Box Score Recap – 7/18/2014

Ethan Martin went 2.2 perfect innings, struck out three, threw 19/26 for strikes and doubled in his only at bat against Nats up-and-comer AJ Cole. Not bad. Aaron “The Rhineland Rocket” Altherr with his eighth home run of the year – he’s OPSing around .900 in June and July. Severino Gonzalez gave up two homers. Guy throws strikes, 74/102 is impressive. Maybe work outsider the zone a little more, though, if you’re not fooling anyone over the plate. Just a thought. Roman Quinn with two steals and Freddy Galvis went yard for CLR in their win, as Lee “Rocket Arm” Ridenhour closed out the game. I can’t believe people just make up these goofy nicknames and think they’ll stick. “Rocket Arm”? I mean, come on…come on…that’s…just a little…little bit silly…I mean…uh…just…THERE’S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE MADE UP ROCKET NICKNAME IN THE PHILLIES SYSTEM. TAKE A HIKE LEE RIDENHOUR PEOPLE!

Two hits a piece for Pullin, Knapp, Cozens and Astudillo, and Sam Hiciano went deep (8), to hopefully seal the deal on the end of his slump. His nine-game July is looking good, OPSing .819 after a .511 in June. Rhys Hoskins with his second home run in as many days (3), while Chris Oliver walked five but somehow managed to only give up one unearned run. Real nice outing from 2014 8th rounder Sam McWilliams, going four scoreless innings, giving up just three hits and striking out three.

Looks like no late signings from the Phils this year, so McWilliams is the only prep signing from the 2014 draft. That’s going to leave a bit of open space in the GCL next year and a lot of competition for spots at Lakewood in the spring and Williamsport in the summer.

Really not sure they thought this whole thing through very well.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-18-14 boxscores

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  1. Like to see Astudillo promoted to CLW for these last six weeks and see what he does.
    ‘Tis a shame Art Charles is blocking him! 🙂

  2. Is the plan to have some players repeat the GCL next season? Or is it to promote some players from the DSL or VSL? Or is there no plan at all?

    1. The GCL gets started the latest, so they could fill it up with early signed HS draftees next year. That would mean XST would be a lot of personalized training for the few players that are there.

      But to answer your question, no I don’t think there is a plan; it seems like everything RAJ does is reactionary.

    2. Nope. There’s not a plan. I’m sure people who write on a message board know more about prospects than the people in charge of the operation.

    3. They’ll find a way to fill up the roster. There are plenty of bodies and another draft before that season starts. I actually think the bigger concern is that they have so many 2014 college guys that are going to be fighting for spots that they may wind up having to place some of them unfavorably or hold back a younger guys who might benefit from an advanced promotion. It’s leaving them with the possibility of having to make difficult choices, though these are at the fringes of the prospect spectrum anyway. Guys you would not really consider prospects are the ones who will be left out.

      Probably my bigger gripe with only getting one prep guy is that they’re limiting the upside of the draft. Who could they have grabbed for slot (or a little more, since they seem to have ultimately left over $111k on the table), instead of Rhys Hoskins in the fifth round, instead of Liebrandt in the sixth? No knock on those guys, but I’d honestly like a couple of Sam McWilliams types in the middle of day two, and they just got one after no prep guys on Day one. It lacks diversification, and I feel like the mandate they forced upon themselves to get guys who can help soon is shortsighted. Time will tell on that, I suppose, but if they wind up with a couple nice big league pieces out of the draft beyond Nola, then the lack of upside will be quickly forgiven.

      1. i’m curious to see if they’ll alternate strategies ever other year. Lots of college guys and then lots of prep guys. Safer picks then high upside picks.

        1. Yeah, seemed like the prior couple years they went back and forth between arms and bat heavy drafts, at least at the top. The arm draft was like Watson and Gueller and Alec Rash (who didn’t sign), plus Milner and Kevin Brady, who seemed a good risk/reward pick at the time but was cut the following summer, and then 2013 they didn’t sign a significant pitcher before round 11, and only picked one in Ben Wetzler (who didn’t sign).

          So maybe their focus will be prep this coming year, but the same idea that permeated the thought process this year, guys who could be fast movers, is likely to be there again next year. They’re trying to rebuild on the fly, and if that means sacrificing ceiling for proximity, this year’s picks say they’re ok with that, especially Imhof and Brown, where they could have had any number of higher ceiling prep guys in their places. Nola I give them because he was picked where you would have expected him to be, and the only prep/upside guys that made sense at seven were Touissant and Hoffman, IMO, and even Hoffman wasn’t a prep arm.

    4. Any HS draftees next year will start in GCL. Same with this season’s top international signees. We undoubtedly have a big international allocation again next season. Top guy can start right in GCL.

  3. Im wondering if we’re seeing Cozens put it together in a way similar to Franco a few years back. Since late June, he’s OPSing nearly 1.000 with Ks in the low 20s (not great but you’ll take it from a slugger). The power is the real deal. He and Green at CLW next year shiuld be fun to watch, considering its a better HR park than LKWD.

    1. Yes….Cozens and Green can really be mashers next year @ Bright House.
      Along with Knapp and Pullin.
      And almost forgot, Larry Greene! (tic)

    2. @Mike Agreed his K rate is totally fine for a guy with his kind of power. I’m starting to get a little excited for just what he’ll do next year, too.

