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Open Discussion: Week of March 23rd

Well, so much for the light-hearted speculation that the Phillies might be buyers in June.  They are coming off a 1-5 week in the Grapefruit League.  They have slipped to a 9-10 record.  Their recent level of play is probably what we are more likely to see this season as the starters begin seeing more time and more players are optioned, reassigned, or released.

The Phillies did manage to increase their offensive slash to .229/.286/.325/.611 from the .225/.276/.315/.592 they had posted through March 16th.  They are still the worst in all four categories in the National League.  I don’t expect thinks to get any better since most of the players posting good numbers this spring are likely to be bench players (Rupp .412/474/.647/.1.121) or reassigned/released (Bogusevic .400/.423/.840/.1.263; Phelps .345/.472/.483/.955; McGuiness .308/..500/.308/.808; Danks .280/.357/.480/.837). Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of March 23rd