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Tyson Brummett Joining Phillies

Coming into the 2012 season, Philadelphia was one of the last places I believed that Tyson Brummett would end up. However combine a very good season with several injuries and a very over used Phillies bullpen and what you get is a major league salary and the fulfillment of a dream for Brummett in the final days of the 2012 season.

Brummett, 28, was the Phils 7th round pick in the 2007 draft.  He has moved up steadily through the system but has never been overpowering and had, in fact struggled in both 2010 and 2011, splitting time between Reading and Lehigh Valley.

Things changed this year. Brummett was asked to bounce back and forth from the bullpen into the rotation and had a very good year, going 5-6 with a 3.20 ERA in 44 games (6 starts) between starting and relieving.  Brummett was asked to be an emergency starter several times by Lehigh Valley and filled in admirably on nearly every occasion, while also pitching with renewed confidence out of the bullpen.  I wouldn’t expect much more than a few serviceable innings out of Brummett who has not thrown in a game since August 31st, but he surely will make his major league debut at some point with Tyler Cloyd getting shut down for the year.

Post Season Report Card, Clearwater and Lakewood

Seems this report got lost in the mix….

Garrett Claypool, 24, Phils 11th round pick in 2010 draft; 20 games; 3-2 with a 7.30 ERA; 37IP 42H 15BB 43K; 0.49 GO/AO; .284 opp. avg., 1.54 WHIP; 3.6BB/10.5K per nine; .367 vs. LH, .227 vs. RH, .256 with RISP,  CLaypool has a very disappointing year with two long DL stints combined with marked ineffectiveness.  Grade: F; 2013: Claypool has shown some promise in 2010 and 2011 so I don’t think the Phils give up on him yet, Back to Clearwater to start. Continue reading Post Season Report Card, Clearwater and Lakewood

Several Minor Leaguers Released

Baseball America is reporting the following players have been released: Pitchers, Carlos Best, Yari Sosa, Austin Brough, Delvin Perez, SS Stephen Malcolm, INF Trey Ford, 1B-3B Carlos Valenzuela, SS Francisco Silva.

Nothing unexpected outside of possbily Malcolm, who at one time was well thought of prior to missing a season because of a disciplinary issue and underperforming this year.


Post Season Report Card, Bullpen, LV and Reading

A look at the bullpen for Lehigh Valley and Reading.  Included are relievers who were called up to the Phils in the later part of the season after the rash of injuries hit the Phillies who will be battling for roster sports next year. Next up will be the Clearwater and Lakewood bullpens.

Lehigh Valley

Phillippe Aumont, 23, Acquired from Seattle in 2009; 41 games, 3-1 with a 4.26ERA; 15 saves; 44.1IP 34H 34BB 59K; 3HR allowed; 1.84 GO/AO; .209 opp. avg., 1.53 WHIP; 6.9BB/12.0K per nine; .213 vs. LH, .196 vs. RH, .219 with RISP. Aumont had a brutal April, went on the DL, and came back refreshed and fairly dominant until August.  His issue remains control.  His “stuff” can be filthy, but he gets himself in trouble with walks, which at a rate of 7 per nine innings will not fly at the major league level.  Other than one bad outing for the Phils, Aumont has looked pretty good in late August/September.  Grade: B-. 2013: I dont think he makes the Phils out of SPring Training but I expect to see him in Philly permanently come July. Continue reading Post Season Report Card, Bullpen, LV and Reading

Post Season Report Card, Starting Pitching, Bottom Half

A look at the starters in the lower half of the system.  Bullpen is next up, on Thursday or Friday.


