Box Score Recap 9-1-2012

Roman Quinn with his first professional (regular season/over the fence) homerun. Franco and Dugan with three hits each.

None of the three teams in playoff contention helped their cause. May and Pettibone both with less than stellar outings, and Frank Gailey, (of all people), struck out 12 Clearwater Threshers in six innings.  I kid you not.  Frank Gailey.  Yes, the same one.  Burn.


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  1. Larry Greene is fifth in the NY/Penn in BB. That’s good.
    Larry Greene is third in the NY/Penn in Ks. That’s bad.

    Franco impresses more and more every day. I can see him being a Top-100 prospect this time next year.

    1. Goldstein already said he “would have” given him heavy considerations for next year…but sadly he won’t have a list.

    1. “He’s Freddy Galvis with a better bat,” the scout said about Reading’s Darin Ruf.

      That was the caption of the picture on the sports page. They really do have monkey’s over there.

    2. I think the Phils need to deal Schwimer. Kid’s a headcase and he’s not even that good. I’m sorry I may just have sour grapes for him but his out of line posting of the transactions for the Phillies before they announced the moves wasn’t a good thing in his favor. Then his little tirade about being injured and the Phillies needing to place him on the DL? I’m sorry but the Phillies nor any other team would do something so dumb in this day and age. The Phillies had Justin De Fratus on the MLB 60-Day DL for 3 quarters of the season paying him a MLB salary. Schwimer doesn’t know his place in the organization so he needs to go. I agree that Bonilla and Giles will push Schwim, Rosenberg, and Savery but I think Giles and Bonilla have better upside then the guys mentioned as you already know because you even called them marginal.

  2. Gailey just junkballed the Threshers to death last night. Everybody was lunging at the offspeed stuff and was way in front of it. One critical play in the game occurred in the bottom of the eighth. Bases loaded, two outs, Duffy at the plate, strikes out swinging on a ball to the backstop. He forgets to run to first initially, and then takes off. The catcher’s throw beat him by a step. Huge rally killer as the man from third would have scored easily.

    The Threshers will miss the playoffs due to an overall record 1/2 game worse than Lakeland, unfortunately.

    As for the brighter spots of last night’s game Arias still had a nice little debut for Clearwater. Both of his runs came in the fifth. Carlos Alonso putting the finishing touches on another solid season with a sharp ground ball double down the line and a beautiful bunt single to set up the potential rally in the eighth. Hector Neris looked great out of the pen again – he is tied for the FSL lead in appearances this year.

  3. Franco was hitting .207 on July 1st. He was hitting .247 on August 1st. Someone said he would have a pretty good season if he could get his avg up to .260. He might get to .280. Franco is going to start getting serious attention as a prospect next year.

    1. ”fFranco is going to start getting serious attention as a prospect next year’. Of course you are being sarcastic! Or are you talking about national publications?

      1. I’m fairly certain he meant national press. He’ll probably start getting consideration for top 100s soon.

  4. Hey guys, I went to the Lakewood Game last night. Here are some game notes.

    Missed top 1st

    Bottom 1st

    Villalobos: 2nd pitch fly out; hit hard out to CF
    Altherr: 2 pitch Line out to RF
    Dugan: 2pith Weak fly to LF

    Bottom 2nd

    Franco: 5 pitch ground out: decent contact to 2nd Base
    Pointer: 3 pitch double down right field line; solid hit
    Alvarez: 1st pitch ground out: weak hit over pitchers mound. Out was made by SS
    Stassi: 6 pitch single up middle; good contact. Pointer scores
    Lino: 3 pitch weak groundout to pitcher

    Top 3rd

    Pointer PO. Looked a bit confused when ball came off the bat
    Dugan PO. Looked decent on hard hit ball
    Carver PO. Looked good ranging to his left

    Bottom 3rd

    Carver: 3 Pitch infield single
    Villalobos: 3 Pitch SF Bunt: Carver to 2nd. Bunt was placed beautifully down 1st Base line and he almost beat out the throw.
    Altherr: 3 Pitch fly out to shallow Left Center that was caught by SS
    Dugan: 4 Pitch single in to right field. Solid hit. Carver scores from 2nd
    Franco: 1st pitch infield single to SS. Dove head first into 1st base
    Pointer: 4 Pitch groundout to 2nd

    Top 4th

    Dugan PO on line drive; Looked good on the play
    Pointer PO on high fly ball; Looked good on the play
    Alvarez PO on fly ball; Looked good on the play

    Bottom 4th

    Alvarez: 1st pitch triple; smoked in gap. close play at 3rd but he was safe
    Stassi: 2 pitch line/fly out to 2nd baseman. chased bad pitch
    Lino: 4th pitch single over SS head. Alvarez scores
    Carver: 4 Pitch Strikeout
    Villalobos: 1st pitch weak ground out to 2nd baseman

    Top 5th

    Alvarez PO; No trouble
    Alvarez PO: ball hit hard. misread but caught with relative ease
    Villalobos makes easy play

    Bottom 5th

    Altherr: 2 Pitch ground out to SS or 3B
    Dugan: 4 Pitch Walk
    Franco: 4 Pitch single over 2nd Basemans head
    Pointer: 4 Pitch K
    Alvarez: 1st pitch FO. Right at Center Fielder

    Rivas looked solid. He only reached 88 on the gun from what i saw. The opposing pitcher only got up to 89 so i’m assuming the gun was slow.

