2015 MiLB Spring Training: March 10th

I got to  the Carpenter Compex just before 10:00AM.  Once again, they had started early and were just completing their long toss on Carlton Field, the coaches were beginning to run PFPs, on Roberts and Schmidt, the major league team was running drills in Ashburn’s left field, and Chad Billingsley was throwing pitches off the mound on Ashburn Field. 

I watched what I thought were the last 6 pitches of his outing.  He walked behind the mound, did a deep-knee bend, talked to coach McClure, and grabbed the rosin bag. Then he went back to the mound and pitched live batting practice to Chris McGuiness and Darin Mastroianni.  He probably started out a little tentative, since he appeared to gain velocity on his fastball during his session.  Some of his off-speed pitches had nice, sharp break on them.  He did struggle with control on a couple pitches and nailed Mastroianni on the upper arm with one fastball.

After 25-30 pitches, he talked grips with coach next to the mound.  I stuck around until he headed back to the clubhouse.  I could see no obvious indications that he was experiencing any discomfort.

After Billingsley left the field, the Phillies came over from Bright House to take BP before their game against Detroit.  I went looking for more interesting players to watch.

Coach Truby was pitching to Brown, Perkins, Pointer, and Quinn on Roberts Field.  I focused on Brown since I had noticed a lot of pre-load movement yesterday.  In spite of the high hand start and movement when he takes his stance, he does get his hands down from his ear to his shoulder and stops his extraneous movement just prior to his swing.  He Pointer, and Perkins each have nice looking swings.  Perkins laced line drive after line drive until he jacked one off the left center field fence.  Truby and the players around the cage started razzing him when it failed to clear the fence.  His next swing cleared the fence by about 20 feet.  When Quinn started lifting fly balls into the outfield, Truby reminded him, “Line drives, Quinny”.

On the adjacent field, Coach Legg pitched to Martinez, Green, Valentin, and Crawford.  When Green completes his load, his hands are a little above his shoulder.  Crawford continued to impress with a nice mix of line drives and power.

FWIW, Mitch Walding does have nice mechanics. His pre-load isn’t as loose as others and he tightens it up before he swings.  Physically, he looks a little leaner than some of the other corner guys like Cozens and Green.

Some of the catchers were pulled into center field on Roberts and with the fence at their back took a position at the rim of the warning track.  They practiced blocking balls in the dirt and retrieving wild pitches.  This was reinforced in later drills.

The next round of PFPs had pitchers, catchers, and fielders fielding bunts with runners on various bases.  On one play, Jan Hernandez bobbled a ball when the catcher yelled “3, 3, 3!” and still threw to third.  The coach used it as a teaching moment, reminding him to go to first if he dropped the ball.  He stressed that “We all drop balls, it’s important to make the correct play when it happens”.  Coach Sweeney caught several pitchers making a balk move when looking back to second.  Another teaching moment.

I went to the outside cages to watch some of the young guys – Carlos Duran, Venn Biter, L. Rodriguez, Rivero, Palacios, W. Garcia, and Posso.  I was struck by their lack of perceptible weight shift.  None of the group took a step into the pitch.  They took no step, lifted the heel and replaced it, or lifted the toe and landed in the same spot.  I thought it odd that none of the group took the step that most older hitters take.

As I returned to Carlton Field, I heard Coach Wathan tell his group to go at “Game speed”.  Then they went into right field for their next drill.  It was the darnedest thing I ever saw.  Sliding drills.  On outfield grass.  A couple coaches dragged two sliding tarps onto the field.  They looked like black slip-n-slides.  Then the players pulled a pair of sliding pants over their uniform pants.  In pairs, they approached the sliding areas “at game speed”, slid feet first, extending their hands over their heads like they were signalling a touchdown.  The coaches constantly had to adjust the slip-n-slide.

Next the players were directed to slide into a pair of bases on the grass in the outfield.  Then they returned to the infield and removed the sliding pants and continued to perform sliding drills into second base  – feet first, hands up, pop up slide.  Finally, the runners took a lead off first on a pitch by a coach to one of the catchers.  Here is where the earlier catchers’ drill in the outfield came into play.  The pitches were all short and had to be blocked.  The idea was to control the pitch and be in a position to make a throw to second as quickly and cleanly as possible.  The catcher was expected to be in a throwing stance as soon as he stood up with the ball.  No step, just a body pivot.  This group of catchers and base runners included the guys from the second group, the one that looks like the Clearwater group.

