32 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #6

  1. I think Knapp has All Star potential and that why i give nod over Dugan who I think can be a good OF…Biddle mental setbacks are more alarming than any physical injuries

    1. Concussions can cause all manner of mental/cognitive/whatever you wanna call them problems. Hopefully that will be passed this spring.

      1. Yeah I’m going Biddle here too. People shouldn’t talk like concussions are a small thing because they are far from it. We still don’t have a clue the full extent of what a concussion can do to a person mentally.

  2. Tocci for me over Altherr . I’ve been a huge Tocci fan from the first time I saw him play over a few weeks. I still love him a ton but am a bit concerned like everyone else about his strength not yet developing.

  3. It’s Mecias here for me. His arm injury was a bump in the road. If he didn’t have that, he’d be top 5, with a bullet. I think he’ll explode back onto the scene this year. Biddle barely made my top 10. I think he’s in show me mode. He might have topped out. I hope not but damn it looks like it.

  4. I went with Biddle, although Mecias also garnered consideration. Biddle’s control problems remain a huge issue, but he has one truly elite pitch that, to me, raises his ceiling to at least a potential two. Mecias has better control and command, and his change is plus by most accounts, but if Biddle can locate it consistently, that curve can be deadly.

  5. I honestly don’t have Biddle in my top 10 anymore and I think there’s probably a fair chance he doesn’t stick in the rotation, gets a shot in relief. I say this mostly because his command has been poor and is regressing.

    1. Just to add, it’s not really a question of endurance or stuff, but more the fact that his command and control are borderline non-MLB skills.

    2. I wouldn’t say his command is regressing. He walked less batters in 2014 than he did in 2013, and the walks were way down before his injuries started last year.

      1. He still had a nearly 5 bb/9 rate last year, while I love his 10 k/9 in order to be effective #4 pitcher he needs to have a bb rate per 9 below 3.5 and given his last two years, at 5.3 and 4.9 respectively, mind you where hitters don’t have near the patience they do in the majors, I have serious concerns.

  6. Went with Biddle, since I had him at 5 yesterday. Would have gone Eflin here, so falling into place, where the real tough choices are coming.

    1. Several reasons.
      1.) I have limited time and grab a picture quickly sometimes.
      2.) He was in a Phillies uniform.
      3.) It was an action shot rather than a head shot.
      4.) I’m familiar with Quinn and knew it was he. Some action shots I’m not sure of the player.
      5.) It is from the AFL, that’s a scorpion on his helmet. I think it’s from the All Star Game.
      6.) I liked the shot. And it was on the free page so I shouldn’t have to worry about copyrights.

  7. Mecias for me, though I admit this is more a hunch based on his pre TJ form. But he looked quite dominating at that time and as I said, I feel like he has passed Biddle on the depth chart for me.

    Odubel is an interesting case for me. In years past I’ve been reluctant to rank Rule 5 guys just because their chances of sticking with the org are so low. But this does seem like a different case: there is a clear potential bench role for him and the team is going to be so bad that, you know, what the hell. I guess it may come down to who plays better in Spring Training, him or Hernandez, since Hernandez is out of options and might very well get picked off waivers by some team that needs middle infield help.

      1. He was not in BA’s Texas top 30 list coming into 2014 season. Clearly, Texas didn’t have him among their top 15 non-25-man roster guys plus however many top prospects not yet subject to Rule 5 this winter. Any Rule 5 guy is a really long shot, especially under the current Rule 5 rules, which provide basically an extra year of team control prior to Rule 5 compared to the rules of half decade ago. So… safe to say that Texas wasn’t super high on Herrera. Let’s hope they were wrong in their evaluation. Coming into last season, three of Texas top 30 prospects were 2B, including #1 prospect Odor.

  8. Curious to hear from more Tucci supporters. Especially why you would choose him over Dugan.

    If you’re an OF with limited power and speed, you need an exceptional hit tool. And I just haven’t seen that from Tucci.

    Yes, he’s 18, so that’s exciting. And we all like projecting the prospects here.

    But Dugan has shown more, has progressed five straight years and is closer to The Show.

    1. I loved Tucci in “Big Night” and “Margin Call.” Not sure he’s ever going to develop enough strength to hit for power, though, especially now that he’s pretty old and bald.

    2. The big advantage Tocci has over Dugan is defense. He is an excellent CF and Dugan is not MLB-quality in CF. Tocci has to gain strength and power to justify the current hopeful projection, but is young enough that the projection is possible. He did improve his ISO significantly while repeating Linwood in 2014. Dugan is looking like a #4 OF on a good team. He also has had problems staying on the field. One can still dream that Tocci becomes more than that.

  9. I had to go Dugan. I value a possible starting position player more than a mid level pitcher. And if he and Biddle are kind of viewed the same in terms of health and draft pick, I’d say Dugan had a more successful year at Reading and looks more primed at advancing at this point.

  10. I’ve read several people who have said they downgrade pitchers because of their injury risk. Doesn’t that get balanced out by the fact that healthy starting pitchers face more batters than batters have plate appearances? I’ve always rated both the same.

  11. I kind of lump Kilome, Mecias, Biddle, and Dugan into this spot. Part of me thinks Kilome and Dugan don’t belong, but I love Kilome’s upside (and think he’ll explode this year), and I think Dugan has a chance to be similar to Matt Joyce.

  12. I hate to be negative but I don’t understand all the votes for Biddle this early. You can’t totally write off the results of last season. He was a total disaster and needs to improve quite a bit to make it back into the top 10 if you ask me.

    1. Murray, don’t underestimate the effects of a concussion as Brad alluded to earlier. They can take a long time to recover from-especially large chunks of hail/ice in a freak storm.

      1. I understand. However, how was he doing before the concussion? I hope he comes all the way back, I really do but its a big question mark to me. I have him around 12.

        1. If you remove his 5 starts between the concussion and him being shut down, his ERA was under 3, his BB/9 around 4 (though he walked his last 3 batters in last start after leg injury), K/9 was around 9.6 if I remember correctly. Also he allowed 6 of his 12 home runs during those 5 starts

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