      1. Cozens worries me because of the strikeout rate, as far as the ball park, the biggest effect playing in Lakewood and Clearwater is the homeruns to doubles effect – if you’re making consistent talent the parks suppress “cheap” HRs. Cozens has the kind of power that shouldn’t be easily suppressed in any ball park.

  4. Is Zach Green playing 1st just so he and Walding get playing time or is this a permanent position change?

    1. I’ve seen posts that it’s not permanent. They are taking it easy on the hip. He played a game at 3rd a few days ago.

      1. They were talking about him playing at first before the hip problem. They had him play at 3rd the other day to give Walding a day off.

        1. The Phillies do not see Green as a future 1B. He is filling that position right now because they don’t have anyone else. And yes his manager said they were giving his hip needed rest. He is not not playing 3rd because hes being blocked by Walding as much as out of need.

  5. Next year will be very crowded in LWood and CWater. Particularly in the OF and Pitching wise. We’re probably gonna have some guys that should be in CWater stuck in LWood just because of the numbers. It’ll make for a fun offseason of predicting where some players will wind up.

    1. Nobody who is a true prospect should lose AB. We don’t have 6 solid OF plus 2 1B for the two A-ball teams. Besides, Reading is just about wide open, if anyone is ready to double jump. I guess Quinn will be CF in Reading. Dugan and Altherr both in Allentown. Collier may be gone or a 4th OF in Allentown or Reading.
      Reading: Lavin-Quinn-Pointer with Short as 4th OF Astudillo at 1B

      CLW: Cozens – Tocci – Aaron Brown Shorthall 4th OF Hoskins@ 1B

      LKW: Pujols – Tromp – Sandberg Harris as 4th OF LGJ @1B

      All the decent prospects have a starting job

      1. Yeah, Hiciano is missing there. But Pujols still seems pretty raw and is probably looking at Williamsport next year. Also I’m not sure that Brown will be ready for Clearwater at the start. Maybe:

        Reading: Pointer – Quinn – Everett Williams

        CLW: Cozens – Tocci – Hiciano

        LKW: Tromp – Sandberg – Brown

        Then you have your Shortalls, Harris’ and Herlis Rodriguez’ as extra OFs.

  6. I’m curious about whether or not Walding , Zach Green and Cozens have truly had breakthroughs. If they have, it will take some of the sting out of this debacle of a season and give us some hope for the future.

    1. Of the three, Cozens’ breakout is the one that seems like it might be legit. He’s showing off some power and his strikeouts are down. He showed some of the same things in May, but his July is even better so far.

      Green has had a solid year to date, but the walk rate has tailed off with the strikeout rate, and he’s not showing much power lately. He’s got to put all those positives together. And Walding, I’m just not buying it right now. Lots of strikeouts lately for him, even though everything else looks good.

    2. are you sure you know the meaning of breakthrough. nothing from those 3 i would call a breakthrough. solid to mediocre is more like it,imo

      1. “Breakthrough” might be a bit strong. Check out Cozens’ stats for the pasr month or so however … for his age and level, he could be setting up for one.

    3. I would say Green had a breakthrough year last year and is starting to come back after injury. Cozens I believe is on his way for one

    4. As others have stated, the fact that both Green and Cozens had very good seasons last year makes “breakout” a poor word to use. They are rebounding from disappointing starts to the season (Cozens) or an injury (Green). I like both players more than most people do, but neither is having a breakout. But both are playing well, and that is encouraging.

      Walding, a much, much lesser prospect at this point, if you buy the recent performance, could be said to be having a breakout I don’t buy it, at all. Too small a SS, too BABIP driven..

    1. why would down vote this . It is a real question about what was the #2 prospect going into this season and now has had a bit of melt down in his second year in AA so I wanted to know if anybody had heard anything new

      1. It was a bit funny you have to admit that but seriously has anybody heard about Biddle
        different Anon

        1. Baseball Betsy was saying on Twitter today he was throwing on a back field in a practice situation. Not with the GCL team, but he’s throwing.

    1. Not only two perfect innings, but he came into the game with the bases loaded after a meltdown by Lino Martinez and struck two out before getting the third on a fly ball. He is pitching well. Seems to be a keeper.

      1. Seems like Clearwater has suddenly become very strong at the backend of the bullpen with Joaquin, Forsythe and Ridenhour. All very capable of closing out games if necessary. At this point they are probably the strong point of the team. The starting rotation seems to be settling in as well. Just need to get the batting average up and they could finish the second half with a decent record. Without really counting I think they have had around 70 different players listed on their 25 man roster. It must be difficult to get sense of team unity and continuity with a roster that fluid. Is that an unusually high number of players passing through the roster or is that the norm for minor league teams?

        1. Interesting observation regarding the roster. The game notes each day include information about both teams. I have been comparing Team Transactions all season. For instance, the Threshers have made 130 transactions this season. Sunday’s opponent, the Charlotte Snow Crabs, have made only 63 transactions so far this season. All teams in the FSL have made substantially fewer transactions. Another factor that the Clearwater team has to deal with is that all MLB rehabs seem to come through Clearwater. The other night, one third of the line up included “major” leaguers – Ruiz, Brignac, and Galvis. Over 3 games on 17th-19th, their participation affected 8 possible starts for Threshers’ personnel – Lino, Martinez, and Crawford. Not a big deal for Martinez. And Crawford could use some time off, I don’t recall him getting much time off before the Future’s game. But, this illustrates that prospects losing playing time to rehabbers is also a concern.

  7. tough start for Nola so far. Two runs in two innings. Gave up another homer. Still time to settle down.

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