Box Score Recap – 4/11/2016

Lehigh Valley (0-2) at Rochester, postponed.

Reading (3-2) Raced out to an early lead and held on to beat Richmond, 8-5. Anthony Vasquez went 7.0 innings and gave up 2 ER on 6 hits, 0 BB, and 6 K.  Jeremy Bleich made it close over the last two innings.

  • Roman Quinn went 1-4 with a BB.
  • Quinn stole his second and third bases.
  • Crawford went 3-5 with a double and RBI.
  • Alfaro went 2-4 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI.
  • KC Serna went 3-4 with a double and RBI.
  • Crawford was caught stealing.
  • Alfaro had a passed ball, Vasquez a WP.

Clearwater (3-2) Beat Charlotte, 4-3 in an exciting and sloppy game.  Tyler Viza recorded his first victory, Miguel Nunez his first save.  Kyle Martin hit his third home run, Mitch Walding his second.  Read about the game here.

Lakewood (1-4)  Dropped the series opener to Hagerstown, 4-3.  Harold Arauz struck out 4 in 4.0 innings, but gave up 3 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks.  Jose Taveras struck out 4 in 3.0 innings of one-run relief and walked none.  Jiandido Tromp provided the offense going 2-4 with 2 hits, a double, HR, BB, and 2 RBI.

  • Grenny Cumana went 2-4.
  • Randolph went 0-4, is batting .087, and was thrown out at the plate.
  • Deivi Grullon was credited with a double play when batter’s interference was called on a third strike/steal attempt.  The ruling ended the eighth inning.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Noticed the 15-second Pitching Clock tonight.  The pitcher has 15 seconds to pitch the ball.  Once he receives the ball after a pitch or play, the pitcher has 15 seconds to get the ball back in play.  The clock starts when the pitcher receives the ball, and stops once the pitcher starts his wind up or stretch.  My impression is that the game moved pretty quickly tonight, 2:01.  I felt the pressure to make my between pitch notes and my between innings notes and tweets quickly.  I’m going to have to find a better method of note taking.
  • And this on Jason Groome today, more over in this week’s Draft Discussion 
  • No-hitter for Jason Groome. 19 strikeouts. Last pitch was 94. I think this kid is a prospect.

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  1. You need Asst someone with good tweeter skills , good shorthand and most like beer and sunny days.

  2. Now Tromp hits I had him last yr as breakout . O where O where have the LV games Gone . I find myself wanting the minor leagues teams to better then the Phillies .

  3. Short season rules and a little tongue in cheek apply:

    I thought we had a AAA team. Don’t we?

    Rhys Hoskins has 7 Ks in 5 games. He’s just under 32% for the year, albeit 5 games into a season. For his career he’s less than 21%. His triple slash is practically non-existent. Calm the hell down and get the bat under control.

    Dylan Cozens has more Ks than Hoskins and in fewer ABs. He’s K’ing 47% of the time but he has a .786 OPS, which is better than last year.

    Jorge Alfaro is trying to make up for lost time (.500/.526/.667). It’s great to see the fight in him. We know the defense will be shaky at times but his bat will definitely elevate him.

    Angelo Mora, who probably weighs 150 lbs with his clothes and shoes on while carry a saddle, continues to delight in the early going.

    Why is Vasquez starting with all the talent in in the Reading Starting Pitching ranks?

    1. Mora may have weighed 150 a couple of years ago – but he’s filled out in a big way. He’s probably around 190 now – and he hits the ball with authority.

  4. For position players it’s probably better to allow 100 PAs (20-25 games) before we make assessments on their progression. Randolph won’t be hitting .085 on May 1. Alfaro won’t be hitting .500

    One thing I am pretty sure of is that Bourjos/Goeddel/Hunter won’t combine offensively to give us anything close to what any of our minor league OFs will. (And I like Hunter’s story but….)

    Once LHV gets going, Knapp could get reps at 1b/lf if Alfaro continues to do well. Williams could be up before all star break. Hope springs eternal…..and we need some bats BAD!

  5. I cant help wondering whether giving Randolph a late season taste of Lakewood last year – as they did for JPC- might have helped with the transition this season. I’m not worried about him, but he’d probably be a little more comfortable right now.

    1. Letting him see Williamsport might have been a good idea as well , much like the Astros did for Daz

          1. In ’11….he was eventually sent down to Williamsport from Lakewood in May, via Extended ST. Technically it wasn’t an “A” level demotion but he moved not even reaching 100 PAs at Lakewood. So the precedent is there for their top positional prospects.

            1. Actually, Franco started the season in Williamsport and was promoted to Lakewood in the middle of the Cutters’ season. He struggled in Lakewood for about a month and was sent back to Williamsport. He missed a month of Williamsport’s season but I think still led the team in RBIs.

            2. Thanks….knew something like that.
              Bottom line low A full wasn’t his bag at the time and was sent back to short ball.

