Asche Optioned to AAA

After Monday night’s game, Cody Asche was informed that he was being optioned to Lehigh Valley to learn how to play left field.  No word on a corresponding move to fill the roster spot.   Friday would be the earliest that we should expect Maikel Franco to be promoted.

Todd Zolecki broke the story here.

27 thoughts on “Asche Optioned to AAA

  1. This is actually a good idea. Asche can play LF for two weeks without his mistakes being so glaring. Franco coming up Friday is the bigger story.

  2. Don’t get too down on Franco when he starts slow. He always does. Asche will be back in the majors as soon as he’s had some in game experience in LF. Brown isn’t taking the bull by the horns so someone has to play in the OF in Philly.

  3. I am real confused , there outfield prospects are so bad they have to try to make asche. a not so good fielding third basemen a leftfielder. Why, has he proven he can hit enough to play left? This organization hasn’t a clue on what to do.

    1. Alex Gordon was the #2 pick in the draft and a 3B. After failing both offensively and defensively for years in the majors he converted to LF and is now one of the most valuable players (according to WAR) in baseball.

      I’m not saying that Cody Asche is the next Alex Gordon but what’s the harm in trying?

      1. This is all pretty interesting. I think the most important thing to keep in perspective is Franco staying at third. He’s the more valuable of the two players and he’s very fine defensive third baseman. Ultimately, if Asche stays with the Phillies, he should find a position other than third. He tried second in the lower minors and that did not work, so the only natural place for him to land is the outfield. It’s unclear if he will take to the position or if, over time, he will hit enough to justify a permanent place there, but on a team that is stuck in dead last with no immediate hope of improvement, sending him down to figure out the position (and continue working on his hitting) is fine so long as it doesn’t last so long that it eats away at his confidence. So I’m okay with this for now.

        1. First base is an alternative. Like I said before….an Adam LaRoche type hitter without 30HRs bot maybe 15/20…though in all LaRoche’s season I think he has had only one 3WAR or better season.

          1. I like Asche, but it’s unclear whether his bat projects to left field, let alone first base. Unless he develops into Don Mattingly, the day he becomes your first baseman is the day you are looking to upgrade at first. He’s much better off in the outfield if he can hack it there, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it works out.

        2. I heard on KYW Sports this morning that the Phillies approached Cody Asche about playing LF in ST and he was not interested at the time.

      2. If Ruf can get a look out there, Asche should have a quick adjustment. I wouldn’t think the athleticism & overall foot speed are even comparable between the two players.

        1. I think Asche’s a much faster player than Ruf and as a third baseman, his arm projects to be at least average and perhaps better than that.

    2. rocco….give him a chance. Personally I would also have given him a first basemen glove while he is at LHV.

    3. I think they are doing this because Asche went into his slump at the time they started to have him learn the position.

      It is a sour move because they should have had Asche spend more time in Spring Training if this was the plan but Howard is hitting meh rather than horrible so Franco is going to third.

      The bizarre part of all this? Utley will continue to hit third tonight and it has become an online meme.

  4. The outfield cupboard is bare at this point. It doesn’t hurt to try this; this season is all about experimenting and deciding who stays and who goes

  5. Well, LF makes Asche a more valuable utility piece–for somebody. It’s not like they’re paying him Sizemore money.
    The roster spot is most likely O’Sullivan for tonight’s start. Then Araujo down later in the week for Franco.

  6. The organization as a whole is dysfunctional. They are not even trying to get wins. Building for the future is OK, but it won’t fill the stands or win points with fans.

  7. They are Tanking very well. I think it’s a good idea,Try it! What do you have to lose?Right now they probably wouldn’t get much in return if they trade him.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over,and expecting different results.

  8. The Phillies have enough to keep the fans happy. There are moves coming which will get some positive discussions going. They have Starting Pitchers that other teams want. They can still fire Amaro and that will send the Phillies fans into a tizzy. They can fire Sandberg which will create a little smoke but no fire. Utley, Howard and Ruiz can take this team by the ring through their noses and pull them along. Franco can ignite a little spark. Brown might just remember what major league hitters do. Sizemore is hot right now. Galvis is unconscious right now. The pitching hasn’t been great but it’s not horrible. A couple of starters getting hot and relievers doing what we know they can do. There is the maximum you can expect right now. .500 ball is the maximum through the rest of the year. Getting a top draft pick would also be nice.

    This is like asking for a cold day in hell or a breath of fresh air standing on a garbage dump.

    1. I’m not sure I see this the same way you do. This team is roughly playing to its ability right now, but it could get easily worse. They could rip off a couple of 9 or 10 loss streaks – they have it in them, especially if veterans are traded. By the way, if they get good prospects in return and clear some salary I’m fine with trading veterans – it will help pave the way for the turnaroud, but for now, this team is woefully bad – it looks like they will lose somewhere betwee 97-110 games , perhaps even more. This team is roughly the quality of the bad Astros teams of about 4 or 5 years ago.

  9. And if I’m not mistaken both Alex Gordon and Cody Asche are Cornhusker alum. I like the comparsion. If Asche ends up being half the LF as Gordon it was a smart move.

    1. I have to be the stupidest person in the world. I just don’t understand how Gordon going to left, made him a better hitter, It makes no sense, Now watch someone say he didn’t have to worry about third, which is crazy,

  10. Not sure why Asche is learning LF, not RF (or both). If he has an arm which can make throws from third base, he should be a better RF than Revere and his linguini arm.

    1. since he is a 3rd baseman, they feel he will see the ball better on the left side of the diamond

  11. The guy to watch for me is Altherr. He’s hitting for some power in AA and I think his glove projects well in CF. Would love to see him get a month or two in the big leagues later this year.

    As bad as things are now, we can at least see a path back for this offense – Franco and Crawford on the left side of the IF, with a top 3 pick in the 2016 draft and our pick this year. Match that up with a free agent signing and maybe a Cuban import and this team could contend by 2017.

    1. What a shame for the young man. I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. Rough last few days for him. Hit in the head with a back swing from a batter and taking a foul ball off the front of the face mask like last year.

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