Giles, Simon, Galvis to AAA, Brignac to MLB, Camp to FA, and Murray to AA

Roster musical chairs continue and Cesar Hernandez still doesn’t have a seat.  Ken Giles moves on up to LHV where he will have to prove that the control is for real and learn to not pitch up in the zone as much (more AAA than AA hitters will crush or lay off those pitches).  Kyle Simon gets another crack at AAA after finding some control in 6.1 AA innings.  Colton Murray finally gets past Clearwater.  Murray is missing less bats this year, so we will see how he holds up against better hitters.  Reid Brignac is a former top prospect (Top 100 2006-2009, #17 in 2006), he is coming off a hot week in AAA and could provide more offense to the bench than Freddy.  Freddy Galvis needs to relearn how to be productive both in the field and at the plate, there is talent, but he hasn’t really had consistent playing time in 2 and a half years.  Shawn Camp will now be looking for a new job.

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16 thoughts on “Giles, Simon, Galvis to AAA, Brignac to MLB, Camp to FA, and Murray to AA

  1. GILES! Will be looking forward to seeing him next month.

    About time Galvis got sent down. Long overdue. When is the Cesar position experiment gonna end?

  2. No loss in releasing Camp, a wasted signing in my opinion. Good to see them challenge Giles by moving him up so quickly. Brignac should have made the team over Nix in the first place so I’m glad he’s up finally. He will have a chance to show that he can play defense well enough to stick because Ruf will hopefully take a spot in a few weeks between nix and Brignac. Its great to see “‘Murray to AA” just from a selfish standpoint…. As for Cesar, he needs to play everyday at 3B and SS and that can only open there. If he can only play 2B, he may not have a major league career because I’m not sure he’s good enough to start there.

  3. If they don’t want to trade Cesar than their best option is to play him everyday in CF at LHV and let him lead off there and then see what type of a trade they can work for Revere. I’ve seen enough of Ben to know he is not an everyday player.

    He won’t ever walk enough because without power no one fears pitching to him.

      1. Not sure about you guys but the slap hitting doesn’t do it for me and when the Toronto 3b is playing 10 feet from the batters box what does that tell you. I absolutely hate his swing.

        I’m sure if he re-tooled his swing he might at least generate some gap power. He never seems to have his hands back and loaded.

  4. How desperate is this team now. The attendance is going down, only a couple of guys who might help in higher levels, and Montgomery cant understand why we aren’t going. I wonder why no Perkins to triple a??. I think the only way to generate any interest is to have a giles come up, Franco at third, and not sure if that would do it,

    1. No, no, no to Franco at 3B. Way too quick to give up on Asche and Franco isn’t ready. You can’t ruin two potentially good young players just to relieve the fan boredom. Giles needs to get some AAA experience before he comes up. He has had short-term AA success and has just been promoted after an earlier not-so-great period in his career. He does throw so hard that I am tempted to bring him up before the end of the season to maximize the major league use of his arm in the oft-chance that throwing at that velocity doesn’t give him a lot of innings to be logged on his arm for his career. Let’s hope Ruf comes up and provides a modicum of excitement. Same for MAG.

      Is Monty surprised? I guess the family baseball experience, with familiar names and the nostalgia express isn’t going to be good for much better attendance than it was back in the days of the Vet. I’m not surprised. I’ve often voiced the opinion that to Phillies fans a season with fewer than 85 wins, that is in true contention, is a bad thing and it is more that black-and-white, rather than a nuanced 75 wins being so much better than 69 wins, especially if you win 75 with a lot of old recognizable names. To me, the key is how many less than 85-win seasons they string together, before they are back in contention. The more of these ‘bad’ years, the lower attendance will go. Eight seasons of 78 wins will do more damage than 5 or 6 seasons of 70 wins. Losing 75 games with old teams will lose more fans than losing 75 games with young players. It is about hope for a turnaround and then an actual turnaround. A farm which was perceived as loaded would be a huge help.