    Top 6th

    Mascarello (Pitcher) Assist: took ball off his ankle before making the throw to 1st.
    -Carver couldn’t pick ball up on play over 2nd base. tough play but definitely a play he should have
    made. Runner scored from 2nd.
    Chek swing bunt. Lino to 1st on solid throw.

    Bottom 6th

    Stassi: Weak 4 pitch GO to pitcher
    Lino: Weak popup to 1B
    Carver: Ground out to 2B

    Mascarello looked ok. Hardest he threw was 84 so gun must be very slow.

    Top 7

    Sosa: Records Strikeout. Hitter looked bad at plate
    Pop up to Villalobus
    Ground ball right at Carver. Not a very tough play but he recorded the out without any trouble.

    Bottom 7th

    Villalobos: 1st pitch double that LF misread badly. dove but couldn’t make the catch.
    Altherr: Villalobos gets thrown out at 2nd by catcher on first pitch. Weak single up middle on 4th pitch
    Dugan: smoked a double into left center gap on first pitch. Altherr scores from 1st
    Franco: 3rd pitch single up middle Dugan to 3rd
    Pointer: 1st pitch single through hole at 3rd. Dugan scores
    Alvarez: 1st or 2nd pitch single over SS
    Stassi: 3rd pitch single through hole at 3rd
    Lino: 3 pitch K
    Carver: 2 pitch double into left field corner. 2 RBI.
    Batted Around
    Villalobos: 6 pitch fly out to LF.

    Top 8th
    Line out to Alvarez. looked ok
    Solid 4-6-3 Double play. Bad throw by Villalobos but Carver caught the ball, spun to his left and made a strong throw to 1st Base.

    Bottom 8th

    Altherr: 1st pitch out. Hard hit ball to right but right at Right Fielder
    Dugan: 2 Pitch solid hit over SS. SS had a chance to record the out if he jumps from my point of view.
    Franco: 3 pitch K. struck out on high heat.
    Pointer: 4 pitch K. looked ready for year to be over.

    Sosa looked alright. Hardest he threw was 91.

    Top 9th

    Cooper records Strikeout on High Fastball
    Pointer ranges to his left and records out. Solid play.
    Alvarez makes out in center field on hard hit ball to his left. looked shaky at first but made the play with out much trouble.

    Cooper looked ok. Had one ball hit hard but it wasn’t far enough into gap to drop. One ball was almost hit to the warning track. Hardest he threw was 91 I believe.

    Other observations:
    – It looked to me like Brian Pointer is ready for this season to be over. After his final AB he let go of the bat during the follow through and looked very annoyed. I can understand why he’s frustrated though.
    – I though Dugan looked really good at the plate. He made great contact most of the time and looked good in RF. Definitely ready for a Promotion.
    – I thought Lino was good behind the Plate. I think all the Passed Balls are because of experience. He never throws his body infront of a ball in the dirt. He’s always trying to backhand the ball which resulted in 2 balls going to the backstop and another one during warmups. Once he realizes that he has to put his body infront of the ball he will be fine. I didn’t see his throw out during the top of the first so I don’t know how strong his arm is but his throws looked good in-between innings if that counts for anything.
    – One thing that stood out to me during Villalobos’ ABs was that as soon as he doesn’t like a pitch, he takes one hand off the bat. Don’t know why he does it but at least it prevents him from swinging at bad pitches. Also, he was picked off by the Catcher while he was on second. The call was argued but he was definitely out. Got caught sleeping. He would have scored on the next pitch (single by Altherr) if he hadn’t been picked off.
    -Sadly Franco didn’t have any chances over at 3rd so I don’t know how he is in the field.


    1. Thanks for the first-hand report. Would have loved to have seen that infield single for Franco … from what I’ve read, he doesn’t exactly have wheels.

      1. no problem. And yeah Franco isn’t too fast but he hit the ball perfectly in-between 3rd and Short. The SS had to dive to his right but the throw was off line.

    2. Yeah, nice report, I’m assuming that you wrote notes during the game. Either that or your memory is quite formidable. 8^)

      I’m never a fan of people sliding into first base – unless it becomes a tag play which it sounds like in this case. Then it’s a case of Franco sounding like he might be a bit hard nosed. I like it.

