Box Score Recap – 7/4/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-5 with a double and a triple after a 4-4 on Thursday. He’s absolutely mashing in July. It’s just those two games, but still. Reading I don’t really want to talk about. Ok, same with Clearwater. Way to honor your nation’s birthday, dudes. Except the Latin guys. They get a pass.

Williamsport’s Mitch Gueller tossed a seven inning complete game shutout. Mitch Rupert mentioned he was sitting at 89 with his FB, but says he’s looking pretty comfortable with his slider. Encouraging. Jia Tromp hit his fifth homer of the year in game two of the double header. It’s the first time he’s hit just one home run in a game, and I guess one’s nice, but it does seem like kind of a letdown. Two’s better. He should try that again next time.

Big lefty Austin Davis earned his first pro save for the GCL, and Hugo Arrocha was 2-5 with two doubles in the DSL. Edwin Rodriguez also collected two hits in that game. Luis Mendoza had two hits, giving him multi-hit games in three of his last for in the VZL.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.



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  1. Wrong place to say it but- that Cubs-A’s trade: wow!..and it could have implications for the Phillies. Not only did Oakland set a precedent by trading their two top prospects,(with Russell being top 10 overall) they thinned the market by acquiring both Hammel and Samardjia. Also- Beane broke & set precedent with this trade, in which Russell was the most valuable commodity. Maybe this gets Rube to think differently about a 1 for 1 trade, or something close to it, involving a vet and single top prospect. Cliff Lee can’t come back soon enough…and I hope Hamels complains about his teammates some more. Suddenly AJ Burnett and even KK seem like viable trade chips that could fetch a decent return.

    1. This trade proves that commenters on this blog rate prospects much higher than GMs. Beane is the best in the biz. We can absolutely get equal value for our guys if we eat some contract, which Amaro said we will do.

    2. What’s fascinating to me is that Russell has been hurt a bit… and the Cubs have a stacked middle infield minors. Not sure why that one was targeted, besides “you can never have too many top prospects”. That said, I do feel like it may have made the market a bit better for us,

    3. Would j-roll accept a trade to Oakland now? Beane isn’t finished and Lowrie could play 2nd.

  2. OK trade the entire rotation nah Lee , Burnette, pap, Bastardo. There, s still Price, Ian Kennedy, Colon etc . although it does thin it out . Franco catching fire at the right time.Tromp and Stovall team up again A Brown 5 steals Dugan another good day. Garcia VSL 20 ings 0 runs bring him in too the states.

  3. The Samardzija-Addison Russell trade is the latest example of the difficulty in assessing the value of talent in today’s trade market.

    The A’s are getting 50 starts from Samardzija this year and next. They will pay him maybe $13 million. For that, Billie Beane, a smart man, was willing to trade one of the top 10-15 prospects in all of baseball, a guy who will stick at a premium position and who will be in the majors next season.

    Cliff Lee is a better pitcher than Samardzija. The A’s would be getting 50 starts of a higher quality from Lee, if healthy, this year and next (plus another 35 starts in 2016 if Lee were to insist that his option vests). Lee would be paid $37 million the rest of this year and next or about $24 million more than Samardzija (plus another $27.5 million in 2016).

    Obviously, the Phils would have to eat salary to make the deals comparable, but not $24 million this year and next since Lee is the better pitcher, say, one WAR better per season or $10 million better over the rest of this season and next. This is not an exact science, but, perhaps, the Phils could have gotten Addison Russell by trading Lee plus $14 million in cash for this season and next (plus another $12-14 million for 2016). (Since the A’s would be getting 2 1/2 years of Lee vs. 1 1/2 years of Samardzija, maybe Lee alone would be enough to get both Russell and McKinney.)

    Because Lee is hurt, the Phils could not make this trade with the A’s. However, discussions about Lee’s trade value were going on long before his injury, and the Samardzija deal, involving a smart GM across the table, is proof that it would have been possible to get a top prospect for Cliff Lee.

    1. We probably could have gotten will Myers for lee I we ate some of his contract and made lee available

  4. Gueller with his best start by far since being drafted. Although, if his fastball was sitting at 89 Im a little less optimistic about him carrying it over. Nonetheless, it’s a very positive start for him.

  5. to start its smardijzawhatever and hammels for what they get back. second, i’m reminded of the quote from john hart this week on MLBtonight. “if billy beane were to call me, i’d hang up because he probably has a better grasp of my resources.” beane isn’t taking lee, or pap, or utley and now definitely not rollins. this load has been spent if the groundwork has been laid for future returns…it fits right into RAJ’s pocket of 1.5 prospects of dubious distinction per veteran. epstein and his Gm just got served!