During this drill, Kelly Dugan exited the clubhouse and headed for the parking lot – in his walking boot.

I’m going to the game tomorrow.  Gotta get there early to grab a seat in the Terrace.  Hamels is supposed to start.  I hope to see some of the prospects pitching and in the line up.

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  1. Thanks for the great reports, Jim. I look forward to reading them at the end of each day. Will be fun to get some game reports when those start next week.

  2. Can be a real plus for Ruben if Billingsley can recapture some of his old pitching prowess.
    With a two-year deal he could have some plus trade chip value come July for a contender.
    Ruben needs something to break his way after the Lee setback.

    1. Romus I watched some of the game. I was wondering if you were the older gentlemen with the thick glasses and yellow hat on behind home plate??

  3. Jim, this was beyond excellent. Thank you. Sorry to hear Dugan was in the boot again.

  4. Good to see you Jim yesterday. The game was interesting MAG looked good most of the time, he would get killed with the fat fastballs, but he was hitting the corners well. Hopefully his explanation of “working on his pitches” means he knows not to serve them up when the games count.

    Was a little disappointed in Herrara, eh played a decent second base, but hi hitting stance is funky and he did not seem to generate any power. Don’t know if it hiss big dred head but he looks smaller than Revere. Sean Osullivan looked good but he started to tire after 3 innings. Seth Rosin looked good in the inning he worked after MAG got nailed by a line drive…a ground rule double off his thigh into the Phillies dugout….never saw a ball come off someones leg so fast going towards the front end of the dugout (less than 90 degree angle).

    I did not understand why the game was nearly sold out, until I got there and saw all the Detroit fans.

  5. I saw the game on TV yesterday so my observations were MAG is not a starter. I’ve seen him quite a few times now and I think he generally struggles to locate his FB. He tends to be up with it more often than not and on some nights it appears to have enough life that he can get away with that but probably not for more than an inning. Definitely has real depth to his breaking pitch which I would call a slider.

    I like what I saw from Herrera I think he is a lot thicker than Revere. I think he has more ability to put the ball into the gaps. I’m keeping him he could prove to be a useful piece down the road.

    Brown looked really comfortable in RF not that he will ever be a GG OF but never understood why they moved him off RF.

    1. Only watching on tv. I think Mag. is another guy who can hit 95-96 and has no idea how to pitch. terrible location. I am not in love with him. but usually wrong.

      1. rocco…think you may correct on this one.
        He actually could be a lights-out closer if he just would settle for his FB and whatever off-speed pitch works for him the best. Understand he has an arsenal of pitches, which in my book is like having three QBs in football…you do not have one good one. Both the Japanese pitchers, Dice-K and Yu Darvish, came over with an assortment of pitches. Having many pitches seems counterproductive to me. Remember big lefty Sudden Sam McDowell, he couldn’t decide what to throw.

  6. Jim i would not worry about the movement of the front foot as the leg lift is nothing more than a timing mechanic. Power is generated through the rotation of the hips and the quality and timing of contact with the barrel.There is a school of thought to eliminate a large stride to keep the swing mechanics simple, and eliminate the issue of not getting the front foot down in time that plagues so many hitters during slumps.

    1. I think a bunch of young latin kids grew up idolizing Albert Pujols and that’s how he always hit. It certainly worked out fine for him….

    2. Sorry. I didn’t mean to raise it as a red flag to worry about. It was just something I observed. I guess the fact that the whole group seemed to have a similar approach was something I found interesting. It’ll be something I focus on when I watch other groups in the cages.

  7. Obviously MAG will be sent down to LHV. I’m intrigued by what the LHV starting rotation will be. I’m assuming Lee will be shut down in another week or two due to the pain and that will open up a spot for Slowey or Clemens with Billingsley on the DL. I think the loser of the two will be retained to start at LHV, in effect as the 6th guy. Add to that Martin, who is again starting, Loewen, Joeley Rodriquez, Severino Gonzalez, Morgan, who I thought would start on the DL but now I’m not sure, and MAG and you have 7 guys for 5 spots. Who goes to the pen? I could see MAG put back into the pen and Morgan left in Florida to start the year but who knows.
    Will Aaron Brown really start the year in Reading? That’s quite a jump if so.