      1. Thanks and yeah of course. I could never remember all of that. Yeah it was a tag play although the First baseman didn’t even bother trying, Franco was safe by a good amount.

  5. I saw a few innings of the Iron Pigs game on tv last night, with Pettibone pitching. The ump was squeezing him a little bit but not enough to account for 5 walks. Pettibone seemed pretty frustrated by the 6th inning. He was also throwing his changeup and cutter a lot in counts where he probably needed to just go with the fastball. He was missing low most of the time.

    I saw one of Valle’s at bats, and it looked the same as the other handful of at-bats I’ve seen from him this season. He has one swing, and it’s very hard and aggressive. Wheeler threw him 4 sliders way out of the zone and he chased 3 for the strikeout.

    1. Oh, also, the gun had all of Pettibone’s fastballs at 90-92, his changeup around 84, and his cutter around 87-89.

  6. Has anyone else completely forgotten about Valle since he moved to LV? I skip over him every day, even though he used to be one of my favorites last year.

  7. It seems that Valle’s weaknesses are being more exposed the higher he climbs on the ladder. His previous high rating among the “30” will be amended downward since Joseph has come aboard and Rupp continues to improve, FO office brass naming him the best catcher in the system pre-Joseph.

    IMO, were it not for Joseph, Rupp would have been chosen the system’s best catcher.

    ‘the question now is whether Valle can recover and actually improve his plate discipline; otherwise HE will be a MLB back-up catcher, perhaps not in Philly.

    Lino and Ludy, et al, bring further solidity to that position as they slowly move up in the system, so that the catcher position has gone from weak to strong in just a couple months.

    Joseph is only 21 which is young for such a specialized and complicated position’s responsibilities with a pedigree of power hitting ability. He might need a season of Reading/Lehigh Valley to refine both offense sand defense. When he does, LOOK OUT! Righty power from the catcher position! Great to hope for and contemplate.

    1. I have a fuzzy memory but wasn’t Rupp called the system’s best DEFENSIVE catcher. Not necessarily all around catcher.

        1. The way I read it, the reporter really made a bad assumption off of an interview and was calling Rupp the best ‘receiver’. Art still thinks otherwise. It’s his prerogative 🙂

    2. Don’t discount Scranton local Logan Moore as a catcher with possibilities. Long-shot but still in the mix.

  8. in today’s philly inquirer, they quoted a scout about asche (i’m assuming it was someone outside the organization). he said he wasn’t sure he would be an everyday player, but he liked asche and said he reminded him a bit of utley and darin erstad. he did think asche would be major leaguer.

  9. Larry Green sick OB % over past two games. Reached base 8 out of 10 tries. Hate to keep tooting this guys horn but him and Quinn look like they are poised for break-out seasons next year.

  10. Note: The Phils “brass” said–about Rupp–that he “is the best catcher in our system” with no qualifications. Interpret it as you wish. For me it means the best “all-around” catcher. For others, who knows?

    1. “Although his offensives numbers aren’t great as far as batting average (.253), he’s hit some home runs (eight) and he’s been as good a catcher as we’ve had in our system this year,” Jordan said. “As good as he was defensively last year, he’s even better this season. You break it down defensively, he’s been our best catcher in the minor leagues this year.”

      1. What’s Rupp up to now? About .267 ? With some power. Taking a look at Valle, there is a fading away of his skills per upgrade. So far, Rupp has improved at the plate with not only slugging but also his OBA

        Rupp: Clwtr, .267 10 HRs .345 OBA .770 OPS (40 BB in 384 PAs)

        Valle; (at Reading…only a short time at AAA LV):
        .261 13 HRs .280 OBA .716 OPS (11 BB in 321 PAs)

        Rupp hands down…whatever the brass said…by a mile since Rupp is also the best DEFENSIVE catcher in the system. Pre-Joseph, as I said, Rupp was the best all-around catcher in the system INCLUDING his offense, as you can see.

        Valle is heading for a back-up role, but probably not in Philly. Room for him to improve, BUT he seems locked in to swinging at all things.

        So….chuckle…go make YOUR case!

        1. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, although I do think we should factor in age here, you said Jordan called Rupp the best catcher without qualification. The actual quote I posted above shows otherwise.

        2. I think I have made my feelings known on Rupp. I think he’s a future big leaguer, and has been blocked from promotion. Wish he would have hit 15 HR this year instead of 10, but he’s got some value.

          1. Relax – it’s a pitcher’s league. He should hit plenty of homers in Reading. His power is fine. He is our back up catcher of the future and there’s no shame in that.

