Box Score Recap – 5/16/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Rochester, 6-5.  Franco?  Franco?  Well after getting rid of that dead weight, the IronPigs are 1-1 without Franco, 11-24 with.  Just sayin’.  A lot of guys not named Asche and Brown had multi-hit games – Canzler, McGuiness, Danks, and Phelps.  Really, without Franco there’s little reason to check the ‘Pigs box score.   J-Rod got the win with a 9 H and 3 R effort in 5.2, H-Ner gave got a hold giving up 2 R in a 2.1, and C-Jim got his first save.  Oh, Asche and Brown each went 1-5.  Brown not Asche with a fielding error.

Reading lost to Erie, 7-5 when the back end of the bullpen couldn’t protect a 4-3 lead in the eighth.  Biddle had a rough outing, you bashers can go to town in the comments section below.  Ogando blew the save with a home run to the first batter in the eighth.  In true closer fashion, Shackleford could not respond well in a tie game and took the loss, giving up 3 runs in the ninth.  Quinn went 2-3, 2 SB (that’s 19).  Stassi went 2-5 with 3 RBI that’s 30, what-what?).  Altherr went 2-5.  Cam Perkins drew 2 walks (for real, 8 BB, 12 K in 104 AB).  Newcomer Blake Forsythe caught and went 1-4.

Clearwater walked off in the tenth against division-leading Daytona, 4-3 after Joaquin blew his second save in the ninth.

  • Mark Leiter had another superb outing going 7.0 IP allowing 5 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, and 7 K.  He has a 5-pitch mix – FB, CH, CB, CU, SP.  Sixty-five of his pitches registered 89-92 with the bulk of those at 90-91.  HIs S/B actually got better in his final 3 innings – 8/4, 12/4, 9/4.  He mixes his speeds well, keeping batters off balance.  He induced a lot of swing-and-miss, a lot more than I usually see down here – 13, 5 for Ks.
  • Jesen Therrien saw his first action and got a hold.  He only threw 6 pitches and a Crawford 6-3 DP erased one of the 2 base hits.  JT hit 93-94 on half of his pitches.
  • Joaquin walked his first batter on 4 pitches (grrr).  A single put the tying runners on.  After 2 Ks, a single up the middle brought in the second run.  Brown made a questionable throw to third to get the tying run that got through and allowed the tying run to score and the go-ahead run to reach third.  Joaquin retired the next batter and hung around for the win.  He struck out 4 in 2 innings.  He was 93-95.
  • Crawford was 2-5 and scored the game-winning run.  He reached base on a one-out single in the tenth and alertly moved to second when the pitcher was charged with a throwing error when he thought time had been called.  He scored on a Knapp single after pinch-hitter Astudillo had been intentionally walked.  Knapp stroked his game winner right-handed.
  • Stankiewicz and Brown went 2-4.  Walding went 3-4.  Brown and Walding each doubled.
  • I spoke with Pullin after the game on the field.  He was in uniform , no spikes, and in the dugout before/during the game.  He did not take part in pre-game warm-ups.  (It was prostate cancer awareness night and and game-worn jerseys were auctioned off.  My wife successfully bid on Mark Leiter’s jersey.  I took advantage of the on-field photo-op to ask Pullin about his status.)   He says he feels better, but is day-to-day.  He hopes to play tomorrow.  He was vague about the body part injured.

Mark and Tracy

Lakewood beat Kannapolis, 7-5.  Chris Oliver had a so-so start but was in line for the win until Scott Harris blew the save with a 3-run eighth.  Alexis Rivero picked up the win.  Sandberg, Tocci, and H. Rodriguez all went 3-5 with a double.  Damek Tomscha went 4-5 with 3 doubles and 3 RBI.  Tocci also had 2 RBI and an outfield assist at third.  Deivi Grullon had a pickoff and went 1-2 on base stealers.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Maikel Franco got his first hit, run, and walk (and K) of the season with the Phillies.
  • Norfolk Tides traded Jayson Nix to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Clearwater Threshers activated LHP Yoel Mecias from the 7-day disabled list.
  • Clearwater Threshers placed 2B Devin Lohman on the 7-day disabled list.
  • Will Morris assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Phillies Extended Spring Training.
  • Lakewood BlueClaws placed RHP Matt Hockenberry on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to May 13, 2015.

