Pitchers and Catchers, Day One, Finally!

Players and fans braved the 40-plus degree weather for the official start of Phillies’ spring training this morning. I arrived early and collected the roster and schedules they provide and made my way to the bleachers to see who was in attendance.

It was very difficult to identify the players since most of them kept their wind breakers on during calisthenics and long toss.  Ethan Martin and Jake Diekman were the first to drop their jackets.  Jonathan Papelbon was easily recognizable in his white-rimmed sunglasses.   Cole Hamels was also easy to pick out by his delivery and follow through.  In the past, Hamles could be easily spotted because he was he longest long tosser at the start of camp.  Thankfully he reigned it in today in the chilly weather.

After losening their arms, they broke out for pitching and four rounds of PFPs.  Before they got to bunting and conditioning, I drove over to Bright House Field to see which position players had reported early.  Most players have been see around the complex, but I did not see the big names taking batting practice.  Once again, wind breakers prevented the easy identification of players, but I was able to pick out Kelly Dugan, Darin Ruf, Odubel Herrera, and Cody Asche.

Cody Asche shagged balls in left field during BP, but as I left I spotted him taking ground balls at third on the half-field outdside Bright House.  Freddy Galvis and another SS were also taking ground balls (maybe Andres Blanco?)

Here is a copy of the Spring Training roster.  No surprises among the players.  Guest instructors include Dan Plesac and Aaron Rowand among other, more familiar names.

2015 ST Roster

The XST schedule has been set  Those files are attached below.

2015 XST Schedule – Page 1, 2015 XST Schedule – Page 2

The Minor League schedule I posted several weeks ago remains unchanged.  As always, if you would like an electronic copy of any of the files, contact me thru prospectpoll@yahoo.com.



18 thoughts on “Pitchers and Catchers, Day One, Finally!

    1. I was wearing shorts, a polo shirt, light jacket, and sandals. You would not believe how other people were dressed. I know most of them were from Philly, but they dressed like they were still there.

  1. I am anxious to see who is working with Roman Quinn. Would love Garry Maddox to be a guest instructor, whose sole job is to teach the prospective CFs.

    1. Can Maddox teach Quinn to steal first base, if not that would be a waste of time. Quinn will never hit MLB pitching enough and at that level they have real infielders to take away the three hop infield hits he gets now.

      1. And you base this on what? I watched Quinn all last season and reported that he was NOT getting the infield hits that we would expect from him. Where are you getting this “three hop infield hits” information?

        1. Yeah, that’s one. It happened in the AFL. This is the type of hit he didn’t get in the FSL at the home games and a few road games last year. He also didn’t get many bunt base hits in the games I was in attendance.

      2. U must be a Quinn hater because the the afl fall league against pitcher in aa and aaa I didn’t se any one hopper. U might want to get the facts correct before u post.

  2. With their wind-breakers on, I would think Jon Papelbon would be rather easy to identify.
    He would be the one who prefers the feel of the close-fitting extra small athletic supporter, but needs to make manual adjustments through-out the warm-ups.

  3. I am cautiously optimistic that Ethan Martin will take a step forward this year. Stuff wise, he could be a solid piece in the pen. ‘Just’ needs to command his pitches (and stay healthy).

    1. Thank you Cole Hamels. Finally someone in this organization willing to tell the truth. Someone who isn’t drinking the Koolaid that this organization has been putting out for the last several months . He has seen the real lack of talent below the MLB level and wants out now before it gets really, really ugly.

      1. Exactly what koolaid would you be talking about? The past couple of months all the front office has said it that it’s going be to a period of rebuilding (which means not winning). Their assessment seems to be pretty honest . . . So what are you even talking about? Then again you didn’t know your info about Quinn so why would I think you’d know about this?

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