Colin Klevan, 21, Phils 33rd round pick in 2009; 27 starts; 9-8 with a 3.99 ERA; 151IP 151H 41BB 119K; 1.01 GO/AO; .255 opp. avg., 1.27WHIP; 2.4BB/7.1K per nine; .276 vs. LH, .236 vs. RH, .303 with RISP; 3-1 with a 2.72 ERA since August 1 (6 starts). Klevan was one of the most consistent pitchers in the organization in 2012. Grade: B+ 2012: CLearwater rotation

Lino Martinez, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2009; 24 starts; 6-5 with a 5.55 ERA: 121.2IP 136H 48BB 68K; 12 HR allowed; 0.65 GO/AO; .280 opp. avg., 1.51 WHIP; 3.5BB/5.0K per nine; .246 vs. LH, .294 vs. RH, .278 with RISP; 1-0 with a 4.46 ERA since Aug 1 (6 starts). Mediocre is giving Martinez season credit. He was hittable and walked too many without an overpowering pitch. Still though, only 20.  Grade: D+; 2013: Lakewood rotation Continue reading Post Season Report Card, Starting Pitching, Bottom Half

Post Season Report Card, Starting Pitching, Upper Half

Lehigh Valley

Scott Elarton, 36, Signed as a free agent in 2012; 26 starts; 6-11 with a 5.41 ERA; 136.1P 160H 54BB 88K; 13HR allowed; 3.5BB/5.8K per nine; 0.70 GO/AO; .290 opp. avg., .319 vs. LH, .268 vs. RH, .299 with RISP; 1-5 with a 6.02 ERA Post All Star Game. Elarton was very bad after a very good April,  With prospects coming up from Reading and Elarton at age 36, I cant imagine him back. Grade: D-. Would have been worse but I admire his perseverance.

Tom Cochran, 29, SIgned as a free agent in 2012; 25 games; 9-5 with a 3.96 ERA; 127.1IP 107H 70BB 106K; 10HR allowed; 4.9BB/7.5K per nine; 0.82 GO/AO; .230 opp. avg., .252 vs. LH, .223 vs. RH, .238 with RISP; 3-1 with a 2.12 ERA since August 1. Cochran threw well after early season shoulder troubles and is a good “depth” guy for an organization to have. Grade: B. 2013: I would like to see him back, but he will go where he believes he has the best shot at the bigs. Continue reading Post Season Report Card, Starting Pitching, Upper Half

Florida Instructional League

A reliable source puts the attendees of the FIL as follows:

Pitchers: Andrew Aizenstadt, Andrew Anderson, Richard Bielski, Hoby Milner, Kevin Brady, Erick Cedeno, Zack Cooper, Delvi Francisco, Elniery Garcia, Kenny Giles, Mitch Guellar, Jordan Guth, Nicholas Hanson, Tim Kennelly, Ronald Mendez, Jon Musser, Ryan O’Sullivan, Jeb Stefan, Jesen Therrien, Franklyn Vargas, Kevin Walter, Shane Watson.

Catchers: Gabrial Lino, Josh Ludy, Jose Mayorga, Logan Moore, Chace Numata.

Infielders: William Carmona, William Cuicas, Zach Green, Tyler Greene, Willerker Isava, Angelo Mora, Harold Martinez, Cameron Perkins, Chris Serritella, Mitch Walding.

Outfield: Dylan Cozens, Steven Golden, Larry Greene, Samuel Hiciano, Olvy Marte, Gustavo Martinez, Jose Pujols, Andrew Pullin, Zach Taylor, Carlos Tocci, Freddy Zorilla.

Instructs begin next week and run through October 12.

Post Season Report Card–OF, Lower Half

A last look at the Outfielders in the lower half of the organization…next up is Starting Pitchers, coming at the end of the week.


Aaron Altherr, 21, Phils 9th rd pick in 2009; .252/.319/.3402 in 420 AB’s; 8HR 50RBI; 25/33 SB; .291 vs. LH, .233 vs. RH, .238 with RISP; 8%bb/22% k rates; .279 Post All Star Game. 90 games in the OF with 1 error (.996); 9 OF assists; Altherr had a decent year, after a real rough stretch in May. Still has the potential to be a nice combination of speed and power.  Very good in the field. Grade: C+. 2013: Clearwater Continue reading Post Season Report Card–OF, Lower Half