2015 Draft Tracker

This is the place to keep track of all signings, bonus information, pool spending, and media regarding all 40 2015 Draftees. I’ll accept any help you can provide as reports surface through articles from local, national, or social media. Please post any links you have, or if it’s a tweet, just post the text or however you like. I would ask only that you post any new information as a new comment so it appears at the bottom and makes it easier to find amongst what’s likely to be a pretty large post with possibly hundreds of comments. If you have something you want to draw my attention to and you don’t think it can wait until I get back on and check this page, you can always tweet at me @jimpeyton19. I’ll date/time stamp notes as I add them below.  A special “Thanks” to Brad.  I stole most of this from his 2014 Draft Tracker. Link to the 2015 Draft Tracker.  The most recent updates will be above the fold, older updates will move below.

7/17 – Phillies announce the signings of #32 OF Reggie Wilson and #34 OF Ben Pelletier. 

7/9 – Ben Pelletier agreed to terms per his Twitter account.

7/7 – Nick Fanti signed per Phillies.

6/28 – Per MLB, Laird did sign for 100% of slot, Tobias for $10K.  We can now speculate on how/if the Phillies spend (or have spent) the $569,725 of slot savings plus 5% of total bonus pool.  Tracker updated.

6/27 – Phillies announce that they have signed 9th round pick, Mark Laird and 10th round pick Josh Tobias.

29th round pick, high school outfielder Von Watson has announced thru Twitter his intention to attend school.

31st round pick, high school LHP Nick Fanti has announced thru Twitter that he has reached an agreement with the Phillies.

6/22 – Jonathan Mayo reports on Twitter that Lucas Williams signed for 100% of slot to forgo his commitment to Cal-Poly SLO.

Mark Laird will sign according to a local TV interview on KTVE.

6/18 – The Phillies announced the signing dates of their draft picks.  The tracker has been updated with that signing information.  They have also announced that they have reached agreements with 28 players.  They have announced the signing dates for 24 players.  Among their top 28 picks, #3 Lucas Williams, # 9 Mark Laird, #10 Joshua Tobias, and #25 Joseph Lauria have not signed.  The Phillies cannot sign a HS player until he graduates from HS.  Williams graduated on the 18th.  The Phillies also cannot sign a player still active in the NCAA season.  Laird’s LSU team was eliminated on the 18th, Thomas’ Florida team plays an elimination game today.  Lauria has decided to take another direction in his career.  Nice story.  Read it here.

6/17 – The Phillies have signed or reached agreements with 28 of the 29 players they hoped to sign immediately following the Draft. (The others are draft-and-follow selections, which must be signed by July 17.) The only holdout is UNLV senior right-hander Joseph Lauria, who was a 25th-round pick. (from Zolecki article)

6/16 – Tracker updated with names of signees who have reported to Clearwater Carpenter Complex (story here), and reported signing bonuses for Randolph and Kingery (both at 100% of slot).

6/15 – 28 drafted players have signed including #1 Cornelius Randolph per Todd Zolecki. Link

6/13 – MLBDD reports that #7 Luke Leftwich signed for 100% of slot and that #8 Greg Pickett signed for an unknown amount over slot.

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  1. Almaraz is a genius at self preservation by drafting Amaro’s nephew, Brundage’s son, Morandini’s son, McCarthy’s son. I heard he was in on the Phanatic’s kid too but there was signability issues!

    1. I read that they KNEE that all four of these were going to school (college). It would be funny if the next Jose Pujos came from one of the guys drafted after Rd 35. Tgey basically admitted thst these pics were just a nice gesture thiugh tge boys have some talent also.

      What does that say about their thoughts on the guys from rd 33 or 32 etc if rd 34-40 are throwaway pics?

  2. Thank you (all) for doing an excellent job putting all this together. IMO, this will be regarded as one of the best drafts done by this franchise. Hopefully they contacted most if not all of these draftees and their families before they chose each. If so, that would mean that the Phils had assurances that their son would be interested in signing on. Would love to see just about all of the first 20 are signed…and soon.

    Mr. Alvarez now has many fans here. I’m surely one! Good times ahead…….particularly in the 2016 June draft where we might be #1………or at least among the first 3-4. With our new draft director in place, the odds are that we will come out of that draft smelling like a bunch of roses.

    Count me as enthusiastic!

  3. Hey, it looks like Ye Olde Draft Tracker!!! Jim, Pickett tweeted tonight that he has signed. The one to be worried about and it’s the first one to fall.

  4. Greg Pickett‏@GregPick25
    I’ve agreed to a contract. I can’t wait to be apart of the @Phillies organization!

    There you have it…Greg Pickett already signed! I’m already very happy with this draft!

  5. So we got 9 HS guys in Rounds 10+. I’m hoping we snag at least 3 or 4. We can add $350K by going over our pool by 5% without losing a pick. Hopefully those Rd 3-7 guys saved us enough to pay for Pickett and still save some for the HS guys.

    So lets say we have $500K left to spread around. Hopefully a couple of these guys will be agreeable to $200K – $250K bonuses if they don’t have a top school commitment.

  6. Also here are the missing top 500 rankings:

    Greg Pickett – 203
    Mark Laird – 309
    Josh Tobias – 139
    Austin Bossart – 368
    Kenny Koplove – 383
    Zach Morris – 338
    Von Watson – 499
    Jacob Stevens – 293

    Would be really swell if we got Watson and Stevens signed.

