Utley Trade to Dodgers Agreed Upon

It appears that the Phillies have agreed to a trade that would send Chase Utley to the Dodgers for two minor league players.  The Dodgers would also likely receive $2M dollars as part of the deal.  More on MLB Trade Rumors and Jon Heyman’s tweet.

At 3:50PM eastern time, this deal has been agreed to but not finalized, pending physicals.

111 thoughts on “Utley Trade to Dodgers Agreed Upon

    1. I let my guard down after they said they would probably hold onto him and Franco went on the DL. I was not prepared for this.

          1. Did not Ruben say the same thing right before the Phillies traded Cole Hamels? David, you come across wrong when you make statements like your second sentence.

            1. You don’t know that right now so let the news filter through like the Hamels trade did. Ruben had some input in this trade and Gillick/McPhali had to sign off on the deal.

            2. David, missed this on the last response but Ruben called himself the lead man not a figure head and he was the only one on the press podium to explain the Hamels trade.

          2. MacPhail is not like that. Sure he was consulted, but a gentleman will let the current guy do his thing.

            1. David…..not sure what you are getting out. Ruben seems to be doing the leg-work and gets the blessing from Gillick/MacPhail.
              Look Ruben is probably maneuvering for an upp’ser level management job and I am sure will be in a position for the commissioner job as the first Hispanic at that position in a decade or so when Manfred decides to step aside…this is his swan song of sorts in the GM foray.

            2. I highly doubt Ruben moves that far up the MLB ladder or anywhere close.

              Most commissioners are lawyers due to the all of the legal work that needs to be done at that level. CBA negotiations/TV deals/Dealing with 30 different ownership groups.

              You need a lawyer at that level, not a former GM.

  1. Didn’t think they had the nerve to make a deal with Saint Utley. Sad to see the 3rd of the big 4, leave.

    1. I think the Phillies told him that his playing time would get cut here and that the Phillies would not pick up his ~$10 million option for next year.

      As hard as this is the Phillies need to move forward. The final two are Ruiz and Howard. After next season it will be a clean start.

      1. This certainly saves the Phillies from having to decline their club option (for between $5M-$11M dependent on time on DL) during the off season. I think declining the option would have been the correct business decision, but VERY unpopular with fans.

    1. I wouldn’t go with Tyler. I’d play Altherr every day and move Cody back to 3B to finish the season Cesar back to 2B

        1. that was my thought; he’s really not useful to the Dodgers but the Phils could throw him out there.

          1. Yeah, Lee would be good value, but I don’t want anymore relief arms. I’d rather have a lower level position prospect with a ceiling. That’s where the system is thin.

  2. LOL for all the money the Dodgers have been throwing at Cuban 2B’s at the end of the day they thought 26 was better suited to get them back to the WS?

    I’ll certainly miss seeing him in red pinstripes!

      1. I wish I was a realtor. chase . sandberg. revere. coles. those house and lee. I am thinking around 30 million in real estate to sell.

        1. big-time commission.
          Lee I think has been long gone…maybe the next day after he read the 8-ball fortune in Clearwater.

  3. I agree trading Utley hurts the most but I feel it’s the right thing to do,(even if we’re not sure what the return will be yet) he deserves to play for a team that’s in the pennant race,and it’s refreshing that the Phillies have decided to accumulate as many prospects as possible,and letting the younger players play.

    For the rest of the year I hope they Tank good enough so that we can pick first in next year’s draft. Now that would be exciting to discuss who they should pick.

  4. I hope they get a young position player with a ceiling back. Johan Mieses would be a nice get. Would give something worthwhile to follow in Clearwater next year.

      1. After seeing the Cardinals trade Kaminsky for Brandon Moss, nothing will surprise me, but I doubt the Phillies could get Verdugo. If the Dodgers wanted Utley that bad, they would have claimed him. I would think the Phillies would have to pick up ALL of Utley’s salary and it would only be one player coming back, if they were getting a top 10 guy like him.

    1. Mieses would be an ideal prospect to have in the system. LAD are already loaded with young OFers and he would be surplus for them.

  5. Jordan Paroubeck, as a 20-year old OF and originally a Padre draftee would have some potential . But 3/4 years away.

  6. Will they play “Kashmir” when Chase is at bat for the Dodgers at the Bank? This is sad but it says everything about moving on from the past.

  7. Considering they are throwing in $2 million in the deal seems they are trying to get a better prospect or two

      1. Think about what the Dodgers gave us for Roberto Hernandez, this time they are getting Utley, so I would assume we would do at least a little better than the hernandez trade

      2. David, this has to be the most bizarre thing that you’ve ever written and that’s saying something. And A level org body??!! Really? Obviously we’re not looking at a top prospect, but there is zero chance, none, that we don’t get a real prospect of some type. A level perhaps, but definitely more than an org body.

