Tommy Joseph to the DL with a Concussion

After missing significant time during the last two seasons with injuries, one being a serious concussion, Lehigh Valley catcher Tommy Joseph has landed back on the DL with another concussion.  Joseph, who was acquired in 2012 in the Hunter Pence deal was hitting just .123 in 73 AB’s with Lehigh Valley this season after accruing just 78 AB’s last season with Reading.  I would think there is significant concern about his career at this stage.  Catcher Logan Moore has been called up from Reading to take Joseph’s place on the ‘Pigs roster.

19 thoughts on “Tommy Joseph to the DL with a Concussion

  1. It is a real shame! You never want to see a young guy have his career in jeopardy, not to mention his health. And, it is a shame that another Phils trade netted nothing for the team.

    1. Time to move Tommy Joseph from catcher to another position which would be probably 1B. Hope the young man recovers and can still enjoy his life.

  2. I seen that play the batters bat came around and hit him in the head. It’s must be a sign to retire or move to 1st. I hope he makes the right decision bout his future.

  3. It’s a shame for him health wise and a shame for the team, because there now is likely nothing to show for the pence trade

    show for

    1. I’m not saying that this fellow Stephenson is the right or wrong player to draft, but the last thing this pathetic team should be doing now is drafting according to need. That’s a recipe for more years in the cellar.

      1. Agree Catch. Take the best baseball player available. Not the best athlete, the best baseball player. If undecided, favor the collegiates over the high-schoolers.

        I feel bad for Joseph. I suspect he never plays in a major league game. The bat just doesn’t play at first base.

    2. He may well be, but not because of the Joseph concussion. Stephenson is 5 years away from the bigs and Joseph was fairly far down our ranking of internal catching prospects. I don’t think Joseph’s injury changes the Phillies draft plans even a little bit, because Joseph was not a part of the Phillies future plans prior to this injury. He was passed by Rupp and the handwriting was on the wall that Knapp would pass him on the depth chart before long. Joseph hadn”t played all that much this year and was hitting only .125. If he has another concussion, that is a personal tragedy, but not a game changer for the Phillies organization.

      1. The most recent report I heard about what happened was pretty decent – the talk is that he feels fine and is being held out as a precaution. As for him playing first, he probably doesn’t have enough bat to do it and his value there is far less than his value behind the plate.

        1. It wasn’t a full blown quake, just a tremor. But he sits on the San Andreas…why not let him move a little further east to first base for awhile.
          May even help his bat since, right now, his bat looks to be what will prevent him catching in the future in the majors more so then the concussions.

          1. Apparently Blake Forsythe was acquired from the A’s provide some depth. Former 3rd rounded about 25 years old, looks to be light hitting with a bit of pop. Not sure on his defense.

  4. I said last week I was worried about his batting. He looked awfully slow at the plate. That was before the back swing and foul ball off the mask hit him.

    Give him all the time he needs. He has to sort out things for both this season and the rest of his baseball career.

  5. Having worked in critical care setting for 10 years….lets hope minor leagues have association for players who will step in and stop this. This young player is at serious risk of have host of long term neurological issues for rest of his life. His brain is obviously susceptible to this type of injury. The risk would only increase at ML level. The only article I want to read about Joseph is about how he had the sense to stop and have normal life.

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