    1. I can’t believe he would be moved to Reading. His 2014 stats weren’t nearly good enough to consider that.

      1. I would think that, at best, he’ll be in Clearwater. I remember Asche doing horrible in rookie ball after he was drafted but then making the Clearwater squad in ST the next year and he just took off from there. But going right to Reading is a huge jump and seems highly, highly unlikely

        1. That’s what I thought too except he’s practicing so far (its VERY early) with the Reading group. With Pullin now a full time OF, it would make playing time easier if Brown was at Reading because there is no RF there yet with only Quinn and Pointer. Maybe they’ll let Altherr start there. But in Clearwater, they have Cozens, Pullin and Tocci already and the want to get Pullin playing time too.

    2. MAG is resigned to the bullpen to start the year. I never thought of him as a starter to open the year. He needs to get comfortable with more pitches and stretch out his arm.

      I know people say that he has a ton of pitches but if they are not used on a regular basis it is not something you can count on.

      Last year, I don’t think he pitched 3 full innings in any relief appearance.

  8. ST Report

    I’ll give you my brief impressions of ST. I went down there to watch games and minor leaguers with my son, who is in college. But I realized that unless you get there with the clear intention of arriving very early and prioritizing watching the prospects, your time watching the work outs will be limited so I really appreciate what Jimmy is doing (sorry we didn’t catch up – we were going to stay at the facility on Sunday but went to Port Charlotte at the last minute).

    For whatever reason I kept seeing the workout hitting group that included Cozens, Tocci, Sandberg, and Pullin. I just missed Crawford twice – but saw a few swings and he looked impressive. I saw Valentin hit (he looked fine) and wanted to chuckle when I saw Walding as he sure does look good in batting practice (I chuckled because all “Sandusky” ever talks about is Walding).

    Cozens has big time power, but was not great at making contact the days I saw him this year. I saw him two years ago and was surprised how athletic and non-bulky he was. Well, he’s probably put on 20 pounds of muscle since then – he’s now on the cusp of being too big to play the outfield effectively, but we’ll see. He’s an enormous human being; I think he’s bigger than Giancarlo Stanton.

    Tocci has filled out a little but his frame is so slight and muscles so sparse that I’m not sure how much more functional weight he can add. That said, when I saw him, he smacked the ball surprisingly well. Didn’t hit any out, but hit the fence on a fly a few times. He has decent bat speed, although I still can’t see him possibly being a starter on a major league team unless he fills out substantially, which I just don’t think will happen. Some guys just don’t have the frame to fill out – I think Tocci is one of those guys.

    Pullin looked quite good, spraying the ball around with a compact swing. He looks like Daniel Murphy, which is who we all hope he becomes.

    Sandberg is quite the athlete and hits hard line drives everywhere. If he can translate that ability to games he’s a great prospect.

    In passing my son and I both marveled at Rhys Hoskins in the batting cage. He has a short, efficient, easy and powerful stroke. We need to keep an eye on him – he might really turn into something.

    Now to the games.

    Adam Morgan pitched in Sarasota and sat 91 and 92 – it looks like he has his velocity back. He was not yet that accurate, but this is very encouraging. He seems to have the same velocity he had before he was injured. In that regard, I’ll note the unusual comments his surgeon made about how he should be just fine – they were more over the top than I usually see and it suggests to me that Morgan may in fact be a-okay.

    Odubel Herrera played in all four games I saw. I’ll tell you what, he sure as hell looks like a major leaguer. He’s fast, has decent contact skills, works the count, seems to have adjusted well in the outfield, and certainly looks like he may have more upside. Keeping him on the roster should be a no brainer if he plays the rest of the way in ST the way he played when we saw him.

    Paul Clemens is a guy to watch. He throws damned hard and seems to have good breaking pitches. Better yet, he retains and even increases his velocity in multiple innning stints. I’d love to see a guy like him as the long man with the possibility of his starting if he does well. The dude has one hell of an arm.

    Joely Rodriguez has good composure and attacks the zone but his velocity was very borderline, even for a lefty. He sat 89 and 90. He looks a lot more like Caesar JImenez than he does a decent back end starter. Let’s see if he can ramp up the velo in the next few weeks, but I was not too impressed.

    Aruajo seems to have something going. He sat 93 and 94 and was hard to hit. The team will probably have to make a decision between him and Hollands for the final roster spot – both are fine choices – I’d do whatever is in the best long term interests of the franchise.

