if a kid gets hot and shows some power. or stick to a pitcher

          2. True but his Era has gone every yr you want someone who has ace like temperament too. More then 1 report has him with baby fat.maybe he in better shape now then in the beginning of the season.

  7. Anyone remember Colt Griffin?? HS pitcher from Texas, threw 101mph , drafted out of highschool, out of baseball after four seasons..

  8. “North Carolina’s Andrew Miller entered the spring viewed as the best bet among the college pitchers. Yet Stanford’s Greg Reynolds, Houston’s Brad Lincoln and Cal-Berkeley’s Brandon Morrow joined Long Beach State third baseman Evan Longoria in being the first five players selected. The Tigers loved Kershaw but instead took Miller, whom they would later use to swing a trade for Miguel Cabrera.

    White will never forget what happened in the last few days before the Draft.
    In a three-day period, White and the scouting directors for many other teams watched Lincoln face Wichita State in the NCAA regionals and Kershaw pitch against McKinney North High School in the quarterfinal round of the Texas 4A playoffs.

    Lincoln, who had added to his buzz by mowing down East Carolina in his previous start, worked 6 2/3 tough innings, walking five and throwing 129 pitches, to beat a Wichita State team that had Conor Gillaspie in the middle of the batting order. Kershaw was not nearly as sharp against McKinney North as he had been against Northwest High in that shortened perfect game.

    White told MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick last year that Kershaw “threw really poor,” with no command of his curveball, but records show he helped Highland Park win the game, 13-1. Had Lincoln given up more than two runs, or had Kershaw possessed the curveball he showed two weeks earlier, White believes the top of the Draft would have gone differently.
    Maybe the Pirates would have passed on Lincoln to take Miller or Morrow. Unless the Mariners then took Lincoln over Miller (if he had still been available), Kershaw would have been left for the Tigers, who had shown heavy interest in him.”


  9. Dumb question here. What does the ’90’ at the top right corner mean?

    I have a cheap $70 version that I got at Amazon – it has but one number.

  10. It seems the usual aversion to a HS pitcher is their mechanics and the chance to blow their arm out. Don’t see that in Groome, who has a very easy motion. That’s the difference maker to me in taking or not taking a HS pithcer

  11. Let’s say that both Groome and Puk are in our system. Groome at 17 is blowing people away at Lakewood. Puk at 21 is blowing people away at Clearwater…who would you rate as a better prospect?

    IMO it is an easy call…Groome by a wide margin. He is 4 years younger with a similar fastball and better curve. Similar command/control profiles from what I have read.

    When you look at history to make decisions, you have a tendency to apply a pattern incorrectly. Each player is an individual event.

    1. v1…three years younger….Puk had a birthday yesterday…21 (DOB-1995). Groome turns 18 in a few months(DOB-August 1998).

      1. Ok. Good correction but doesn’t change the outcome or the point. People are over analyzing HS draft pick history. Kid is an elite prospect at a very young age.

    2. Nice job of teeing yourself up for your comparison scenario. The issues with Groome vs. Puk has nothing to do with which pitcher has better measureables, but rather which pitcher comes with greater risk.

      Yes, each player is an individual event but patterns are patterns. Every at-bat is an individual event but history has proven that with enough data points, 7+ of those at-bats will end in an out.

      For high-school pitchers taken #1 overall, history isn’t kind. Maybe Groome is the exception, maybe he isn’t.

      As for your hypothetical. Which is the better prospect, Puk at 21 blowing hitters away in Clearwater or Groome at 19 visiting Dr. Andrews to check that twinge in his elbow?

      1. What is in Groome’s delivery that makes you believe he is predisposed to injury? Reports I read about him remark about the fluid motion and the easy delivery. I don’t want to come across like I know much about the mechanics of pitching so I guess I am asking to be enlightened.

        Even Puk was a HS player at some point, How did he escape the operating room back then?

        1. Well said, Bob. The insistence by many that it’s foolish to draft a HS arm because of the historical “risk” is a stale mindset. That’s why they hire certain people to make these judgments. Otherwise just implement the same program that says “don’t pitch to the cleanup hitter with a base open.” Who knows….every generation produces an exception to the rule. Whether we take Groome or not, let’s not because somebody else is a better selection, NOT because we scared of what might happen….or not.

        2. I have no insight into the specific health risks of either Groome or Puk. The point is that some on this site have made the decision that somehow Groome is different that the many other HS pitchers who were considered can’t miss a #1 overall picks. History has show that most of those players did miss.

          Other than a couple of video clips here and there, I’ve not seen the deliveries of any of the pitchers being discussed.

          My argument is that fans are setting themselves up to be disappointed because they are fixating on a HS talent over other options that we all have very little information about. All pitchers come with health risks.

          The advantage that I see with Puk is that he’s performed longer and against better talent. My response was to a false argument that a 17 year old in A ball is better than a 21 year old in High-A ball which obviously makes Groome the better choice.

