Box Score Recap – 5/25/2015

Lehigh Valley (18-27) and the Gwinnett Braves were suspended in the bottom of the second inning due to rain.  Gwinnett led 1-0 at the time and had runners on second and third with nobody out.  The game will resume on Tuesday at 5:05 p.m. as a full, nine-inning game with a seven-inning game following the conclusion of the suspended game.  No idea who will take the mound for the suspended game, Anthony Vasquez had been Monday’s starting pitcher.  Joely Rodriguez (2-3, 5.18) is scheduled to pitch game two.

Reading (23-20) lost to the Portland Sea Dogs, 8-2.  Aaron Nola pitched 5.0 innings and gave up 3 runs on 7 hits and a walk.  He needed 93 pitches to get that far.  Lee Ridenhour allowed 5 runs in relief on 2 home runs.  The Phils went meekly until the ninth when they scored 2 meaningless runs.  One came on Cameron Perkins’ third home run.  The other scored on a wild pitch.  KC Serna went 3-4.  Jesse Biddle (3-1, 4.84) pitches  tomorrow.

Clearwater (22-22) had an off day.  Still no decision on Tuesday’s starting pitcher against the Fort Myers Miracle.  Tuesday should be Victor Arano’s (0-5, 6.44 in 6 starts) turn in the rotation.  They could skip his spot and go with Mark Leiter (3-0, 1.30).  Maybe Arano has pitched himself into the bullpen and they are going to give Miguel Nunez (0-1, 4.97)another shot.  Or maybe even Yacksel Rios (0-1, 3.31)or Yoel Mecias (0-0, 0.00).

Lakewood (21-22) lost to West Virginia Power, 4-2.  Josh Taylor pitched into the sixth inning.  He got the first 2 outs with 2 of his 6 strike outs.  He allowed a game-tying run and left with the bases loaded.  Will Morris came on to allow 2 inherited runners to score on a single to Carlos Tocci who prevented further damage by throwing out the runner trying to go from first to third.  Tocci went 3-4 with a double.  Malquin Canelo and Herlis Rodriguez had 2-hit games.  Rhys Hoskins went 1-1 with a double as a pinch hitter.  Tyler Viza (3-1, 4.15) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts their season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) starts their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (0-0) begin their season on Saturday, May 30th.

VSL Phillies (4-3) beat the VSL Tigers 7-6 in spite of the 5 errors they commited.  Lenin Rodriguez went 1-3 with a walk, double, 2 RBI and 2 runs scored.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Tyler Knigge assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • Colton Murray assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • OF Kelly Dugan, who has been sidelined with a stress fracture in his right foot, will resume playing in XST this week.


41 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/25/2015

    1. After his previous start, everyone was talking about him being called up to AAA. After the game, Amaro and others were saying he still had things to work on. So he put that plan into action yesterday and it didn’t work perfectly. If the GM says you need to tighten a pitch or throw to a certain spot more then you work on that. It’s not exactly natural so you have to learn how to do it better. No panic necessary, although I assumed you were kidding. Learn from it and try to do it better next outing.

    2. Everytime i check site its like Groundhogs Day…First comment…same comment…nothing personal!

    1. Two throwing errors too. I’m assuming he’s more of a bat first sort of guy. Grullon is very strong defensively and his offense is more wait and see. Rodriguez has more to learn on the defensive side, otherwise he’d still be stateside awaiting the GCL to start.

  1. Word on Nola was they were fouling off a ton of pitches against him, so he must have been pounding the strike zone , Tocci just keeps on doing it in al facets….

    1. Let’s not go overboard on Tocci quite yet. I’ve been impressed by his stat line so far but his impressive April BB and K rate’s have come back down to earth in May (and back his career norms) and his May BABIP is an unsustainable .400+.

      While I think his stock has certainly risen with his performance and he has put himself back on the map as a prospect, there is absolutely no reason to promote him to Clearwater (as someone daily always wants) or to declare him the long term solution in CF.

      1. All fair points, but I disagree that there is no reason whatsoever to promote him to Clearwater. He’s had nearly 1,200 plate appearances in the Sally. The defense is solid. Scouts have maintained his swing would start producing hits once he added strength. Well, this appears to have happened. The next step is to challenge him with more advanced pitching, which he will find in the FSL.

        I’m not saying this needs to happen tomorrow, but if he’s still in Lakewood after the draft, I’m disappointed.

        1. I think the Phillies have traditionally did the majority of their permanent promos at all-star breaks, maybe most teams do that too. I guess it gives guys a chance to catch their breath and move their belongings. I think June 19th is the date for the CLW break, LKW’s break starts June 22nd and, Reading’s is later, not until July 13th..