    Biddle did not have a good outing, but his velocity is EXTREMELY encouraging. He sat at 93 and 94 and he’s in tremendous shape – he’s filled out a little, but it’s all muscle. When he spun off one of his fabulous curve balls the batter just watched – completely stunned. But he struggled a bit with command. Still, he’s got some serious upside, so let’s not give up on him just yet. He’s got to stop fighting himself and not try to be perfect – he’s got good enough stuff to get him through if he’s just solid in his command – he doesn’t need to paint the outside portions of the plate with each pitch. I’m still a Biddle fan.

    MAG sat 94 and 95, hitting 96 and probably had good breaking stuff. Like Biddle, it’s all about command with him, but he has a lot of ability.

    I don’t want to ever see Sean O’Sullivan again – gosh he’s awful.

    I’m still very concerned about Maikel Franco’s ability to hit or even fight off a decent breaking pitch. He just flailed away at all breaking balls when i saw him play. If he doesn’t make that adjustment, he’ll simply be unable to hit quality major league pitching. I love him as a prospect but he’s got a serious presenting problem right now.

    Cesar Hernandez hasn’t hit much but he pretty much took over the game with his glove at Sarasota, including a great leaping grab.

    Don’t believe the reports on here about the radar gun at Bright House being off. I think it’s entirely accurate – very similar to CBP from what I can tell. If it’s fast, it’s like 1 MPH. Why do I saw that? Giles and Diekman – my velocity “standard candles” (it’s a term from astronomy – it basically means, in this context, that I know how hard they throw) – threw exactly as hard on the gun as you would expect.

    Dom Brown has degraded as a hitter to the point where I think they should consider letting him wag the bat again before he swings. Sure he’ll strike out more, but when he did that, it was a trigger that allowed him to release into the ball and hit it really hard. It’s been a while since he’s hit the ball with any authority and I’m sure, athletically, he hasn’t lost anything, so a change would seem to be in order.

    For what it’s worth, Papelbon’s velocity was pretty decent.

    Before our eyes Justin DeFratus has become a really nice 7th inning guy – he reminds me of all those “no name” guys the Padres used to have whose names you could never remember but who used to always have ERAs below 2 (Mike Adams was actually one of those guys at one point).

    When you watch Jeff Francoeur in person you see why he gets so many chances. He’s a real “too shed” player, his arm is riduclous, he’s got power to burn, he’s built like a God and he seems to be the nicest guy around. None of those things, however, will draw you a walk.

    Catch out.

    1. Two other observations:

      Tommy Joseph looked very good in all respects. He seemed to be proficient behind the plate and it looks like he calls a good game. At the plate, he looks fully healthy and seems to have generally good at bats. If he can stay healthy, he at worst looks like a solid back-up but might be quite a bit more than that.

      Neffi Oganda threw fine – it’s unclear from what I saw how well he throws his breaking stuff, but it does appear to be coming along.

      1. Great report catch.
        And on Hoskins, my sleeper this year….I think he can power his way to Reading.
        And no sooner then you mention Dom Brown’s degradation….he pokes one today in the ‘extra’ inning! 🙂

        1. How hard was Andy Oliver throwing? He pitched the day before and the day after our trip – struck out 2 batters each time. And info?

        1. Why doesn’t Amaro understand what a concussion is? Is he that stupid or that irresponsible?

          1. Definitely a long-shot that local kids become great for their favorite home-town team. Some have made it, but it is rare. Hope he does it.

  9. Hey guys. Sounds like a number of you are down in Clearwater this week, as I am. Does anyone happen to know the details of Saturday’s game between the Class A Phillies and the Canadian Youth National Team? Poking around online all I can figure out is that it’s in Tampa and location/time are TBA. I’d really like to see that instead of trekking all the way to Lakeland for a second time on Saturday.

    1. The game vs Canada is in St Petersburg at the Walter Fuller Baseball Complex. I arrive tomorrow night and will be there on Saturday.

  10. A healthy and talented Joseph would be a major gift to the franchise. If he IS healthy, I guess he’d start at Reading. Doing well there he’d progress to AAA and to the big club in Se pt. Gotta root for the guy for his sake and ours; he’s been injury-out of action more time than he’s played.

    Does he or the coaches/manager talk about the new kind of catcher’s mask he is now using to ward against concussive hits? With much better protection, he’d have a good chance to make hoped-for progress.