        1. Are Arano and Valentin really prospects, or are they more org filler?

          We acquired them when our system was terribly weak, so perhaps we overvalued them upon their arrival. (that said, even two lottery tickets were a great a return in that trade.)

          Both are in A ball, and both are a very long way from reaching The Show.

          Yes, I would expect more from the Utley trade; but not much more.

          1. Hard to fathom why the Cardinals gave up their 5th best prospect for Brandon Moss…..who is on the decline from his break-out a few years ago.
            So never know what GMs are really thinking.
            Utley could return a 10-15 in their system and maybe a another at 15-20 range.
            Their system is rated high also.

          1. are you sure about that? You’ve been wrong about just about everything else….

            And cmon David, no need l call someone names. Be an adult

  8. Funny thing both him and Jimmy are both sept both could come back here or anywhere. Remember Franco out chase maybe traded Phillies are down to T ball, Galvis .and Blanco and Ruf . Phillies probably have to bring up Chase D’ Arnaud I think he is the only payer down in AAA that can play all 4 infield position. This might be the worst team overall if seen in a Phillies uni . No 300 hitter no power except Howard, Francoeur, and nobody. I can’t wait until sept 1 to see who comes up in pitching that will be exciting . I hope Crawford and company will be here soon . The Dodgers are now maybe the oldest team in baseball go look . Kendrick is coming off the Ir that will be a mess. SF finally getting healthy and pitt , the Cubs and st louis are on fire. I would have liked to see Chase have a shot at world series.

    1. ‘I would have liked to see Chase have a shot at world series.’
      Correct me if I am wrong…but aren’t the Dodgers in first place in the West…you do not think Chase has a shot at the WS with the Dodgers now?

      1. certainly a better shot than he did when he woke up this morning, but that bullpen outside of jansen is a mess, the rotation after the big 2 still a question and then they go out on a given night and get shut down by felix doubrount. my brother who lives out there keeps saying they are too flawed and not going anywhere.

        1. Fortunately for the Dodgers the Giants, outside of Bumgarner, and a shaking Heston ….may not be challenged like they would be if they were in the Central.
          Giants bats with Posey are formidable.
          Utley could be the guy to energize that team.

          1. maybe so but the Giants seem to be able to use spare parts to make it work. dodgers skipping latos in the rotation now, and what was the deal with changing third base coaches in august? guess they found a more expensive option.

      2. No the Cubs . Pirates and Cards are better. The Dogers are old and slow . There in a weak division , other then S F who are just getting healthy. The Rockies ,SD somehow is bad and zona is getting better. The Cubs just went 9 and 1 and are still 8 games in back of the cards. The Cards and KC are really going to be hard to beat. I thought the Dodgers were going to put some space on SF while they were hurt . Dodgers starting line up Rollins 36 , Crawford 34, Gonzalez 33, Justin Turner 30, Ethier 33, Grandal 26, Kike Hernandez 23 ? Avg 303 6 hr 18 rbi 2nd baseman. Ahhhh ok why they making this trade. I hope for kike Hernandez or another trade . Dodgers trade Ultey to the Yanks . I just seen that this kid has good numbers he’s replacing Kendricks yell yea give me kike. Anyway Dodgers are an old team with vg pitching. Sound like anyone else like phillies the Dodgers just lost back to back to Oakland , if the Giants win tonight there .5 behind the Dodgers .

    2. Tim, can you please stop calling Cesar Hernandez “T-Ball” as he has worked hard for his opportunity. I admired Utley as much as anyone on here but rebuilding years are not meant for aging veterans. Jayson Stark of ESPN has said in the past that Cesar Hernandez was one of the top prospects that the Phillies had.

      1. Maybe he is Matty winks incognito, Matty has a special disdain in his heart for Cesar Hernandez, I think Cesar must’ve slept with mattys sister as much as he dislikes him with every fiber of his being, LOL

        1. I can understand some of the younger fans (21 and under) feeling that way about Chase. I was like that back in the day. I had an irrational hate for Gary Matthews because he took Luzinski’s job, and with the 76ers I never loved Barkley, because he pushed Dr J from the SF spot.

      2. Ok Bill Baer doesn’t like him Cesar , he’s a placeholder like most of this team. When Crawford comes up he chase Galvis to 2nd and Cesar to the bench . Altherr might chase Brown to the bench. Cesar hit 324 in june 278 in july that’s a 46 pt drop. He’s now in 3 for his last 20. Everyone goes off the 324 in june. When he goes down to 268 or so he’ll get the 8 hole. , like I said Ultey played for Phillies when they were at there best Cesar played for them when they were at there worst Talent is Talent. Not to worry help is on its way Mr Crawford , Mr Kingery, Mr Nick Williams etc.

