2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 15th

Finally.  We’ve reached the intrasquad games.  No more batting practice off coaches.  No more pitching machines.  No more wondering what the pitchers are doing on the hidden mounds.  Well, they’ll still do that stuff in the morning.  But today, live pitching to live hitters during a live game with real umpires.

I was almost lured over to the game on Robin Roberts Field where a young Phillies team played the 18 and under team from Puerto Rico.  Saturday, aa young Phillies team shut out the Canadian team in St. Pete.  Today, a more age appropriate team faced the amateur team.  Most of the guys who beat the team from Canada were over on Ashburn Field.  There would be 40 players and about 25 pitchers making up the 4 teams playing on Schmidt and Ashburn Fields.  My plan was to focus on the pitchers on those 2 fields.

The players on Ashburn included Roman Quinn, Harold Rodriguez, Brian Pointer, Art Charles, Gustavo Pierre, Brock Stassi, Corey Bass, Aaron Brown, Edgar Duran, Carlos Alonso, Carlos Tocci, Jemuel Valentin, J.P. Crawford, Dylan Cozens, Willians Astudillo, Andrew Pullin, Zach Green, Mitch Walding, Harold Martinez, Angelo Mora.

The pitchers included Ben Lively (2 IP), Zach Eflin (2 IP), Mark Leiter, Severino Gonzalez (2 IP), Austin Wright, Aaron Baker, Reinier Roibal, Lee Ridenhour, Colton Murray, P.J. Walters, Ryan O’Sullivan, Shackleford, and Tyler Knigge.  My plan fell apart when Lively and Eflin pitched the first 2 innings on Ashburn.

Lively started.  his fastball was in the low 90s in his first inning.  Video below.

Lively gives up lead off triple to Quinn

Lively gets Harold Rodriguez to foul out

Lively allows RBI ground out by Pointer

Lively walks Charles

Eflin was 92-94 touching 95.  Video below.

Eflin allows line drive single to Tocci

Eflin gets Valentin on deep fly ball to Quinn

Eflin gives up single to Crawford on hit-and-run

Eflin gives up sacrifice fly to Cozens

Eflin gives up RBI single to Astudillo

Both Lively and Eflin pitched better in their second innings.

Leiter pitched just as I remembered him, not too fast but good location.  Rodriguez grounded a 2-out single to center and was erased on a steal attempt.

Gonzalez pitched very well.  I hadn’t seen him since he was in Clearwater in 2013.  He reminded me of that Seve.  He painted the outside corner against the Crawford and Cozens.  Cozens reached when he beat the shift thru the vacated shortstop position.  Astudillo lined a single to center, but Gonzalez retired Pullin and Green to end the threat.  He pitched a 1-2-3 inning in the fourth.

Wright was around 93.  He struck out Pointer and Charles.  Pierre lined a single to left and Stassi followed with a walk.  With Bass batting, Pierre stole third.  Stassi was picked off first and during the rundown Piere was thrown out 2-4-2.

Baker recorded a ground out and a Brown strike out before Duran singled and was caught stealing.

Roibal was greeted by a Tocci double down the left field line.  (He hits a lot of balls down the LF line in BP.  Hard to believe that he can still get one down the line.)  Valentin bunted him over to third (Small ball!)  Crawford grounded into a fielder’s choice, but Tocci slid around the tag, SAFE!  Cozens followed with a home run to left.

Ridenhour recorded a ground out, pop up bunt (Quinn), and fly out.

Murray was low 90s.  Murray looked sharp but allowed a single to left by Green.  He reached third on Walding’s single to right.  Green scored on a 3-6-1 DP.  Mora was retired 3 unassisted.

Walters was hit around a little.  Pointer single to right and stole second.  After Charles was retired on a ground ball to second, Pierre doubled over the left fielder’s head.  He scored on Stassi’s single.  Bass ended the rally with a 6-4-3 DP.

O’Sullivan retired his first 2 batters on fly balls to center.  Crawford lined a broken bat single to right.  Cozens broke his bat on a fielder’s choice.

Shackelford was around 93.  Brown singled off the pitcher.  He was thrown out at third on a hit-and-run single by Duran, who was subsequently picked off.  Alonso was hit on the left arm and left the game.  Quinn walked.  Rodriguez grounded out.

Knigge allowed a ground single up ther middle by Astudillo (who manages to get his bat on any pitch close to the zone, this pitch was a high 0-2 pitch and he just whacked it back through the middle).  Pullin singled.  Green grounded into a 5-4-3 DP, and Walding grounded out.

Early in the game, Quinn had to retreat to run down a fly ball.  I heard one of the coaches behind the cage remark that he gets nervous watching Quinn play so shallow.  Quinn had several plays and made them all.  Only one could be regarded as “Revere-ian”, but the route was probably affected by the wind pushing the ball back toward the infield.

Tocci had a chance to make a throw to the plate.  He looked off balance.  I hope that is what affected the throw, it was short and a little off line.  But he also had a couple of hard base hits.

The catchers, Astudillo and Bass, exhibited strong arms on their throws to bases and behind runners.


9 thoughts on “2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 15th

  1. Remark from coach on Quinn seem like if he’s play to shallow he’s the coach he should address that issue then maybe he won’t be so nervous.

    1. The word a couple weeks ago was that Tocci has put on some weight, but not as much as the club was hoping for. How much he’s gained and what the goal was are still unclear.

    2. Honestly? Nope. Not the way we want. He looks a little taller and his legs and arms have filled out … a little. But he doesn’t look any bigger in his chest or across his shoulders.

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