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Roman Quinn was drafted in the second round in 2011 out of Port St. Joe HS in Port St. Joe, FL. The multi-sport athlete signed over-slot on August 15, 2011 and began his pro career the following summer in Williamsport. A right-handed hitting centerfielder in high school who had begun learning to switch hit in his senior year, Quinn continued the conversion at the plate while learning to play shortstop as a professional.

Quinn played well enough in 2012 to warrant a promotion to full season A ball in Lakewood at the start of the 2013 season. He missed the second half of the season when he broke his wrist. While recuperating in the off season, Quinn suffered an Achilles injury that caused him to miss 6 weeks of the 2014 season with Clearwater. When he returned, he still retained the speed that had him rated the fastest player in Baseball America’s top 200 in the 2011 draft.

The rapid progress of the Phillies’ #16 pick in the 2013 draft, J.P. Crawford, forced the Phillies to make a decision that would enable them to get both players on the field at the same time. As a result, Quinn returned to his natural position, center field, when Crawford was promoted to Clearwater in mid-June.

Quinn’s numbers during the regular 2014 season –

  • Offense
  •             AB   R    H   TB   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  K   SB  CS   Avg.   OBP   SLG   OBP HBP Sac SF
  • RH       98  13  32   41     6    0     1     12     8   14    6     4   .327   .391   .418   .809
  • LH     229  38  52   80     4    3     6     24   28   66  26    8   .227   .323   .349   .673
  • Tot.  327  51  84  121  10    3     7     36   36   80  32  12  .257   .343   .370   .713      9      6     4


  • Defense
  • POS    G      INN      TC     PO    A    E     F%
  • SS      17    151.2     65     27   35    3   .954
  • CF      69    585.0   180   171    3    6   .967

Quinn was selected to go to Arizona. The Phillies designated him a featured player. As such, he would get most of the starts in center field and lead off. He played in 25 games – 24 starts in center field and 1 game in left field, the All Star Game. I included his All Star game stats because he played against the same players all fall. His fall stats –

  • Offense
  •            AB   R    H   TB   2B  3B  HR  RBI  BB  K   SB  CS   Avg.   OBP   SLG   OBP HBP Sac SF
  • RH     29    5   10   12     0     0     1      4      2    4     4     1    .321   .367   .429   .795
  • LH     65  14   15   80     0     2     1      7    14  12  12     1   .219   .359   .328   .687
  • Tot.  94  19   25   92     0     2     1    11    16  16  16     2   .266   .373   .372   .745      0      2     0


  • Defense
  • POS     G      TC     PO    A    E     F%
  • CF       24      57      55     2    0    1.000
  • LF          1        2         2     0    0    1.000

In his Arizona small sample, Quinn continued to hit better from the right side of the plate. He also continued to collect more extra base hits left-handed although he slugged better right handed.

He also ran well. He was clocked below 4.0 seconds from home to first from the left side. One of his 2 CS occurred the first time he reached base in Arizona, and was actually a successful pickoff attempt by the pitcher.

His defense was clean, no errors and 2 assists.

Quinn isn’t Rule 5 Draft eligible this season, but he is a bona fide prospect. He has progressed well since recovering from his injuries, and has looked good in the outfield since his position change.  However, you can’t measure an outfielder’s routes in a box score or in GameDay descriptions.  I recall his routes to balls getting a little ragged toward the end of the regular season.

His play in Arizona looks better than during the regular season, since it was against better competition. I had the pleasure of watching Quinn in Clearwater. I enjoyed watching him but developed a couple of concerns that I hope amount to nothing.

First, in spite of his speed down the line, I don’t recall him actually converting it into a base hit very often.  He needs to be able to take advantage of this aspect of his game.

Second, I don’t recall him getting very many bunts down in fair territory, and when he did it was often too hard and too close to a fielder.  I was surprised how often the corners didn’t play in until after he was unsucessful bunting at a first pitch.  He needs to bunt more efficiently.

And, finally, he doesn’t seem to get many balls into the gaps.  He doesn’t have very many doubles for a guy with his speed.  I don’t think it’s a lack of aggressiveness on his part.  I think he’s just not getting the ball into a part of the field where he can take advantage of his speed.