  7. Luke Leftwich said on Twitter that “he’s really excited to start my career with the Phillies.”

      1. He was booming them out of CBP with Kyle Martin, last week…I think the power and size was what intrigued the Phillies FO.
        I think he is a little more advanced then say, Dylan Cozens was when he was drafted a few years ago.

    1. I don’t get it. That site says he won’t hit for power but will hit for average. Espn’s write-up said he’s got 70 power but needs to develop his hit tool. So which one is it?

    2. He’s supposed to be a 6’4″ 205 lb guy without power? It just shows how those things are wrong sometimes. We have to be excited that Pickett wants to play and has already signed. Just need to get Ortiz signed in a few weeks and we’ll have something going for us,

  8. I am happy, and I was complaining after picks 3-7. Gotta say how insane and unfair the system is though. Foreign players can come over and sign anywhere for any amount but if you are drafted you are subject to slotting? Just ridiculous

    1. Foreign Professional players who are deemed to be free agents are not like draftees. They have been locked into their nation’s pro leagues for years, most times. Draftees are similar to the Int’l Amateur market, which is capped in total, though not player by player. Those young and mostly unproven talents are generally paid pretty poorly compared to their US counterparts. In reality, though, nearly everyone in the minors is paid pretty poorly from signing bonus or lack thereof for 60% of guys (think early pick senior signs and most everyone after round 10). The money is at the top of the draft and the top of the amateur market, and in the bigs and the Int’l Pro Free Agent Market. That’s not a lot of players in the grand scheme.

  9. Did Tobias fall because of his height, or other issues? Because, he is a legit 3B according to KLaw, and seems like a nice pick up at 10.

    1. I heard on one of the ESPN College Baseball broadcasts that Tobias is related to the late former Dodger great 3B Junior Gilliam.

    2. A 5’9″ 3B has to make you pause, right? He’s playing at Florida though and he’s hitting well so the kid has to have talent. At his size though, the odds are against him making it to the Show.

      1. Polanco was listed at 5’9″, and I’m not sure Sandoval is much taller than that … hopefully Tobias is one of those exceptions to the rule, and the Phils got him at a discount.

  10. Will there be a full write-up of all the draft picks, or is there no longer anyone here to do it? I miss that feature of this site.

  11. This is what I call the creepy phase of the draft process. This may be the only time its acceptable for 40 year old men to stalk teenagers social media accounts. Keep the info coming!

          1. it works I only have three 40 somethings left (including myself) 2 30 somethings the rest of my team is my two sons 23 and 22 and a bunch of former legion players all in their early 20’s.

  12. Its funny how many guys get drafted and how much effort goes into it and then how few guys actually make the majors. We all know the stats about how very few of the guys are going to make it although every once in a while you see a 20th rounder somehow make it.
    Looking at this draft, how many guys have a legit chance to make the majors? I think 1st and 2nd – good shot, 3rd?, 4th and 5th have a shot, 6th and 7th?, 8th has a shot, 9th and 10th? After that? Such a small number…..

    1. Out of 40 players, you’ll be lucky to get 6-7 players to just make it to the big leagues. Now that number really goes down if they can stick around for 3 years. And it goes down even more if they are superstars.

    2. Baseball America has analyzed this for the 50 years of the draft. Now, just making the majors is a low hurdle — a very small cup of coffee clears the hurdle, but:
      14% of all draftees make it to the majors — this includes years with unlimited rounds
      69% of first rounders make the majors
      57% of 2nd rounders do
      47% of 3rd rounders do
      31% of 4th rounders do
      30% of 5th rounders do
      25% of 6th rounders do
      23% of 7th rounders
      19% of 8th and 9th rounders
      18% of 10th rounders

      1. Allentown I would have never thought that many make it, especially 57 percent of second rounders. Those numbers are way higher than I thought. just shows how bad we were drafting ,

        1. Remember, this counts all guys who ever made it to a 25-man or I guess September MLB roster for even the briefest cup of coffee. If you were counting guys who actually made a significant contribution to an MLB team, I’m quite sure the actual numbers would be close to what you expected.

      2. Interesting. Seems to be a pretty big drop from the 3rd to the 4th round, and after that it drops off more slowly. So I guess it makes sense to talk about the first three picks as the top tier, and then consider the rest of the picks as a sort of sliding scale.

        I actually find this pretty surprising. My prior was that the dropoff from round to round would be strictly decreasing.

      3. Hudson, Collier, and LGJ were complete bust primo picks. A failure like Golson appeared in 40 major league games, so counts as a success by above measure. Hewitt has yet to make it to the bigs, but is still in baseball, so I guess he has a remote chance.

  13. If you look into Tobias’ college background, you’ll find that he is an academic all-star and has been recognized as such with awards. His baseball play is composed of supposedly excellent 3rd-basing, speed and power and a 2015 college BA of about .360. If the Phils are looking for “character”–they’ve found it in him. He has been a favorite of his teammates and his outside work for the disadvantaged has also been recognized by his college administrators. He is a solid looking black man who has captured people around him at school and out of school.

    This is a Class A choice when it comes to character and also may be a good choice for baseball’s 3rd basing…which would be heartening for both purposes. As a senior he certainly would sign on……

    1. No offense. But I could care very little about academic success. I’m sure Nails Dykstra was no scholar. All we should focus on is on-field performance — hits, OPS, long dongs, fielding, and clutch play. Am I right, people?

      1. Remember when Brett Myers beat his wife and the Phillies let him go at the end of the season? I’m happy that the Phillies value character. I don’t want to root for wife beaters, drunks, etc.

        1. Whoops, my bad. For some reason, I thought the Phillies let him go at the end of the season. Either way, I want high character guys on the Phillies.