          1. ‘move their belongs’….ha….I meant their two duffel bags, their home electronic systems, and gas up their car for the drive to the next team’s city.

        2. Yes, he’s had 1,200 AB’s at Lakewood but the 1,000 before this year weren’t exactly successful. If he were old for the league or a college draftee than I would be all for promoting him but he’s neither of those things.

          He doesn’t turn 20 until August so still qualifies as young for the league. Why not let him have some success for a prolonged period of time before promoting him?

          If he really has turned a corner than promote him for the last few weeks of the season so he gets a taste of Clearwater before starting their next year. Advancing one level a year at this point will still have him in Reading at 21.

          1. I hear you with regards to Tocci’s age, but there are extenuating circumstances in his case: namely, his Rule V status. He needs to be on the 40-man roster after next season I believe or another team could nab him. Now, the org could certainly continue to take its time with him and still protect him on the roster, but I would imagine they’d be more comfortable doing so having seen a significant sample of him against advanced competition.

            1. You are correct….signed in ’11 and played then also….after 2016 season needs to be 40ed.

            2. The question to ask then is would a team draft Tocci and keep him on their MLB roster for a full season?

              For an A ball player, I doubt that.

              The Phillies could risk holding him out for a year since he is nowhere near MLB ready.

            3. A promotion to Clearwater in August, followed by 4 months in Clearwater to start 2016 and than an August 2016 promotion to Reading would give the Phillies more than enough information to make a 40 man roster decision on Tocci.

              I’d rather let the kid have some prolonged success after 2 full years struggling with the bat rather than rush him.

  2. JimP….understand Kelly Dugan plays tomorrow in XST. Hopefully he stays healthy

    1. Yes, I saw that this morning, too, and added it above. Hopefully, he plays today when the Yankees visit the Complex. If not, Thursday and Saturday are home games, and Friday is in Dunedin.

      1. Hopefully he has stayed in shape because foot injuries often make it hard to do so. This kid has to stay healthy and start hitting again if he’s to have a future in baseball.

  3. I’m hoping Mecias gets a chance to get back on the mound as a starter. I’d like to see if he can get back to where he was before the injuries.
    Leiter is 24 in High A, I wish they would promote him so we can see whether he can get outs as he goes up the ladder or not.

  4. FWIW Keith Law’s updated prospect rankings has JPC as the #4 prospect in all of baseball. Says all the things we know – great defense, can hit for average and get on base, and can run a little.

  5. Sure do agree it’s time to move Leiter up a notch. Being 24 adds a small urgency to move him up since his stats give him a push. Why wait?

  6. All you guys bit#$ and complain there is a plan I don’t what the heck it is . Like he’s going to get a contract at the end of the yr.

    1. Tim, the plan is to rebuild our pitching staff internally, have a infield of Franco, Crawford, Galvis and maybe Hoskins at 1B. The outfield will be Quinn in CF
      , Herrerra and Tocci in the corners. The catcher position has many candidates and the one who does well will get it. The Phillies could be rid of all major contracts after 2016 which will easily allow for strategic FA signings where needed. Amaro is right as there is a plan it just takes some digging to see it. I disagree that he should advertise the plan.

      1. Don’t you want your corners to have some pop?
        …Herrera and Tocci may not have the ISO potential.

  7. Phil so now galvis after the first time he has hit in three years is th future based on quarter season. That sounds like amaro plan, fly by the seat of his pants, Galvis never was in this teams future, The outfield would hit less than 30 homeruns per year. The plan is amaro hopes he gets Montgomery job, The moron has no plan. the only hope is gillick stays around to groom someone who knows talent and baseball and how to surround himself with good people. scouts who know talent, and a owner who will spend in cuba market and dr and ven markets. that would be a plan.

    1. rocco…… say ‘the moron has no plan’…in the words of Ziggy Ziglar..’if you have no target or plan, you will hit it every time’.
      Concerning high ISO in the corners….I would take Aaron Judge, LHP Ian Clarkin and international bonus money in a trade for Cole Hamels

      1. The little I saw of judge love his power. what is clarkin upside don’t know him??

        1. rocco…Clarkin once healthy…can be a mid-to-top of the rotation guy. With the future uncertainty of Biddle and Windle it would ne nice to have a guy like that on the horizon.

    2. rocco.. concerning .spending in the LA market….July may see the addition of DR 16-year old Jhailyn Ortiz…numero uno international player with 65 raw power.

    3. Rocco it’s funny to me how you refer to RAJ as a moron. You don’t know what you don’t know and that my friend is the genesis of your misguided posts.

      You are still my buddy but you’re posts are terribly ill conceived.

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