Box Score Recap – 8/25/2015

Clearwater (73-56) lost to the Daytona Tortugas 2-0.  John Richy pitched well in his Clearwater debut.  In seven innings, he allowed only  six base runners on four hits, a walk, and a hit batter.  He struck out three.  The only trouble he seemed to have was on the two errors he committed on pickoff throws to first.  Let’s hope that is something that will get better as he gains familiarity with Rhys Hoskins at first.  He showed a high 80s fastball and looked good overall.  Yacksel Rios didn’t.  He allowd the first batters to reach in both of his innings and couldn’t prevent them from scoring.  A game that moved along at a decent pace bogged down with Rios on the mound.  He gave up two hits and a walk.  The only stolen base came with him on the mound.

The Threshers got three singles.  With five walks and a hit batter they were able to get the leadoff runner on base in six of the first eight inning.  They got a runner into scoring position in five of those innings, three time with one out but were unable to get the next hit to score a run.  Malquin Canelo was caught stealing twice, by a lot.

(We’ve got company from out of state.  These reports will probably get even sketchier for the next week or so.  Sorry if these are hard to follow, I wrote most after some wine and a political discussion with my daughter that lasted til early morning.  Amazing how much our views are alike, until you get to the point where she thinks things can change and I know they won’t.  The GCL report was written earlier.)

Lehigh Valley (59-71) beat the Buffalo Bisons 9-3.  Sean O’Sullivan went seven innings for the win.  He gave up three runs on eight hits.

  • Brian Bosusevic went 2-3 with  a HR (12) and 2 RBI.
  • Kelly Dugan (.222)went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI.
  • Tommy Joseph (.165) went 4-5 with a double and 2 RBI.

Reading (73-55) lost to the Altoona Curve 3-2.  Zach Eflin went seven innings.  He gave up an unearned run on six hits and five strike outs.  Ryan O’Sullivan blew the save and took the loss.

  • Andrew Knapp (.380) went 1-3.
  • Brock Stassi (.311) went 1-4.
  • Destin Hood went 2-4 with a double and RBI.

Lakewood (64-61)  beat the Hagerstown Suns 6-3.  Austin Davis gave up three runs in five innings, Matt Hockenberry picked up his 15th save.

  • Drew Stankiewicz went 2-4 with a double and RBI.
  • Cord Sandberg went 2-3 with 2 runs scored, a double and 2 RBI.

Williamsport (41-22) beat the State College Spikes 2-1.  All the runs were scored in the first inning.  Tyler Gilbert gave up one run in six innings on four hits.  Robert Tasin got his 15th save. Jose Pujols drove in both first inning runs.

  • Mark Laird went 1-2.
  • Jose Pujols went 2-3 with a HR (3) and 2 RBI.

GCL Phillies (33-23)   dropped both games of a double header against the GCL Yankees1, 3-2 and 5-1.  They were two-hit in each game.  In order to make the playoffs, they have to win their remaining four games and hope that the GCL Blue Jays lose five in a row (only two of which are against the Phillies).

Game One.  Felix Paulino (5-4, 2.34) pitched a solid six innings.  He gave up one earned run on four hits, zero walks, and four strike outs.  Unfortunately, two error in the fourth inning led to two unearned runs.  Newcomer, Tyler “Ryne” Frankoff retired the Yankees in the seventh on a strike out and two come backers.

The Yankees took a one-hitter into the bottom of the seventh.  The Phillies loaded the bases with two out and scored two runs on Yunior Reyes two-run double.  But, Rudolfo Duran’s bid for a game-winning hit was run down in left center field on a spectacular diving catch.

Game Two.  Nick Fanti coasted through his first two innings with a single base runner in each inning.  After two singles to start the third inning, a balk moved both base runners into scoring position.  A ground out scored one run and an infield single in-and-out of Luis Encarnacion’s glove scored a second run.  (Whining Alert: I guess it was ruled a hit because the fielder had to move several steps to his right, but it was in his glove for crying out loud.  And he dropped it.  Come on, already.  Rant over.)  Anyway, Fanti was touched for two more runs before Victor Delgado (4.84) came in to get an inning-ending double play.  He went 2.2 perfect innings and struck out three.  Stephen Inch made his 2015 debut and gave up one run on two hits.  Gandy Stubblefield (3.44) stuck out two in his one inning.

