XST; May 12, 2014

Mitch Gueller pitched 5 tough innings this afternoon.  He started off with a solid 1st inning, striking out the first batter and throwing 9 consecutive strikes in 12 pitches.  Starting in the 2nd inning, he had difficulty maintaining consistent control of his pitches.  He threw 51 strikes among his 90 pitches.  He allowed 11 base runners over the next four innings.  Some of the pitches that he left up were hit hard by the Yankees.  He gave up 4 doubles among the 6 hits he allowed.  He did have some nice movement on his slider or chang up.  Most of the swing-and-miss he induced seemed to be on that pitch.  His line was 5 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 1 K.

Mark Meadors pitched the 8th and final inning.  He had a nice fast ball that he used to set up his 2 strike outs.  Both victims were caught looking on off speed pitches.  His only blemish was a ball hit up the middle that the shortstop got to and threw wide to first. Couldn’t tell if it was an error or infield hit from my angle.

Roman Quinn batted 4 times.  He hit a deep fly ball to center in his first AB and struck out looking twice.  (The first one was definitely too high and could not be considered “too close to take”.)  In his final AB, he turned on a pitch and drove it down the line in left field.  He busted out of the box and reached third without a throw.  A triple into the left field corner with no throw, wow!  The left fielder was close to the ball when it passed him in the air and had to retreat to retrieve it.  He picked it up clean, but the relay man didn’t even bother throwing to third, Quinn was already pulling up at the base when he turned.

Defensively, Quinn made a good play on a ball hit a couple steps to his right and made a strong throw to first.  He also made routine plays on three ground balls later in the game.  He was the shortstop I mentioned in the play above.  He covered a lot of ground to his left to get to the ball and threw on the run to first.  This type of play is routinely scored an infield single at Bright House if no runner advances on the throw, and the batter may have beat the throw.

Cameron Rupp went 0-4 with a K.

Herlis Rodriguez went 1-3 with a bunt single and 2 stolen bases.

Luis Encarnacion went 1-2 with a single.

Todays’s game was difficult to follow.  I think the batting order was just a suggestion.  Even with Rupp and Quinn getting their at bats, the other guys were sent up in an order that didn’t match my score card.  For instance, Trey Williams and Roman Quinn played 8 innings but Williams didn’t bat at all today.  Rupp batted 4 times in his 5 innings, his replacement Chace Numata didn’t bat.

Colin Kleven goes tonight for the Threshers.


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  1. who knows maybe the time away may have served Quinn well. Jeter didn’t really figure it out in field until after he was out for extended period with injury.

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