          1. You’re talking about the team that signed a fat, broken-down Delmon Young, with a guarantee to play RF and displace Domonic Brown, right after he had beaten an elderly Jew in the lobby of an NYC hotel. That signing did away with any pretense I had that the Phillies required quality character.

        2. I remember when he beat his wife and they let him pitch like the next night and then didn’t really do anything about it…same as when he “fell” out of his SUV and hurt himself.

          But yes, thankfully they didn’t keep him once he became a FA.

      2. If my name was Ben Revere, then I would tend to agree with you on baseball smarts or smarts of any kind being something worth paying attention to. But, alas, I’m not Revere and no, I don’t agree, The ‘wily veteran’ is a guy whose smarts have enhanced his value even as his skills diminish with age.

    1. There will be a mass official announcement, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday. The Phillies don’t dribble out the signings as they happen. The guys we’ve heard of are guys who’ve made the announcement themselves. Then there is a lot of tea-leaf reading of tweets, some of which can be taken as not actually meaning they’ve signed yet. To get a feel of how many and which HS flier picks we might sign, we need to not only know which guys have signed, but how many guys they have signed for, especially with a guy like Pickett.

  14. I keep trying to post some article links with info, but for some reason it wont show up. Did I get blocked?

      1. Great job, well with everything – in some future edition, if you are brave/masochistic enough to take this on again, it would be nice and hopefully not to much extra effort to have the date also in the comments field that comments are entered in that it is an easy way to see what updates have occurred.

  15. grady doesn’t come out and say hes signing, but looking through his responses to congratulations, sounds like he wants to get started to me.

  16. Isn’t Gonzalez listed as a HS graduate? A good shot at future development….he’s got 4-5 yrs to improve/show his stuff.

    Is it me or does the organization have a different attitude toward drafting involving draftees’ families for evaluation as well as coaches’ views…..since almost all of the draftees have so far expressed favorable responses.

    Just sayin’…

    1. JA has said a few times this week that he wants to the scouts to get to know the player and their families. Used the quote “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

      Let me add the scout on Gary Pickett did a great job finding out whether he would sign or go to Miss State when everyone else had him going to college. I read an article where Miss State was penciling him in the cleanup spot in the lineup.

  17. My apologizes it’s Greg Pickett.

    Is there a way to go back and correct typo’s in my original message.

    1. Since it looks like we are the team to beat for the number 1 pick next year, has anyone heard who some of the possible number 1 picks might be. I know its a year, but there often is conjecture about it by now

    1. he was apparently told by SD they were going to pick him three picks later, and two other teams the round following. phils called and asked him if he’d sign if they drafted him, and he said absolutely, so slot seems about right.

      watching josh tobias in college world series right now.

      1. I have to admit I’m enjoying all these “the Phillies picked someone just before someone else was going to pick me” stories.

  18. From a rare commentator but consistent reader. Now that it appears almost certain that the Phils will have the worst record in baseball in 2015 (unfortunately)and therefore the first choice in the next draft, who are the three top prospects for next year’s draft? Are there any that are major league ready? Guys like Harper perhaps? Independently of needs, whether they are position players or pitchers. It might be fun to track 3 to 5 of these players during this otherwise almost unbearable season. Looking for game changers.

  19. I have watched a lot of college baseball this Spring. Hansen (6-7 235) and Puk (6-7 225) are clearly the most impressive power pitchers I’ve seen. Both can hit 97-98. Puk was used in a batter and reliever for the early part of the season. Some announcers said he was inconsistent. He had a breakout game in the SEC Tournament where he reminded me of a Randy Johnson type power pitcher. Hansen is a little more consistent but played on a sub-par Oklahoma team. I would say they are #1 and #1A. Order can flip flop depending on the day.
    JA has said he would only use high draft choice for a #1 or #2. IMO, both are in that category. I would give the nod to Puk because he is LHP.

    I also saw Robert Tyler 6-4 215 RHP from UGA. He is impressive and would be my 3rd pitcher in the pecking order. A polished guy. Connor Jones from UVA struggled mightly with his command yesterday against Arkansas.

    Top College batter on the list (IMO) is Texas A&M’s Nick Banks. Reminds me of Will Clark.

  20. Yes he is but I stuck strictly with College guys because I saw them. Pint is an LSU commit. Grew up a huge Tiger fan even though he’s from KS.

    2017 guys that are impressive are LSU RHP Alex Lange 11-0 (I think) and Florida C J.J. Schwarz (hit machine).

  21. It is a good question as to whether the Phils would be wise to make their first pick in June ’16 a pitcher and if so whether it is wiser to choose a college or a HS guy…? With all things being nearly equal between them, I’d favor choosing the college guys. 2 things: the college guy is almost certainly closer to the Major Leagues in terms of time ,and the college guy has already had his arm tested through the 2-3 years of college ball but the HS guy has yet to go through that 2-yr testing process and we don’t know if his arm will endure as the college guy’s already has.

    Now: supposing it is a choice between an HS outfielder that is being compared to Mike Trout, would you choose him over the “best college or.HS pitcher” in that draft?

    We know we’re going to be choosing as early as #1…so it isn’t too early to consider the “most likelies” setting themselves up for the June ’16 picking.

    It seems a long time away…..but should engage us for the next 11 1/2 months.

    1. You have to go with the college ace. I think Hansen or Puk could arrive to be an added boost as the team starts to turn it around.

    1. Also very to cool see Kyle Martin is a life long Phillies fan. Lots of people saying it on his twitter, he seems really happy.