25 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/16/2015

  1. VSL starts on Monday (the 18th). DSL starts on May 30th. There will be another boxscore very soon and another one less than two weeks after that. The draft is coming and then all teams will be in full swing. Baseball, Baseball everywhere…

    1. Exciting Bellman. The start to the SS leagues is always an exciting time of year for me.

      After being somewhat critical of Quinn’s plate discipline recently, in his last 10 games his K-rate is 14.3% and his BB rate 11.9%. Both are stellar ratios. If he could stay closer to those rates than his season rates of 20.9% and 7.4% I’ll start to get excited. 19 SBs already on the season. I suspect we see Quinn on most Top 100 prospects lists come mid-season.

      I won’t gush about Altherr today.

      Andrew Knapp still striking out at a petrifying rate. 26.1% on the season and 28.6% in his last 10. He’s keeping his average up somehow but I doubt it’s supported by a high LD rate. At 23, playing advanced A ball, he either needs to start putting the ball over the fence (0 hrs in 2015) or decrease his K rate dramatically.

      Dylan Cozens has been noticeably absent this season. He turns 21 two weeks from today. I suspect I’ll get plenty of opportunities to see him when I return to the Tampa Bay area next month. Hopefully I’ll get to see a few weeks of Crawford as well.

      Speaking of Crawford, so far on the season he’s carrying a 6.97% K rate and a 18.6% BB rate. That’s just stupid. Kid has the makings of a perennial if you ask me.

      Cord Sanberg’s K rate is only 13.3%. He must be making a lot of weak contact. I recall a website that used to publish FB/GB/LD rates for minor leaguers, but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone has a resource of their own . . . . and sticking with Sandberg, I wonder if he will report to Williamsport when their season opens. I would think not, but suspect it is at least possible.

      I really like low-A as a level to get a first glimpse of breakout players, but the Lakewood position players are really struggling to hit. Take away Tocci and Hoskins and you have a very weak hitting team.

      1. Steve:
        ‘Cord Sanberg’s ………. He must be making a lot of weak contact’
        Do you see that somewhere?
        I had read just the opposite two weeks ago, but now cannot recall where I read it.
        That the ball jumps off his bat.

        1. Romus – nothing more than a presumption on my part. My thought is, if his K-rate is only 13%, how is he consistently hovering around .200? An optimist may say that he is due for a favorable BABIP correction, but I would really like to see his FB/GB/LD rates. He’s making a lot of contact, but it stands to reason that his LD rate is probably on the low side. Thus my ‘weak contact’ statement.

          Again, merely presumptions on my part

        2. So Romus, back to Sandberg, despite a high contact rate, he is in fact producing a below average LD rate. He’s currently at 15.8% for the season and a hitter really wants to be at 20% or better. Still, I suspect he’s been at least somewhat unlucky this season. His infield pop rate is a bit high as well, but with all the contact he’s making I would think he would be hitting north of .250.

          He’s certainly an interesting study and I come away less pessimistic than I was when looking only at his more traditional stat line

          1. I’ve seen a few games at Lakewood this year and saw him really square up balls but ended up hitting them right at ppl. Granted a SSS (about 6 games) but the ball really does come off his bat differently then most players and the sound it makes is totally different as well.

            1. Ok, maybe it was you that I remember saying that about Sandberg’s stroke, bat contact and sound of the crack!

    2. Bellman I know nothing about the vsl and dsl who do I look for as a potential hitter and good pitching prospects??

      1. Phillies signed two Venezuelan short stops last year, Arquimedes Gamboa and Daniel Brito. Gamboa was on most Top 10 intl prospect lists at the time of his signing. They also signed another SS out of Panama late last season; 16-yr old Jonathan Arauz.

