Box Score Recap – 7/30/2014

First off, despite what was on for a while last night, Aaron Nola did not pitch. That site had it wrong. It was Miguel Nunez, and he pitched really well, allowing just one hit and three walks with eight strikeouts in six scoreless innings. He had a fine July, with a WHIP under 1.00 and six inning stints each time out. Roman Quinn was 2-5 and Chris Serritella was a triple short of the cycle. Cody Forsythe worked a five out save in that contest.

Maikel Franco hit the game-winning home run (9) for Lehigh Valley. He’s finishing the month strong. Hopefully August is another July, or even another May, and not another April or June. Five Iron Pigs had multi-hit games, led by Cesar Hernandez and Tyler Henson, who were both 204 with a double and a walk. I left the Rochester pitching line in there so you could see Trevor May’s work. Well done for the former Phils #1 prospect. He’s bound to be a September call-up this year after what looks like a really solid year on paper – 4HR, 33BB and 89K in 89.1 IP. All make for fine rates. Reading managed just one hit against Portland pitching, as Adam Loewen pitched fairly well – he did walk five guys in six scoreless innings, which is not ideal, though he also struck out seven. And Colt Murray let down two of his mates when he allowed both Seth Rosin and Austin Wright’s runners to score in the eighth.

Zach Green had two hits and a walk for Lakewood, as they were shut down by former Phils farm hand Luis Gonzalez. Gonzalez spent three years in the Phils system from 2010-2012, and spent last year in the DSL for the Orioles. He’s 22 years old, but he’s been very good for Delmarva – 0HR, 58K, 19BB in 61.1IP. Curious why he was let go, and I wonder if it was personal, as he wound up in the DSL for a year after what was not a bad year in WIL in 2012. Denton Keys went six scoreless, allowing two hits and one walk while striking out five – good start for him. He’s been inconsistent, but no major red flags so far for him. Austin Davis’ first pro start went pretty well, though he’s not stretched out – he may still wind up staying in the pen going forward.

I’m going to open another trade deadline thread today since yesterday’s is near 100 comments already. Try to keep that stuff in the general discussion, if you can.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-30-14 boxscores

19 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/30/2014

  1. Larry Greene ladies and gentlemen…. 3+ years of simply dreadful play. They’ve got to be at the end of their collective rope with him. He’s blatantly taking ABs from more deserving players – and not just Tromp, pick any OF in the system at WIL or below. Enough already.

    1. Yes, thank you. I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks. I don’t care if they give him at bats if they are not taking chances away from other prospects, but they are taking those chances away from others. This is ridiculous.

    2. Greene only had one strike out yesterday. Of all days to complain about him that was not it. Only 1 K for him is a great day at the plate.

      1. I wasn’t exactly complaining about his 0-3, 1 K evening. I was pointing out that the franchise must be fed up with his career .227/ .320/ .326 slash line coupled with his 31% K rate with no signs of improvement as he’s clearly taking ABs from more deserving players.

        If I wasn’t clear about that before, I hope I am now.

  2. Excited by Quinn and Franco lately. Both having solid months and think Quinn is back in (or near) top 5 status. Only reason he wouldn’t be is the addition of Nola + Imhof

    1. Are these home/away splits right for Quinn? First time I noticed this:

      Home: .179/.265/.222
      Away: .337/.409/.490

      That seems extreme even for SSS

  3. JP Crawford, in his last 10 games (43 PA’s) has one (1) Strikeout. He has 8 walks to his last (1) strikeout, with a .400 OBP. Similar numbers for the rest of July.

    Seems to have figured out the FSL. 4 levels mastered in 1 and a half years out HS. He’s pretty good.

    1. He has one strikeout in his last 70+ ABs. b-ref has the full game log but I didn’t feel like counting it the single digits 🙂

    2. oh he is pedigree player with high baseball IQ. Looking for bump in xtra base hits to finish off the season and gain serious momentum heading into off-season.

      1. Don’t get greedy. He is clearly the real deal, that Florida summer heat will affect anybody’s xtra base hit numbers- especially a skinny kid one year removed from high school

      2. He’s about as sure a thing as it gets in the prospect world. His likely floor is a regular, his likely outcome is a borderline star/occasional all-star, his ceiling is a true star (if the power develops). He’s amazing and never seems to disappoint.

        1. To whothat type of plate discpline and hit tool at age 19 in high A ball, combined with ultra smooth fielding at the highest end defensive position is just superb. I can’t wait to see him with a little more strength at Reading next year – he could climb into the top ten prospects in baseball pretty quickly; in fact, he’s almost there now.

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