    1. Imo the angels should be calling today. This trade proves to me that Larry with his you cant get good prospects for pap or lee, is so silly. Its what the market will pay and the trade yesterday set a high return market for good starters, let the games begin on lee and hamels and pap.

      1. And who is to say if Chase decides to want to get out of Philly and this team, in order for him to have his last hurrah…the Giants and Sabean may give up a guy like Crick.for Utley. They did it a few years back for Beltran-Wheeler and didn’t seem to hurt them any.

          1. Panik is up for SF they have there injury issue’s right now.the Angel, s just traded for Thornton for the backs. Everyone is scouting SD Aaron Hill and Prado.Pap seems to be our best chip with Byrd and Lee can be dealt later in August. I think the Yanks and Angels will come calling with Baltimore . Panik is a 2nd basemen SF # 1 pick from a couple of yrs ago.

            1. Surely you jest……going down a stretch drive vs the Dodgers and other playoff contenders with a rookie or intested veteran at 2nd base in Panik is not what I like to think what Sabean envisions.

          2. Then who is it that the Giants have in their system that would be worthy of an Utley in return?

  6. Phillies finally sign Lenin Rodriguez JR. No bonus numbers available at this time.

    His father( SR.) is a trainer in Venezuela who worked with another C named Ricardo Rodriquez that went to Padres (BA#21). This was confusing for a while with the last name and not knowing there was a Jr.and a Sr.

    1. Another step in the right direction in signing quality prospects from Latin America though I still want them to use their full bonus limit. You can’t have too many catchers these days..

  7. With 5 strikeouts and 0 BBs yesterday, Gueller has now struck out more batters than he’s walked this year (12 to 11).

    1. I believe you’re saying, one good start does not a trend make. I agree but now in our summer of discontent (paraphrasing Shakespeare) we have one little glimmer of hope. It probably won’t last long but better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all (semi-Tennyson) .

  8. Pullin with 2 more hits, up to 275. very nice! Angels want a left handed reliever and we have Bastardo….

    1. I’d be fine with Judge as a piece in a Cliff Lee deal. It would obviously take more than one guy for a deal though.

      1. I actually think the Yankees are our best trade partner and I don’t see their farm as being totally barren. Toronto is an interesting one as well, I’ve read they covet Cole Hamels and may be willing to deal Sanchez and Norris + for him.

        Back on topic though: really encouraged by Franco’s last two games. If he can continue to square the ball up I definitely think he’ll be in the Majors by August.

        Also, it seems Sizemore is going to be on the Major League team. I think it may take a full season for him to figure out how to maintain his body now and hope the Phillies are patient with him. It took Utley two years to become Chase Utley again.

          1. Nick just curious do you know cole personally?? if not how in gods name can you make that statement?

            1. It depends on the $ of course, but all players in trades, if they have any control over the trade at all, insist upon $ to make up for the higher Canadian tax rates. Montreal always had that problem.

            2. And I saw someone report the other day that Cole has TOR on his no-trade list. That’s a pretty good indication he’s not interested in playing there.

      2. Realistically, getting more than Judge for Lee depends on how much money we ship to NYC. A straight-up Lee for Judge deal with no money changing hands is a great deal for us. Nobody knows whether Cliff Lee is going to pitch effectively again this year and whether he will ever come close to being ‘Cliff Lee’ again. Carlton was fairly consistently great, until he wasn’t. Same with Halladay. I’m not at all sure Lee is tradable this season. If I were the Yankees, I’d want a ton of dinero to take this risk and send us anything of consequence in the way of young talent. They are just starting to talk of a definite rehab start for Lee. That’s a ways from being a pitcher a contender wants to put in its rotation. After sitting so long with arm woes, even if Lee is ‘back’ after two or three rehab starts, how far will he be able to pitch into games? Lee is guaranteed big salary with zero guarantee of results.

        1. I’d imagine he would need two rehab starts and then be on a pitch count of about 75 in his first start off the DL, 90 in his second and then so on. If he doesn’t have a set back he could make up to 3 starts (?) before the deadline with the potential for another 5 in August. In my mind that is going to be plenty of time for him to showcase his health or lack there of.

        2. Personally, I think a Luis Severino and Judge would be a good haul for Ruben….but would take more then just Lee and the swallowing of the money, another needed veteran would have to be on the table I would assume…like a Byrd, or a Chooch or whoever the Yankees would want.

    1. as I said days ago, Marquis and Sizemore were great low risk high reward signings. Lets see them both up

  9. Franco is raking over these last three games. SSS but hopefully he’s turned a corner. HR today was off a former Major Leaguer.