        Jesus Alastre is probably one of the more interesting international guys who has yet to play stateside. He’s still only 18 and had a solid season last year in the VSL. I suspect he’ll come stateside with the GCL Phillies for 2015 though

        Pitchers are really difficult to gauge. There have been a number of pitchers who have put up stellar stats in the Carribean leagues without much or a profile for success state side.

      2. Gregg has had some great VSL and DSL introduction posts in the past few years that cover the rosters and who we might want to keep an eye on. Here is one vote that hopes he does it again this year!

  2. Mecias activated! I love walk off wins at any level. Leiter is opening up some eyes and system officials look foolish for not starting him all system. The guy is tiny but he knows how to pitch. He and Leibrant will be interesting to watch when they get to Reading later this summer. Tocci keeps in hitting. Who would have ever thought that Galvis and Tocci would be our system’s two best hitters??

  3. Good news about Mecias returning. Has there been any injury updates? Ethan Martin, MAG, Duggan?

    I assume Jesen Therrien has been promoted and not just filling in? If so then congrats to him, I don’t often hear much about him but interested to see how he does.

  4. The momentum will lost next week. Seriously, who in the league office thought this schedule would work?

    10 game homestand, fly out to Colorado for 4 games, then back east to Washington for three games, and New York for 3 games with no breaks.

    Who in the MLB office thinks this is a good idea?

  5. Saw Reading’s game today. Efflin looked really good– he was sitting 91-92 all day and reached back for 94 one or twice. He was hitting his spots and really only gave up a solo HR and a few grounders up the middle spread out over 8 innings.

    As far as the hitters: I was most looking forward to Quinn, but he had the day off. Altherr was the only big name in the lineup, and he didn’t really impress me. He hit the ball pretty hard, resulting in a few outs on line drives… but he swung first pitch every at bat. His approach just lacked finesse– I think he saw 5 pitches all afternoon.

    1. I attended last night’s Reading game, and was working on a detailed report on Biddle. Somewhere in the 3rd inning, I scrapped it and went for another beer, After seeing some truly epic starts from him in CW, he is clearly not the same pitcher (I know that seems like ages ago- and I suppose it was). His curve that used to snap off when he threw it in the past and was a dominant out pitch- now just floats up high and doesn’t break much, He threw many more balls than strikes and was lucky to get out of the game without giving up more runs than he did.

      Quinn was VERY impressive. 2 SB’s (first inning he took off on the first pitch after he walked on 4 pitches). His sac bunt was actually an error where he reached base on a bunt back to the pitcher. His speed was definitely a factor- the pitcher kind of peeked to see how far up the line he was and then bobbled the ball. After that he didn’t bother to even throw to first. His one out was hit well and I was very impressed when he went the other way and slapped a base hit over the 3Bman’s head in another AB. He showed good bat control, and burned up the bases all night.

      Brock Stassi also looked very good. He and Charles (who didn’t have a great game Saturday, but did Friday) are up with some league leaders in assorted categories. Stassi leads the EL in RBI’s I believe. One things Charles did that impressed me was after he roped a single into RC, he busted it out of the box, and took a turn around first- as soon as he saw a slight bobble by the CF, he kept right on running and made it to 2nd. I certainly don’t think of him as a speedster, but I was impressed with his hustle and heads up baserunning.

      1. I’m starting to get concerned and worried about Biddle. Is it mental or physical with him? Does he have an injury we don’t know about, and is pitching through it? I hope he gets on track soon-i’m rooting for him. But I must admit it’s getting harder and harder to see him become a major league pitcher.

    2. I was at the Reading game today as well and I thought Eflin looked good from the 4th inning on, his outs were hit hard before that. It was nice to see him reach back for a little extra though when he needed it.

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