Box Score Recap – 6/19/2014

Jim had a nice write-up of JP Crawford’s not-amazing Clearwater debut – give it a look. He talked a good bit about Roman Quinn’s defense as well, which sounded really encouraging.

Seth Rosin’s been good at AA – too bad he’s repeating that level after not making it at AAA, (and MLB, though you can’t blame him for that). Hopefully this success is a precursor to him going back to AAA and hopefully turning into a useful bullpen arm that he seemed on track to be before The Phils acquired him and tried him in the rotation.

Newly-signed Aaron Brown led the way for WIL with three hits and a steal as the Cutters knocked off former Phils farmhand Marek Minarek. Cord Sandberg continued his hitting streak – it’s eight games if you include the last game of 2013. Which I’m willing to do because no one has told me I can’t. I may have been willing anyway. I’m a rebel like that.

Carlos Tocci had two singles and Zach Green was 2-3 with a walk, a double and his first 2014 home run, but The Blueclaws couldn’t get anything else on the board in support of a fine start from Mark Leiter Jr. He’s had two pretty dominant starts in a row, setting down 16 by strikeout while allowing just nine hits in 14.1 innings. Andrew Knapp left that game in the bottom of the sixth – it’s unclear why from the recap, but you just hope it isn’t related to the surgically repaired elbow he’s just starting to use at full speed again. He was involved in a game-speed throw in the fifth that pegged a runner at second after a late throw home. Maybe that or when he was caught stealing in the fourth. Hopefully we’ll get more info on that later today.

Speaking of later today – The Gulf Coast League kicks off at noon today. @statsking says he’s been asked to embargo the roster until 11am, so we’ll have to wait until then. The glut of college draftees is really going to clutter up the GCL this year, I fear. Not sure I’m happy about that – could lead to a lot of guys too often sitting on their hands until Instructs.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-19-14 boxscores

22 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/19/2014

    1. Why is Imhof on this roster? He’s a college 2nd round pick; there has to be room for him in the Williamsport rotation.

      1. Probably to work on mechanical improvements and just get him some professional instruction. They probably aren’t concerned about challenging him just this second. From everything I read, he needs instruction the most.

    2. Pulos has Grade 80 raw power at 175 lbs. Wondering if that’s a projected number or does he go off the charts when he fills out?

  1. Tocci!!! Picking it up as of late. Would be nice to see him finish with a batting average around .270-.280

  2. What’s the convention for newly signed college pitcher draftees in terms of innings in the minors? Is there a standard number of innings or starts we should expect to see from each guy before being shut down for the year?

    1. Mark Appel was the #1 pick last year he signed pretty quick and he ended up with 10 starts and 38 IP if that tells you anything.

      For his College season that year he had 14 starts and 106 IP.

  3. Knapp was just scheduled to catch 5 innings. Phil’s taking it slow. Will catch more innings starting next week.

    1. His overall numberts – granted, a SSS – properly considered contain more good news than bad news. Yeah, the power hasn’t been there, but I don’t see any reason to think that the power isn’t there. But he’s cut his K rate pretty dramatically, and that’s something that normalizes quickly.

      The real issue with Green is whether he can stick at third base and play decent defense there. If so, he’s a really interesting prospect. If not, not.

  4. Didn’t know where to put this but…Brody Colvin was released, and Miguel Gonzalez was sent on a rehab assignment to clearwater.

    1. I guess it’s not surprising. I figured they might cut him loose to make room for Nola/Lakewood promotions, but still too bad. At least MAG is healthy enough to pitch again (presumably).

    2. Colvin had a lot of promise with very good stuff.
      Just could not put it altogether in the form of command and control.

      1. Despite being a frequent crtic of the organization, on individual player development issues I tend not to be critical (while making some tentative criticisms of the development record as a whole).

        But in this case, one does wonder why the organization never really gave him a full trial as a reliever. In six years in the organization, he entered only 18 games in relief (versus 90 as a starter). Yes, obviously relief pitchers need command/control also, but sometimes it’s easier to sustain good command control in a relief role.

      2. He also lost the stuff. His delivery fell apart (it was always hovering on the brink when he was good). Afterwards his fastball was 87-90 and the secondaries were poor to fringe average

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