Box Score Recap – 6/5/2014

Maikel Franco and pinch hitter Greg Smith (uhh…ok) hit home runs for Lehigh Valley. Phillippe Aumont drew a walk in that contest. Baseball’s interesting. Both LV and Reading used what seems like all of their pitchers, so let’s hope for some long starts today. Aaron Altherr, Logan Moore and Carlos Alonso each had three hits for REA, and Roman Quinn managed the same for CLR. Looks like Jeb Stefan’s been pushed to the bullpen for that squad, and 2013 pick Mark Meadors made his first outing of the year there as well. Lakewood was blanked by Delmarva, though Carlos Tocci and Dylan Cozens managed  XBHs.

We reach the end of an era, as Jesus Alastre did not reach safely for the first time in his career. Pour one out, folks. And in the Dom Rep, the pitching tandem of Yonathan Trinidad and Yonathan Gonzalez couldn’t hold off the Cubs. It was a fairly low-scoring affair, and I wonder if anyone thought, “What A Yon Fest”. Probably not. And now I’m yawning. And can’t stop. And maybe so are you. Hope no one’s in a meeting or anything.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-5-14 boxscores

16 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/5/2014

  1. Franco’s HR was a bullet to straight away centefield. He looked good at the plate as he also drew a walk. On the field though, he looked uncomfortable. A ball was hit down the line and he just froze. Didn’t even move. Another was a pop up in front of the mound. Franco called everyone off and came across the mound only to drop it. I only got to see the first 5 innings but he looked a little better as the game went on.

  2. Quinn with 3 hits is a good sign. Franco finally with another homer. Can’t remember his last b4 yest. Hopefully, he gets on a streak now.

  3. Quinn with only two errors in 51 chances so far at SS in Clearwater. I’d love to see some first-hand reports of his defense, as the numbers suggest he’s made some strides there. Has anybody seen him play this year?

    Also: Is anyone else impressed that Cameron Rupp is OPSing over .700 despite a .159 batting average? He’s drawing walks at a 15 percent rate. (His K rate is over 30 percent, of course…).

    1. Yes I believe Jim commented on this few days ago. Said Quinn did not look good in field and was even worse at the plate. Was barely making contact and not getting good swings. But nothing like a 3 hit day to get some confidence going.

  4. It will be nice to see Cam Perkins in Philly come August after the big 2014 sell off. That is not sarcastic. I think the time has come, and I prefer to dream that Perkins can become an Alex Gordon.

    1. Alex Gordon in AA: (age 22) 29 HR, .263 ISO
      Cam Perkins in AA/AAA: (age 23) 3 HR, .153 ISO

      Perkins has nowhere near the power that Gordon has.

    2. Keep dreaming. Although Perkins can become a nice piece going forward, putting unreal expectations on him is unhealthy.

  5. Love seeing Roman get 3 hits. It looks like BJ is healthy and getting his groove back. He will soon be another option in the majors. Anyone else intrigued by Loewen? Reports are out that Gillies was released. I think its time for Aumont to follow suit. Nice trade RAJ…

    1. I can’t find any reports of this. Can you provide a link?

      They just posted an article on about how Gillies is the last hope of salvaging anything from the Lee deal. lol.

      1. The Phils removed him from the 40-man roster by DFAing him. He cleared and has resumed his place in the LHV outfield.

  6. haha we must have posted that at the same time. good riddence.

    Loewen is somewhat interesting, it is not uncommon for one time prospects who didnt pan out to re-find some level of skill and end up making it. No expectations for him obviously, but if he can do anything in the majors at all its a bounus. Rooting for the kid.

  7. “Yon fest.” Some of your best work right there, Brad.

    Franco, Altherr and Quinn all had good games? Must have been some draft day excitement bringing good juju to the farm.

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