Today at the Carpenter Complex

At 10:00AM this morning, twenty newly signed draft picks began their professional baseball careers.  Along with 21 other holdovers in camp, they took calisthenics and began taking PFPs and fielding drills.

I left after an hour, before they started batting practice, but here is a list of the new players and a list of the players remaining from XST. (Draft Tracker updated)

  • #2 Scott Kingery, 2B
  • #4 Kyle Martin, 1B
  • #7 Luke Leftwich, RHP
  • #8 Greg Pickett, OF
  • #12 Skylar Hunter, RHP
  • #13 Zach Coppola, CF
  • #14 Austin Bossart, C
  • #15 Dylan Bosheers, SS
  • #16 Brendon Hayden, 1B
  • #17 Kenny Koplove, RHP
  • #18 Gregory Brodzinski, C
  • #19 Robert Tasin, RHP
  • #20 Will Stewart, LHP
  • #21 Kevin Walsh, RHP
  • #22 Sutter McLouGhlin, RHP
  • #23 Anthony Sequeira, RHP
  • #24 Zach Morris, LHP
  • #26 Andrew Godail, LHP
  • #27 Jake Reppert, LHP
  • #28 Horace Stubblefield, RHP

Those remaining from XST are –

  1. Shane Watson, RHP
  2. Nerluis Martinez, C
  3. Rodolfo Duran, C
  4. Ismael Cabrera, RHP
  5. Victor Delgado, RHP
  6. Seranthony Dominguez, RHP
  7. Edgar Garcia, RHP
  8. Carlos Indriago, RHP
  9. Tanner Kiest, RHP
  10. Sam McWilliams, RHP
  11. Adonis Medina, RHP
  12. Felix Paulino, RHP
  13. Ranger Suarez, LHP
  14. Jose Antequera, INF
  15. Jonathan Arauz, INF
  16. Luis Encarnacion, INF
  17. Arquimedes Gamboa, INF
  18. Juan Luis, OF
  19. Bryan Martelo, OF
  20. Yunior Reyes, OF
  21. Henry Santana, OF



9 thoughts on “Today at the Carpenter Complex

  1. There should be a lot of shifting players around with our new draft picks. It should be interesting to follow their movements. Thanks Jim.

  2. Jim,
    I just want to thank you for all the work and reporting you do for the site. You are the sole reason I still visit and your 1st person accounts are an awesome resource for those of us that care about the Phillies minor league system.

  3. Anybody at the Crosscutters meet and greet today? They have an article up saying there are 22 players on the roster, then they name the six holdovers plus Andrew Amaro and never say who the other 15 are.

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