GCL Phillies; June 20, 2014

The GCL Phillies opened with a 7-3 victory over the Dunedin Blue Jays.  Luis Morales got the start and pitched 3.1 innings.  Matt Hockenberry pitched 2.2 innings and got the win.  Brandon Liebrandt pitched the final 3 innings and got the save.

I got to the field a little late and saw that Chris King (StatsKing) from BP was in the tower scoring the game, so I didn’t bother to score it myself, just took notes.

The roster that was posted this morning included 19 pitchers (No Aaron Nola) , 3 catchers (including Jake Sweaney), 8 infielders, and 4 outfielders (including 2 who had been injured all of XST – Carlos Duran and Gustavo Martinez).  The first thing I did was take role.  Everybody who was listed on the roster was in attendance.  So was Larry Greene, who was rehabbing in left field.  Aaron Nola was in uniform and on the bench.  More on Nola later.

The Phillies had a 4 run lead when I got there and Morales was in the process of giving 2 back.  He settled down and pitched fairly effectively until the 4th inning.  He throws a hard but straight fast ball.  Hockenberry was interesting.  He threw 88-90 and hit 91 once with his fast ball.  He had good off-speed pitches that he could throw for strikes.  He located his pitches well.  He struck out 5 of the 8 outs he recorded.  A couple on his nasty curve(?).   Liebrandt’s fast ball was at 88.  He was effective with it when he kept it away from the batters.  When he got too much of the plate they hit it hard, but right at somebody.  He also showed a good move to first, picking off a runner.

Other than Greene, the outfield consisted of Chase Harris in center and Jose Pujols in right.  Harris appears to be a capable fielder.  One of Liebrandt’s hard hit balls was directly at Harris and over his head.  You all know that the ball hit right at an outfielder is the hardest to judge for depth.  After a pause, he retreated a couple steps to make the catch.  This gave the runner on second the opportunity to tag and advance.  Harris unleashed an accurate throw to the bag (on one bounce) that nailed the runner.  Pujols also looked good retreating back and moving to his left to catch 2-3 hard hit balls.  Plus he threw out a runner at home by a considerable margin.  Probably a coach’s mistake sending the runner.

Gregori Rivero started as catcher.  He is good behind the plate but needs to work on his throws to second.  They run a little high.  He was 1-2 on steal attempts, but the runner caught stealing beat the throw by a lot then overran (overslid?) the bag.

The infield included Trey Williams, Olvy Marte, Grenny Cumana, and Damek Tomscha.  Tim Zeir was the only sub, batting for Marte and playing an inning at second.  Williams, Marte, and Cumana played as effectively as they have all spring.  Tomscha played third well.  He handled the chances he had and made solid accurate throws.  And he caught the throw and applied the tag on Harris’ assist.

Pujols tripled in 4 at bats.  I noticed that he is swinging at the first pitch again.  He had been very selective toward the end of XST.  I hope this is not a return to old habits.

Greene went 1-4 with 2 RBIs but struck out 3 times.  Looked to be off-speed pitches low and outside.  Sound familiar?

And the most eye-catching offensive moment was Damek Tomscha’s second at bat.  He absolutely crushed a ball over the left field fence on his way to a 2-4 day.  There was a slight breeze from right to left, but it in no way aided this home run.

The game only took about 2.25 hours.  Seven inning XST games usually ran that long.

Dallas Green and Charlie Manuel were here again.  Charlie was wearing his spring training  attire – uniform pants with a coach’s wind breaker.  It was cool seeing him dressed like this again.  Ruben Amaro arrived a couple innings into the game.  This led those of us around the cage to speculate that maybe they are going to activate Nola to pitch tomorrow.  Well, we can hope can’t we?


27 thoughts on “GCL Phillies; June 20, 2014

    1. MLB.com links them to their #15 prospect SS Arquimedes Gamboa from Venezuela. Baseball America previously linked them to another SS Daniel Brito and a catcher from Venezuela Lenin Rodriguez. Neither of those latter 2 made the MLB.com list. BA hasn’t put out their Top 30 yet. The Yankees look to sign literally half of the Top 30 prospects

        1. Hard to believe…Yankees are fav for half of the top ten. And eleven of the top thirty. Is there no justice! A draft is certainly needed to legitimize this situation.

          No. Player Pos. Home Favorite*
          1 Dermis Garcia SS DR Yankees —-
          2 Nelson Gomez 3B DR Yankees —-
          3 Adrian Rondon SS DR Rays
          4 Gilbert Lara SS DR Brewers
          5 Juan DeLeon OF DR Yankees —–
          6 Christopher Acosta RHP DR Red Sox
          7 Jonathan Amundaray OF VEN Yankees —–
          8 Brayan Hernandez OF VEN Mariners
          9 Antonio Arias OF VEN Yankees ——
          10 Anderson Espinoza RHP VEN Red Sox

          1. Yankees are in the middle of the pack when looking at the International Money Pool at around $2.2 million. How can they sign all those top 10 players especially when rumors say that Garcia will get around $3 million?