Greg Pickett provided the offense with his first professional home run.

Today was the first time I saw Fanti.  He has a nice, easy, rhythmic delivery.  Very little strain on his arm.  He displayed an upper 80s fastball (88-89).

In 14 innings, the Threshers managed 3 runs on 4 hits and 7 walks.

  • Jose Antequeara (.256) went 0-6.
  • Jonathan Arauz (.256) went 0-3.
  • “C” Randolph (.305) went 1-4 with a run scored and 2 walks.
  • Luis Encarnacion (.272) went 0-4 with a run scored and 2 walks.
  • Lucas Williams (.267) went 0-5 with a walk.
  • Scott Tomassetti (.263) went 0-3.
  • Brian Martelo (.224) went 0-3 with 2 walks and a HBP.
  • Yunior Reyes (.205) went 1-6 with a double and 2 RBI.
  • Rudolfo Duran (.188) went 0-3.
  • Arquimedes Gamboa (.198) went 0-3.
  • Edgar Cabral (.295) went 1-3 with a double
  • Greg Pickett  (.167) went 1-3 with a run scored, HR (1), and RBI.

DSL Phillies (40-32) Season completed.  Finished tied for second place, three games back.

  • AVG – Henry Santana .278
  • OBP – Daniel Brito .421
  • SLG – Santana .411
  • OPS – Brito .728, Santana .725
  • Edgar Gacia – 71 G, 255 AB, 47 R, 68 H, 14 doubles, 4 triples, 24 SB
  • Nerluis Martinez – 5 HR
  • RBI – Garcia and Ronaldo Marrero 28, Maftinez 27, Santana 26
  • Brito 35 K, 22 BB

VSL Phillies (30-40) Season completed.  Finished tied for third in a four team league.

  • Their leading hitter was Enger Jimenez – .307, 36 R, 33 RBI, 15 SB.
  • Jimenez was second on the team with three HR.
  • Lenin Rodriguez led the team with four HR.
  • Sergio Velis (4-2, 1.33) was their best pitcher – 74.2 IP, 50 H, 14 BB, 59 K, 0.86 WHIP.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • GCL Phillies released Tanner Kiest.
  • Clearwater Threshers sent RHP Steven Inch on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies.
  • Reading Fightin Phils placed LF Cam Perkins on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to August 23, 2015. back strain.
  • GCL Phillies released Lewis Alezones.

40 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/25/2015

  1. only upper 80’s for Richy? it was said when drafted last year that he threw 89-92 and up to 94?

    yes, things can change, though it often doesnt seem like it.

    1. Looking at a little history on Richy. He’s 23 and a 2014 3rd round pick out of Nevada-Las Vegas. He pitched through his college season last year plus 33 innings in the rookie leagues and A ball. This year he has 131 innings on his arm in A+ and he’s been on the DL twice this year: first from May 31 – June 11 and again on July 10 through the 19th. His fastball might be down from the on again off again DL visits plus we’re nearing the end of the season. He hadn’t pitched in 10 days but the results were pretty darn good. He should get another start before the season winds down and will probably get some fall ball experience. Let’s see how it plays out.

      1. In 2014 he pitched a total of 154 innings. He was11-4—- 3.20 ERA —-16 starts, 113 Ks and 24 BBs in 121 innings at UNLV and then the 33 innings in professional baseball.

    2. The radar gun was spotty again. The pitches I saw early in the game, he didn’t touch 90. Eventually, I stopped trying to get the velo on each pitch. I was going to sit behind the scouts for a better read since this was his first appearance. I’ll do that next time, and blame the gun last night.

    1. I think the answer is definitely “yes.” The only question IMO is how good of a starter. He has a lot of really good skills. Throws hard with good command. His biggest flaw, which is holding him back from being a great prospect is he lacks a strikeout pitch. Without it, he is destined to be a 5th/6th starter IMO. But he is young and has the tools to be able to develop one. If he does, he could be a much more impactful starter.

        1. I do agree with V1 Romus he lacks a solid wipeout pitch relys a lot on his command for that night and I don’t think it is any where near what Nola’s command is.

          1. Understand, he does prefer to throw a two-seamer vs the four-seamer, so he will not have that strikeout pitch, but will keep his PC down…..however, pitching to contact as they say…I like to think it is more off the barrel…so he will induce more GBs than Ks.
            His control is close to Nola’s, not sure about his command in the zone, but a high GB rate and a low BB/9 taken together, could be indications that his command may be effective.

