Box Score Recap – 5/5/2014

A friendly reminder that Harold Martinez is on his third trip through the Florida State League, and that ten game samples don’t prove a whole lot, and they prove even less when you’re a 24-year-old playing against a bunch of 21 and 22 year-olds. Also 30 more PAs without another walk and his rate will round down to 1%.

Tyler Henson hit his third home run in two days, and Leandro Castro was 3-4 with a walk-off caught stealing. Yes, that last part’s bad. Wouldn’t have been an issue if the bullpen and Barry Enright hadn’t collapsed int he 7th and 8th innings. You should read the recap of those two innings. Pretty amazing.

Three hits for Cesar Hernandez. He’s clearly a big league level hitter stuck in AA. Whether the glove comes around at more than second base, at least he’s getting his time at the plate. Austin Wright threw a clean inning with 1K – it’s his first base-on-ball-free outing of the year. Like to see him string together a handful of those and put himself back in the discussion as a bullpen arm.

Not much offense for Lakewood, and Mark Leiter Jr. put up his second lackluster performance in a row. That may be generous – I’m not sure the last one qualified even as “lackluster”, though it certainly lacked something…not sure what it was…outs, I guess.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-5-14 boxscores

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  1. If they can’t find a place for Cesar on the 25 man then they should be exploring his value else where. A big league bat must be worth something even if his defense is utility minus SS.

    1. Yeah, I was just thinking that there must be a second-division team out there that could use a young, cost-controlled second baseman and has a surplus righthanded reliever who is capable of pitching the 7th-8th innings. I hate to play the trade game, you usually just end up looking silly, but this seems like an obvious one.

  2. I have a question about this organization that has been bugging me recently. Why do we wait for these players with questionable positions to get to the major leagues before we start trying to get them to play a more valuable position? I have two main examples: first Ruf during his big breakout. Why did we wait so long to try him in the outfield? He could have been playing LF in Reading that year; I don’t think there were any decent prospects at that point, and if they thought he could handle it then, why not earlier?

    Second and more pertinent, Cesar Hernandez. Why all of a sudden this year they try to make him a utility infielder? We’ve known for the past 3 years that his value would be severely limited if all he could do was play 2B. I was of the mindset that you should have these guys do whatever they can until it’s shown they can’t play a certain position. Now instead of him and Ruf being ready to stick when they come up, they have to go back to AAA or AA to get seasoned at positions they should have already been experienced with.

    1. It’s a pretty good question.

      For Ruf, the answer, I think is simple. Before 2012, nobody viewed him as much more than org. filler, then suddenly he became a borderline elite minor league hitter. They worked to try to get him some reps to keep his bat around because he was and is blocked as a potential starter by Ryan Howard at first base.

      For Hernandez, in terms of his raw tools, he really profiles as a second baseman and little else, except perhaps a centefielder (assuming he starter there – which he didn’t), so it makes sense that, before last year, they were keeping him at second. I think he didn’t get reps in center before last year because they thought they would be set at second. To be frank, I think he’s better than they thought he was going to be as an offensive player and they are looking for ways to keep him around.

      On a side note, it’s looking like the decision to discard Frandsen for Nix was a huge mistake. For the miniscule benefit of having Nix available as a second back up shortstop, the team has lost a decent platoon third baseman and a good pinch hitter. It was a bad move.

    2. Cesar Hernandez was likely viewed as injury insurance for Utley and a possible short-term replacement if a reasonable contract extension couldn’t be negotiated with Utley. When Hernandez might have been groomed to play other positions, Utley’s future was very much in question, he was having a ton of problems with his knees. Hernandez is a 2B without the arm one looks for at SS or 3B. The Phillies tried Utley at 3B at a comparable point in his minor league career and that accomplished nothing apart from delaying Utley’s major league career by about a season.

      I don’t think the Phillies saw Ruf as much more than Rizzotti.

  3. This is not about yesterday’s box score but todays. Clearwater is playing right now and Ethan Martin is listed as the 3rd baseman and hitting 4th. I hope that is supposed to be Harold Martinez or we have a whole new discussion coming.

    1. That’s weird – don’t you think it’s probably a typo and they meant to say Martinez, not Martin?

  4. I wonder if what’s going on with Leandro Castro is just small sample size variance or a last ditch effort to be more patient at the plate. His BB rate hasn’t been above 3.4% since at least 2010 and right now it’s 10.5%.

    Also, I’m sure the Phils had every reason to move Austin Wright to the bullpen so quickly last year, but I sort of wish they’d left him as a starter longer so he could at least work on his mechanics/control more. At the very least I’d rather see him getting spot start duty over Mike Nesseth.

    1. Then again, since we seem to be so devoid of talent at 3b top to bottom………maybe its all-hands on deck.

  5. I hereby nominate the stat line 1H, 2BB, 3ER to henceforth be known as the “Philippe Aumont Special.”

  6. Look at all those walks our pitchers gave up. It’s really unacceptable at this point. 10 walks? 7 walks ? Awful.

    1. Too many Ricky Vaughn’s in the system.
      And for that matter too many Pedro Cerrano’s also.

    2. In fairness, Aumont did manage to NOT walk one of the batters he faced, which is unusual for him

  7. DOes anyone else think Reid Brignac would be a better option right now for the Phillies utility role and Galvis shoudl be sent down to get at bats everyday and work on his swing (if that is even possible)? I think Brignac could be a .225 hitter in the bigs – in other words, 4 times Galvis’s average

    1. They already have Jayson Nix in that role. They could send Galvis down and bring up just about anyone they wanted. If Freddy needs to go to the minors once a year to figure out how to hit, he’s going to have trouble keeping a big league job. Even when he plays everyday he doesn’t hit enough to warrant being more than a second division shortstop, so if he can’t hit a little off the bench, he’s just a AAAA guy going forward.

      Not that I have given up on him improving. Just saying he’d better figure it out or all that glove will go to waste.

  8. In case people have forgotten Julsan Kamara;

    “Of course, the outfielder will play immediately in the major leagues. It starts in June, when he goes into the current season of the Phillies farm teams DSL Phillies in the Dominican Republic. Keep moving it could within the franchises for example, in the Clearwater Threshers in Florida before the way, if everything goes perfectly, in Pennsylvania on the minor-league teams Reading Fightin Phils (AA) and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (AAA) is actually in the Major League may result. “:

    Will be interesting to follow.

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