Several Minor Leaguers Released

Baseball America is reporting the following players have been released: Pitchers, Carlos Best, Yari Sosa, Austin Brough, Delvin Perez, SS Stephen Malcolm, INF Trey Ford, 1B-3B Carlos Valenzuela, SS Francisco Silva.

Nothing unexpected outside of possbily Malcolm, who at one time was well thought of prior to missing a season because of a disciplinary issue and underperforming this year.


26 thoughts on “Several Minor Leaguers Released

  1. No surprises here.
    It’s sad when the organization has to make cuts and tell young men that their dreams are over. But, when your batting average hovers below .200, this has to be exected.

    1. Yes, I don’t think he got big money but he was a DSL guy who hit terribly. But… last year he came state-side and things changed. He hit .331 in the GCL. We all hoped he’d turned the corner. But this year, he was back to the Mendosa line so he’s gone. Plus we now have a bunch of 3B and 1Bs hanging around.

    2. Technically, he wasn’t an International League signing, but an International signing.
      Word I have seen from the resident Latin American expert was that he got a $200,000 signing bonus. A sign he was down the list of guys in the organization’s eyes, when , though long a middle infield and 3B, and at around 5’10 170, he was the one they moved to 1B. Still, looking over his fielding stats awhile back, it seemed he had an unusually high number of assists for a 1B. Too bad. But, for the “batting average means nothing “faction his substandard BA was based upon a substandard BABIP, so it was all just plain old dumb luck. Just ask Neil Huntingdon.

  2. phillies also got their PTBNL from the dodgers today. Some 22 year old 2nd baseman in rookie ball, Stefan Jarrin. This is according to mlbtraderumors who cites a phillies anouncement. 2 years in rookie ball with pretty paltry numbers.

      1. Exactly… Is he someone in the organization’s son, grandson. nephew or gardener? Couldn’t the Phils have waited for him to be released? Should have taken the money and run.

          1. That’s grandson of the Dodgers Spanish Language Broadcaster.

            But, yeah, I don’t get it. B-R T-R around 5’10 170, played 2 years and all at 2B, save for one CHANCE at SS. No batting average much over .200.
            What was the cash option they got Jarrin in lieu of, $1.50?

            But , for the fielding fetishists, looks like a lot of range and good fielding for a 2B only type (and you’d think they took him for some reason) ( maybe a fast runner , also) So, He’s your guy.

    1. The pick was clearly between org guys or cash (probably like $1,000 to just complete the transaction). Instead you get a guy who can be some depth at back up middle infield for instructs and possibly Lakewood. He will be a footnote on a trade that I think has worked out nicely in the Phillies’ favor up to this point.

        1. I don’t understand this. This kid is likely nothing but what does he cost the organization to have around (less than what a Howard strikeout costs them). You always take the player especially when the money is nothing (you have to have cash as the alternative if there is a PTBNL), the worst that happens is that they cut him in the spring and it cost them likely a couple thousand dollars they would have gotten in cash.

  3. last night during the phillies game wheels and mccarthy mentioned that when ruf plays in the venezuela winter league, the phillies will not have control over how much time he plays in left. i find that disappointing. why would’nt the philles have him in a more controlled situation where he will play left. i thought over the last 5 games he has played he held his own in left field

    1. The most they can hope for is that the Venezuelan team will play him there often with the hope that having a good relationship with the Phillies will send more major league caliber players there in the future. The thing is in the winter the only thing more controlled is the AFL but even that has its own problems with finding playing time, otherwise you have the Dominican or Venezuela and each club there is just trying to win games and draw fans.

    2. In today’s an article states that the Venezuelan Winter League team will by overseen by Phillies guy Jorge Valendia who will ensure that the Phillies guys there will get the proper playing time as warranted. The Phillies have always had a partial ownership stake in the Zulia-Maracay-Maracaibo-Tronocero area team.

  4. Speaking of released players, Travis Mattair had a solid year for the Reds A+ team. He batted .274 with 19 home runs.

      1. His defense at 3rd was always the best part of his game though. I wonder if they moved him to get another prospect some reps or because his D has tailed off. Either way, at his age in that league, those numbers are nothing special. Still, good for him that he’s still living the dream.

    1. All usual Cal League stats apply here. With those numbers he was still 9th on the team in batting average and 5th in slugging (6th in OPS). Good for him to have found a job but don’t read into the stats too much.

      1. And yet another season in High A. Good stats repeating levels is nice, but not really that indicative of much progress.

    1. Potential 3rd basemen of the future who really never got off the ground with the Phils organization. Retired for a year to play college basketball. Came back still didn’t show much, so the team let him go.

      1. Theoretically Travis was taken in the Rule 5 draft (minor league portion). He needed a change of scenery and the Reds thought they could give him that. He was a PhuturePhillies favorite for a while, mainly because he was a 3rd baseman who was very good defensively and had the size to be a HR hitter. We needed a 3rd baseman of the future and he looked to fit the bill. But alas, it didn’t come to pass. Next….

  5. In a less publicized move, I saw where yesterday also released larrym. Reports say the move wasn’t based on performance on the field but rather issues within the clubhouse and the impact he was having on others…

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