          The reality is that there are many other scenarios that are just as possible.

          1. In response to Mark, yes there are always exceptions to every rule. However, in the world of analytics that most are calling for the Phillies to adopt, you play to the probabilities, not the exceptions.

            Does the shift sometimes allow routine groundballs to get through for base hits? Of course, but the numbers show that more balls are caught which is why every team now deploys shifts against many hitters.

            As for your opening statement, I’m not saying that it is foolish to draft a HS arm, I’m saying that if its determined that the talent is relatively equal, risk probability should become part of the decision making process.

  12. http://floridagators.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=5067 I think Posted this but my power was going down. PUK season on stats. Bty Georgia isn’t very good this yr. SOUTH CAROLINA and Texas A&M are much better . Puk career walk per ing is 4/ 9 So his k /9 is high so is his w/ 9. His control is not the best or his command he doesn’t repeat his delivery at times. He does have 2 above pitches at 21 . Groome has 2 plus at 17 Groome threw a no hitter almost k’ded the entire team. He has a very easy repeatable , delivery so far he has dominated his high school teams . The only thing against him is he’s 17 high schooler. Puk right now is not 1.1 if he dominates the rest of the yr then yes he could be. Puk should have came out of the gate like Groome did . There’s 6 wks left a long time maybe some else gets going. A Moniak we go 3 mil and get high up 2nd rd.

  13. Quick check on Kyle Lewis who I happen to like a lot as a 1:1 he is hitting .414 and slugging .790 with 15 HR’s….

  14. After the first furlong the Phillies are picking 13th in the 2017 draft, and they still yet haven’t played the Braves or Marlins.

      1. That’s reasonable. However they have a nice stretch of games vs likes of Fish, Braves, Indians, Reds and even Detroit who hasn’t been all that so far. If we can hang close to .500 ball until mid season, hey a few young promising players called up…?

  15. Morton out for the year because of hamstring tear.

    It looks like Captain Morgan might no longer be a prospect.

  16. Big weekend for Puk Florida faces South Carolina a good team. I hope he pitches his control and Command is what worries me . Groome is #1 on so many boards it’s funny if he was a frosh in college he’d be the pick . The only bats tied to the Phillies is Moniak , Rutherford. There a kid in pa holy ghost catholic he’s a 3rd baseman. A pitcher from Haddon Heights nj named Laskey a lefty throws 92 fb and CP . He might go late in the 1st early 2nd. Really no college bat unless they know already . I can’t wait until Groome gets back .

      1. His cooled some 17 Homers but he batting .373 as you said he play in a Weak pitching confence. The Phillies have never been linked to him not that I’ve seen . Klye will see better pitching if Mercer goes far into CWS. He hasn’t hit a hr in April according too mercer site.

  17. There’s a lot of time left plus how many teams knew they were picking C last yr.Im a Rams fan all my friends are asking me who there taking . I hope it’s Goff Wentz is also good but I’ve seen the last half dozen QB ‘s that went 1 2 wow not good . That’s the past ,The Rams need a Qb in bad way so they traded up . Puk scares me he could be a the next Unit or P Amonte. 4/9 ball % and he’s not the Friday night pitcher on his own team. We see how he pitches now that the pressure of the draft and better teams r coming.

  18. From Keith Law’s chat this afternoon:

    If the Phillies are staying away from a high school arm at 1.1, does that mean they want a faster rebuild and prefer a college player or are they just avoiding the risk?

    I think it’s about the risk of HS arms in the first round. Their track record as a whole is not that good – you have to believe you’ve identified one of the kids who’s an exception.

    How shocked would you be if the Phillies draft Jason Groome … extremely or mildly ?

    Only mildly because the class is so unsettled, but all indications I’ve heard so far have them disinclined to take a prep arm at 1.

    1. He is sticking to his guns.
      Unless Puk has a meltdown or perhaps an injury, especially of the shoulder type, he seems to be the favored if it is a pitcher that they want.

    2. Good news. Now hopefully they take the best bat, and spread the slot savings to HS Pitching in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  19. content://com.sec.android.app.sbrowser/savepage/0428041231.mhtml who Is Jeff Belge phillies are high on another Hs lefty.

    1. Also from NJ .com:
      Barnegat head coach Dan McCoy said in a text message Sunday about the intrasquad game.
      McCoy estimated Groome was at 92-94 mph in the games against his varsity teammates.
      McCoy said Groome “will finish the game” Wednesday, looking to throw at least 90 pitches. McCoy was hoping to use Groome over the weekend in one of the first two rounds of the Ocean County Tournament. The Groome advisors, however, nixed that plan.
      The scouts said they would like to see Groome throw with elevated pitch counts and, if possible, more than once a week.
      “We want to see if he can maintain velocity over longer periods and what he can do against better teams,” the second scout said.
      Groome’s next few starts should be well attended by scouts and MLB officials.
      “My thinking is he goes in the top eight,” the first scout said. “He could go No. 1. He could go No. 8. There are a lot of factors involved including the ability to sign him. If it takes a ton of money to sign him, it’s not going to leave much for the No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 guys.”
      Last week, a published report said Groome was “a near unanimous” No. 1 pick in multiple mock drafts.