      1. rccom…..with many teams that go young with high-end prospects, there is many years of ‘learning how to win’ in pressure games. A team like the marlins seem to have an annual gang of young prospects who appear to be headed to super stardom. But they still lose and the players are traded or ledt to leave thru FA.
        So the indoctrination of youth with the vets is probably the best way to go.

        1. I am not saying to bring up Franco, I guess it looked like that sorry, I meant that’s is a way right now to get some interest, but I don’t think Franco is near ready, but Giles is not that far away. Romus having some young players like the marlins have with the ability to spend money like the Phillies could, to fill in needs is not bad, but the marlins cant spend money, that’s why the young guys don’t work, they have to trade them to keep staying young with no fan base or money, never understood why they force major league baseball in Florida, there is so much minor league ball there to watch. I Have been to Florida at least 40 times and never thought of seeing a major league game, too much night life and other things to do there,

      2. allentown….so I assume you do not favor the ‘tank’ theory that some professional teams do in other sports to obtain a high draft choice.

      3. Allentown, I don’t think anyone argues that 5 wins more of less make a huge difference in terms of attendance. The argument comes up in terms of a true fire sale, which you don’t advocate. I’ve optimistically estimated that a true fire sale would result in a 100 loss season. I’ve since reevaluated that; a true fire sale would probably result in a 110 loss season. That would make attendance fall even more.

        Now, if we consider more modest actions which would result in (roughly) 5 fewer wins, which probably would not hurt attendance much, the question becomes, how do the actions help? They could help for sure. Trading Lee by itself costs the team about that many wins, and would help the team if the return was good. I think if they can get a top 50 prospect for him at the deadline, they should do so.

        But, looking backwards … you were against the Ruiz and Byrd signings. And I think it’s fair to say, even assuming a drop off by both players, that not signing them would have cost the team just about 5 wins. But what’s the cost of those signings? It’s not like there are realistic prospects who aren’t getting a shot at their jobs. Nor are the contracts that bad. Nor are there reasonable alternative ways to spend the money. They seem, so far at least, to be reasonable signings.

        That’s one example. There are others, some advocated by you, some not. There were plenty of calls for trading Utley and some criticism of the team resigning him. Yes, not you I know. But that’s exactly the kind of move that would have hurt the team with little or no benefit. (Ironically, given his rebound, it may NOW make sense to at least float his name at the deadline. I doubt they will be offered enough for him.)

        Bottom line – continuing to win while rebuilding does matter. Maybe not a huge amount, but some. If the wins are at the cost of the future, then the cost is too high. But if the wins just cost a few million of the owner’s money during a period when there aren’t better ways to spend the money*, then that’s a cost well worth bearing. For all the organization’s many faults, their efforts to keep winning in the past year or so haven’t been at the expense of the future.

        *No, redirecting money to amateur talent isn’t a real option. One, rules changes have made that much less of an option. Two, for non-baseball reasons, this ownership doesn’t see that as a possible trade off.

  5. I really believe the people of this town are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, 5 wins to me wouldn’t mean much, but that’s my opinion. I really believe the fans see how bad Ruben has been, and this team being old and slow, and not much in the minors, Winning a couple of more games wont fool the public, they want a championship team. Its only going to happen with good drafting, a little luck in rule 5 maybe, and a commitment from ownership. They first need to do what got them there in 08, fire Ruben and the scouts, and hire a gm from a winning organization. Lee being traded, with ruben in charge , scares me. I hope before this team thinks of that move, they hire a new gm.

    1. While I don’t buy into the argument made by allentown (not here, but in the past) and others that shifts the blame for poor decisions from Amaro to the ownership, the owners hired Amaro and they are happy with him. Yes, I’d like to see Amaro go, but it isn’t a cure all.

      1. That to me is the one question that cant be answering. Does Amaro have full control or not? Amaro leaving for a gm with some guts like Gellick, who only takes the job, if he has full control would help, imo.

    2. roccom….you raise a point about the GM that has had me wondering from the past on occasion..
      Has there been in studies in professional sports, indicating whether a former player makes a better GM then a non-former player?
      Maybe its only me…..but I see more non-former player GMs taking their teams to titles more then the other way around.

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