Box Score Recap – 7/29/2014

Luis Garcia, back from the DL, and struck out two in a clean inning of work. Kelly Dugan and Aaron Altherr each had singles in both games of Reading’s DH – Edgar Duran had four doubles, all told. And nice work from Ryan O’Sullivan to give his bullpen a break for six innings. He’s been about as effective as a starter as I’d imagined – he seems to be managing his way around the fact that his stuff plays down in longer stints – his strikeout rate has dipped severely from his time in the pen, and his walk rate has gone up.

Roman Quinn was 4-5 with two steals. The Threshers stole six off of Stuart Turner and his battery mates. Not a good day for him. Cody Forsythe stranded two runners, despite allowing a hit, and struck out the side for his second FSL save. He’s been really good this year – 50:8 k:bb in 47.1IP across two levels. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get four weeks in Reading right now. For Lakewood, Tocci, Pullin, Knapp and Cozens put up two hits a piece – one of Tocci’s was a double, one of Cozens’ was a three-run homer (14). Tocci is OPSing .820 for the month, and Cozens .931. Yoel Mecias is limiting runs, but he’s not yet striking out a ton of batters – just 21 over 32 innings this year. He’s got plenty of time to turn that around, however.

Thinking they ought to get Brandon Liebrandt to Lakewood, already. Another gem from him the the NYPL – in six scoreless innings, he allowed one hit, two walks and struck out six. He’s allowed just six hits and struck out 18 in 18 innings at this level. Dominant. GCL pounded out 13 hits against the Pirates squad, while Nic Hanson threw five perfect innings in his rehab appearance.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-29-14 boxscores

24 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/29/2014

  1. Love looking at the Lakewood box score to see Cozens and Tocci tearing it up. Cozens is hitting .347 in July since he has made the change in his approach. Lets hope it continues. For all you tocci haters he hit .306 in July and had an iso of .111. Not real power but 12 xbh in one month is pretty good. Lets hope to see both in CLW next season.

    1. Tocci does have the motor to leg out triples…8 on the year and 3 in the last ten games. I keep wondering what his actual weight is these days,
      Phillies do not seem to have any need to list the latest annual weighing rather sticking with the weights from when the player signed or was drafted.

      1. Tocci has the speed to leg out doubles and triples, which is why I was surprised his xbhs have been so low. Makes me think he has been making better contact. Hopefully this is the offseason he finally puts on 10-15 and just starts clobbering the ball. The last month, while only 100-115 abs, has really given me hope on Tocci.

        1. This is a purely box score based opinion but I am very encouraged at how many multi-hit games Tocci has been getting in the second half of the season. Last year he was getting a lot of 1 hit games and they were almost exclusively singles…this year his xbh’s are up, his batting average is up (not by a ton, but it is up) and it was all done in a ballpark that is reportedly not particularly hitter friendly. Guy is still 18 right? I don’t see why people could be down on him at all…progress is progress and who knows…maybe he will break around the age of 20/21 at Reading.

  2. It looks like Quinn is close to if not already having his speed completely back. He’s stealing bags like crazy over the last 10 days or so. Maybe the Phils are cutting him loose in the bases. Getting the elite speed back is huge for Quinn.

    1. Down the road, an interesting scenario and competition, if things work out as hope, between Quinn and one-level behind Tocci for the eventual goal of the CF job in Philly.

      1. Already have this with Franco/Asche. Looking forward to see how it plays out. With Franco/Asche you have multiple options to try. Asche to lf or 2b(again). Franco to first or move him back to catcher …. Just kidding, although the stick would play up there.

        1. It doesn’t seem like Asche can cut it at 2B. If anything, if all 5 pan out and remain in Philly, I think one of two scenarios plays out:

          Franco at third, JPC at SS, Asche in LF, Tocci in CF, Quinn at 2B


          Franco at 1B, JPC at SS, Asche at 3B, and Quinn and Tocci compete for CF with the other at RF.

          The reason I brought JPC into the equation is because if he doesn’t happen to pan out and the other 4 do (how odd would that be?), I would imagine Tocci gets CF and Quinn goes back to SS. Also, the reason I think only two of Tocci, Quinn, and Asche play in the OF is because I think at least one of Brown, Dugan, or Altherr will be around in the majors.

          So we need 3 of the 5 to play IF positions, and JPC and Franco represent two of them. If Asche isn’t playing 3B, he doesn’t have the glove for 2B or SS, and he doesn’t have the bat for 1B. And there’s no point in trying Tocci at SS that late when Quinn’s already got a good amount of experience there.

          1. Tocci’s arrival date is so far in the future, it’s really pointless to be worried about how they balance him and Quinn. There’s maybe at best a 50-50 shot that even one of them becomes a major league caliber player, and a much smaller one that both of them become major league caliber players, and if that happens one of them could easily become a fourth OF, and if they are both so good that neither of them profiles as a reserve, then one of them can be traded at some point for something useful.

  3. Seems like every time I check the box score JPC has a walk, very pleased with that. Leibrandt definitely seems ready for a promotion. He must know how to pitch because he does not throw very hard and gets a good amount of k’s. Cozens has been fun to follow this year.

  4. As horrible as things have been looking in the organization, there are a few guys here who are genuinely exciting. Quinn is becoming a must-check-the-box-score-every-day guy. Cozens might actually be a toolsy OF who they were able to teach how to play! It’ll be fun to track his progression. Franco with another hit, even if it was just a 1-4 night, i belive it was off alex meyer who is a good prospect. His 4-4 game was against all pitchers who pitched in the Majors previously. Definitley wouldnt mind to see him get a cup of cafe au lait in September

    1. I think overall this has been a very good year for our system, particularly compared to last year. Relatively few injuries, and lots of players progressing as we had hoped.

      1. Which NOBODY would have said a month ago. This past month, SSS aside, has been great for our minor league system as a whole.

  5. Isn’t is about time to move Jiandido Tromp up to Lakewood and move Larry Greene to Williamsport.

    1. I’d just release Greene – I don’t see him doing anything but depriving other players of at bats at this point. Maybe you send him down to Williamsport just to see if he does anything interesting but, to me, he’s as good as cooked.

    2. I’m thinking promote Tromp and then just let Greene ride out the rest of the season and release him this winter. He’s shown no signs of improvement in his 3 years, even less of an inclination to get his fat backside into shape for ST, and he’s now been passed by numerous players – Tromp specifically.

  6. He seems to be flying under the radar a bit still, but Nefi Ogando seems to be back on track. He was just awful in June, but he showed promise before that and he’s been good since. Stuff-wise he sounds very similar to Giles, but like Giles before this year, the control needs a lot of work.

  7. I really think Castro deserves a shot at the big leagues and hope he gets the chance if the Phills move Byrd at the deadline.

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