Box Score Recap – 5/15/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Rochester, 5-4.  They wasted a fine start by Seve Gonzalez who gave up one run in 6.0 innings.  Colton Murray loaded the bases with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth.  Seth Rosin came in an allowed all 3 inherited runners to score without recording an out, but he managed to not affect his own ERA.  This is the resume of a reliever who is likely to be released someday soon.  Dom Brown went 3-4.  Cody Asche went 0-4.

Reading shutout Erie, 2-0 behind six, 4-hit innings by Aaron Nola.  Cam Perkins went 2-3 with an RBI.  Brock Stassi had the other RBI.  Roman Quinn notched his 17th stolen base.

Clearwater Beat Daytona, 6-2.  When the Threshers took a lead in the third innng, it was their first lead in a game since last Saturday night.  The game was delayed by rain in the bottom of the first inning.  This forced the managers to pull their starters and go to the bullpens early.  Colin Kleven threw all of 15 pitches.  He began the game following their game plan of pitching the Tortugas inside, and hit batters with his first 2 pitches.  Cody Forsythe came on to pitch 4.0 innings for the second time this season.  His one blemish was a walk and 2-run homer in the fourth, but he struck out five.  Miguel Nunez pitched 2.0 hitless innings, walking one batter and hitting another.  Edubray Ramos finished up and saved the victory for Forsythe.  Most of Kleven’s FB were in the low 90s, T94.  Forsythe mostly 88-89, T90-91 six times.  Nunez was 92-93, 94.  Ramos was 92-95.  I spoke with another scout during the rain delay, and among other things found out that his gun shows the Bright House gun to be both  “hot” and inconsistent.  Crawford, Knapp, Brown, and Mora had 2-hit games.  Crawford had 2 RBIs and was 1-2 stealing bases.  Andrew Pullin struck out on the last pitch before the rain delay.  He swung hard at a pitch low and away in an awkward fashion.  He limped out of the batter’s box, and was replaced by Cozens 2.25 hours later when the game resumed.  The limp would lead you to think he suffered an injury below the waist, but the swing reminded me of the Kelly Dugan oblique injury I witnessed in 2013.  I hope to have more definitive information tomorrow.

Lakewood wasted a complete game, 5-hitter by Ranfi Casimiro and lost 1-0 to Kannapolis.  Carlos Tocci and Deivi Grullon each had two of the BlueClaws 6 hits.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled Maikel Franco from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Philadelphia Phillies sent Dustin McGowan outright to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed SS Edgar Duran on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to May 14, 2015.
  • RHP Reinier Roibal assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Clearwater Threshers.
  • RHP Jesen Therrien assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • Manny Martinez assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.

53 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/15/2015

  1. Casimiro is coming around. After giving up 9 runs in 9.2 innings in his first 2 starts, he has a 1.38 over his last 4 games. It appears the 6’8″ righty is getting after it pretty well. He didn’t walk a batter in 3 of his last 4 games. Last year, he had a problem with BBs. It appears that’s been fixed.

  2. If Edgar Duran is out for more than 7 days, I’d move Serna up from Reading and Crawford up from CLW to Reading. Malquin Canelo can go to CLW from LKW. Everyone gets stretched a bit. It’s a little early for Crawford but it’s going to happen sometime this year. Why not sooner than later?

    1. Because he’s only 10 days removed from returning from a rehab assignment. You move him up when he’s ready, not because there’s an injury further up the org. When he is ready, no one will stand in his way. While his bat looks good right now, his defense is a little shaky. Still have to see how he performs the refinements they worked on all winter. Be patient.

    1. One or two more starts like the past few and I suspect he’ll be promoted to LV. No need to rush it, but as you stated, he’s clearly ready for another challenge. Regardless of how he pitches at LV though, I don’t want to see him in Philly until rosters expand. Then play the service-time game in 2016 if he’s pitching well at LV, and call him up for good (hopefully) in May. By that time Crawford shouldn’t be too far behind either.

      Some exciting developments on the Pharm, but the big club has so many holes to fill. They really need a few youngsters to break out this season. That said, I’m looking forward to the start of the season for the SS teams in late June.

    1. Maybe – he’d definitely be up by the All Star break. If you put him on the team right now, at the very worst, he’d be the third best starter after Hamels and Harang. I actually kind of like Billingsley, but Nola, right now, is better than he is, for whatever that’s worth.

