Box Score Recap – 8/1/2015

Kelly Dugan made his first AAA start.  Aaron Nola picked up his second major league win.  Two of the new pitchers made their organizational debuts.

Lehigh Valley (48-60) came back from an early 4-0 deficit to beat the Norfolk Tides 8-4.  Anthony Vasquez was replaced after a 4-run, 48-pitch first inning.  Chris Leroux got the win with six, 4-hit innings.  Adam Loewen recorded a 5-out save (9) after Seth Rosin was given a quick hook.

The IronPigs bolstered their 6-hit attack with 9 walks.  Kelly Dugan went 0-2 with 2 walks.  Aaron Altherr (.301) went 1-5.  Chase d’Arnaud went 1-3 with 2 walks and an RBI.  Tyler  Henson went 2-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  Chris McGuinness went 1-3 with a double, SF, and 3 RBI.  d’Arnaud stole his 22nd base.

Reading (57-50) lost to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats 9-7.  Nick Pivetta had an inauspicious debut – 5.0 IP, 6 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 5 BB, 2 K, 1 HR, 1 WP, P/S of 92/45.  I hope it was just nerves with a new team/org.  Jimmy Cordero had an equally terrible debut – 1.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 1 WP, P/S of 17/10.  Pivetta pitched to two batters in the sixth and Cordero allowed both inherited runners to score.  Tom Windle pitched one, one-hit inning.  Hoby Milner pitched a perfect inning.

The Phils got as close as 5-3, and rallied in the ninth to close to the final score.  They had 12 hits, 5 XBH.  Angelo Mora (.314) led off and went 1-5 with a HR (1)RBI).  J.P. Crawford (.256) went 1-5.  Cam Perkins (.261) went 0-5.  Brock Stassi (.311) went 1-4 with a double and walk.  Andrew Knapp (.346) went 3-4 with a double and RBI.   Destin Hood (.300) went 4-4 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI.  Harold Martinez (.307) went 1-4.

Clearwater (60-47) lost to the St. Lucie Mets 6-0.  David Whitehead (7-9, 4.24) struggled – 3.2 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 1 K, 2 WP, 2 HBP.  Cody Forsythe allowed an inherited runner to score and gave up an ER in his 2.1 innings.  Alexis Rivero left the game after facing 3 batters.  He fielded a ball off his chest to record the second out of the inning.  Miguel Nunez came in to retire the final 4 Mets’ batters.

The Threshers offensive attack consisted of 5 singles and a double.  Chace Numata (.284) went 1-4.  Rhys Hoskins (.302) went 1-3.  Dylan Cozens (.282) went 1-4.  Mitch Walding went 2-3 with a double.  Wilson Garcia (.385) replaced Hoskins as a defensive replacement in the bottom of the sixth and went 1-1.  The Mets announcers did not go into any reason why.  Hoskins had ended the top of the inning with a fly ball to center.

Lakewood (52-51) lost their fifth consecutive game by a score of 4-0 to the West Virginia Power.  Shane Watson pitched well enough to keep them in the game for six innings.  His line – 6.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 1 WP.  Scott Harris was less effective in his two innings – 2.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 2 K.

The BlueClaws also had a weak 5 single, 1 double attack.  Herlis Rodriguez (.293) went 1-4.  Cord Sandberg (.254) went 0-4.  Scott Kingery (.267) went 1-3 with a walk.  Kyle Martin (.333) went 0-4.  Emmanuel Marrero had 2 hits.

Williamsport (26-15) rallied with three runs in the bottom of the ninth but came up short to the Vermont Lake Monsters 4-3.  Manager Pat Borders (6th inning) and Pitching Coach Les Lancaster (5th inning) were both ejected from the game.  Wanna bet the 10 walks the Crosscutters issued had something to do with that?  Tyler Gilbert was charged with 3 unearned runs in 4.1 innings – 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 K.  Sutter McLoughlin allowed 2 inherited runners to score plus one unearned run of his own.  Back-to-back walks figured prominently, Lancaster was ejected after the second walk.  Feliberto Sanchez, who had been pitching real well for an extended period, pitched one inning and two batters.  He walked 5 and struck out three.  Borders had been ejected after the base had been loaded in the sixth.  Skylar Hunter and Luis Morales mopped up.