  10. Tocci double off of Hunter Harvey today. Dugan stays hot 2 for 4 2 rbi ‘ s . Mcwilliams gets creamed again.Franco stays hot, astrare 2 more hits. My friend in the know says Phillies linked to layan Viciedo for the Red Sox it’s even on mlbtraderumors. The Cubs pitchers that Beans trade for were younger and cheaper then Lee . Noway Hamels goes unless he requests it. Like I said pap, Bryd, Lee later on and maybe Bastardo and Mayberry. If trade them it makes the phillies younger my subtraction. Asche goes to the OF if Franco gets a call up by the end of the yr.

    1. Maybe your friend means Dayan Viciedo with the White Sox. His OBP would fit perfectly in this lineup

  11. Going to weigh in once on the silliness above stemming from the A’s/Cubs trade, then stop, partly because I will be away all day hiking, partly because these arguments always go nowhere. From my perspective it’s because the other side stubbornly ignores the evidence, though I am sure they see it differently. 🙂

    First, let’s get two concessions out of the way.

    (1) It was a heck of a deal for the Cubs, and it does make one wonder a bit what would have happened had Lee been healthy. Likely nothing, for other reasons explored below, but one can dream.
    (2) A healthy Lee absolutely could get us a good return, even if not as good as the Cubs haul.

    That said … the trade tells us precisely zero about what that return might be. Four points:

    (1) He’s injured. Optimism above in terms of his ability to prove his health before a deal is made is … exaggerated. No way that 2 or 3 starts before the deadline are enough. Maybe by late August. (And maybe is the right word. This ties in with #3 below.) But by then, he’s ;less valuable as he will make less of an impact on the rest of the regular season. And of course has to pass through waivers, which might be relevant (say a deep pocket team wants to block a trade to a rival).

    (2) The trade tells us what the A’s were willing to pay. But they are no longer in the market for a starting pitcher. It tells us nothing about what other teams are willing to pay. We don’t KNOW the answer to that, but history (recent history especially) tells us, almost certainly a heck of a lot left than the A’s paid.

    (3) Lee is much older. Much higher injury decline risk, much higher decline risk.

    (4) Lee is far more expensive. Highly relevant for most potential suitors, a complete roadblock for others (it’s one reason that even a healthy Lee wouldn’t have been a target of the A’s). Yes, the Phillies could throw some money into the deal, but are unlikely to throw enough money into the deal to equalize it.

    OTOH, yeah, I get it, Lee is better. Which is why, despite the above, a healthy Lee gets you a good prospect. But not enough to entirely outweigh the above.

    1. I completely agree with everything you stated. I think what most people are glancing over is Samardzija might get 10-12 in arbitration next year, meaning Lee, at 25 million plus the buy out, is going to cost a team 25 million more. Plus, the A’s got a good 3-4 option in Hammel for about 2 million dollars.
      A healthly Lee, and that is a big if, is pigeonholed into only being dealt to a team that can afford him. That list pretty much stops and starts at the Dodgers and Yankees. If those teams are going to give up good prospects, they are going after a healthy Price first. The Phils are going to have to pay a huge sum of the money he has left, about 8 million this year, 25 next, and the 10 million buyout. Are the Phillies going to pay half of that, 20 million bucks, to get a good prospect or two in return? This is the same team that everyone complains won’t pay the tax in international spending, yet they’ll pay 20 million for a top 50 prospect? I don’t see it.

    2. I like to take a different angle from the As/Cub maneuvering.
      That former players turned GM seem to lack some intuitive analytical awareness and tend to look at things in the short-term..’winning now at any cost attitude’.
      I have the utmost respect for Billy Beane and how , as a former player, is IMO one of the few if any at all former player turned GM , embracing analytical managing techniques.
      However in this rare case, Theo Epstein, one of the non-former players, who wholeheartedly utilizes the analytical reasoning, came away in this exchange, with a pretty decent haul from Billy Beane and the As.
      I guess it leads me to believe that any confidence I have in Ruben with the upcoming selling of this team and what return is to be expected, , is at an all-time low.

    3. I really wonder if larry ever said he is wrong, He stood here and said you cant get that kind of prospect and just saw a overpaid done by A’s. and you people think he is right. he pounded how you just don’t get good prospects . well its been done, and if you agree with him, my god what else can be said.

      1. Again, the A’s got a number two and a 3-4 in the deal. If you think the Phillies can get the same kind of haul for a hurt 35 year old owed 40 million dollars for the next year and a quarter, my god, what else can be said.

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