  22. I Guess they will save money on the two college seniors In there top ten. . They went over for this kid, plus Pickett. they have to save somewhere.

      1. Since both Williams and Falter were picks like 300 slots above their “rankings” I am hoping that we don’t have to go overslot on them at all. I’d be surprised if we went over. I think its a better bet we might get small discounts.

    1. That’s an alternative, and if next years draft class, remains injury free on a whole, then it could be a better pick. Actually the Phillies would look similar to the Astros did this year with two in the top portion of the draft.
      Phillies could be 1 or 2 and then I think they would get number 11.
      Good strategy rocco…..put your name in for the next GM. 🙂

          1. I guess they just have to dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘Ts’,……Ryan Lawrence as of this morning:
            “Cornelius Randolph, the Phillies first-round pick (10th overall) in last week’s MLB draft, tweeted yesterday that he was heading to Philadelphia. A contract agreement could be imminent for the 18-year-old Randolph, an outfielder who would most likely begin his professional career at short-season Williamsport”


  23. Eric my comment was to Randolph being a boros client and if he starts his shit about wanted more than slot. then the hell with him, we will give you credit for you not wanting to sign the first pick no matter who it was.

      1. yes, had just noted mlb.com had it listed at slot. if they can sign Martin and Williams for well below slot they should be in pretty good shape.

  24. Pretty weak ZO! What are 17 other names??? I want names! However, 28 out of 40 right out of the gate with two more possible after CWS. Very encouraging!

  25. Actually I’m pretty impressed by the info that Zo got here. You never never get post 10th round bonus data unless it is over 100K and therefore counts against the pool. I’m sure he noted the Amaro bonus because he is trying to placate the fans who were irked that they wasted even a draft pick (actually 4) on nepotism picks. You always have to listen to the words they use precisely though. He said they “have agreements” with 28 so that probably includes the 2 college world series guys Tobias and Laird in there. There is a science as to how you get these guys signed so that guys don’t get chapped of another picks bonus until it is too late.

    1. Squire…better check other teams drafts after round 35…..many have the ‘nepotism’ flavor. It is not unusual. Happens every year.

      1. The draft could easily chop the final 10 rounds off and nothing of value would be lost. Especially now that late round flier picks are much rarer under the new slotting system.

      2. I know. I follow this closely. Though I think that 4 nepotism picks by a team in a single draft is the second highest of all time (Cardinals had 5 one year). In a 40 round draft that seems silly to me. That being said the Phillies organization has always cared more about taking care of themselves, their friends and their family about 3 times more than they care about winning so its completely expected. I note that it is about 5 times more likely that a college pick in the 35th round like Amaro’s nephew would NOT get assigned to Williamsport but would be assigned to GCL. Of course, Amaro’s nephew will go to Williamsport.

        1. Yes..4 is a bit much in one draft.
          And forty rounds is also way too much. Could be cut in half, and then sign nay other players as UDFAs like football does. Then they can sign all the sons/nephews as UDFAs.

          1. Honestly, after about 15 rounds it’s dicey – eliminating the draft to 15 rounds would increase the importance of good scouting for bargains as well.

            As for the picks, I think 4 “favor” picks is a little insulting to the process. One is cool – 4 is like sticking your tongue out at the baseball Gods.

        2. Completely agree, Squire, about the Phillies’ priorities. And the Phillies don’t seem to care much about public perception of the “nepotism picks” or else are naive enough to think that no one notices such things. Four such picks in a single draft is a bit much IMO.

          Also shows that the last 10 rounds or so are a joke (obviously not taken seriously by a number of teams) and should be eliminated.

  26. Just checking on Andrew Amaro’s college stats and he could be better than we suspect. His team the University of Tampa was the NCAA Division II champions and he hit .320 with some power and can play multiple positions.

  27. Help me out with the math here: where are they getting the extra money to throw at Pickett, who was thought to be a tough sign? Leftwich, Kingery and Randolph add up to around $4.7 million of the roughly $7 million the Phillies have in their pool, leaving around $2.3 million to play with. If Pickett was thought to be a potential first/second-round type talent with a strong college commitment, what’s it take to buy him out? $750,000? $1 million? I guess some of those college juniors and seniors might agree to sign for less.

  28. First, Pickett wasn’t thought to be a first or second round talent. BA had him at 203 overall and they do not factor signability. At best he was probably a 3rd rounder. I think he at most got 600K. But yes, you are correct. Martin was underslot in the 4th round and Tobias is going to be underslot in the 10th Round. Honestly, since Lucas Williams, Bailey Falter and Tyler Gilbert were also taken well above where there “expert” ranking had them, its conceivable they were slightly underslot too.

    1. Though LHP Bailey Falter could get overslotted being, I assume, he has a college team waiting for him if he wants.

    2. Plus if everyone signs, they’ll have the 5% overage (they don”t have to sign everyone but the overage will be based on the total amount of guys they sign in round 1- 10). So 5% of $7M is $350K. His slot is $174K plus the overage is $524K and if Martin and some others sign underslot, there’s plenty of money. But there won’t be any HS signs after the 10th round. Martin could give the Phils $200 to $300K and Tobias another $50K. So there is that, to sign a HS guy after round 10. Not a lot but enough. I thought they could squeeze $500K out of Randolph but I guess not.

    3. I read some places that Pickett was thought as someone who might be a 1-2 round talent at the beginning of the year, it didn’t come together, but presumably if he had gone to college (as most other teams thought he would) he would have been gambling on the chance that he’d hit that ceiling. That’s what I meant, not that he was that level talent right now.