      1. Groome faced better hitters at the IGM Academy last yr.Baraget faces Pinelands at 1000 Am on sat . Pt Pleasant Boro 12 0 not ranked at 1 seed . Barnegat 5 & 7 is ranked 20 in nj. I wonder P j Puk pitching against South Carolina on sat where would Phillies brass be ? 1.1 if your looking to safe money and not sign the best player your giving the teams under you him. The Yankees , Boston wouldn’t care what they spent.

  20. I’ve been following draft news on D1Baseball.com. They seem well connected. They get out to see many prospects and, more importantly, talk to lots of scouts. From this week’s chat:

    Comment From Bishop
    Puk appears to have rebounded from his back troubles. Still in consideration for 1-1?

    Frankie Piliere:
    Yeah I think he’s kept himself at least in the conversation with his resurgence.

    Comment From Bernie
    Any word on Jason Groome? I know he has to sit a month but does that affect anything? Probably not, I’m guessing

    Frankie Piliere:
    I talked to a bunch of scouts about this over the weekend and honestly, nobody seems phased. Sure they’d like to see him more but I really don’t think it changes anything for his stock, at least directly.

    Comment From Fonz
    Is there any useful info on what teams are in on which players, or is it still too early?

    Frankie Piliere:
    Best link I’ve heard is the Brewers and Twins being very very heavy on Lucas Erceg. Mariners in heavy on Justin Dunn. Obviously everyone has heard the Phils checking on Groome so that’s kind of a given.

  21. Jason Groome’s return to the mound this morning went very well. 7 IP, 93 pitches, 2 hits, 13 K’s. Barnegat wins 2-0. Joe Jordan on hand to watch..

  22. My friend was saying thing nothing wrong with what he seen. Fb was fine other team was throwing bats at ball . Groome looked good not as good as no hitter . It was bad weather cold a little wind . Groome wants playoffs so Sunday big for team.

      1. Puk’s line tonight … 6 IP, 4 H, 1 ER on a HR, 3 BB, 1 HBP, 10 K
        I watched the game. Puk can look great one minute and off the next. The telecast did not provide a gun reading, but the announcer did say he was throwing 95. The weird thing about tonight’s outing is that Puk retired all the RH hitters, but could not get any LH batters out. Also, he has a horrible move to first base (especially for a LH pitcher). He throws hard, but his FB looks pretty straight to me. He’s also going to have to improve his control.

        1. I saw it too its his delivery he gave up 3 extra base hits . I thought he walked 4 and Webb gave up the HR to Reed. Puk will throw a 3 pitch K , then walk the next batter , then will give up a hard hit . He had some trouble with top of their order. Puk with his stuff he should be dominating like Nola was . He has time but he better be up for it.

          1. saw the hi-lites and looked like he was getting vocal on the mound each time with the one SC hitter was up. Any word on why they came out and took him out while warming up for the 7th? looked like they were wrapping ice around his hand.

            1. Both Puk and the Florida manager were doing a lot of arguing with the home plate umpire. In their defense, the ump did miss a few BB/K calls.
              I did notice Puk had an ice bag wrapped to his hand after he was removed. I don’t know what that was about. The announcers didn’t say anything about it so I figured it just might be normal for him.

            2. Puk was removed from the game after 6 innings because of his pitch count (101 pitches).

  23. At this point with all the varying reports and opinions from people who seem to be tuned to the top draft possibilities, I am fine with whoever the Phillies take at 1.1; they’re doing what’s necessary to make the prudent choice. I have to trust them until they lose my trust. Besides RAJ & Co are no longer around to keep me worrying.

  24. Jason Groome team will be rained out tommorrow there’s a lot of rain coming down. That’s good cause he can pitch against pt pleasant Boro next week. Then take on One of the 3 better teams in Brick Memorial ,Tom River North or South. So he’ll get to pitch against the better teams in the area. The big one GC is the last game of the yr. Modine vs Groome bring it.

  25. Not that he’s a candidate for 1.1 anymore, but Alec Hansen was called upon when Oklahoma’s starter got rocked in the first inning last night. Hansen pitched 5.1 innings. He gave up 2 ER on 6 H, 4 BB, 2 WP. He did strike out 8. From everything I’ve read, he still throws upper 90’s. He just has all kinds of problems with his control. Hansen is a candidate for an overslot sign at the top of the third round if the Phillies think they can straighten out his delivery.

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