          2. If you get a chance to see Elfin in person, I have now seen him 3 times, v1’s point is spot on. He works ahead of almost every hitter with his fastball command. If he had a go to 2 strike pitch, it would move him into another category. I like him. I like his command and mound demeanor. He’s built to be a workhorse. I don’t think he throws enough off speed stuff. At least he didn’t the times I have seen him. It looks like he lacks confidence with those pitches. Again, deferring to v1, time may help that. It is a fixable issue.

            1. My umbrage with v1’s assessment was that he ‘was destined to be a 5th/6th starter’ ….I assume without developing it….the strike out pitch.
              I do not see it that way.
              Obviously, he will probably get pushed down to the 4 spot, with Nola’s emergence, Jake Thompson’s plus skills and the possibility of a top three pick next season , if a pitcher. That is almost a given right now as it looks.
              Can he be more then what the consensus projection is, if he does not develop that strike-out pitch? He sits at just a tick below 6K/9.
              I am curious , at what K/9 number does he need to achieve, before he is labeled as destined for a 5th or 6th?

        2. I think a “strikeout pitch” would be a plus pitch that he goes to when he needs to finish off a batter. A lot of mid rotation guys are good at getting ahead in the count, but don’t have that put away pitch to get a lot of strikeouts. They have to look to induce weak contact instead in order to get quick outs. Unfortunately, if you do not have a “strike out pitch” hitters can battle and prolong at bats. This leads to higher pitch counts and shorter outings from mid-back end starters.

          I believe V1again has discussed Efflin improving his slider in order to reach his ceiling. Efflin has a 60 change up according to His fast ball and slider are rated 55 and 45 respectively. If Efflin can push that slider up to a 55 he would have a solid fastball/slider combination with an above average change up and good control. That could make him into a #2 opposed to a #3-5 stater.

          1. FWIW, and to play the analytical game, in their minor leagues metrics, both Nola (7.5) and Eflin (5.9) had and have respectively, better K/9 then Greg Maddux (5.7).
            To induce the notion that without a strikeout pitch, the pitcher is relegated to a 4th/5th starter at this point for Eflin is pretty presumptuous.
            Granted….most if not all 4th/5th have not had high K/9s through-out their professional careers….but there are pitchers like Maddux who are true ‘outliers’ as the metric guys will say.
            IMO, Eflin could be a truly serviceable mid-rotation guy.
            But also now, he could be pushed down the ladder, by Nola and Thompson and whoever the number one draft choice is next year in years down the road.

            1. No. The notion that without a strikeout pitch, the pitcher is relegated to a 4th/5th starter is NOT presumptuous. It’s a logical conclusion based on Thousands of past examples. What IS presumptuous is using an outlier, like Greg Maddux, to support the thought that Eflin has a higher ceiling than he is showing.

            2. Like I said ….most 4th/5th starters have had lower K/9 or as you refer ‘strike-out ‘ pitches.
              Do you want me to give you more “outliers’…from the HoF rolls?
              To say right now….Eflin is a back-of the end rotation , as you like to prefer to imply, go ahead.
              You seem to have all the answers on projections.

            3. I think we have to get off the maddux talk First off if you don’t get 6 inches off the plate then what? I have seen nola and he isn’t getting the corners, When and if he starts getting that fast ball just off the outside plate he will be better. People have to realize that whole Atlanta braves staff got the 6 inches off the plate pitch. I don’t think it can happen again. Not saying they weren’t great pitchers, but they did get a advantage. that we don’t know nola will get.

          1. v1,
            Then what specific quantifiable number, from the metric of K/9 you mention, indicates a pitcher with a ‘strike-out’/’swing -and- miss’/’put-away’ pitch that doesn’t relegate and project them to a back-of-the-end rotation guy?.
            A. 10 or better/9
            B. 9
            C. 8
            D. 7
            E. 6
            ….pick one that signifies what you indicate …as of right now he stands at 5.9 K/9 and you consider that horrific for minor leagues..

            1. More than a number in the minors, he needs to show something that can project to make major league hitters swing and miss. There are only 16 starters with at least 100 IP and a K/9 under 6 this year. Of those 16 starters, only 5 have a better than league average ERA.