The Cutters also had an impotent offense – 4 singles and a double.  They were only able to earn one walk (vs. the 10 issued to the Monsters).  Zachary Coppola (.305) went 0-4.  Mark Laird (.283) went 2-3.  Jose Pujols (.279) went 1-4 with 3 K.  Jesus Posso (.254) went 1-4 with a double and 2 RBI.

GCL Phillies (21-12) Game suspended with one out in the top of the third, 5-1 Phillies.  Felix Paulino allowed 1 unearned run and struck out 3 in 2.1 innings.  Cornelius Randolph and Tommy Joseph had 2 hits each.  Joseph had a double on a line drive to left.  Randolph grounded a two-strike single back through the box in his first at bat, and stroked a ground single to right through the 3/4 hole in his second at bat.  This was the second time in less than a week I saw the lights turned on for a game at the Complex.  The game will be completed the next time the teams meet (August 17,18).

DSL Phillies (31-23) beat the DSL Athletics 3-2.

VSL Phillies (28-38) beat the VSL Rays 7-1.  Six different Phillies had 2 hits.  Four pitchers 4-hit the Rays.  Orestes Melendez (4-3, 3.00) went five innings with 4 K.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • RF Kelly Dugan assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • RHP Alec Asher assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Reading Fightin Phils activated RHP Reinier Roibal from the 7-day disabled list.

57 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/1/2015

  1. I know a bunch of people have probably noticed so I’ll say it: why is J.P. Crawford only hitting .256

    1. For those that are new to this blog (or simply don’t pay attention), we talk as nausium that batting average over a small sample size is not a good way to judge a prospect. It is frankly an irrelevant question. JP has only a .272 babip, which is very low.

      A far better way to judge his progress on AA is to be wowed that he has a 12% walk rate while only a 10% k rate, while showing nice power (.149 ISO). Oh and he is only 20yo in AA. That indicates a great hitter when babip normalizes. Since he has power and speed, his career babip should be well above average, I would guess in the .320 range.

      So don’t worry about it. It is statistical noise.

      1. Great explanation!

        Jim and guys who post regularly, here, this site is by far the best related to Phillies baseball. Thanks for the great info. And let me know if there’s some way we can create the economics needed for this site to stay at its high levels.

      2. If I may ask, where did you see the BABIP stat? (I figured it out for myself and got .282 — still low, but there’s a pretty good chance I’m doing it wrong.) I’ve been looking for advanced stats for the minor leagues, but as comprehensive as B-Ref is it just doesn’t have the metrics for them.

    1. This is what LarryM was talking about the other day. So few of the posters understand and/or acknowledge the simple concept or importance of age-to-level.

      1. Exactly right. When you see Urias’ numbers as an 18-year-old in AA — in an extreme hitter’s league, no less — you understand why the Dodgers refuse to give him up.

    2. In addition to all that has been mentioned above (low BABIP, ISO, BB/K rates, age, etc.), he also has an above average wOBA (.345). Crawford’s the real deal. Don’t sweat a batting average.

      1. Frankly don’t know where you guys find the time or the desire to be such stats nuts.

        I like this site because it does not have all the mindless chatter, and negative comments that most of the other philly sites have. However with that said, not being a stat guy I sometimes see some heartless things said when someone makes a comment that is based on perception or simplicity.

        For example, the why is Crawford hitting at .256 now, the simple answer is he is not getting at many hits and it a bit of a dry spell right now, which all hitters go through.

        I know every body wants to show metrics and stats as to why he is still awesome, but its ok for folks to make simple honest assessments.

        I work as chemical engineer and love data as much as many. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the stat folks on here, but take easy on us fans who just love watching athletes perform and who enjoy talking about baseball.

        Thanks for not looking down on us fun loving folks or being condescending in your replies.

        1. You do realize this response condescends to people who use advanced metrics far more than any of the previous posts condescended to the person asking the initial question?

          1. Sorry, I did not think I condescended. I stated that I appreciate the stats people on this site? I was just saying sometimes I have seen people go out of their way here to make people with honest questions feel small. I was just asking people to be aware of that. No offense meant.

        2. “… its ok for folks to make simple honest assessments.”