  3. Phillies may have the most starting pitching prospect depth in the all of major leagues. Maybe not the top ‘ace’ variety, but quality depth for sure.
    interesting to see if they ever rank farm org’s by positions.

      1. Reports on Kilome sound like he’s a potential ace. Also, one of the Phillies’ in-house people made an interesting comment on Nola. They said, look, this guy is great and he’s still improving. He doesn’t have dominating stuff, but neither did Greg Maddux, so people probably never viewed Maddux as an ace when he was in the minors. It’s not typical that a righty without lights out hard stuff can become an ace, but it does happen and Nola certainly fits the profile of that type of pitcher (above average FB, plus movement, plus command, changes speeds, multiple strong pitches). He’s damned good.

    1. Maybe that’s true – there’s certainly a ton of depth.

      Also, if you look at the team’s hitting they are beyond atrocious. From a statistical standpoint, it’s basically Galvis and a bunch of guys who are performing like AAAA players. I think the team should be renamed – I’d like the name to sound like a 60s rock band – how about “Freddy and the Replacements”?

      1. Well some of the guys have high hopes to start batting again and resurrect their careers and others are hoping to blossom…..why not ‘Freddy and the Dreamers’!….oops…thats already taken . 🙂

    2. I agree, you have to hand it to Amaro for the work he has done over the last year to build pitching depth in the organization.

      We may not have that ace but there are enough quality arms to feel good about the future even if one or two do not pan out.

  4. At least on the hitting side, and aside from Tocci, Altherr is still the story of the year for me so far. 15.2% K rate and 12.4 BB rate on the year. Both rates are brilliant. It would be a great boost to the system if Altherr can show as an average to slightly above-average outfielder. If his current strides can be maintained, which is probably a big if, he can profile as an everyday RF’er with the ability to slide over to CF. The big test will be LV, which I suspect will come in the next month or two. Very excited about Altherr right now

    1. Sorry Steve….I see him as John Mayberry Jr 2.0…which really is not all that bad.
      All the Phillies need to do now is put a first basemen’s glove on him in practices.

  5. I thought that Altherr is a terrific defensive outfielder, and is outstanding in CF. Isn’t that where he profiles best, rather than RF? I don’t see the power that you need from a RF, and his CF D, I think makes him a better prospect there. What do you folks think?

    1. Matt – I certainly think he can stick in CF, at least early in his career. Offensively he makes for a better CF than a corner. Still, I watched him in Clearwater for 20 games or so the past few seasons. Solid CF’er no doubt

      Romus – I’ll stick with what I said last week. Right now, Mayberry is his floor. I honestly mean that. I get the comparison though. They have similar profiles. But if come July, I’m still reporting 15% k rates and 10+% BB rates for Altherr, I’ll contend that he’s looking more and more like a regular outfielder in the bigs, something that Mayberry was never able to accomplish

      1. Hope you are right…they would certainly need a RH power bat in the lineup that can also play a plus OF defense anywhere they put him. Next season is his age25 season so he would need to break on the scene at CBP sometime next year for good.

      2. But like I said he would be the 2.0 version of JMJ vs the 1.0….better upgrade user-friendly Xfinity version

      3. FWIW, every scout I’ve talked to the last 2 years or so feel Altherr has big upside and we’re somewhat surprised he hadn’t had a breakout season yet. Maybe this is that year. They all agreed his defense in CF is plenty good enough to stick in CF.

        1. I was extremely impressed with him in person. But the added plate discipline is what takes me to the other side – there’s real upside there. He could be a guy who explodes in his mid late 20s. They need to keep him around. He’s already twice the fielder Mayberry is and I think he’s stronger too.

        2. He already played in the AFL two years ago and struggled a bit at the plate, but with an injury also, so that was a factor. He could go again with an exemption I think!
          If not probably winter ball would be next on his agenda against older experienced pitchers.
          But he needs to come into St next season ready to make the big club, which I think we all want to see vs more of Grady and Ben.

      4. Also, every time they gave Mayberry a chance to be the back up CF, he did not do a very good job. Altherr can be a defensive replacement in CF right now. And, you having seen him play a good number of games give you an advantage I will defer to.