  9. Goodbye and good luck, Chase. Those with regrets for this trade should remember that Chase got wonderfully paid (even though injured and on the DL or otherwise incapacitated over 3-4 years now). He has been treated with more respect than any other since Carlton…even, sadly, more than Schmidt.
    Now, there are games to play and rebuilding to get done….and Utley is not at of that. The immediate future at 2nd base is in Hernandez’ hands. So far he has responded well to the opportunity. Even if he hadn’t, the search for another would have to take place. I am glad that the substitution has worked and the team has now gotten a bit younger.

    We know that Utley cannot be a part of the future team should he remain in Philly.

    Altherr should get an opportunity to continue his rise through the system in Philly. With the Phils paying $2 mil, there just may be a return of significance. Watch…

    Bon Voyage, Chase.

  10. Irony: the keystone combo of Rollins SS and Utley 2b…are now reunited. Amazing. I guess the Giants & Boche are not too happy now. Apparently they low-balled their own offer. Now they’ll see him in LA. Aside from MadBum, the Giants are way short of pitching for the stretch. If they look up quickly enough, they’d believe that they are facing the keystone ghosts of ’08.

    1. Not so fast if SF wins tonight there in first . There up by 1 in the 7 there slowly getting there players back.

      1. Darnell Sweeney also had 32 Stolen Bases so he can make things happen in a game and was the Dodgers 13th ranked prospect.

      2. yes,my negativity was just about the strikeouts. you think they keep him as a centerfielder with herrera and altherr in the mix?

    1. Sweeney could be a better version of Cesar. Either way, he’ll come in and see if he can get a bench role for 2016.

    2. Certainly not an org guy. )

      Though honestly I would have preferred it if the second part of David’s prediction was true, i.e, that it was a prospect in A ball, albeit obviously not an org guy but someone with more upside than Sweeney appears to have. But he’ll have a major league career, even if he is a long shot to be a regular.

      And who knows, the other player could be a higher upside, higher risk prospect. We’ll see.

    1. only reason to consider reading would be to get an extra look at him in playoffs, and make that team even better.

  11. giants just pinch hit mad bum with 2 outs down a run in the 9th..can we get french through waivers to sf?

    1. Frenchy should have been on this club for one reason….a mid season trade. If he can’t be traded, he shouldn’t play. He has no fit in the team’s future plans

      1. The phillies rebuild isn’t going to be over night. It may take 5 or 6 yrs , the kids coming need a couple of good vets here Francoeur has shown to be a good all around player and helps with everything. Yes we could bring a hole bunch of young guys showing them our losing ways right now. I do think Francoeur earn himself A major league contract. He may go to a better team but the Phillies do need a couple of older players.

  12. Sweeney: 2b,SS,3b,OF switch hitter steals bases at a 75% clip takes enough walks to keep his OBA over .330 despite the aforementioned lotsa Ks all above at Okla City AAA Pac Cst Lg some power but not otta here stuff Good to have as a utility inf/of/ph/pr if not more.

  13. john richy.. dodgers #29 prospect. third rounder in 2013 out of unlv, has spent the season in high a with modest success.

    1. at first glance, meh. adds to the log jam in Reading next year. Another in a large group of potential 4/5 starters.

      Mind you, I’m not saying that the return was bad. But I just wish they had gone after higher risk/higher upside prospects.

    2. sorry, mlb prospect list had it wrong; it was 3rd round last year, and signed for slot though nobody had him projected that high; maybe phils make him a reliever?

      as far as value, i wasnt thinking anybody would give anything for him about 2 weeks ago.

  14. 89-92 fastball that reaches 94. 12-6 curveball. Pegged as a reliever when drafted in the 3rd rd of 2014. Meh. Doesn’t seem to me like the Phillies got fair value. Chase’s interest in LA probably hurt trade value

    1. I tend to agree. I wasn’t expecting all that much for Utley, but I’m still rather underwhelmed with the return.

      Sweeney is okay I guess, but I’d feel better if at least one of the guys had more upside. I’d rate this trade a definite “meh”.

  15. ken rosenthal saying phils would put sweeney on big league roster; he’d need to be on 40 man after the season anyway i think

  16. Mlb rates minor league player by team and by position. They have Crawford first at SS . They rated Sweeney as the 8 th best minor league 2nd baseman.

  17. Yea first I should have said minor league first baseman. He’s going on the big clubs roster so I guess we’ll see.

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