          The poster pointed out a “Stat” (batting average) to show Crawford is not doing well. He stated ‘Crawford is only hitting .256.’ Other posters responded with stats, showing he is doing well. Why are their stats condescending to you or the original poster?

          1. If you read the post after the person asked the question. The person said it was an irrelevant question….. Its not the first time that some one, including myself had a sincere question, and was deemed irrelevant. Again just asking that people tolerate us simple folk who enjoy the game and who are learning about some of the deeper stats that people are into here

  2. Two interesting starters in the LA leagues. Orestes Melendez is a 20 year old 5’11” lefty. He’s started in his last 3 VSL games; his only starts of his career. He has a .61 ERA in 14.2 innings and has given up 8 hits, 1ER with 12 Ks to 2 BBs. Not that great for a 20 Y/O in the VSL but he’s been a reliever throughout his career without anything approaching this kind of success.

    In the DSL, Robinson Martinez the 6′ righty who is only 17 and will be 17 until March of next year. He’s had 4 starts this year and has been effective. He has 18 IP and given up 11 hits and 4 ERs and sports a 1.93 ERA. His big red flag is he has 7Ks and 11 BBs as a starter. A guy to keep an eye on.

    Nice to see Tommy Joseph back and he’s showing he’s a man around the boys. 4 hits in 5 ABs is a very nice start. Again a 24 Y/Y in a rookie league just isn’t fair but he has to learn a new position and prove himself somewhere.

    1. Yes, it’s not something to get excited about. But imagine how worrisome an 0-5 with a weak grounder to the pitcher and 4 Ks swinging would be. BTW, his second hit yesterday was a swinging bunt down the third base line. He beat the play without a throw. Those of who witnessed it chose to be excited about his improvemnent from “catcher’s speed” to “first baseman’s speed”.

  3. Now that the big club is on a hot streak post-All=Star break….and pls I wish they would just slow down a little a lose one-run games, Marlins getting tooclose…..the minor league teams seem to be going in the opposite direction.
    Bizarro world!

    1. Superman bizarro world. Seems like a lot of the young kids are hitting a wall right now. Except for the next mike trout. lucas Williams. Romus I really mean this I will admit it now I was so wrong on him I Never thought he would get a hit. and he has about 270 average. I got to talk to whoever scouted him.

      1. He has a nice little walk to strikeout ratio too although it would be nice if he can get some extra base hits.

  4. Is Andrew Knapp doing this with smoke and mirrors or is this the real thing so far?
    He has 27 doubles in almost 400 PAs, that is decent gap power between CLW and Reading.
    Could be a poor man’s version of Sox’ Blake Swihart..

    1. Doubles and BA take an awful long time to normalize, and that’s what’s driving his impressive looking batting line. I’m a skeptic. If his BB and K data were as good in AA as they were in A I’d be more of an optimist.

      But catchers do sometimes develop late. And if scouting reports are to be believed, there’s more power in there potentially.

      1. Agree……he will eventually need to bring his Krate well below 20%…I think if he can get it around 16/17% in the next 500 PAs then I would be more enthused with his projection. Not sure if he will ever get his BB rate above 10%…though it has inched up a percent or two these last two years.

        1. I do remember when he was coming out of college he was supposed to at least have average power and possibly some room to improve. It’s nice that he’s hitting well and getting a lot of gap hits, but I’m still quite concerned about his ability to actually stay at catcher long term.

  5. I worry about his defense. Cause people who seen him, say he needs a lot of work. I know that rupp isn’t the answer.

    1. Next season Rupp is the starter…and maybe Lino and Chooch are his back-up.
      Rupp, as big and strong as ox, as he is, needs to make more contact.
      Living in a batting cage all winter could help, with maybe a winter ball stint somewhere. His defensive catching and throwing are decent enough.
      But he may be just a stop-gap until Alfaro. Knapp, Lino or Grullon all emerge.

      1. First time I saw Rupp was a couple of years ago when Lakewood was playing at Hagerstown. David Buchanan was pitching and Santana was in RF. Bryce Harper had just joined Hagerstown. Of course the night I was there they decided to give him the night off. Oh well.

