Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #8

Jorge Alfaro  was selected the organization’s #7 prospect.  Of 521 votes cast, Alfaro received 196 (38%).  Franklyn Kilome trailed closely all day and tallied 171 (33%).  Andrew Knapp finished third with 99 (19%).  No one else received more than 16 votes.

Alfaro joined the organization as one of the prospects acquired in the Hamels trade.  As is the case with the majority of the reader selections so far this year, I did not see him play much.  I did however see him around the complex as he rehabbed from injury.  He is imposingly built.  I watched him during live batting practice against a rehabbing Steven Inch.  It was Alfaro’s first live BP of the summer, and Inch’s third.  Alfaro made consistent hard contact, crushing a couple balls over the left field fence into the parked cars behind Carlton Field.

As is the case with a lot of power guys, Alfaro seems to have some “swing-and-miss” issues.  He has struck out in 27.5% of his 278 AA at bats.  And in a small sample of 42 at bats in the VWL, he has struck out 16 times.

So far the Top 30 looks like this:

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Nick Williams
  3. Jake Thompson
  4. Mark Appel
  5. “C” Randolph
  6. Roman Quinn
  7. Jorge Alfaro

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Next up is your selection for the #8 prospect in the organization.

29 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #8

  1. Pretty impressive system when you have someone like Kilome at the back part of the top 10. I’ve been as critical as anyone of the Phils org, but they’ve really turned the farm around, and with the draft and international FA it should only improve further.

  2. Forgot to mention that the Phillies reached agreement with Freddy Galvis on a $2M deal for 2016, thus avoiding arbitration.

    Jeremy Hellickson and Jeanmar Gomez remain as the only two Phillies eligible for arbitration.

  3. Best case scenario: Knapp, Hoskins, Cozens, and Alfardo bring power bats to the Phillies line up in ’17 or ’18 to compliment Franco. We can dream, at least.

    1. keep the dream — include Quinn, Williams and JPC with the group plus Franco. So the only missing link is 2B.

      I don’t see – Franco, Hoskins, Knapp, Alfaro and Cozens starting together (assuming Williams in LF, Quinn/Doobie in CF). One of those bats will be in the bench if not traded away.

      1. KuKo….2016 is key for Franco from a defensive side at 3rd base. All thru the minors he was considered an above average defender winning 2 all-coaches selections. He needs to continue to show improvement and not regress. His ratings were poor for the limited time he was playing in 2015, he probably was a few notches above Yunel Escobar. But it was really not enough time over there to accurately assess. I would think he gets two seasons to to keep moving forward.

  4. It looks like numbers 8 and 9 will likely be filled Kilome and Knapp, likely but not necessarily in that order. I think that marks the end of a certain tier, and the voting should be very interesting beginning on Monday. I have Eflin, Pinto, Tocci, and Medina at the top of the next tier, but it’s surprising to me that two of those guys, Pinto and Tocci, have received 0 votes in this round. Should be a fun debate next week.

  5. I think Hoskins should fit in with that group somewhere, and I think ahead of Tocci. I might have him ahead of Pinto also. It will be a very interesting week.

  6. I like Kilome at #8 with Pinto following at #9. Kilome has not had many innings. His projection is a number 2 starter. We haven’t had many projectable players among our prospects recently so we should pay attention to why his innings have been limited. Aren’t teams treating young pitchers differently because of arm protection when they are most vulnerable? I think he is what the scouts project and that he will be great player for the Phillies.
    I like Pinto next because he may be very soon on the Phillies’ staff. He has succeeded at every stop along the way and now will get a chance to show his stuff against AA batting talents. Go Ricardo!

  7. I had Knapp and Kilome over Alfaro and Quinn. From this point Id go Knapp, Kilome, Eflin, Medina, Sweeney then Goeddel.

      1. After the top 10 prospects (who I think all have a chance to be good regulars) I think all of the rest are either relievers, future bench players or too far away. Sweeney has enough defensive versatility to stick in the majors, and has already hit better than any of the other position players left, when he was in A+ and AA. Guys that don’t project as regulars need defensive versatility to get a chance(see Altherr over Dugan). Sweeney, Goeddel and Canelo have better chances than any position players, outside the top 10, of carving out roles.

        I did not forget Pinto. I have him about #20 if I remember correctly. I don’t see him as a future starter and I don’t think he has as much potential as a reliever as Pivetta. Pivetta, who is regularly listed behind Pinto, was better in High A last year than Pinto and has higher grades on his pitches.

        1. Nick Pivetta : 2015, A+, 7.5 K%, 3.0 BB%, 3.17 FIP
          Ricardo Pinto:2015, A+, 5.2 K%, 2.2 BB%, 3.82 FIP

          1. Interesting comp between the two. As Kurdt notes, Pinto is a year younger so he’s ahead of where Pivetta was at the same age. Pinto also does a better job of finding the strikezone, but he doesn’t have the ideal frame that Pivetta does.

