Box Score Recap – 7/8/2014

Maikel Franco is having a good July. He’s OPSing 1.286 in six games, with six XBH and five multi-hit games. He was 2-4 with a triple on Tuesday, and Grady Sizemore also had two hits for Lehigh Valley, as Jason Marquis went five scoreless, striking out six, while allowing three walks and three hits. Aaron Altherr had three hits, as did Jake Fox. Ryan O’Sullivan is working out of the Reading rotation right now – he allowed two runs on five hits, walked none, struck out none, but did induce nine ground ball outs. That’s his game. Doubt it plays in the rotation long-term. MAG blew the save there, though there’s no way he was coming in to get a save in the fifth inning. Dumb stat. All we need to know is he struck out three and allowed a home run in two innings of work, and reports on Twitter had his fastball sitting in the mid 90s again.

Be sure to check out Jim’s report from the CLR game. Zach Green and Andy Knapp had two hits a piece for Lakewood. Willamsport’s Derek Campbell was a triple or a home run short of getting a thing named after him – he went 3-5 with two doubles and a homer. About 80 PAs into the year, and he’s OPSing over 1.000. Feliberto Sanchez threw five no-hit innings, striking out three and walking two to take the W for the Cutters. Luis Encarnacion had two hits including a triple for the GCL, while Austin Davis got roughed up in his two innings. Jose Taveras with his second monster start in a row, struck out 11 in eight innings for the DSL. And Ranger Suarez had a big game himself for the VSL – he struck out seven in six innings. The 18-year-old has 56ks and 1BB in 53.2 IP on the year. That’s a 56:1 K:BB ratio, in case you don’t want to have to do the math yourself. Those are video game/Severino-Gonzalez-in-the-VSL-type numbers. H/T to Jay Floyd ( @phoulballz )for pointing that insane ratio out on Twitter last week.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-8-14 boxscores

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  1. Encarnacion has a .924 OPS in his last 10. Fun fact: Derek Jeter had already collected approximately 300 base hits in the big leagues by the time Encarnacion was born.

    MAG is striking some dudes out — 9 Ks in 5 AA innings. If he continues on this trend, the big club will be adding another piece to what is becoming a nasty young bullpen.

    1. Maybe get MAG up to the majors quickly as a BP piece for next season and try to get him stretched out as a starter the following spring training?

      1. That is what I’m thinking. Since he’s only on a 4 year deal they are going to want to major league value for him next year and the BP seem like the best way for him to do that next year. But I’d still like to see him start at some point and I’m sure the club do as well. Let’s see if they start stretching him out even more the rest of the season

        1. We control MAG for his first 6-7 years in the majors regardless of that contract only being four years I believe. He would just then enter arbitration after the deal has expired if he hasn’t been signed to an extension.

            1. I don’t know the rule but just always assumed that Cuban players of a certain age were considered pro free agents

            2. ‘An exemption involves players coming to MLB from foreign professional leagues. Players who are at least at least 23 and have played five years in a recognized professional league, such as Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, will be exempt. Until 2015, Cubans will be exempt as long as they are 23 and have played in a Cuban professional league for at least three seasons. Beginning in 2014-15 Cubans must have five years of pro experience to be exempt. So if Yoenis Cespedes had still been unsigned by July 2, he would have been exempt from the new rules anyway, where 20-year-old outfielder Jorge Soler will be subject to the new rules unless he can get all of his paperwork pushed through and sign before July 2.’…MLB

  2. Thanks for pointing out Ranger Suarez. Any reports on his stuff? Seems like control is already good at a young age.

    Also like what I’m seeing from Altherr, he’s lowered his K% by 5% while going to a tougher league. Impressive.

    1. Yeah good to see his K rate down to manageable levels. Unfortunately some if his other numbers aren’t so pretty. Would love to see him pick up the pace from here on out this season.

  3. Not sure have ever seen this from the Julsan Kamara SSS stat…..BA of .179 and OBP of almost 200 points higher at .373…with a 10% HBP rate.

    1. Time to get excited about this kid. Solely from yesterday’s World Cup slaughter, I am convinced Germans are a different breed of human.

      1. I think we should stop this thread in its tracks – it won’t go anywhere that’s productive.

  4. I admit paying only minimal attention to DSL and VSL scores, but Jose Taveras now has my attention. What’s the scouting report on him. Hell of a line – especially the no walks.