        For right or wrong, I try to compare a prospect with someone I think they remind me of in the majors. I thought that Rupp reminded me of John Bateman. Both were big and strong. Bateman was 6-1 215. Rupp is huge compared to him at 6-2 260. Both to me were decent backstops with some power but would hit for very little average.

        I compared both on for what a 162 game season would look like for both and was fairly surprised to see how close I was.

        Bateman .230/.271/.350 would average 20-5-13hr-60rbi
        Rupp .219/.277/.306 would average 27-2-5hr-44rbi

        Buchanan looked very good that night. Lots of ground ball outs.

        Santana reminded me of Vlad Guerrero.

        Also the playing field in Hagerstown was awful. I’ve seen LL fields that were in better shape.

    2. Boston to bring up Henry Owens and start him against the yanks on Tuesday. Rocco your favorite pitcher is now making his first start .

  6. Utley to play today at LHV.
    A few games of rehab, then back maybe into the big club lineup for a couple of weeks….I hope it will be for a to showcase for an August waiver-deal.
    Would be nice to see him and JRoll in blue as a combo again …they must be now close to the record as a combo held I think by Trammell/Whitaker or Russell/Lopes.

    1. Pat Borders said it was probably his best outing of the season. His stuff was really good, but he got squeezed pretty good by the umpire and the couple errors really extended his pitch count. He’s really an intriguing guy right now.

    1. Larry checked in from Retirement Acres and said that his signing bonus was very helpful but the stress of professional baseball was something he could just as soon do without.

  7. Nice comparision with Bateman. I remember him as Carlton’s catcher during the 72 season. Wasn’t much with the bat, but pretty good behind the plate. I also think Numata should be included in the catching conversations. Still relatively young, seems to be hitting a little and all reports of him bhind the plate have been good. As far as Crawford goes, make sure you see him in person before hitting the panic button about his batting average. I saw him in Trenton a few weeks back, my 3rd time seeing him, when he first got promoted…first at bat, he spit on 2 pitches a couple inches off the plate, fouled off other several pitches and took his walk. Drove another ball into the gap. Every at bat, he worked the count unlike any 20 year old I’ve seen in this system in a long time. If the names were taken off of the jersey’s, he’d be easy to pick out. He just has it.

  8. Interesting stat :
    Phillies when Chase was in the lineup – 3.2 runs per game
    Phillies without Chase in the lineup – 4.5 runs per game.
    Maybe a coincidence.

    1. More than that. It goes back to Sandberg as a manager.

      May 2 box score

      Ben Revere, LF .218 .269 .310
      Odubel Herrera, CF .297 .333 .407
      Chase Utley, 2B .115 .191 .231
      Ryan Howard, 1B 177 .235 .380
      Grady Sizemore, RF .167 .205 .214
      Cody Asche, 3B .284 .322 .407
      Carlos Ruiz, C 3 226 .324 .242
      Freddy Galvis, SS .341 .379 .415


      Cesar Hernandez, 2B .278 .355 .357
      Odubel Herrera, CF .282 .311 .423
      Maikel Franco, 3B .282 .340 .485
      Ryan Howard, 1B .240 .291 .465
      Domonic Brown, RF .250 .298 .348
      Freddy Galvis, SS .274 .313 .364
      Cody Asche, LF .251 .288 .369
      Cameron Rupp, C .224 .286 .320

      Notice the difference?

      When the Phillies were struggling for runs Sandberg refused to move hitters around in his lineup to create offense. OBP wise the hitters in the 6-8 spots are hitting better than the ones in the 1, 3-5 spots.

      Now we have the top two OBP guys hitting first and third setting the table for Howard and Brown to get better pitches.

      Franco moved up the card as he hit better and the same goes for Brown.

      Sandberg was too wedded to Chase batting 3rd and Revere leadoff that he had no idea how to fill out his lineup card.

      Here is another one with some guys sitting out.

      Cesar Hernandez, 2B .274 .360 .358
      Ben Revere, CF .302 .340 .381
      Maikel Franco, 3B .277 .333 .471
      Jeff Francoeur, RF .265 .298 .469
      Darin Ruf, 1B .248 .300 .387
      Freddy Galvis, SS .273 .313 .358
      Cody Asche, LF .248 .283 .364
      Cameron Rupp, C .220 .278 .295

      Sandberg had no clue how to fill out a lineup card on a game by game basis.

