26 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/28/2014

  1. My bad Felix Paulino. I got too excited over your last few starts. Sorry for the jinx.

  2. Jan Hernandez quietly putting up a line nearly as impressive as Sandberg in SS. A lot of x-base hits, and good walk rate, but too many strikeouts.

    1. His 40%plus needs to be cut, and with a fairly small sampling, a 100 or so PAs-over the last year- it still could happen.

  3. Threshers with 15 baserunners and 3 home runs only scored 4. thats hard to do. ALso Crawford and Quinn getting errors and walks in the same game, they were meant to be together.

    1. Domonic Brown, an all-star in 2013, has been one of the worst outfielders in baseball this season. Here are some of his year-by-year statistics, through Saturday’s first game.

      Season PA BA HR OBP SLG OPS

      2010 70 .210 2 .257 .355 .612

      2011 210 .245 5 .333 .391 .725

      2012 212 .235 5 .316 .396 .712

      2013 540 .272 27 .324 .494 .818

      2014 301 .217 5 .269 .319 .588

  4. Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez has made three appearances out of the bullpen for Clearwater. MAG has pitched four innings in those appearances, giving up just one earned run while striking out six batters and walking none. Jordan said the organization doesn’t know whether the move to the bullpen is permanent, but they feel it is best for Gonzalez at the moment. “His stuff is coming back. I think he feels good physically,” Jordan said. “If we end up using him out of the bullpen this summer and that helps us get him going and maybe pitching at a higher level, obviously, wherever that is, then that’s fine. We just need to get the guy on the mound.” Adam Morgan, is continuing his rehab in Florida from offseason shoulder surgery. It is progressing well for the 24-year-old lefthander, according to Jordan. Jordan hopes Morgan will pitch in some games in Florida late in July before getting some “meaningful” innings in August. Shane Watson, the Phillies’ 40th overall pick in 2012, is another pitcher recovering from offseason surgery. The 20-year-old righthander is also doing well in rehab, but his time line is behind Morgan’s, and he will not pitch in games this summer. “His [time line] will be more instructional league, hopefully have a normal offseason, then be ready to go 100 percent when spring training gets here,” Jordan said.

    1. I wouldn’t get too excited about MAG. I was at the game saturday and saw him pitch that inning. While he had decent results his control was pretty aweful. In one at bat he threw one up and in, sailed one to the backstop, and threw one behind the hitter. I remember thinking to myself that I would be terrified to step into the batters box against him right now.

  5. Also from the Inquirer: Adam Morgan hopes to start pitching in Florida in late July, and in actual games in August. Shane Watson will not pitch this season. Tommy Joseph could start a rehab assignment in 7-10 days.

    1. We won’t know anything about Morgan until we see his velocity and it might take some time for that to come back.

      My view on Joseph is that this is probably a blessing in disguise. The more time away, the less likely it is that he sustains another head injury and being able to stay behind the plate and keep away from head injuries is what will likely be the difference with Joseph. That said, Joseph, like Kelly Dugan, needs a ton of at bats. If I were the Phillies, I’d send Joseph to fall leagues and the like, but I’d have him DH or play first.

      As for Dugan, if he had gotten regular playing time, I think he’d be in Lehigh Valley already and we’d be discussing a September call-up. And, man, I don’t need to tell you that we need another hitter at the big league level. The Phillies are just brutal at the plate. Just when you think it can’t possibly get worse, it does.

      1. Joseph bat doesn’t profile at 1B or DH. If he can’t play behind plate…he can’t be a prospect.

        1. I think that is what catchman implied…he needs bat now as a DH/1st if need be, but right now it gives his head the opp to get sufficient rest to eventually get behind the plate. Long term he is catching and the way the Phillies bring along catchers anymore, he still has a good 2/3 years in the minors before he is ready to step up to the majors.

        2. I’m pretty sure he knows that. He was just saying to get him AB without any increased risk of injury behind the dish therefore having him DH/1B and back to C next year after he is 100% healthy.

    2. Surprising, it always sounded like Watson’s injury was not as bad as Morgan’s. Either way, seeing Morgan back is good news, lets hope he regains his pre-injury stuff.

      1. Yeah, it makes me wonder if they’re being extra cautious with Watson or if he had some kind of setback in his rehab. The article wasn’t clear on that.

        1. Well, it would stand to reason that they would be more cautious with Watson, and I’m always a little unclear on this but doesn’t Morgan have to be protected on the 40-man after this season? I think the rule says that as a college player he has to be on it four years after signing, so he was drafted in 2011, which means that he would be eligible for Rule 5 for the 2015 season, right?

          If Morgan shows he has anything in August/Sept and then the fall leagues, I could see him being picked if he is eligible–he’s lefthanded, after all, he might be be worth some team taking a flyer on and then there’s always the chance he could stick as a LOOGY.

          1. Yes, I believe Adam Morgan has to be added to the 40 man at the end of the season since 2014 will be his 4th season in the minors.

  6. Imhof and Oliver promoted to Williamsport from GCL. What will the starting rotation look like? I say.
    1. Matt Imhof
    2. Chris Oliver
    3. David Whitehead
    4. Mitch Gueller
    5. Ricardo Pinto or Alejandro Arteanga?
    If Whitehead contines pitching well I won’t be surprised to see him in Lakewood by Early to mid-August.

    1. My eyes were all over the place watching Williamsport box score. Now with more talent flowing to rotation…it really going to be something to watch. This is what I look for in daily box scores:

      1. Franco
      2. Altherr
      3. Quinn + Crawford
      4. Pullin + Cozens
      5. All of Williamsport
      6. Williams, Pujols & Encarnacion

    2. My guess is Whitehead is probably on his way to Lakewood with the additions they’re getting. Pinto is currently injured, discomfort in his thwoing elbow, but I haven’t heard and prognosis for how long he might be out.

  7. It’s painful looking at Boston’s AA lineup next to ours. They have prospects everywhere doing well, including local boy Sean Coyle raking at 2B. It makes one hope a couple deadline trades could add 4-5 more names to follow in these box scores.

  8. Was at the R-Phils game last night and Altherr really impressed. Had a homer and a SICK over-the-shoulder-willie-mays-style catch and doubled up the runner at second who had to think there was no way he would ever catch it. I don’t know if he’ll ever be more than a fourth outfielder in the majors but he shore flashes some tools…and if anybody could use some more tools it’s our major league outfield.

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