Phils Sign Grady Sizemore

The Phillies, looking for anything to help their OF depth, are taking a shot that 31 year old Grady Sizemore is their man.  Sizemore spent the majority of his career with the Cleveland Indians, having several excellent seasons during which he put up 20-30 Homers with 30+ stolen bases.  That said, Sizemore hasn’t hit above .248 since 2008, and has spent the last two seasons struggling through a myriad of injuries before a fairly miserable 2014 with Boston.  His line with the Red Sox prior to his release was .216/.288/.325 in 185 AB’s with 2HR 15RBI and 5SB.

Sizemore is a three time all star and two time gold glove winner.  He will report to AAA Lehigh Valley on Thursday.  My guess is Tony Gwynn’s time with the Phillies is limited…

8 thoughts on “Phils Sign Grady Sizemore

  1. Sadly, Sizemore’s .612 OPS with the Red Sox is higher than the .578 OPS Phillie left fielders have posted this season and equal to the .612 OPS Phillie center fielders have produced. For perspective, Revere has OPS’d .615 this season. Applying my rose-colored glasses, Sizemore is called up shortly and hits the cover off the ball for a month and becomes a supplemental trade piece. Long shot indeed

    1. Hernandez and Tony Gwynn Jr. currently represent our lefty options off the bench. That’s not particularly inspiring. Now if we could find a righty starting-caliber player to push one of our lefty regulars to the bench, that would solve two problems. But starting-caliber players don’t clear waivers, so you aren’t typically going to find them of any handedness this time of year (outside of minor league call-ups). So the more realistic option is to upgrade the bench.

      1. So you’re saying they should play Mayberry more? A right handed bat who hits better than the incumbents and is decent defensively should at least start against lefties. When Mayberry is not only your best bat off the bench but possibly your best outfielder, that’s when you really know your team stinks…and when you’re spending 180 million without fielding replacement level outfielders, your GM really, really stinks…especially considering none of them give much hope for the future.

  2. Man, baseball is a cruel game. Tony Gwynn Jr. gets a standing ovation his first time back at the plate last night, meanwhile the Phillies are lining up his likely replacement. Although I can’t say I disagree with the move on a baseball level. Just, man … Think about how badly this sort of stuff must suck for guys who don’t share a name with one of the most beloved baseball figures of all time, they don’t get standing Os for playing through their grief, nor do they probably get the consideration of a decent interval of time before their release.

    Also, not to kick him when he’s down, but just have to point out one last time what a squandered opportunity this was for Tyson Gillies, and for that matter Zach Collier too. Either one of those guys could have easily made a play for the 5th OF slot this year, had they put up anything remotely resembling passable offensive numbers.

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