          2. Romus cant you lie a little and put the Phillies next to a top ten guy.It would make us feel better at least.INTERNATIONAL PROSPECTS
            No. Player Pos. Home Favorite*
            1 Dermis Garcia SS phillies
            2 Nelson Gomez 3B DR philiies-
            3 Adrian Rondon SS DR Rays
            4 Gilbert Lara SS DR Brewers
            5 Juan DeLeon OF DR phillies —–
            6 Christopher Acosta RHP DR Red Sox
            7 Jonathan Amundaray OF phillies —–
            8 Brayan Hernandez OF VEN Mariners
            9 Antonio Arias OF VEN Yankees ——
            10 Anderson Espinoza RHP VEN Red Sox

            1. I did some thinking about what the Yankees are doing this year and what the Cubbies did last year….signing 6/7
              of the top thirty or so LA free agent players.

              What clubs will run into when they sign whole gaggles of LA free agents is that in 6 years from now…when the kids are then 22/23-years old….they will have to make room for them on their 40-man rosters or risk losing them in the rule 5.

              Of course, teams can always use them as trade chips in the meantime, like the Yankees did with Jesus Montero a few years ago.

        2. Pretty sure the way the rules are written they can only do it every other year. But it does seem enough of a loophole (i.e., punishment for breaking the rule isn’t enough) that the rules need to be tightened up at least.

          1. Why do the rules have to be tighten, the teams who want to win go get the players, its a free market, Does a law firm take the lesser lawyers, cheaper ones or the better one who make them money, better players, better your team and it helps you win and stay good, My favorite show is suits, and in that show, the weak get beaten down, like chip says big people beat little people, teams with vision and commitment have a better chance. I don’t buy into bud selig and his logic on spending, sorry,if you cant compete, get out,

            1. roccom…then under your logic….do away with the Rule 4 draft in June and have an open market for all HS and college players, since the whole purpose of the Rule 4’s establishment back in 1965 was to make things ‘fair and balanced’

            2. Romus – the original purpose of the draft was not to make things “fair and balanced,” regardless of what the press releases may have said. The purpose was to curtail the rapid growth of signing bonuses – to eliminate economic competition among the franchises. For quite a while, it worked.

            3. dave….economics is always part of the equation….but the purported purpose was to let the small market teams be afforded the opp to get quality talent.
              If you remember the Kansas City A’s were a ‘minor league’ team for the Yankees for awhile.

  1. I must be the only one who thinks, its great if teams will spend in the international market, the Phillies don’t want to, and we are stuck with that, but think of the latin market, instead of one first round choice , you can get three or four more top players, with a money commitment, The Yankees, redsox and others see the way to improve there team, and take advantage, if the Phillies want to be the marlins and pittsburg in the latin market, there is nothing we can do to change that. its a free market and the teams with commitment and vision will get the players,

    1. ‘……..teams with commitment and vision will get the players’…no, teams with the $$$$$$…..the Yankees and YES have the money along with the Sox and NESC

      1. romus, do the Phillies not have the money???? Comcast deal was a ton. they choose not to spend it there

          1. Romus I been reading about him on different sites, I read that some scouts think he will struggle with good fastballs and curves, I just don’t know enough about Cuban completion, like a lot on here do, they have a better feel for this kid, I would think, but read he might not be able to play until 2015, because of gaining residence and other issues, not sure about all the details. He would be worth a shot, I am stilling trying to find a right hand bat , even though it seems amaro is reaching out to Sizemore, who was dfa by Boston.

            1. Cuban pitchers come with concerns due to over-use at early ages, i.e late teens thru early 20s..
              The positional players seem to be ready and able to produce., ie Cespedes, Puig, Abreu and even Soler in the minors.

    2. Except they are changing the rules, I actually believe this is the last year you can do this, the cubs, rangers and redsox all have done this a few times and now that the rules will change the yankees will probably be the last team to take advantage of the flawed system and who says the phillies dont want to maybe these kids want to play for new york if I was from LA I would the yankees have a lot of tradition and prestige that frankly the phillies dont have

      1. Anonymous money talks. the Phillies haven’t shown the will to spend big on these kids ,before I guess they all want to be yanks or redsox or bluejays, poor excuse, The team just doesn’t step to the plate in that market, this is our team and we have to live with it, right or wrong. if you want to make excuses for them I really don’t care, say what you want its not going to change,

        1. I didnt say that was the only reason, Just that there are other reasons besides money all of the teams offer money probably around the same amount it comes down to who the kid wants to sign with, however I am rather dismayed by the lack of young talent the Phillies have that has come from LA and the fact that a whole bunch of it can be obtained by cheating without much penalty says something about rules and how they favor some teams

  2. Good report, Jim. I don’t know if all the college guys will stay there all season, but the club looks pretty stacked.

    An OF of Duran, Pujols and Sweeney would be very interesting. I’m not sure if Williams and Tomscha project to much of anything considering their ages at this level, but they should be productive. Marte and Cumana are both young and coming off of good years in lower leagues. Rivero looks promising as well.

    1. Grullon was ranked top twenty and commanded a decent signing bonus, along with Pujols, Tocci and Encarnacion.

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