    Also, is any Clwtr Phillie watcher able to tell whether Tocci has filled out and added muscular tone…and if so, how much?

    “Youth wants to know”!

    1. from catch;s report from above:
      “Tocci has filled out a little but his frame is so slight and muscles so sparse that I’m not sure how much more functional weight he can add. That said, when I saw him, he smacked the ball surprisingly well. Didn’t hit any out, but hit the fence on a fly a few times. He has decent bat speed, although I still can’t see him possibly being a starter on a major league team unless he fills out substantially, which I just don’t think will happen. Some guys just don’t have the frame to fill out – I think Tocci is one of those guys”

  11. Any time table on Dugan’s return. The poor man can’t a break… the “other brand” paper towels in Bounty commercials seem to hold up better than him…

  12. I was there for this too.. The funniest thing about billingsley pitching was that all of the brass (gillick, dallas green, kerfield) all showed up just as billingsley finished. Apparently He threw a little early. It was pretty funny to see these guys show up and not a see a pitch.

  13. Thank you for your report catch. It is very interesting and informative reading, and I sure hope that we can add a healthy and productive Tommy Joseph to our future. That would be a big help.

    1. My pleasure – I’m glad you found it useful. Fortunately, I went early in ST where a lot of the younger guys get to play in the games.

  14. I’m most interested in the new comers Lively, Eflin, Arano and Wendle. I’d like see in person if Lively’s K rate is the real deal.

  15. I’m off to the airport right now for a weekend of spring training and minor league watching! Always a great time. Columbia Restaurant and Island Way Grill for our dinners, Lenny’s for breakfast. Life is good! I’ll watch the minor leaguers Friday and Sunday mornings and all day Saturday.

    1. The Columbia restaurant rocks. We went to the one in Clearwater for dinner and we both loved it (it takes only like 10 or 15 minutes to get there from anywhere near Clearwater). The original is in Tampa and is worth going to at least once, although the menu appears to be the same at each place and the other places attempt to capture the old world charm of the original. Still, the original, with its tile mosaics all over the place – is awesome.

      We didn’t hit Lenny’s this time but if you’ve never been, it’s tremendous.

      By the way, if you are going to other ballparks, the most beautiful one, I think, is in Sarasota (Orioles)- it’s new and it’s very nice. Port Charlotte was also nice, but it’s a two hour drive away – it’s very reminiscent of our Lakewood park and the Italian sausages there are awesome.

      1. I thought Sarasota was still using ancient Ed Smith stadium. Glad to hear they’ve upgraded.

    2. Life is soooo good. My flight is at 6:30 tonight. Lenny’s is a must. Will also be scouting a different kind of talent at the Tilted Kilt (Haha- I’m not a creeper). 80+ temp the next 3 days. Minor league workouts, two Phils games, minor league game with Canada, 18 holes (not at the Tilted Kilt) and back on a plane Monday. Usually squeeze in a Tampa Bay Lightning game too, but not this time.

    1. Lenny’s was closed down for a few days over the winter for health code reasons. But I’m still going there tomorrow. Haha
      This is my 12th year in a row. It’s a great time.

      1. I Had to make a choice spring training or Kentucky derby. My love for horses is just to great, to miss a trip to see the derby. wish I could do both.

  16. By the way, Herrera sure looks like a keeper with a muti hit game today. Blanco is also solidifying his spot. It will be Cesar vs one of the outfielders (danks, Franceur) for the 25th man.

    1. rocco…Frenchy gave the Phillies a happy ending in ’08. if he hadn’t hit into that Eric Bruntlett triple play with Lidge on the mound , the Mets may have turned the season around….instead the Phillies went on to win the division, proceeded forward, and then the parade on Halloween and Utley famous words at the Bank.

      1. Romus I will watch game today. I think your there? if you are in bottom of third inning could you streak so I can see you. run up to amaro

  17. Somewhat live report, just watched Biddle throw a very good inning vs TB. 3 up 3 down. Hit 94 multiple times. One solid liner and 2 easy outs

  18. Inning 2 for Biddle…2 singles though the second was a bloop that Domonic Brown sent back on and should have caught. Foul pop to 1st, FC 4-6, K swinging on a nice curve. Pitched out of trouble very nicely
    Impressive outing

  19. Only second time I have seen Biddle. on tv he look like he has a real good fastball and breaking b all. This kid has a chance off what I have seen today.

