Reader Top 30 #1

Welcome to the 2015 Reader Top 30.

I will post a poll most days Monday thru Friday.  I’m starting with MLB’s Top 20 and will add names as needed.  I expect the first new group of names will be added after Prospect #5 is decided.  If you want to make sure a name is added to the list e-mail using the Subject Line – Add Prospect

As I mentioned earlier, we will follow Baseball America’s standards for prospects by considering any player eligible for rookie status as eligible for this poll.  Reminder: the following players exceeded Rookie Status during the 2014 season – David Buchanan, Ken Giles, Miguel Gonzalez, Cesar Hernandez, Mario Hollands, Ethan Martin, and Cameron Rupp; and these players retained their Rookie Status – Aaron Altherr, Maikel Franco, Hector Neris, and Seth Rosin.

I would encourage each participant to submit his own Top 30 to using the Subject – My Prospect List.  I am curious how the day-by-day voting affects the outcome when compared to a one-time submission along the lines of an MVP ballot.  If I receive enough prospect lists early in the poll, I’ll share whatever observations I reach.


24 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #1

  1. Crawford. I can’t imagine voting for anyone else unless you don’t believe in scouting or results, or think somehow he’s absolutely going to get hurt.

  2. Yeah probably the only choice in the whole list you can’t really argue. J.P. is #1.Should have a multiple all star career for the phillies.

  3. Crawford here. my full list is submitted. I can never escape that nagging feeling that I missed someone obvious though.

  4. Crawford. Agree it’s hard to imagine anyone else here. The stats and scouts seem to agree, and anything we’ve heard about his makeup has been great as well. Hopefully he stays healthy and it’s just a matter of when and how good he is.

    1. Opening Day in 2016 would seem a stretch to me, given that he hasn’t seen a pitch above A ball yet. I’d expect he’s going to hit a wall at some point, either in AA or AAA, and have to fight his way out of it, the way most prospects do. I’m guessing a late 2016 call up, with the job his to lose going into Clearwater in 2017.

    1. I voted for Franco because not only is he closer but he has a lot of potential as a hitter. He needs to take a big step forward this year though in order to still be the player we think he can be.

      If Franco had played enough to lose his rookie status last year then it’d definitely be Crawford for me.

  5. Who voted for Knapp? If you think he is our #1, then this organization far worse off than what we all have been discussing.

    Where do I put Herrera? He’s an all or nothing guy. Since he’s a Rule 5, he either has to stay on the roster for the full year or he goes back to where he came from. There’s a very good chance he’ll never play in the Phillies Minors or at least not in 2015. Based on his performance in the winter leagues, he’d be rated very high. The fact that he doesn’t have a true position and will probably be a utility guy, that keeps him out of the top 30. I keep trying to slot him high but that little voice on my right shoulder keeps saying it’s a head fake. Maybe I put him on at #20 and say all or nothing.

    1. Knapp could’ve been an accident — he’s just above Nola in the poll. Just be thankful there doesn’t seem to be any trolling just yet.

  6. As for Crawford we know the approach is advanced so if he eventually struggles at the plate to begin a level there’s no need for concern. I’m rely excited to see him advance defensively and hopefully develop into a plus defender

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