Box Score Recap – 7/19/2014

When I started pulling this together for the night I was wide awake, but now I’m about ready to fall asleep. So let me sum up the night really quickly without trying to force any jokes down your throat.

Brad Lincoln and Ryan O’Sullivan pitched really well as LV and REA both swept double headers. MAG got the save in the Reading nightcap (insert drinking joke here), while Kelly Dugan was on base three times and Aaron Altherr was 2-3 with a double. Roman Quinn went deep and Aaron Nola struck out five against zero walks – he hasn’t walked a man since his debut on June 23, (insert debutante joke here).

Carlos Tocci was on base three times, (joke, second quick joke back to back, one of them about how he should eat a snack), Andy Knapp four hits, including two doubles, and Mitch Walding had three hits. He’s been hot (joke – whoa, that was a little racy). We’ll see how it plays out. Rhys Hoskins now has three days in a row with a home run. Jia Tromp and Aaron Brown with two hits a piece (joke in poor taste, oops, offended some folks there – you guess which group of people). And Lewis Alezones struck out four and walked one in four hitless innings in the GCL (thing that seems like it was supposed to be a joke but it’s really me falling asleep).

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. LOL. Brad – some of your best jokes all season

    To all those black cats who jinxed Cord Sandberg, be reminded of the SSS.

    Grenny Cumana the next Jose Altuve?

    1. Grenny Cumana the next Jose Altuve?
      If he were an inch taller I say he has a chance.

    1. He has impressive stats and good size, but he is also 20-years old and in a league facing comp 2/3 years younger then him.

    2. A little bit, I guess. He’s very old for the league, so until he comes stateside, it’s hard to say even if the club thinks he has a future with the org.

    3. He just turned 20 so he’s not necessarily young. I’m more interested in Ranger Suarez (great first name). He’s 18, won’t be 19 until next month, and used exclusively as a starter he’s pitched 60 innings with 61K’s and, get this, 1 walk. He’s only given up 50 hits over his 60+ innings. Good for a 1.63 ERA and .84 WHIP.

      Admittedly I have no clue what he throws but his numbers are awfully Severino-ish

      1. if we are going to start pointing out 20 year olds that need a shot in GCL, how bout closer Alejandro Garcia in the VSL. Dude has 27 innings in 17 games giving up 14 hits and 6 walks with 28 strikeouts tallying up to 8 saves and a miniscule 0.33 ERA

  2. Patiently waiting for Ruf to get hot. Announcers during Phil’s telecast reported MAGs was hitting 97 mph last night.

    1. It’s so promising to hear of MAG’s velocity. To be honest, he was starting to appear as a lost cause. I felt after his signing that he seemed like a better fit for the pend, after all, he certainly would have been on an innings limit this season and even next. He’s been regularly sitting at 94-97 the past few weeks and it’s hard to argue with his numbers. A few more appearances at Reading and I suspect we’ll see a promotion to LV. Perhaps even the big club if Papelbon and/or Bastardo are moved ahead of the deadline

      1. I see the Reds may be interested in Bastardo.
        Not sure what value return it could be.

        1. I’d take anything decent I could get for Bastardo, he’s 30, with Holland and Diekman, how many lefties do you need, and LOOGY’s are a dime a dozen.

      2. If this is an indication of his future, it would then be great if MAG works his way into the bullpen next year with the Philies like Chapman did for the Reds.
        Can you imagine he, Giles and Diekman at the back end.

        1. I was at the game last night and was talking to an AL scout for a bit and had the following things to say-

          1 On MAG – “Wow, he won’t be pitching at this level much longer.”

          2 On Biddle – “Not over for him by any stretch. Probably the first time he’s had to deal with failure. It will all lie in how he responds. Everything I’ve heard is he’s a bright kid”

          3 On Dugan – “Sweet stroke. Will be playing everyday in Philly this September if they don’t acquire a young OF”

          4 On Collier – “Nothing there.”

          5 On Altherr – “Lots to like, next year at AAA will determine whether he’s an extra piece or if he has the capability to be a lot more. I’ve seen him for years and you watch him play and then look at his numbers and wonder why they aren’t better. He’s the kind of guy who could really figure it out.”

          1. Agreed on Dugan – the growing plate discipline has me the most excited. I’ve just got a very good feeling about him – I think he’s going to be a really good major league player. Just what the doctor ordered for an ailing major league offense and good secondary skills to boot.

            1. Sorry you mentioned anything about “doctor.” This guy’s main problem could be staying injury-free. He has probably lost 1/2 of his minor lg play due to injuries of one kind or another.

              Maybe careful game-prep and hard maintenance through exercises could help.
              I’d love to see him in our OF soon….

      3. I saw MAG’s outing on Friday night on the MILB website. Folks, right now, he is throwing some serious heat. He looks nothing like the pitcher I saw during spring training. He also flashes some very good breaking pitches. At worst, he should be a dangerous, late inning arm out of the pen. It would be nice if he could start and show much of that velocity.