      But I guess we have our answer, I am surprised it cost so little to buy him out of his commitment considering the early talk that he would be tough to sign.

  29. Yeah, and he was our earliest HS pick on Day 3; selected much earlier than any other HS player that day. Must be have been pre-arranged? Wonder for what he was signed.

    Maybe he had eligibility issue, and college wasn’t an option?

  30. Stewart received a 100,000 over slot, looks like Fanti mite be coming here had Phillies cake on twitter account . He throw 2 no hitters last yr was player of the yr too.

    1. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything; could just be for being drafted. Still, the best way to find out is by asking. I’ll do it tomorrow if I remember.

      As I remember, the deadline for signing is about a month after the draft. When does it close this year?

    2. tim he threw two no hitters in a row. and in third start had no hitter going into the third inning. his velo is around 88 I read.

    1. yes, july 17 is correct.
      Todd Zolecki showing PIckett at just 350k, Martin at 250k so they net gain about 175k against the bonus pool Hunter and Stewart at 100k so no extra bonus bonus money used for them. That’s great as long as they use they money to sign some of those high school kids.

        1. you are correct. my bad. apparently i should re-think my not drinking coffee in the morning. 200k makes more sense on a senior with no negotiating power.

    1. if they dont get Williams for 400k plus underslot that’s a bad pick, plus if they dont use most of the 350k overage up to 5% they are allowed, that would be disappointing.

  31. Good timing for Scott Boras….gets Cornelius Randolph signed and Domonic Brown promoted to Phillies within a week.

  32. I really liked what the TEX rangers did in this draft. Getting Mutella (sp) in the 3rd and signing him for $2mm is a great move I’m and also getting very good talent at the top also. They only had to skimp on rds 7-10 to make it work. Tate at 4 might have been a few picks too early but not by much and it allowed them to get a potential top 5 talent in the 3rd round

      1. True, it is a risk, but I think a smart one. Brady Aiken was taken 17 and he just had tJ surgury also. And a few year back Luis Gioiotta (sp) fell to bc of tj surgury and he is now one of the best pitching prospects in the game. It was a third round pick so it’s not like they gave up on the opportunity to draft a can’t miss kid and at worst they wasted some money on a gamble that could pay off huge. IMO worth the risk, plus they already got some really good talent in the first two rounds.

  33. so looking at who showed up in Clearwater, and the guys marked signed.. Seems there is only 1 mystery signee outside the top 10 rds. Wonder who? I’m assuming a lower guy but hoping for the best.

  34. So it seems that we are done for now with 28 “agreements”. Sounds like there is the one college senior (Lauria) who decided he’d rather coach/get a masters degree. Then there are the 3 HS nepotism picks (Morandini, Brundage, McCarthy) and then the following 8 other guys who they may or may not sign in a couple of weeks (Stevens, Watson, Grady, Pelletier, Fanti, Nowlin, Wilson, Gonzalez). Obviously Stevens and Watson would be the best gets but Grady and Pelletier would be very nice too. Seems like they should have the money but we won’t know that for sure until Tobias, Laird, Gilbert, Williams and Falter ink their deals.

    1. Is Falter going overslot?
      He seems to be a guy that could go to college and with some luck and injury free seasons, as a lefty, be a first round selection in 2018.

    1. They agreed in principal to sign is what I read. But you could be correct.

      PS……two weeks from today….LA FA Jhailyn Ortiz may be inking a contract with the Phillies.

      1. By rule they cannot have “signed” Tobias or Laird yet because they are playing in the college world series. Also by rule they can’t sign Lucas Williams until his HS class graduates (which is tomorrow by the way). I don’t know what the hold up on Falter and Gilbert is. The Phillies are very careful and precise in their words. There is a difference between “reaching an agreement” and “signed”

    1. Thanks again Jim! It looks like the Phillies really planned this draft well in terms of signing issues. Hope the talent level is there to force tough decisions or trades down the road. Lastly, Johnny Almarez (scouting director) credited the Phillies Analysis/Sabremetric Team for their input for the draft according to a article on the Phillies website.

  35. I just read the story on joseph lauria our 25 th round pick. I don’t blame him for not signing, they offered him 1000 dollars to sign, and even though he is a big Phillies fan. He can get his master degree paid for and become a assistant coach there. plus he has a girlfriend of five years. who he doesn’t want to leave. imo the kid made the best choice.

      1. If he can be signed, just from watching that video, it looks like he could as some velo with coaching, he really short arms the ball.

  36. Jim Callis @jimcallisMLB 5m 5th-rder Bailey Falter signs w/@Phillies for $420k (slot 144 = $373,100). California HS LHP, projectable, CH may be best current P @MLBDraft

  37. so, if they paid slot to Gilbert and do same with Laird, go 100k with Tobias and 400k with Williams (hopefully less), they would be almost 450k under the pool, and then can go over by 345k with no lost draft pick, so a potential of almost 800k in bonuses over 100k for the unsigned guys after round 10- seems like they ought to be able to get at least a couple of them signed.

    1. I think the probably got Gilbert and Laird at slot. I think they probably offered Tobias like 40-50K. However, I doubt they got Williams 300K underslot. I’d be stunned by that I think. I guess we’ll find out soon. His class graduates tonight so he can officially sign as soon as tomorrow.

  38. Squire anything over 400 thousand for a hs kid who hit 315. and wasn’t ranked that high. imo is nuts. I just don’t see giving him more.

    1. I’m rooting for you to be right on this one. I want to add a bunch of the HS guys at the end of the draft too. Stevens, Grady, Watson, etc.