  20. Great day today. Lenny’s followed by two hours with the minor leaguers and then the “major league” game. In reality the game featured mostly minor league pitchers. Joeley started and looked ok but not great. Biddle as noted above looked very good and got a big strike out with two men on to end the inning. It had to be a big confidence boost for the kid as he probably goes to the minor league camp in the next day or two. Ethan Martin was very underwhelming to me. He never hit 90 which is a big problem. Of the position players, Cesar had a terrible game. I could see him play himself out of the system if he plays like that. He needs to turn it around.
    Observations of my morning at the minors: Tocci still has no chest. However he hit two out in bp, which I’ve never seen him do before. Crawford is very smooth, that’s the best way to describe him. Very Jeter like. I couldn’t find Grullon but none of the catchers I saw throwing impressed me much. Green looked uncomfortable hitting. He’s definitely working on a shorter swing. Pullin looked great. I don’t know if he has the power to play a corner spot but he looked stronger and hit line drives all over. Cozens is a bit of a long swinger still and I think that might hurt him down the road. Sandburg is practicing with the Cwater group and hanging in ok. Good looking athlete obviously. The funniest observation walking up behind the pitchers (Eflin, Windle, Lively, Nunez, Taylor, Guth) is that they are huge. Great time. Good dinner planned for tonight.

    1. I saw those Tocci BP HR’s. Glad you confirmed them as I thought maybe my eyes were blinded by the sun. Going to games vs Canadian Jr team today. Should be fun.

    2. Murray, this is great and is entirely consistent with what I saw last week and in my other experiences seeing these players. Although I didn’t see Martin, I’m not surprised that the fastball is no longer there. Yes, the pitchers are almost all enormous.

      Other times I saw him, I had the exact same impression of Crawford – very, very smooth. He glides everywhere, completely in control, supremely confident. And the best reference for him as a player is Jeter (I say reference and not comparison because it’s unfair to compare any minor league player to an all-time great) – he’s in that mold of player. Great athlete. Good at everything, possible 55 power down the road.

  21. With the injuries popping up to Lee & Harrang they will keep veteran starters in AAA rotation…I believe Berken & Walters will be in LHV rotation

  22. I watched morning bp today and some random guys that stood out as I tried to bounce from field to field: Perkins, pointer, Crawford of course, cozens, Harold Martinez hit several out, Grullon looked good to me, shortall looked very good to me, zier was a line drive machine. I also watched for the first time our new 16 yr olds. Arauz, Brito, looked good but they’re so young. I didn’t see sack green today plus a young group left early to play the Canadians. Eh! Good times

    1. Murray hurry up…..free hot dogs at Lakeland today…if you get there before the 7th inning.

    2. I forgot to mention that I love the way Lenin Rodriquez handles himself. He just looks the part of a caching prospect. Also in some drill, Quinn throw out a runner at the plate tagging from third with a bb from medium center on the fly. Yes, I think he’ll be just fine in cf. Perkins looked better in rf than I remember. I’m curious to see what they do with Altherr to start. I had been thinking LHV but now I’m leaning towards Reading with Brown, who looks very smooth, going to Cwater. I think the kids might be off tomorrow. They ended the afternoon practice running the warning track around all 4 fields, carrying their locker stool!

      1. I found out from Calvin Rayburn, a very nice guy who I had a great chat with at the pool, that the running with the stool was due to two guys in the locker room not putting their stools on top of the lockers as instructed. Everyone had to run as punishment with the stools. Stupid if you ask me….

    3. Cozens’ BP sessions are a sight to see. He is so strong and powerful. Of course they aren’t throwing off-speed pitches. Crawford makes solid contact every pitch.

  23. Don’t know how to get this in a spot where it will be seen (or if it is worth it), but here is a report from todays’ Phuture Phillies vs Canadian Juniors. (Phils won 9-0).