            As for having higher grades on his pitches, I’m not sure if either has a real edge. Pivetta might have an extra mph on his fastball and the better breaking ball; Pinto has the better changeup and I have the impression that Pinto’s 3rd pitch (slider) is better than Pivetta’s change.

            I’d say that Pivetta has the higher floor and they might have the same ceiling but I like Pinto’s chances of reaching it better. I have Pinto a few spots higher.

            1. I agree with most of what you and Kurt say. I am a big proponent of age-to-level, so I considered that. But Pivetta, while being 1 year older, did have a much better season at Pivetta’s level. Pinto had a decent year, but at 6’0 tall and having just OK ‘stuff’, its a stretch to believe he is going have the ability to be a starter (or if he does, be more than a #5).

              It’s interesting that BP just released their top 10 and placed Lively above Eflin. They don’t consider either starters, so they like Lively mor than Eflin because his pitches are traditional relief offerings. I hadn’t considered that. But that is exactly how I look at Pivetta and Pinto. Pivetta has a 60 FB, 55 slider, 50 curve. Pinto has a 55 FB, 55 change, 45 curve. Pivetta’s FB, Slider combo, is better than Pinto’s FB change-up combo, for the bull-pen. Pivetta has a better chance at having swing and miss stuff over short stints and the numbers showed that last year.

            2. I think the FG pitch grades are a little suspect. I’ve always seen Pinto’s 3rd pitch classified as a slider, and I’ve always read that Pivetta’s best breaking ball is a curveball. Here’s an article that talks about Pivetta scrapping his slider, which I doubt would have happened if it were his best breaker:


              I agree anyway that Pivetta is better suited than Pinto for the bullpen, but because of the changeup and better control, Pinto is better suited for the rotation. Josh Norris decribes both his fastball and changeup as plus pitches in this video:


              If everything goes well for Pinto, he’s a strike-thrower with two 60 pitches and a 50. Even if he doesn’t get all the way there, I could see him as a #4 starter.

        2. i have Pinto (21 yo) ranked slighly higher #11 than Pivetta (22 yo) at #16 since he is closer to being a contributor with solid 3-pitch mix. As of now, the stuff between Pinto and Pivetta are almost the same but with some projection left for Pivetta.

          Pivetta probably has higher ceiling so the development of his breaking balls will be key in his development. Pinto’s FB and CH combo is already solid and the SL is catching up.

          I’m not really a stat guy when it comes to minors since some of the stats can be skewed depending the areas that the development team are trying improve/address.

          both will stat in REA in 2016, so that will be a good barometer who is better between the 2 prospects. For for Jan 2016 ranking, Pinto is higher than Pivetta in my books.

          1. If you are not really a stat guy, by what measure are you judging Pinto to be better than Pivetta?

  8. I had Jp , Thompson , Williams , Kilmore, C, Alfaro, Appel, Knapp, Pinto, Quinn, Kingery, Hoskins, Eflin ,Medina, Tyler Goeddel,Grullon,Nick Pivetta, Paulino,Sweeney. That’s my top 20 I left out Eshelman no frame of work. I like Cozens , Tocci , and Sandberg , Paulino was GCL pitcher of the yr. My sleepers are Kingery , Paulino, Austin Davis and Herlis Rodriguez. BTW Eagles New head coach is Doug Peterson , Chip Kelly is SF new head Coach my Team the Rams are moving to LA. It’s a wierd world

  9. Severino Gonzalez seems to be a forgotten man. He has 4 average pitches, good control and made the majors at 22, but he is still a rookie. At 23 now, He just needs a bit better command and consistency. I’d put him ahead of Cordero, Window, and every reliever. He’s about the same tier as Efflin, Lively, Pinto, Pivetta, Biddle, and Eshelman. I am always impressed when somebody is 2 years younger than average for his level. His peripherals for the Phillies were okay, although in just 30 IP.

    I voted Kilome this spot and will think about the above starters and Knapp the next round, although Knapp seems to be a shoo-in.. Can somebody tell me why not Sev at 10?

    1. I think the consensus is that the best Severino can do is a #5 in the majors. So I think a lot of people would prefer a prospect with more upside.

    2. Ken I have seen this kid a lot. I don’t think he is a major league pitcher. Now on a 100 lost team he might be a mop up guy. But if you trying to win, this guy isn’t very good. How can you put him in a class with Pinto Makes no sense.

  10. The system is way deeper then last yr Gonzalez really maybe along reliever. Guys like Cozens and Sandberg who both improved but still there lower on the list . Some times it’s the new toy factor,many things will play out this yr

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