GCL Roster

Rosters out…first game is today.  Still looking for Aaron Nola(expect him on Clearwater’s roster by July 1).  Quite a few pitchers who should eat up the GCL and expect Jake Sweaney in CF, converted from his catching position.

Catchers: Joel Fisher, Gregori Rivero; Jake Sweaney

Infield: William Cuicas; Grenny CUmana; Luis Encarnacion; Olvy Marte, Jesus Posso; Damek Tomscha, Trey WIlliams, Tim Zier

Outfield: Gustavo Martinez; Carlos Duran, Chase Harris, Jose Pujols

Pitchers: Francibel Alejo; Lewis Alezones; Austin Davis; Jacques Du Gruy; Seranthony Dominguez; Jared Fisher; Scott Harris; Matt Hockenberry; Matt Imhof; Denton Keys; Brandon Leibrandt; Franklyn Kilome; Sam McWilliams; ANgel Mejia; Luis Morales; Chris Oliver; Edubray Ramos; Matt Southard; Gregorio Santos

41 thoughts on “GCL Roster

  1. Imhoff and Oliver will go to Williamsport when they are ready for game action. Just working out in Florida getting ready

  2. Once they get there” look out” that team will be loaded. Minor League system started to bloom again after all those trades.

  3. I am hoping that Pujols blooms this year.

    I have an irrational affinity for Tomscha. He was 4th in the SEC in OBP and had more BBs than Ks this year. As long as he is not a butcher at 3rd, he should be at least mildly interesting to follow. Of course, he also turns 23 in two months.

  4. Jacques Du Gruy, who has a name that sounds like that of a pirate, needs to be updated on the draft tracker. Arghhhh!

      1. I hadnt heard that , but had heard if he couldnt play catcher then his bat would allow him to play in the outfield

      1. Tomas has to establish residency somewhere and go through some other hoops before he can sign with anyone. It’s not happening tomorrow.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing what Grenny Cumana can do. Maybe it’s irrational, but how can you not root for a guy who’s 5’5″ to make it? He had a good debut in the VSL last year.

  6. pittsburg had a shortstop named Freddie pakchek I think that’s how you spelled it, 5’4 and was once called by his manager the best shortstop on artificial turf, better than ozzie, which I don’t agree with, he was good fielder. his best quote was rather be the shortest player in majors, then the tallest in minors, 242 lifetime hitter.

      1. Pedroia is not much taller than that – he’s maybe 5’5″. What a great game – you can be a really small guy and still be a fantastic professional player.

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