    1. Yeah, I have no scouting report on him. Could be tough to find. He signed old, which likely means he didn’t garner a lot of fanfare.

  5. MAG gave up a HR to O’Brien the 23 year old Yank C who is putting up monster power numbers this year, he hit two bombs off Milner the day before………its really hard to get excited about anybody in the DSL/VSL, from following this stuff as long as I have, if the Phils really like a guy they bring him over sooner than later, so if a player is in his 2nd or 3rd year over there, chances are he will never sniff the majors……but we can always hold out hope.

      1. No doubt…….especially for the teenagers………I’ve been following minor league stats for Phils prospects for about 8-9 years……my first few years following it I would get all excited about some guy putting up really good numbers in the low minors and believing that one day we would be seeing him do the same in CBP……of course like anyone else who follows this stuff over the years, each year you become more realistic that the chance those numbers continue to stay high dwindle and the player eventually fizzles out and never is heard from again. Its almost like one and done talent in the NBA draft, the younger the better in regards to getting my hopes up. The biggest issue right now with this organization is that we have had SO MANY injuries to are well regarded prospects over the past 12+ months, it really is astonishing………the burn out rate for any prospect in baseball is very high, then consider we have lost developmental time for Dugan, Joseph, Biddle, Morgan, Quinn, Watson, Knapp, Mecias, Ruf, Galvis, Z Green, Pettibone, Altherr, and some I am still forgetting……..on top of Hewett, Collier, Gillies being let go………that is hundreds if not thousands of man hours spent towards player development that has not been able to benefit our major league club.

  6. 3 hits for Z Green today w/ 2 doubles. BA up to 279. I know they are resting the hip at 1B, but would like to see him get more reps at 3rd. He isn’t walking as much this season, and I would like to see him take more pitches, but the K’s are down significantly and that is a positive trend.

    1. The arrow is pointing up for Green, batting aver is way up almost 280, his k’s are down especially for a power bat and he is crushing balls, extra base hits are rolling in. Going to be a top 10 prospect soon, eventually he ease back over to 3rd when fully healed and now even more valuable that he can play both corners. Zach Green fans come on out and let me hear from you !!

      1. I am with you on Zach Green.
        Your nephew is really doing well now.
        You should be a proud Unc.

  7. Two more doubles (in 2 ABs) for Michael Franco today. It looks like he may be doing what we hoped he would do – adjust and come on like gangbusters in the second half of the year, just like he did two years ago in Lakewood.

    I can say this, the ball comes off Franco’s bat like it is being shot out of canon. You really cannot teach this. He has elite bat speed and he’s a very coordinated fielder.

  8. Looking for positivity: Franco is scorching (thanks Charlie!) and Green has really hit well since his return. Altherr continues to tease us that there might be a prospect in there. I think Sizemore and Marquis will both be in Philly after the all star break in a week. Ruf looks like he needs more time. I won’t make any trade predictions here but I do think we’ll be adding to our minor league top 10 shortly. PS – Let’s hope Halladay was able to help Biddle….

  9. It will be interesting to see how much longer they leave him at AAA if he keeps hitting like he has lately. On one hand it’d be great to see him come up to the big leagues, but on the other hand maybe letting him finish off the year strongly at AAA would be best and then give him a chance to make the team out of spring training. I know Ruben talked about bringing him up to play third and first. I would just hope if he comes up he plays a lot and gets some at bats. Its a shame Howard’s crappy contract keeps him from being able to take over first.

    1. I think you let him play out the year in LV and then give him a little taste in September. I predict a good amount of trading is going to open some doors for the younger guys(really going out on a limb, I know).

    2. Well, there’s no reason to worry about calling him up to try and improve the big league team. They’re going nowhere this year so it’s all about what’s best for Franco’s development. I agree with Chin Music- let him finish in LHV, followed by a September call up.

      1. Yes, two good weeks are not an adequate reason to bring up a guy who spent half the season sinking to the Mendoza line. It especially isn’t, since he’ll lose all forward momentum coming up to the bigs and mostly riding the pine. The team isn’t going to bench Howard and there isn’t a good reason to sub Franco for Asche at 3B.

        1. Makes sense.
          Bring him up after the season ends in LHV after Labor Day, with some of the other September call-ups.
          He will still ride the pine for the most part, but he will get a little maturation experience by observing the vets after a out- of- the- playoffs disappointing season.

  10. Roman Quinn is away from the team for the birth of his child. After second straight off day, I was getting worried

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