    2. He’s a great fielding OF’er. He can play all three positions and has a strong arm and speed to get to balls. He appears to be a very smart defensive OF’er. I saw him 3 times last year and in one game the catcher overthrew the guy covering 2B on 3 steal attempts. Each time I watched Altherr to see what he was doing in CF. Each time he put himself in the perfect backup spot and no one took 3rd. One speedy guy took a few steps like he was going to 3rd and Altherr threw to 3rd from right field side of CF. It was a rope that would have had the guy by 3 seconds. Luckily for the runner, he stopped and crawled back into 2B. He’d looks very good in CF but Quinn is there in Reading and he needs reps.

      1. They should promote Altherr to LHV and put him in CF. Coincidence at the moment that both Altherr and Tocci have the exact same OPS: .893. Terrific in both cases, but I think Tocci’s is more impressive, given the age discrepancy (Tocci is 2.5 years younger than the league average, Altherr is only 0.6 years younger than the league average) and the hitting environments (over the years we’ve seen many a prospect get a boost from Reading). In any event, it is great to have 3 legit CF prospects in the minors.

  6. Jim Callis, a write for, posted the following tweet yesterday:

    The more I look at this @MLBDraft, the more I think Aaron Nola would have gone 1-1 if he were in this year’s crop and not last year’s.

  7. Another terrific outing for Nola! He, Eflin and Lively all seem like future ML rotation SPs to me. The question is where they slot, but the organization has made a quantum leap over the past couple of years. Now, if they can have the same success with every day hitting prospects…

  8. Quality starts by the Reading staff through last night.

    Nola 6 of 7 with a 5-2 record
    Lively 5 of 6 with a 3-0 record
    Eflin 3 of 6 with a 2-3 record
    Biddle 2 of 6 with a 3-1 record
    Windle 2 of 6.with a 0-2 record

    Since there seems to be another poster named Joe, I’ll use Joe2. I was the person with the updates from Richmond.

    1. Attended last night’s Reading game. Had planned to submit a full report but having issues with my laptop. Can’t type well enough on my phone so, here are some highlights…Very pleased with Nola. He did get some help from the defense but gave up some lucky hits to balance it. A very high percentage of his pitches were fastballs- only one pitch below 90 in the first 2 innings. Consistently hit 93, topped out at 94 (albeit on the notoriously fast Reading gun). His fastball has got nice movement. Also threw some good curves/changes (77-78 mph). I would say in 6 innings Erie hit no more than 3 balls hard. He only K’d 3, but had them off-balance and hitting lots of foul balls and making weak contact. On offense, Quinn showed his wheels, easily beating out an infield single that the 2Bman fielded going toward second base, then he stole 2nd and it wasn’t close. Altherr, did not K and hit a hard double that one hopped the wall in LC. Charles had a nice game with a BB, a hot shot grounder that the 2Bman dove for and fielded to get him at 1st. After K’ing looking, he hit a laser ground double just inside the 1B bag. Perkins had a nice game with 2 very good plays in LF, and 3 hard hit balls (including an RBI double, and a line 1B). Lino had 2 hits also.

  9. Yes, the Phillies have nice depth and Nola and perhaps Kilome could develop into top of the rotation starters, but it’s going to be hard to keep up with the “Jones” of the NL East. Washington, for its hitting flaws, has a rotation full of 1s and 2s – the worst guy is either Fister or Gio and you could argue that both are twos or very close to that.

    How about the Mets? Every 15 or 20 years, the Mets assemble a rotation full of young studs and this group is perhaps the best of all. As good as the Seaver, Koosman, Gentry, Matlack group was the late 60s and early 70s, this group might end up being even a bit better. Harvey is already and ace – perhaps the best pitcher in baseball. DeGrom is excellent – he is probably a 3, but in any given start he can pitch like a 1 or a 2. Syndegaard has 1 or 2 upside. Wheeler is hurt, but he has 1 or 2 upside. And Steven Matz might be the next Cole Hamels – he’s superb. So we’re going to have to do a lot over the next 5 years to keep up with the Mets because they are going to be positively loaded. They are not there yet, but I’m not sure how much better they could be as prospects.

    1. Phillies have next to nothing on the books for 2017. Lee will be off, Howard, save for the $10mm buyout, will be off, and Hamels will presumably be off. They don’t even have any notable youngsters that would be expected to pull in much more than a minimum salary in 2017. The Phils should therefore be in position to buy a number 1 and a number 2 for a combined $50mm AAS. Nola as your 3 and fill in the balance with names like Lively, Eflin, Buchanan, Pettibone, Morgan or lesser FAs.