    2. i tend to agree with you. will be interesting.

      noticing that Toronto drafted a high school pitcher who was a late riser (mlb said a chance to go round 3) eight picks after Williams, and they got him for 300k- 336k below slot. even the highly regarded blankenhorn going a few slots ahead of Williams took 100k below slot- if you have to pay Williams anything close to that, id have rather just taken a real prospect.

  39. There has been a mention of the Phils going after a guy named Ortiz from the int’l pool. He is said to be essentially a 1st baseman with little chance of playing another position. He’d be another Encarnation who also seems suited for 1st base,too, without seeming ability to play any other position.

    Now, there is a 1st baseman Hoskins at Lakewood, soon destined for Clwtr, who is currently hitting the ball at a .325 (?) clip with plenty of extra base/HR power. Also, in the just completed draft, they picked up an early choice of another power hitting 1st baseman.

    So….why would the Phils grab Ortiz who is essentially a clone of those already in our farm system? We could use an outfielder now as a choice in that market, not another 1st baseman….or/and a pitcher.


    1. I’m thinking it’s because most prospects fail- maybe none of the guys you mentioned who are in our system ever make an impact in the majors- and because it’s hard to find good power hitters these days. If the Phillies have identified power as a precious commodity and they think Ortiz has star potential, then it still makes sense to sign him too.

      1. Jhailyn Ortiz | Rank: 6 LA
        Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
        Position: OF Age: 16 DOB: 11/18/1998 Bats: R Throws: R Height: 6’2″ Weight: 260 lb.

        Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 65 | Run: 35 | Arm: 55 | Field: 50
        Two words come to mind when Ortiz’s name is mentioned: raw power.
        Ortiz has the most raw power in the entire class, the type of power scouts have not seen from a player his age in years. The teenager puts on a show during batting practice and more importantly, he has shown the ability to hit for power in games. His home runs are legendary, and his line drives into the gaps are just as impressive. Some scouts have concerns about his overall athleticism and wonder if his large frame will eventually force him to switch positions from the outfield (left field) to first base. Others believe he has the tools to stay in the outfield and he will only get better on defense and as an overall hitter once he signs and is placed into a team’s academy. One thing is certain, the type of power Ortiz has does not come around very often and the team that signs him is getting a player that can not only hit home runs, but can hit them into the upper deck. The Phillies have expressed the most interest in Ortiz.

    2. Seriously Art D. – you have not seen posters on this site post on Jhailyn Ortiz before now! Kiley McDaniel, Fansgraph had a write-up about him last month sometime.
      6″2′, 260 lbs…..16-years old….probably ETA 2020/21, the pipeline has to continue.

    3. With that reasoning, should they not draft another SS in the next 10 years because they already have Crawford?

  40. 1. If he CAN play the OF, just fine. A left fielder with lotsa power and BA fits what IS needed for this franchise. LEFT FIELDER!! If he is limited to 1st base, not so much for me.
    2. We don’t know just how he will turn out whereas Hoskins already is showing the combination of power , BA, and OBA. IMO, that covers 1st base for me. Add in our newest 1b draftee and, ASSUMING Hoskins continues his MOJO, then why not orient Ortiz for LF which I’d heartily approve.
    3.As for the sarcastic “Why should they not draft another SS because they have Crawford?” Answer: with Crawford in line, would you use our #1 draft choice in ’16 for a SS who is very talented…??…when this team is desperate for pitching, outfield, and catching? IMO, you choose players for their promise to yield great/good results and orient your choices to answer needs of the franchise. IMO, this franchise is going to be successful only if the positions of need are filled with good players.

    Take a look at our recent draft. The first 4 choices are all offensively oriented, Why? Because that is the crying need of the Phils. Next draft, from my viewpoint, the concentration will be on pitching, another crying need.

    So, drafting/signing prospects should be aimed at filling holes for the future. If Ortiz is a left fielder, I’m for signing him. If only 1st base, I’d rather get a great pitcher.

    1. When it comes to the draft, when it comes to signing intl players who are at least four years away from playing in the bigs, you target the best talents available irrespective of the position they play.
      I wasn’t being sarcastic in my prior post, but after reading your above I see that we disagree in principle. No biggie

      1. Steve: here is where we disagree. There have been MANY posters here whose opinion it is that in the draft, you choose whoever is the best player available despite team needs. (A side-note: even then, there are disputes as to which one fits that moniker.)

        My own draft approach (and, I contend that of almost all MLB teams) is to draft the best player available “that meets our franchise’s needs.”

        Take a look at the Phils’ draft this year. First 4 on offense, only. Now, it would be difficult to maintain that in the first 4 rounds there certainly were NO PITCHERS better than any of the 4 we drafted. But we chose 4 offense players…because that’s what the franchise’s needs are focused on.

        Check this out….it makes sense.

    2. saw this on mlbtrade rumors yesterday:
      Jhailyn Ortiz is one of the top Dominican outfielders available in the international signing season that begins July 2, BA’s Ben Badler writes (subscription required). Ortiz is likely to get a bonus of around $4MM, with the Phillies possibly being among the bidding teams. Given his size, though — he weighs 260 pounds at age 16 — he appears likely to move to first base. He has terrific power, but there are enough questions about his ability to make contact that he isn’t on par with a top international prospect like 2014 Brewers signee Gilbert Lara. “I’ll take Gilbert Lara every day over Jhailyn Ortiz,” says an international director. “He’s a for sure right-right first baseman who was not close to anything with spin. I know he has raw power, but Lara is a better hitter with more power.”