        3. The alternative case is simple … almost 2 years younger, and 2 levels higher. Of course Rupp’s numbers are better – no one is going to dispute that – but MOST people would agree not enough better to make up for the age/level difference.

          Now, deep breath. I’m not going to insult you this time Art. I don’t think it’s any secret that you’re a guy that doesn’t put much of any weight on those things – level and, especially, age. That’s mysterious to me, but whatever. But acting as you do like a simple comparison of stats proves your case is … kind of mind boggling. YOU may not think age/ level makes much of a difference, but most of us do, along with the “experts,” the scouts, and every major league organization. That doesn’t mean we’re right – I mean, we are, but that’s a seperate topic – but it is why Valle is still regarded as a better prospect.

          Now, IMO not MUCH better. I think you’re estimate of Valle’s future is likely correct, and for the reason you cite. You seem a lot more clear eyed about younger prospects. But that’s likely Rupps’ future as well – a major league back up – Joseph is far and way the most likely catcher in the system to have a major league job as a regular. Heck, Lino may have a better chance of being a major league regular than either Valle or Rupp – albeit a lower “floor” as well, with less chance at even a major league backup role than those guys.

          One irony about Rupp is that, in a lot of ways, he is a SABR dream – batting average meh, but walks, plus some power, plus position, plus defense – but he is almost 24 in A+. Catchers are somewhat more likely to be late arrivals, so I am not discounting the possibility that he will be more than a major league back up – but he faces long odds.

          On a purely personal level, if they trade Rupp or Valle, I’d rather keep Rupp – mainly because Valle likely still has more trade value. The fact that I find Rupp’s style of play more aesthetically pleasing is just a bonus. 🙂

  11. On Giles and Martin:

    Martin’s pitches include his FB, a slider, and a curve. The Phils (correctly) believe that ALL of their starters have a change-up. It seems that a change-up will be needed at this “late date” in his pro career. Time in ST and in LV in ’13 to do that.

    He had a “dream game” today which included 0 runs,3 hits 7 inns, 8 (?) strikeouts, and NO WALKS! Should he retain that kind of command and add that change-up, we’ll be looking at a #1 or #2 in a rotation. And could be ready by ’13s late season or by ’14.

    Giles is having a spectacular season for hits, strikeouts and runs. He’s been working in relief, only. What are the chances he can/will be made a starting pitcher?

    1. The only way i see them making him a starter is to get him extra work on the side. He’s always been projected as a back end arm.

    2. Re: Giles, Rupp on twitter the other day said his last three pitches of the Friday night game were 100, 100, 101. Gas.

    3. You just leave him in the bullpen, this season on a big league level as shown why you don’t jerk players around especially those that have stuff that plays up in the pen. If Giles starts the year in Reading he should be in line for a call up by mid to late 2013 if he keeps up what he is doing. He has the best FB in the system and could be a monster in the pen going forward.

  12. Why would you ever want to make Giles a starter? He has a chance to be a dominant closer. I know from this board that a closer isn’t as “valuable” as a starter. But a closer who can punch guys out when he really needs to like he can is pretty valuable to me.

      1. JP is signed through 2015, so it may be awhile, short of injury, or an addiction to outings like yesterday, before we see another closer for Phils. But dominant closers have been known to flame out in shorter periods of time (Gagne, Broxton, etc.), so who knows.

  13. Deivi Grullon. Possible prize Latin FA signing catcher coming to GCL next year??? Jon Mayo scouting report: Deivi Grullon………. Bonao, Dominican Republic, Ht: 6’0″, Weight: 180 Pos: C DOB: 02/17/1996 Bats: R, Throws: R —A defensive-minded catcher with some power, Grullon is trained by catching guru Luis Coronado, and some believe he could be the next Wilin Rosario (Rockies prospect). Grullon has a solid body, is built like a catcher and has plus arm strength. He has solid blocking skills but needs to improve on his defensive techniques and sometimes makes plays more difficult than they should be because he relies too heavily on his natural abilities. The best catching prospect to ever come play in the Dominican Prospect League, Grullon has also built a reputation for his gap-to-gap hitting prowess in games and awe-inspiring batting practice sessions. A member of the Dominican Republic team in the MLB prospect showcase , Grullon was also part of Dominican Prospect League’s All-Star travel squad that played during Spring Training in Arizona and Florida.

    1. “Deivi was a 2012 DPL All-Star and was selected to the DPL Elite Travel Team. On the US tour this spring training he suffered a hairline ankle fracture on the DPL’s last day in Florida and wasn’t able to play in Arizona, which is unfortunate for both he and the scouts. The Phillies and Grullon reached an agreement for a contract value of $575,000.00”

      Certainly something to look forward to!

    2. Another Catcher? This system has a whole lot of catching chops all of a sudden. Sounds like they might be eyeing trading one of them.

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