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Logan Moore was a 9th round JUCO pick in 2011 out of Northeastern Junior College in Colorado. He worked his way through the organization and split time between Clearwater and Reading during the 2014 regular season. I watched him make the FSL All Star team in 2013 with a sub .200 batting average on the strength of his over 40% rate of throwing out would be base stealers. He finished that season with a .185 BA and a 41.2% CS rate. Moore’s offense increased in 2014 and he was sent up to Reading when a spat of catcher injuries hit the organization. After a 4 game stint at the end of April at AA, he returned to Clearwater until he was promoted for good at the end of May. Moore’s passed balls and errors declined but so did his CS rate. His 2014 numbers –

  • Offense
  •             G     AB     R    H    TB   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB   K  SB  CS   Avg.   OBP   SLG HBP Sac SF
  • A+      32   105     5   25    32    7      0     0    11      7   22   1     0   .238    .287   .305     1      0     2
  • AA      59   190     9   42    68  12      1    4     17   20   48   0     2   .221    .296   .358     1      2     2
  • Tot.   91   295   14   67  100 19      1    4     28   27   70   1     2   .227    .293   .339     2      2     2
  • Defense and Catching
  •             Ch    PO     A    E   Fld%   PB   SB   CS     CS%
  • A+      181   153   27   1   .994       3    29    16   35.5%
  • AA      414   379   31   4   .990       3    62    21   25.3%
  • Tot.   595   532   58   5   .992       6    91    37   28.9%

On this basis Moore was selected to participate in the Arizona Fall League. He played in only 12 games. He started as catcher 2 of 6 games each week. Moore got back to back starts only twice. He had 4 days off between starts 3 times and 3 days off between starts twice. I imagine it was tough to get any kind of rhythm at the plate playing so infrequently. That might explain his stats below –

  • Offense
  • G   AB   R   H  TB  2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB   K  SB  CS   Avg.  OBP  SLG HBP  Sac SF
  • 12  41   4    6    7    1     0     0       3      5   11   0     0    .146   .234  .171    0        0    1


  • Defense and Catching
  • PO   A   E   PB   SB   CS    CS%
  •   5     8   1    4      12     8    40.0%

Behind the plate, Moore was charged with 4 passed balls. I would expect that when a catcher handles a pitching staff with short prep time. Ironically, two of his passed balls occurred when pitchers he had a history with were on the mound. – Ethan Stewart and Ryan O’Sullivan. Three of his passed balls happened in the same game – early in the game when O’Sullivan came on in relief and later when a Yankees’ pitcher got two past him in a five pitch span.

Moore threw out 8 of 20 base stealers for a 40% caught stealing rate.

Moore isn’t eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this season. Catchers are always at a premium especially during spring training. Last year, for instance, the Phillies had a glut of catchers report to Clearwater. Once pitchers settled into their routines, they began flying out of camp – starting with Lou Marson, then Francisco Herrera, Josh Ludy, Justin Dalles, and finally Bob Stumpo. At the very least, Moore’s defensive skills should provide him with a job as an org guy for a few more years.

11 thoughts on “AFL – Logan Moore

  1. Logan Moore is the definition of a defensive catcher. A Phil “Babe” Roof Jr. Phil played 15 years in the Majors but those days are long gone. A catcher has to do something offensively to capture a Major League roster spot. He’ll be valuable in the minors as a mentor and give the team an off-the-charts defensive specialist. Remember CS stats have more moving parts then just the catcher. The pitcher has to do his part and even the guy on the receiving end of the throw has to catch it and put the tag down.

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