    3. If ortiz by some miracle is blocked by a Rhys Hoskins playing very well in 5 years then you can always trade Ortiz for something we need or trade Hoskins. It’s not like having multiple good prospects at the same position handicaps you. You can trade form your strengths to cover weaknesses.

      1. Yeah, but why spend your resources in an area that is already “covered”??…when you could use the $$s where it is really more needed…like pitching, catchers, and outfielders. Ortiz is far from the kind of Epstein signings; his signees carried little doubt about their development, whereas Ortiz–IMO–is $$s that could beneficially be spent elsewhere…………..and his physical weight/condition indicates he will most likely be “condemned” to 1st base only.

        Not good……

  41. got this off luke Williams twitter. Do you think it means he signed?

    Luke Williams ‏@lukewilliams012 · 4h4 hours ago
    Time to go live the dream⚾️🙏

    10 retweets 61 favorites

    1. rocco……does sound like he is ready to step into the professional world of baseball that he dreamed of since he was a child.

      1. I was afraid of that. I’m not surprised in the least. The Phillies aren’t really that creative. They understand that you can offer a college senior less. It never crosses their mind to offer a high school guy that they drafted about 200 picks too early less than the slot.

        1. Why don’t you wait until the signed money information is official before anyone says anything?

        2. I guess things just don’t change, to give that kid slot is imo stupid. Plain and simple. What the hell did he do in hs to get that kind of money. 315 in hs, is not a great season. I Hope they are right. When I saw his average and ranking I thought for sure this was where they would save money for hs kids later. So what they are telling me is this kid is better than Watson. Gonzalez. and other hs kids we drafted and any comp pick next year. I don’t believe it. but they think dom brown can hit a fastball. so what do I know.

          1. I’m starting to think that the Phillies will be the first team ever under the current CBA that will give full slot value to the #1 overall pick next year.

          2. Callis now has the signing on his chart right at slot 719,800. Would have rather give Jacob Nix 900k there for sure.

            1. Again, give the kid a chance before burying him. Maybe Luke Wiliiams will surprise us all and become a good player and considered a bargain.

            2. Yeah just one question to you Squire how many kids hit 315 in hs. get this kind of money. I just don’t understand what they saw that no one else saw. Unreal. the people who draft change but the stupid moves continue. This kid was low ranked and didn’t have a great hs year.

            3. rocco….did not find him on BA;s Top 500. Not sure what his strengths are. He did play football in HS and has decent size.

            4. Most of your more sophisticated baseball analysts use high school batting average to predict future MLB success. The Phillies just refuse to embrace the advanced metrics.

        1. The Phillies did use advanced metrics according to Johnny Almarez in a Phillies.com article which would make sense on some of their draft picks. Again, give the kid a chance before we bury him.

  42. MattWinks relates that HS LHP Will Stewart, does not turn 18-yesr old until July) can touch 91. now that ain’t shabby for HS lefty.

  43. Jonathan Mayo @JonathanMayo 51m 3rd-rder Lucas Williams gets full pick value (No. 83) from @Phillies = $719,800. Athletic SS from SoCal. @MLBDraft

    1. well, im skeptical, but the guy has some guts- you make the statement below before the draft then take this guy and pay him slot- you better have judged hm right
      “My definition of a successful draft is getting somebody in the first, second and third round who are going to impact the major league level four to five years from now or sooner,” Almaraz said.

      1. He sets a really high standard for himself. How often does a HS third rounder impact the major leagues in 4 or 5 years?

  44. Williams played wr for 3 yrs last yr was the first yr he didn’t. He was Mvp of the area code game . He fast he stole 29 bases this yr.Williams also was team captain .he played everywhere 3rd , 2nd, c, 1st and ss,

  45. Tyler Gilbert is listed on the WPT roster but I can’t find a draft tracker with his signing amount. Gilbert and Tobias could be underslot guys and then we can discuss who gets signed, post-10, and for how much. My recommendation is don’t leave any money unused, if it gets you a HS’er with a high upside.

    1. MLB.com has Gilbert at slot. Laird will likely be at slot. Tobias will likely be about 100K under slot. We will only have an additional 180K or so to play with unless we go into the penalty tax which I don’t see the Phillies doing.

      1. Laird (9th) got full slot (162,400). Only Tobias’s signing number is unknown at this point. Wish BA would update their grid more. They are getting schooled by Callis/Mayo at mlb.com

      1. I think what rocco may mean….Williams should not have been drafted at the third. He may have still been on the board a little lower in the draft.
        My beef is….Northwestern US HS kids….seem to fall short lately.
        Andrew Pullin would seem to be the exception so far.

        1. Not sure where you get that from his post. Either way, I’m intrigued to see what he does this summer.

          1. rocco….. i think he is alluding to the fact that slot money ata ‘three’ draftee , was too much for a player who is not even BA Top 500 or MLB Top 200, or BP Top 100.
            The Phillies could have taken him a lot lower at lower monies base on his potential according to the draft-niks.
            But the Phillies scout see something no one else sees and maybe they will strike gold this time…..have not so far with Walding, Mattair, Gueller….jury still out on Andrew Pullin.

            1. I thought Guellar was such an excellent OF prospect before he was drafted – he’s pretty much a disaster as a pitcher so why don’t they just let him hit?

            2. I remember a guy on here who was posting three years ago about letting Gueller hit.

  46. Matt Winkelman is reporting that #31 Nick Fanti has a tweet which says he has signed with the Phillies.

    1. thats good news. interesting to see on the headline on his twitter page, besides throwing back to back no hitters this season, two prior winners of the Suffolk County player of the year award he won were Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz.