      Even with the $50mm and change dedicated to the rotation, they should still have another $100mm to spend on offense and hopefully Franco and Crawford are securing the left side of the infield by then. They would still need a big power bat and help on the right side of the infield, as well as C, but there’s at least a chance they can be a playoff contender in 2017.

      Amaro should have very limited flexibility to spend money in the 2015 off season. Though I doubt he’ll be a factor as I would expect wholesale changes at the end of the season with Amaro and Sandberg departing.

      I’d add that I’m a pessimist that they will actual contend in 2017, but they may very well have the deepest pockets by then

      1. Washington set the market for number ones. thirty million a year or more. so fifty in two years buys you a ace and then a three or four. How in gods name can we depend on Buchanan or lively or morgan , pettibone to help us get to the staffs that Washington and mets will have,

        1. Roccum – the point is that there are prospective pitchers in the system to fill out the back of the rotation.

          I’ll also repeat part of my last sentence “I’d add that I’m a pessimist that they will actual contend in 2017”

        2. That contract will be looked at as an outlier in a couple of years just like Porcello’s deal.

          The structure of that deal is crazy when you consider two of Washington’s starters will walk in the next two years.

          This is their all-in year.

          1. Urban dave that is your opinion. But with dodgers type money and boston ,newyork, the market will not go down imo. I Think its nuts but these guys are just going to keep spending as long as they can. just the facts. Steve I just am not in love with the guys you mention they just don’t have the stuff, bucannan pettibone. just cant throw hard enough to keep guys honest, morgan I had high hopes for and maybe he can bounce back. lively is another guy who just doesn’t throw hard enough to be a inning eater imo. but I have been wrong before.

            1. Roccum – my point is that the Phillies will have substantial financial resources to fill many of their holes. And the middling prospects, save for Nola, Franco and Crawford, need only be good enough to develop into average regulars. With respect to a few of the names I dropped above, I was not necessarily trying to be specific. Still, if Nola is your 3, and say Eflin is your 4, then you have another 8-9 names you can draw from as your number 5. You can therefore dedicate the balance of your financial resources to position players. The Phillies have next to nothing on the books for 2017.

              We don’t need the 2015 version of the Nats rotation to compete. Even the Nats won’t have the 2015 version of the Nats rotation after 2015.

            2. The luxury tax is putting a cap on dollars spent. We all saw the difficulties the Yankees had in replacing Jeter, a three team deal for a rookie because there was no one to buy.

              The GM of the Dodgers is shifting gears a bit and the Red Sox are smarting.

              A couple of bad contracts and team back off especially when it comes to the way the Nationals structured their contract.

  10. Why is it that Matt Winks website links have been removed from the comment section on this site? I hope that 1. I’m either wrong about that happening or 2. Was a mistake. If it was intentional then that’s BS . . I thought everyone was pretty much together when it came to talking Phillies baseball (MiLB and MLB). Matt certainly doesn’t take readers away from this site not do you take readers from him . . . He’s been an asset to this site for a long time. What’s the deal?

    1. I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem you are having. I would hope in the future you would approach a problem differently rather than trying to cause trouble.

      IF there was some sort of colusion to block PMT, I would have a problem continuing with this site. Matt provided me with immeasurable help when it looked like we were going to fold. He has remained a resource for me when I have had questions or problems.

      That said, I think to imply that he or any site would intentionally be blocked is ludicrous. Shame on you.

      We maintain several connections to blogs that do not return the favor. We are not a vindictive site.

        1. Oh and I didn’t think that you were vindictive however if his links were being removed (like he said they were) then that is a little but childish on whoever a part it was who was doing it. Again not trying to start “trouble” I enjoy ready both sites but I think all of these sites should go hand in hand, working together. It’s not like they are pay sites.

          1. Different sites offer different venues…..some have more articles and statistical analysis, other just give the facts, and others offer more poster dialogue then others.
            I go between them all and try to maintain their respective desires.

          2. I apologize to you. The research I conducted last night, did not support your statement. However, I looked at the situation from a different angle this morning and have found that I have posted 328 reports, Matt 324. That cannot possibly be correct.

          1. He was hurt for awhile plus they do have a logjam of sorts in the OF…..incidentally, where he should have been all along ilo of 3rd in ST.
            But nevertheless…..his bat and Franco’s in the middle of the lineup, at their respective ages, would have play well for a team resurgence in the next 2/3 years.
            The cost , I can see, was a bit too high that was rumored before the D-Backs did actually sign him.

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