Reading Report: 5/19-5/26

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day, and apologies for the lateness on this recap. This will be a quick one.

With Memorial Day thrown in, and a double header last Monday, it was a successful 7-2 week for the Fightins. Perci Garner kicked off the week with a 6 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 3 K performance in the first game of the double header against New Hampshire and then went six innings against Akron on the 24th. His control was a bit of an issue, with 51 strikes/36 balls in the first start and 53 strikes/42 balls in the second start. That being said, that’s about where Garner has now fallen here in 2014, so those numbers are right around average.

Nefi Ogando didn’t have as hot a week as he did last week, but still picked up a win and two saves.

Mike Nesseth is now 1-4 with a 10.80 ERA since becoming a starter. He struggled again this week, and at this point, he is likely nearing his end in this starting experiment.

If you’re into Cam Perkins Watch 2014, he went 10-for-33 for the week, with 4 doubles and 5 RBI.

Questions to consider:

1. Is Michael Nesseth done as a starter?

2. Can we see Biddle go deep again? His last three starts are 6 IP, 6 IP, and 5.1 IP.

3. What kind of playing time will Everett Williams see as the “new guy” in town?


3 games at home vs. Trenton

3 on the road at Erie

3 thoughts on “Reading Report: 5/19-5/26

  1. My answers to your 3 questions and one of my own. My question is: do you like to be called Victor or Vic or Tor or what? Now your questions, which are probably rhetorical but here it goes. Who else will start if Nesseth doesn’t? I know. My father always said, “never answer a question with a question”, but it is the correct answer right now. They need someone to give them innings. Nesseth doesn’t give them good innings but he gets them through a few.

    Biddle is a disappointment right now. It’s not that he isn’t the best starter on the team but my expectation is his body of work would be demanding a call up to AAA by now. It isn’t. Somewhere along the way pitchers have to cut their walks and be ahead in counts most of the time. If the reason they don’t is fear that a first ball hitter will rip a fastball into the seats, then you better have another pitch you can reliably get over the plate. I’m not sure Biddle is doing that. He throws more pitches and gets very deep in counts, so 6 innings may be his max until he solves that pitch count problem.

    With Collier, Dugan and James on the DL, Williams should see action against righties. Hewitt couldn’t hit a righty if his life depended on it. Quite honestly, Hewitt shouldn’t be hitting against lefties either. Williams is 2 years younger than Hewitt. He’s a former 2nd round pick so there was potential at some point. When someone comes off the DL, I wouldn’t be against releasing Hewitt and keeping Williams. Neither one looks like a prospect right now but Williams puts the ball in play a lot more than Hewitt.

    Since I was so negative above, I wanted to provide some glimmer of hope. Perkins is knocking on the AAA door and it’s starting to so8nd like pounding. If he continues through the half way point, I’ll be screaming for his call up. If you need to get rid of someone or demote them, I get rid of or demote Gillies. I realize it could be Susdorf who gets the boot because Perkins looks a lot like him in the batters box. A professional hitter without much power. I think Perkins runs better and can get to more balls defensively. I really like Susdorf and would hate to see him go. Lavin should also get a trial at Reading. I don’t think he’ll put up the numbers he’s put up so far but he’s deserving of a call up. Let’s see what we have there and move on if we have to.

  2. Williams has been playing some of the best outfield I’ve seen in the phillies organization in a while making plays and he is putting balls in play. Can’t get any better than that

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