  47. I Thought there was a chance he would sign, and gabe Gonzalez. but someone on here said fanti was going to marist, so I started to doubt he would sign. I only know about the two no hitters and his velocity is about 87, which for a lefthander in hs I would take.

    1. I DM’d him on Twitter last week and asked/told him to enjoy college (His profile at the time said Marist ’19, so it wasn’t much of a leap), and he said he hadn’t spoken to the team about a contract yet.

  48. Super Mario Sunshine is an absolute joy to dip into 60 FPS, as well
    as fans of the game ought to genuinely take pleasure in the
    job put forth.

  49. think mlb needs to tweak the signing bonus rules a bit so that there is a floor for what you have to pay a guy drafted in the first 10 rounds, either a flat dollar amount or percentage of slot value (like 20 to 25%). i get that its a good strategy for the teams to do it, but it makes the draft a bit of a joke and also unfairly punishes guys who choose to complete their senior year of college.

    1. I understand your point in general…the system may need some tweaking. But the signing bonus rules don’t unfairly punish guys who choose complete their senior year of college. Whether we have these rules or no rules on signing bonuses, the average college senior has no leverage at all, thus will receive little to no bonus. Its either accept this bonus we’ve offered or start your career in another non-baseball field. That doesn’t change no matter what the signing bonus rules are

    1. Because everyone is focused on the negatives and not looking at the positives.

      A kid with 70 raw power was just signed by the Phillies filling an organizational need.

      Did they spend a lot to get him? Yes.

      Are other franchises jealous? Oh yes.

      They did what they said they would do. If a prospect appeared at a position of need they would go hard after him and they did.

      1. Thanks David, I agree. Was just surprised that nobody on this site jumped on this since it is positive news. I expect s lot of the other Philly sites to be negative but not this one.

    1. from BA:
      Marchan, 16, was the best hitter on Venezuela’s team at the 15U World Championships last year in Mexico. He’s a switch-hitter with a line-drive stroke who has consistently performed in games. While Marchan was a shortstop at the 15U World Championships, he’s 5-foot-8, 170 pounds and doesn’t run that well, so he has moved behind the plate while training at Carlos Guillen’s academy.

  50. Is there any chance we sign any of the high school draft picks with the draft bonus money we have left over ?

  51. David; I’m curious; what evidence can you link to on here that other organizations are “jealous” about the Phils signing Ortiz? My understanding is that since they reached a handshake agreement with him back in November he has put on considerable weight and did not look all that good recently. He appears to be a great batting practice power hitter, but I’m not sure what we know beyond that. I would be thrilled if he is a 70 hitter but I’ll take a more wait and see approach.

    1. 70 power not hitter last summer he did hit a home run of off a former mlb pitcher. I forgot his name it was on a 93 mph fb. When the Phillies get him here In the us he will lose the baby fat. They put over 4 mil into him he’ll find out what good eating habits are.

    2. Richard David has some inside source. Whatever the Phillies do he said we must rave. Ortiz was by a lot of scouts. Was not on there radar. after his poor showing against live pitching. You can read it for yourself. They said he wasn’t the same kid. I never saw this kid. so I am not sure how to take him. david will just make statements on his own. I couldn’t believe after reading how big he was and that he was impressive in batting practice, how much it sounded like larry greene, who put on a batting clinic in batting practice in Georgia. But in the Georgia showcase back them struggled against better competition. Yet we still drafted him and he was a bust. I am hopeing this kid isn’t but he has some real negatives, like weight, not hitting against better completion, not hitting the curve, but he is 16. so he has time to learn. the 70 power will mean nothing if he doesn’t learn. lets hope.

      1. Roccom, the Phillies just can’t win with you and others no matter what they do. Everyone wants them to spend so they spend and you do not like who we sign because of some news paper reports. Please give the young man a chance to succeed and not put him down.

        1. Agreed. If there’s anyone in this organization who gets the benefit of the doubt it’s Sal Agostinelli – perhaps our most valuable talent evaluator and recruiter. If Sal likes him and wants him, it’s good by me.

  52. Any update on any of the kids that have signed that haven’t made an appearance yet(IE Lucas Williams)?

    1. I would guess it’s the same as Fanti, where they didn’t have to report right away? He signed on the 27th, then left for CLW this week. That assumes they’re not down there yet, in which case idk.

      Also, Ben Pelletier has signed: https://twitter.com/benpelletier19/status/619198537352523776

      I’m not sure how though, unless he graduated a few years early? He’s 17 next month, and I thought HS draft picks had an age limit/graduation requirement?

      1. He was home schooled so must have his GED equivalent. Bryce Harper thought about trying to go pro a year early but did his senior year at a junior college.

        1. No, Harper got his GED after his sophomore year of high school then went to a JUCO. He was drafted after what would have been his Jr year of high school.

          1. Main point was the GED to be drafted a year early. Pelletier would have had to do something similar to adhere to MLB rules.

    1. Wait. We are talking about the guy on the left right? There’s no way they are referring to that kid in the middle as “Fat”.

  53. Bellman do you think gabe Gonzalez signs. He has the Phillies logo up on his twitter. I don’t know how much they have left to spend either. The other kid Jacobs is hitting 93 in a summer league. don’t think he will sign

  54. Have to see how much money they gave the 2 high schools. This is the best draft I’ve seen in a while.now we wait for Nola .Crawford, Kingsley, Dugan, Hoskins, Herlis Rodriguez, Perkins , pinto, Medina, Eflin, Lively , etc. I ‘d say 1 to 2 yrs were back over 500.the phillies need to spend some money on now talent.

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