    Cord Sandberg-

    4-3 Groundout
    Ground 1B between 1st and 2nd
    Worked 0-2 to 3-2 with a couple of foul balls, lined out to RC
    Line single with 2 rbi, took second on throw to 3rd excellent base running
    Bloop 1B to LC (should have been caught)

    Andrew Pullin-

    Ground 1B up middle- took off on a 3-1 pitch, ball 4 so no throw
    Smoked one over CF head for a 2run 3b
    Ripped a line out to CF
    4-3 soft groundout

    Andrew Knapp-

    Walked on 5 pitches
    4-3 RBI GO
    Liner near track opposite field (LF)

    Got removed for Fisher after 3 AB

    Rhys Hoskins-

    Ground 1B up middle
    Opposite field lineout
    E5 weak chopper
    long foul-HR distance down LF line- then a BB

    Zach Green-

    Hard line out to LF
    Hard line single, took 2nd on throw
    K swinging couldn’t hold up on high FB
    4-3 groundout
    Well hit lineout to deep right

    Jiandido Tromp-

    Broken bat groundout 4-3
    Blasted a 2 run double hit base of fence (only 365 in LC)
    BB on 4 pitches
    Hard lineout to CF

    Luis Pujols-

    Weak 4-3 GO
    Smoked line out to LF
    6-3 Groundout
    Easy popout

    Derek Campbell-

    E6 Hard grounder right at SS, throw in dirt
    6-3 GO

    Malquin Canelo –

    FC 6-4, good hustle no throw for DP
    Bunted retired 2-3 looked like he beat it out
    Weak pop to 1B
    Line 1B up the middle

    Carlos Tocci-

    Only got one AB which was a soft 6-4 FC

    We used a different pitcher each inning.(And I didn’t track all of them)

    Colin Kleven-

    5-3 (slow roller)
    Sliced 1B opposite way into shallow LF
    K looking(nice curve)
    Hard liner right at Green (3b)


    5-3 Diving stop by Green, strong throw
    Sinking foul hit opposite way caught by Tromp
    BB (was ahead 1-2)
    K swinging tried to check but couldn’t


    Hard line single the other way/
    K swinging on inside FB
    4-6-3 DP on a chopper


    Line foul out to LF
    4-6 almost DP
    High Fly out to CF


    1-2-3 easy inning


    Soft liner to right
    Hard ground single between SS and 3B
    Ground out to 2B

    Sorry there may be a few blanks but I was typing originally on my phone. because I didn’t bring any paper to write on.


      1. DId you end up going to the game? I will be at Bright House tomorrow (and of course the complex in the morning) then gotta head back North.

        1. No I watched the minors do some drills and hit the pool. Going to the minors tomorrow morning and then the game at 1. Then home tomorrow night sadly.

  24. OMG watching his guy Gonzalez is painful. He just has no pitch location. another 4 million dollar a year mistake. him and aumont should be gone. pls/

    1. rocco….don’t be so hard on the guy. Umpire on Nava’s 2-2 count doesn’t give him the obvious outside black, then on the full, he throws the CB ask by Chooch and its downtown. His velo at 94 is at least promising.

    2. Why should Gonzales be gone? He’s still building arm strength and gaining control after injury and a layoff from pitching. It costs the Phillies next to nothing to keep him, so why would you want him gone?

  25. He has had this velocity for how long now? aumont can throw a ball just as hard. Velocity isn’t the only thing a pitcher needs. I don’t care how hard guys throw. If they cant locate there pitches they don’t make it.

    1. That is why I think velocity at times can be very overrated. I would gladly trade 5mph for a pitcher that can put his pitches on a spot.

      The Cardinals had lots of good pitchers like that over the years. Not fireballers but they could paint the corners of the strike zone all game long.

  26. I’ve been trying to watch the game and see Andy Oliver and I just missed him pitch yet again. He struck out the side, can anybody watching the game tell me what he did? How hard does he throw? By the way Aruajo looked great and, actually Morgan looked damned good too – he throws a ton of pitches and the change and curve are well above average.

    1. You’re right, Araujo looked terrific and Morgan looked great in inning 1 and got through inning 2 leaving the bases loaded. He threw 91 consistently. Araujo threw 96, the kid has an arm. Oliver looked very good but against minor league guys. I’d like to see him earlier in a game. He threw 95 and had a killer change up.

      1. Cecchini and Brentz are minor leaguers and Quintero is older and near the end of his career, but has played about 10 years in the majors.

  27. Comments from this morning at the complex: Lino looked way stronger than I recall and hit the ball very hard. Pointer looked bulked up too and hit well. Aaron Brown looks like a beast physically. He’s holding his own with the double A group for now. Sandburg continues to impress, playing with the Cwater group. I finally got to see Grullon throw. Omg, it’s something to see. He has a legit cannon.
    Time to go home. The games start soon.

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