I don’t know if these are valid concerns.  They are just my observations.  I will enjoy watching Quinn this spring and will miss him in the line up when he is assigned to Reading.

That does it for my AFL recap.


24 thoughts on “AFL – Roman Quinn

  1. I am very excited about Quinn. His split is my only concern. That is the only thing holding him back from being a top 100 guy. He has an elite tool that plays in the game. Game changing speed is very rare. And his RH hitting looks great. So all he has to do is get his LH hitting to average and I think he is a top 100 guy.

    I think his 2 assists in 25 games is also worth noting. That equates to 13 in a full season, which is elite. Only one OF in mlb had more assists last year. I know it is a different level but still, very impressive. I am not saying his arm is elite, as I have never seen him throw. But if he was a legit SS, then he has to have atleast a good arm if not plus arm. So if you put it all together. Game changing speed, good RH bat, seems to have a good eye, plus arm. Those are rare combination in a player. He just needs to improve his LH hitting but I could see him being a very good CF in the bigs for a long career.

    1. I like what Jon Mayo, reporter writes about him:

      “Quinn has also settled nicely as an outfielder, …. He’s made a number of terrific plays this fall and his athleticism plays well in center field. Quinn’s above-average arm is a nice bonus. Quinn is never going to be a power guy, but there’s enough in his bat to feel confident that he’ll have enough strength to hit at the highest level. Keep in mind that he’s a former two-sport star — he had the potential to play football in college — who has missed development time because of injuries. The extra at-bats Quinn is getting in the AFL will only help close the gap. Pompey might have been the biggest bust-out prospect in 2014, going from the FSL to the big leagues in one season. Don’t be surprised if Quinn, in a completely healthy year, is a breakout guy next year who sprints his way to Philadelphia”

    2. Yes he has a nice arm. It is certainly stronger and more accurate than Ben Revere’s for example. But I’ve seen some stronger arms come through the Threshers – Altherr and Lavin to name a couple. Lavin still managed to lead the team with 14 assists in just 52 games. I think he was third in the league, 1 or 2 assists behind guys who played over 100 games.

    3. That 14:2 BB:K ratio totally negates the split concerns, in my opinion. I don’t see much to be concerned about, but plenty to appreciate.

  2. Quinn is one of the prospects that I am excited to see what he does next year, as I hope he has a big year. My question is at what point would the coaching staff decide that he should give up on hitting from the left side?

    1. Scouts agree that the swing from the left side is actually better and more suited to being productive at the major league level. It has harder contact and more power. He has more feel for contact from the right side now, but it can get long and lacks impact.

  3. Report from Paul Hagen that Phils have cooled on Tomas. Think he is DH. May be posturing for contract purposes, but I have the sick feeling that this off-season will be more drek. Very, very hard to have any hope for this team!

    1. That’s is so laughable, that the Phillies think he is a DH. I assume meaning that the Phillies FO think he has limited defensive skills.
      This from a team that trots out there for the last two years Dom Brown, Ben Revere, Cesar Hernandez to play CF, a Darin Ruf to play RF for the first time, and a gimpy Delmon Young in RF.
      As you allude to, I hope Paul Hagen is being used by Ruben as a smoke screen in the posturing of the contract.

      1. Why does everything that comes out from the Phils make you cringe? Some of the worst OF defense in the league gets played in Philly. There are other reports that they are still the frontrunner for Tomas, but they make it so hard to have any faith whatsoever.

      2. So you are unhappy with their outfield defense and then unhappy that they have concerns about adding another potentially below average defender into the mix?

    2. I think it’s posturing. They can’t let a potential bat like this get away. It’s bad enough they’re overpricing the players again.

    3. Read a few reports about his defense in the past few weeks that were very worrisome. Not sure you want to throw 100M at a defensive liabilty (if true) in LF.

  4. Well some good news.
    Biddle was diagnosed with mild tendinitis in his left elbow.
    I guess a little rest will help cure that.

  5. I love Quinn’s game. However, watching him struggle at SS, with bad body language, had me wondering why the Phils even tried him at SS. It’s much better now. With another year of practice in CF, he should be very good out there. His arm is fine for CF and his speed will help too. In revere’s case, his arm is just terrible so the speed doesn’t help enough.

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