            1. April 11, 2016 at 7:19 AM

              Very, very early to jump to conclusions or even make certain judgements. However, I don’t believe C Randolph will be with the Lakewood club when they come in to Delmarva at the end of May. Hopefully he gets it ironed out, was looking forward to seeing him. Looks like the outfield progression still needs a ton of work, and could be factoring into the lack of Quality At-bats…

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            2. Philly SF

              April 12, 2016 at 7:03 AM

              Letting him see Williamsport might have been a good idea as well , much like the Astros did for Daz

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            3. SFPhilly was referring to giving him a taste of Williamsport last year at the end of the season. At least thats how I read it.

      1. The site is for sharing information about prospects. Saying a guy may be demoted after 4 or so games is so premature, E.D. may be the diagnosis.

          1. When people post dumb things, they should be called out as such. Let’s wait until an adequate sample size before proclaiming what type of year a player will or won’t have.

            1. Snide? I agree with your statement regarding patience. It’s the “you people” blanket comment that was uncalled for…along with the arrogant ED shot.

            2. It’s been multiple days now so it’s entirely justified. Arrogant? Get some thicker skin son.

            3. Agreed. People jerk knees around here without looking at the big picture. Want to make judgements after 12 at bats.

            4. Who are you to judge what is posted on here? You’re vision of “dumb” is just a thought from another die-hard fan. Ridiculous to get on here and see that someone is literally bullying you from such a simple statement. Wow.

    1. Where in that statement did I shout and scream for a demotion??? I said I hoping he would not get a premature demotion so I could see him play for Lakewood. I think Blanket needs to look in the mirror when stating “what this site is really for”.

  6. Wow. Jason Groome and Alfaro are the stories today! Gotta be excited about how frequently he’s getting the barrel on the ball. If this improved contact is even somewhat real his raw power will start to really play up in the future. Groome, Puk, and Hansen are making the #1 pick look pretty easy. It’s Groome all day for me.

  7. Was at XST over in Tampa where Bailey Falter started and didn’t do very well. He went 3 innings, the first was rolled after 2 walks, a wind aided(poorly played by Ortiz) single, SF and a hard hit single. The second was better but did give up a run due to a weakly hit single and an error. In the 3rd a HR but looked much better in getting thru the inning. Who pitched well was Guery Ortiz, he worked the 2 innings, both 1-2-3. Offensively none of the 4 “prospects” in this game got a hit: Lucas Williams 0/2 2 walks, Ortiz 0/4 3K, Picket 0/2, Brito 0/4. Didn’t see any of the other game just that Medina started. Some video of XST and last nights Threshers game(including Martin’s 3rd HR this season) at :

  8. Can anybody give a projection on Kingery defensively?I know he’s had a good spring at the plate.

    1. Fangraphs Fransworth’s take on Scott Kingery from last month.

      Hit: 35/50/55 Power: 30/35/45 Run: 60/60/65 Field: 45/45/50 Throw: 45/45/45
      Overall: 30/40/55

        1. Currently, below average fielding and arm. The 50 FV for fielding predicts an average defender.

            1. He doesn’t. 🙂

              Kidding (sort of) aside, it’s hard to say. Scouts hated Utley’s defense when he was coming through the system, but he had the intangibles that made him into a great defender.

    1. Tommy Joseph just crushed one over the LF fence. 2 run shot as Knapp was on 1st after walking.

  9. Some forget he was a center fielder until his jr in college . He has the arm of a center fielder but he still needs to get the finer points of 2nd base down. In hs he was a 140 lb SS so range shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe Gkit or Jim can tell you more.

    1. Jim or Gkit, when Kingery was originally drafted I recall reading that he should move up quickly. Good approach at the plate. Speed to steal bases and even lead off or top of lineup. Is that still his profile?

      1. Actually…I think v1 his seen him play on a number of occasions last July/August at Lakewood. And, I believe, he was very complimentary on his defense, since that is what you had inquired about earlier.
        Also on Matt Winkleman’s site there was an interview with the BlueClaws announcer, his name escapes me now, and he had high acclaim for Kingery’s defense and he saw him in every game.

      2. Greg Giombarrese was his name, that is, the BlueClaws announcer:
        This is what he said about Kingery’s defense:
        “He’s also a tremendous fielder with a big-time arm and is tremendous turning double-plays at second base. I don’t know what I expected of him as a fielder, mostly what was talked about was that he was a two-time Pac-12 batting champion, but don’t sleep on him as a fielder too.”

        1. Good to hear that coming from a regular onlooker. It’s more a subjective sense for me but I have a good feeling about his intangibles as well.

  10. Cozens 1 hr 1 double against 1 of Romus favorite pitches Klye Crick. Ruff out with the Shoulder maybe who gets the call up . Sweeney 2 triple’s 1 double Tromp hitting again.

    1. Ha…liked Crick two years when he was SF’s number 2 or 3 prospect…now he has fallen to 17 on the MLB prospect rankings with the Giants.

  11. Nice breakout double header sweep for LHV tonight. Appel and Eflin strong starts. Offense picked up by Sweeney both games. Like him even if he only turns out to be utility man in the bigs.

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