Box Score Recap – 7/3/2014

Roman Quinn was 3-5, and JP Crawford was on base three times as well, with a hit and two walks. Carlos Tocci had gone a little cold, OPSing .469 since the SAL all-star break (13 games), though he did manage a triple on Thursday, his first XBH of that span, and he’s got seven hits in his last five games, so I’d say he’s turned the corner on that slump. Sam Hiciano’s been slumping since the ASB also. He went 2-4 with a double. His K Rate this year is a very respectable 22%. Tyler Viza managed his way through six innings, allowing 1R 4H 0BB and 4K. He could use a couple more games where he doesn’t get hit around, like he’s been since pretty much the start of May.

Cord Sandberg and Matt Shortall hit home runs in the twelfth inning to make Williamsport a winner. Both had multi-hit games, as did Jia Tromp, Aaron Brown (who added 2 steals) and Derek Campbell. David Whitehead threw six shutout innings, giving up three hits and walking one, but striking out just one. Scott Tomassetti celebrated his 21st birthday was his first professional hit. It was a double, pinch-hitting for rehabbing big leaguer Wil Nieves. I bet he’ll never forget it. I celebrated my 21st birthday by going to the store and buying beer. The guy who carded me wished me a happy birthday. Then I drank the beer at a party and I really don’t remember much else. Ahh…memories.

Out on the island, Julsan Kamara went 3-4 with a triple, his first multi-hit game and first XBH as a pro. Guy’s OBP is .385. He’s drawn seven walks in 10 games. Nice. Old-ish DSL rookie Ismael Cabrera threw five shutout innings and struck out six a day after his old-ish DSL rookie teammate Jose Taveras threw a CGSHO. Two guys to keep in the back of your mind and nothing more, I’d say. Cabrera’s walk rate is very high, and Taveras is almost 21 years old already, so not being stateside doesn’t inspire a lot of hope that the org thinks they have what it takes.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-3-14 boxscores

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  1. Does David Whitehead have any upside? Maybe a back of rotation starter? How hard does he throw? What is his secondary offerings like? The dude is pitching great in Williamsport.

    1. Nunez, signing for approx $90/100K, is tall 6’3″ lefty skinny kid.
      Thats all I can get.

    2. More info on Brito and Gamboa on Brad Engler’s cloumn in CrashburnAlley as dcwildcat mentioned.

  2. Alastre has continued to get hits. He is placed at the bottom of the batting order. Could this have helped him shake his slump. Velis is starting to show the talent the Phillies signed him for.

  3. Good job getting this box score out so early after your 21st birthday…and happy birthday!

    1. I think that story was a bit of sarcastic nostalgia and not a recap of his july 4th weekend.

  4. It’s nice seeing some of the organization’s top positional prospects (Quinn, Crawford, Tocci, Encarnacion, and Sandberg) have nice days at the plate. It seems like Crawford’s BB and K rates are starting to normalize.

  5. Kamara has a little Chase in him…..doesn’t move out of the way of an inside pitch, and takes the plunking for the team. Those Germans are tough.

  6. Gueller threw a gem today. 7IP 4Hits 0Runs 0walks 5Ks 83 pitches 53 strikes 17-24 first pitch strikes. Sat at 89 with fastball per Mitch Rupert. Chris Oliver pitching in the second game of the doubleheader.

      1. If I remember a report correctly, Gueller is holding some back to try to get on top of his command/control/delivery.

        He can, and has, throw harder.

        1. He’s building confidence in locating the pitch. Shawn Williams said today and Aaron Fultz has said in the past he was at 92-93 at times during the spring. There’s clearly more in his arm than what he’s showing. His average today was 89 so he was a few ticks up at times and a few ticks below at others. He seemed to be starting to let it go over the final couple innings as he built confidence in locating the pitch.

          If he continues to throw like he did today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him averageing 91-92 later in the season. He’s by no means close to a finished product, which is fine since he’s still in short-season ball.

          More importantly today, his slider was really good. It’s far more natural coming out of his hand than his curveball ever was, and he said as much after the game today. He’s starting to spot the slider as opposed to just throwing it, changing eye levels with it going in an out and low and lower. He pitched with poise and a presence on the mound I’ve never seen from him.

          With success comes confidence. With confidence comes more success.

      1. I have not seen him before but Mitch Rupert said he was sitting at 89. However, he also said that he has been around 91 all summer so maybe he was trying to pitch rather than throw.

  7. Anonymous you cant say that too many Phillies fans on here , who will never admit that they are terrible. How can anyone thumbs down a true statement like that? what a joke.

    1. People get annoyed by Anons (and even regular posters, for that matter) rehashing the same comments and complaints day after day. Bring something new to the table or hold your tongue (or typing).

  8. Even though they’re a little old for their level of competition, it’s nice to see many of these recent college picks producing. A lot of these college picks, especially the seniors, were written off by fans wanting bonus babies, but they’ve acquitted themselves nicely in they early going. Might we see any promotions?

    They really need to get a few more arms in the system. When you compare the hitting vs pitching depth, its not even close. Hopefully some deadline deals can make for more meaningful innings pitched, because right now, far too many are being wasted on non-prospects.

    Grullon’s average has quietly climbed to .293, which is great for a guy who’s hit tool was the biggest question. If he continues to hit, his elite defensive tools make him a serious prospect.

  9. I noticed Sandberg didn’t play either game today. Just a scheduled day off? Just surprised since they played two today.

  10. Something new… Any word on Franklyn Kilome.. 19 I think made a great first start.. Albeit GCL

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