  2. Eflin seems like a very good prospect and I think has a future as a SP in the Majors. His ceiling is unknown, but he has impressed. A good question is where he slots in the system as a prospect compared to Eickoff, Asher and Jake Thompson. I believe all 4 will pitch in the Major Leagues. I put Eflin with Eickoff, right ahead of Asher and right below Thompson ceiling-wise.

    1. I think Eflin’s ceiling is well below Thompson’s ceiling. Thompson has a ceiling of a #2 starter due to already having one wipeout pitch (slider) and if he learns to command his fastball better, he’ll have two plus pitches. Eflin will be a starting MLB pitcher, but with him being Right handed and the change-up being his only potential plus pitch, I don’t see him being dominant against RH batters. I see him as a quality 4th starter, due to his command and potential to pitch against both LH and RH batters, but nothing about his profile says dominant. The two potential Plus pitches separate Thompson from Eflin.

  3. FWIW
    ruben’s opinion about any prospect is NOT even worth the price of a cup of coffee – including coffee that’s been sitting around a week

  4. It was another great night for pitching. Gilbert, Richy, and Eflin all dialed it up. We have lots of potential major league arms and time will tell which ones make it. Nola, Eflin, Thompson, Eickhoff, and Asher all look interesting and very close. I actually like Pinto more than some of these guys and he’s only a year or two behind them. There will certainly be competition for spots next year. There will be a trickle down from who gets pushed out of a spot at LHV and then who gets pushed out at Reading and CWater, etc. Spring Training will be an unusually fun time next year.
    As for offense, its nice to see Dugan gets two hits and its very nice to see Pujols and Tromp start hitting every day. Maybe its me but I think that Tromp’s awful year can be salvaged with a strong final month propelling him into next year. He looks like himself again. Was he hurt? Did he figure something out? Also, did Pujols figure out how to bring his power into the game? If so, that could be a very big development for the system.

    1. I enjoyed Eickhoff’s debut, but he shouldn’t be put in the same category as Nola and Thompson. That talk should be held until he faces some decent lineups with good LH hitters. Eickhoff, as he is now, will compete against right-hand lineups and bad lineups, like the Marlins, but he will struggle against good LH lineups because he doesn’t have a good change-up. He’s right handed, so he can be a good 5th starter without it, but like Kendrick early in his career, he’ll probably get roughed up by LH hitting.

      1. I agree totally but there’s a place for #4 and 5 starters also. Who wouldn’t love a mid-2017 rotation of 1) 2016 #1 draft choice, 2) Thompson, 3) Nola, 4) Pinto and 5) Eflin, with Eickhoff and Asher ready in case of injury with Kilome coming plus Imhof and the guys just drafted this year coming too (plus Watson and Pettibone if they ever get all the way back). We really need the ace to come from next year’s draft. Of course we’ll stink next year too so we’ll get a high pick in 2017 also.

    2. If you recall, Pujols did this last year also. He was promoted to Williamsport at the end of August after propelling the GCL team to the playoffs through his August performance. If he could only be consistent. He is still young and there is that hitch in his swing that they have vowed to eliminate. Hope he is better at Lakewood and can show more consistently the awesome power that is predicted of him.

        1. Sorry. i should have said toward the playoffs. They missed his bat at the end when he advanced to Williamsport. He did it again on the 26th. This season he added a great beginning of the season before slumping in mid-season. Hopefully he will put a whole season together next year at Lakewood.

  5. Considering Jake Thompson…we can see the better part of his game when he lowers his walks and increases his Ks. His bugaboo has been too many free passes and even this season they continued….but I know that when Ks plus and BBs less he could compete w Nola to be head of the staff. I take note that tonight he issued one walk w 6-7 Ks !!

    Now, THAT is progress. Keeping progressing like that and he could be part of the 25 by mid-season ’16. The trades, particularly of Utley, have made a much better team in ’16…at least more interesting. And, maybe Williams and Knapp in ’16 some time, too. Sweeney for super-sub. Eickhoff, Asher, on the mound. Hello, Altherr.

    Goodbye Harang, Willams, etc. and, thanks for the two relievers, Blue Jays for Revere. Pivettey?

    A lot of new faces……….and promising youth. I’m not so sure that they’d be picking so early in the ’17 draft with the ’16 progress.

    Better times………..

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