        1. I believe Amaro said a couple days ago that they will stretch him out in the offseason and if it doesn’t work he’ll go back to the pen. Impressive he’s done this well with no BP experience to speak of supposedly

          1. I read on article about a week ago from John Finger-(on the farm article) on, and he said Gonzalez will be returning to a starting role next season.

        2. He has surprised me but I’m excited about him. I could see pap and Bastardo going and Martin and mag coming up. Byrd going and Dugan coming up is a possibility too. I also expect marquis to come up with KK or AJ going.

    2. not only that but he is being thrown into pressure close situations and handling it.

  3. Nola looking good on the k/bb ration and k/inning. Just a little concerned about the high FIP. He throws a lot of strikes but has given up more extra base hits than singles. Is there a particular pitch that the opponents seem to be driving? Just curious as it seems he has great control but wonder if he is throwing a pitch that he could get batters out with in college that is hittable at the A+ level. His ability to throw strikes is a real plus though.

  4. I am not impressed with Nola. A guy his age who was a top 10 picks should be throwing a perfect game against single a competition every time. Looks like we have another Kendrick on our hands 😦

      1. I think there is concern over 7th pick. not throwing hard. sorry if it bothers you

        1. I will wait until next year to firm some type of opinion, he has to be pitched down after a long season at LSU.

  5. Took the kids out to Coney Island to see the Cutters against the Cyclones. Great ballpark to visit, by the way, right on the boardwalk, seagulls fly by in the OF.

    Hoskins HR came in the 9th, with the Cutters down 8-1. Still, it was an absolute bomb, easily cleared the ballpark, almost reached the Thunderbolt roller coaster.

    Not much else to recommend in this game. Tromp stung a few balls. The Cutters went at least six innings before I saw anyone work a count, and I mean anyone — they were hacking away all night long. Cyclone pitcher was a soft tosser, so maybe they got overanxious.

    You can see how most of these kids are just barely beginning to understand what it means to be a pro. Three or four of them were gathered outside the dugout before the game working on how to properly flip a bat after hitting a HR. My 8-year-old loved it.

  6. I’m not worried about Nola. When he was drafted he wasn’t projected to be #1 starter. He was projected to be a very strong # 3 with a potential fast path to the majors. He was deemed a safe pick. Sure I like to see the velocity a little bit more consistant but his control has been excellent. I’m sure the homers and extra base hits are just part of the learning curve for him. He’s probably learning that you can’t just throw every pitch for a strike. That’s something he may of got away with in college. Another factor could be his innings for the year. This the most he’s ever thrown considering he just finished his college season and jumped right to the minors.

    1. We should remember that Nola is being TAUGHT some things…including a refinement of his change-up which is and should be mandatory for any MLB pitcher in order to succeed. IMO, that pitch does make all other pitches much more effective. Given his starting point, learning an effective ch-up will move him into a competition for a #1 or #2 role soon enough.

  7. Anyone anticipate this late season surge by Walding? Still needs to get SO down but looks to be making better contact and ISO is now above .100

    1. He’s not in my radar right now. He’s going to have to do a lot more than he has, to be taken seriously.

    2. He’s almost a non-prospect for me right now. 3 seasons in Lakewood with marginal improvement is worrisome.

  8. Does Kendrick have pictures of RAJs wife?? for heaven sake, he is awful, just drop him and Hernandez and let Buchanan and Marquis pitch..

    1. Somebody married RAJ? Imagine getting to negotiate a divorce settlement with the RAJ, would probably be a woman’s dream.

    2. in the last calendar year, KK has the worst ERA of any starting pitcher in baseball who started at least 30 games.

  9. Why is Everitt Williams playing in Clearwater? Time for one of the boys in Lakewood to head there.

    1. Wolfey – been saying the same for weeks. Move up some of the college draftees and stop batting Williams and Short in the middle of the lineup. The only reason they haven’t been hitting 3-4 the past few days is due to the number of Phillies on rehab with the Threshers. You need org filler? Fine. You don’t bat 26-28 yr olds in the middle of your lineup against 20-22 yr olds though, particularly when you have 22 yrs olds of your own playing in Williamsport. This entire organization is starting to feel like the 90’s again. Depressing

      1. Williams is only 23 though. I don’t mind him being around. I can see your point with Short, but at the same time it doesn’t look like any of the Lakewood OFs are ready to move up.

  10. Mark Leiter threw a gem today. 5 hit complete game shut out. 8ks 0BB. Anyone have a Scouting report on him?

  11. I know that RAJ talked about possibly stretching MAG out in the offseason, but is that the best idea? I think with the kind of success he has been having out of the pen that maybe he should stay there. I would hate to see them turn him into the next joba chamberlain. I do see value if they could turn him into a starter, but would hate to see him go back and forth and possibly unravel. Regardless of where he ends up I just hope that he can be effective and be one less roster spot to worry about.

    1. I think it’s the right move to let him start again, as long as they don’t yo-yo him back and forth. With guys like Joba or Aroldis Chapman, they were on teams that were trying to compete and their clubs didn’t want to risk short-term success for a long-term gamble. I think the Phillies are in a situation where they need impact players (and starting pitchers in general) and the best chance for MAG to be a guy like that is still in the rotation where he’ll get more innings.

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