      1. Revere wasn’t hitting well then Brown wasn’t on the team . Franco is the talent on the team. The ones before him see a more fastball’s because of him. Franco wasn’t on the team either. Not that he did a good job,We all knew how bad the team was going to be .other then Franco , Nola, and maybe Morgan and some of the bullpen will not be on this team . There all replacement players or 10 5 guys. The talented players were traded over the last yr. The Phillies restocked the minor league sys and lowered the payroll . The off season will be the key a new coach , GM, all new Asst coach’s will be hired . With the payroll lowered now they can sign some agents too. The Braves are 4 and 16 in there last 20 games thst a team.

    2. Wait til the end of the yr too do that . Putting up a lot high scores against the Braves who are 4 and 16 in last 20. Phillies are 41 – 65 that’s every bodies fault. The coach just said when Ultey comes back he’s going to play alot. This season is done it has been some teams are playing down to the phillies. Romus you know his season finished . There going to be a lot of changes on this team both players and coaches.

  9. Sandberg was a contributing factor in the early season swoon. But was he the sole reason…not sure about that. For an approx. six plus week period, from May 21st to the 4th of July, the team went into an 8-32 slump. And of course he resigned before the end of that drought.

    1. You are right, I am just pointing out that he did not do the team any favors with his managing.

      Mackanin has a better grasp of the roster and is making the most of the limited talent.

      I have no idea what Sandberg was thinking but it was now winning games or playing baseball.

      Guys seemed to have tuned him out which was a self-defeating circle and the guys like Mackanin. They are playing for him, the team started winning, and they are more confidant.

  10. Biddle wasn’t that bad today. He had thrown about 90 pitches thru 6 innings. At that time, only 6 hits, 3 runs, and two walks given up by Biddle. They let him pitch the seventh, and that’s when he got into trouble. He was probably fatigued. 98 pitches thrown, 66 for strikes. Not bad.

  11. Nick Carfado of the Boston Globe reports:
    •The Red Sox pursued Cole Hamels for 18 months but are still looking for a rotation-topping ace as Hamels ended up dealt to Texas. Cafardo wonders if all this wasted time will hurt Boston, as he feels the Sox could’ve matched or topped the prospect package the Phillies got from the Rangers. Now, the Red Sox will have to spent far more than Hamels’ remaining salary to obtain an ace this winter.*
    …..seriously…wasted time….the Sox’ 8/9 ‘untouchables’ was the roadblock, and they never intended on matching any teams offerings.

    1. There is no reason other than arrogance or stupidity as to why the Red Sox could not have made a real offer for Hamels. Even with Betts, Boegarts, and Swilhart seemingly off the table from the jump they had more than enough impact guys to make a deal. Devers, Margot, Rodriguez, Guerra, Mocanda, and Johnson could have been the main group from which a deal was made. What’s kinda funny is when Lee was on the block in what 2012 or 13 (don’t remember the exact year) the rumor was that the Phillies insisted on Boegarts so much so they wouldn’t male a deal without him. I remember at the time I was thinking if they won’t move him why not go for the Sox next couple guys who happened to Betts, Swilhart, and maybe Owens or one of the other pitchers. Funny how every year that goes by more and more prospects become untouchable for them.

        1. They won that world series recently, but have a bunch of last place finishes before and after it.

  12. Their off-season plan was just not a good one. Besides trying to make Hanley a LF, all that $ to Porcello was dumb. Where is Buster Olney knocking the Red Sox like he bashed the Phils? There is plenty to knock Ruben about, but not taking the lousy Red Sox offer for Cole is not one of them.

    1. Carfado of the Globe said the Sox could have beat the Ranger’s deal for Hamels…..I doubt that very much…..Sox listed upwards of 7/8 players as untouchables…..Betts, Swihart, Bogaerts, Rodriguez, Moncado, Devers, and Margot was on the cusp.
      Sox were not even close with who was left…Bradley, Owens, Coyle, Ceccihini….please!
      Ben Cherington , along with Theo Epstein and Ned Hoyer all worked together in the Sox org 10 years ago….they all think the analytical way……and prime in that thought when it comes to trades…is do not trade prospects of what they feel their value lays. Hording prospects can be risky…they get old if they do not move up.

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