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AFL – Nefi Ogando

Nefi Ogando was acquired from the Boston Red Sox for John McDonald in a trade on August 31, 2013. I remember watching him in the Instructional League that fall. He appeared to have a superior fastball. And although he kept it down in the strike zone, it looked to be straight as an arrow. During 2014, he pitched in relief for Reading all season. And in spite of a somewhat poor season, he was selected to participate in the Arizona Fall League. His regular season numbers were –

  •           G      IP       H     R     ER   HR  HB   BB    K      Avg.    WHIP    GO/AO    W    L    SV    SVO
  • AA    48   56.0    64   41    39     6      6     28    57   .291      1.64         1.68        5    1      7      11

His 48 appearances and 57 strike outs were career highs. He posted a 9.16 K/9. However, he also posted career worsts with .291 opponents’ batting average and 1.64 WHIP. He also allowed 4.50 BB/9 and 2.04 K/BB.

Ogando responded with a strong showing in Arizona. He made 12 appearances and allowed runs in only 4 of them. He recorded 1 win and converted 3 of 4 save opportunities. His AFL numbers – Continue reading AFL – Nefi Ogando

Spring Training Tickets … Hmmm

I have been a Clearwater Threshers’ season ticket holder since moving to Clearwater in November 2011. As a season ticket holder one of my perks is the option of purchasing individual game tickets to Phillies’ spring training games a few days before they go on sale to the general public in January.

When I asked if they had season ticket packages for spring training, I was told they did not because they had to make sure that the fans who came down from Philadelphia were able to buy tickets.

I guess it’s no surprise that the regular season play of the Phillies the past couple years has had an effect on spring training ticket sales. Spring training attendance has dropped each of the last two seasons.

So, this week I received an e-mail from Phillies.com. I incorrectly assumed that it was to trumpet a merchandise sale for the holidays at their online store, and didn’t read it until today. Lo and behold, I as a Threshers’ season ticket holder am being offered the opportunity to purchase spring training tickets 3 days BEFORE the 3-game packages go on sale next week. And with very few restrictions. I can buy 4 tickets to each of their four most popular games – Tampa, Boston, Tampa again, and the Yankees. Plus I can buy up to 12 tickets to each of the remaining 12 games. Lucky me!

What better barometer is there of the state of Phillies’ ticket sales when they don’t expect to generate enough spring training sales to Phillies’ fans traveling to Florida in March than this change in policy.