Around the System, Bullpen, Top Half

Lehigh Valley

Michael Schwimer, 25, 42 games, 7-1 with a 1.76 ERA; 9 saves; 61.1IP 45H 19BB 79K; 1.04 WHIP; 0.79 GO/AO; .199 opp. avg., .289 vs. LH, .140 vs. RH, .159 with RISP. 2-1 with a 1.08 ERA since July 1st.  Has been simply dominant.

Drew Carpenter, 26, 26 games, 5-1 with a 1.66 ERA; 48.2IP 36H 9BB 52K; 1.46 GO/AO; .202 opp avg; 0.92 WHIP; .221 vs. LH, .191 vs RH, .216 with RISP; Carpenter has been excellent out of the ‘Pigs pen, however that success hasn’t translated in his limited action with the Phils.

Mike Zagurski, 28, 35 games, 3-0 with a 2.27 ERA and 10 saves; 39.2IP 31H 22BB 49K; 1.34WHIP; 5.0BB/11.1K rates; .244 vs. RH, .219 vs. LH, .200 with RISP; 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA in 11 games since July 1.  Zagurski has been very good, albeit with some limited control issues. 

Justin DeFratus, 23, 17 games,  2-1 with a 4.32 ERA and 2 saves; 25IP 24H 8BB 30K; 1.28 WHIP; .270 vs. LH, .237 vs RH, .303 with RISP; Previously in Reading: 23 games, 4-1 with a 2.10 ERA; 34.1IP 28H 14BB 43K, 8 saves.  Totals: 6-1 with a 3.03 ERA in 40 games; 10 saves; 69.1IP 52H 22BB 73K, 1.07 WHIP.  It has been bumpy at times since DeFratus’s callup, however his talent and potential are very clear.

Phillippe Aumont, 22, 8 games with Lehigh Valley, 0-0 with a 2.45 ERA; 11IP 11H 6BB 19K; 1.54 WHIP; 0.75 GO/AO; .250 opp. avg; In Reading: 25 games, 1-5 with a 2.32 ERA; 4 saves; 31IP 23H 11BB 41K; 1.09 WHIP; 2.05 GO/AO; .195 opp. avg. Totals: 33 games, 1-5 with a 2.36 ERA, 5 saves; 42IP 34H 17BB 60K; 1.21 WHIP. Aumont missed several weeks recently on the DL with a shoulder strain but has looked strong since his recent activation.

Aaron Heilman, 32, 5 games, 0-0 with a 9.00 ERA, 5IP 9H 2BB 6K; Has looked very bad in the couple of outings I have seen live

Joe Savery, 25, 7 games, 2-0 with a 3.86 ERA; 9.1IP 11H 5BB 9K; Has thrown in 14 games this year between CW, REA, and LV and is 3-0 with a 2.21 ERA.


Chris Kissock, 26, 28 games (7 starts); 2-7 with a 5.23 ERA; 74IP 79H 19BB 45K; 1.32 WHIP; 0.79 GO/AO; .275 opp. avg., .280 vs. LH, .271 vs. RH, .341 with RISP; 1-3 with a 3.76 ERA in 21 games as a reliever. Kissock had a very rough go of it as a starter and has settled down to be a serviceable reliever this year.

Jacob Diekman, 24, 41 games, 0-0 with a 3.31 ERA; 49IP 35H 34BB 60K; 3 saves; 1.40 WHIP; 1.40 GO/AO; .199 opp. avg., .071 vs. LH; .283 vs. RH, .186 with RISP; In 14 games since July 1st, has a 1.45 ERA. Diekman was awful in the beginning of the year but has come around to a point that he looks surely to progress to Lehigh Valley next year and may have a future as a LOOGY.  His control (6.2BB/9) is a real problem, but lefties can’t hit him, and pitchers of his type are a valuable commodity.

Mike Cisco,24, 20 games; 6-0 with a 1.90 ERA; 2 saves; 42IP 31H 13BB 33K; 1.04 WHIP; 0.96 GO/AO; .205 opp. avg; 5 HR allowed; .238 vs. LH, .182 vs. RH, .132 with RISP. Cisco has come back strong since coming off the DL in late June and continues to throw very well.  The biggest question mark continues to be his health, which he has struggled with over the last couple of years. Cisco was a 36th round pick in 2008 and probably will be Rule 5 exposed after this season.

Derrick Loop, 27, 13 games, 1-1 with a 5.03 ERA for Reading; 19.2IP 17H 6BB 19K, 4 HR allowed; 1.17 WHIP; 1.17 GO/AO; .230 opp. avg., .063 vs. LH, .357 vs RH, .263 with RISP; For Clearwater, Loop was 2-1 with a 1.32 ERA and 3 saves in 24 games.  Total Stats: 37 games; 3-2 with a 2.61 ERA; 51.2IP 39H 22BB 49K; 3 saves; 1.18 WHIP.  The home run ball has crushed Loop since his callup to Reading.  His peripherals are much better then his ERA.

Justin Friend, 25, 16 games, 0-2 with a 2.35 ERA and 7 saves; 15.1IP 13H 4BB 15K; 1.10 WHIP; 1.23 GO/AO; .232 opp. avg; .208 vs. LH, .250 vs. RH, .333 with RISP; In Clearwater, Friend was 2-3 with a 2.12 ERA in 26 games, with 19 saves. Totals: 42 games, 2-5 with a 2.20 ERA; 26 saves; 45IP 33H 12BB 45K; 1.00 WHIP.  Friend, who was a Minor League Rule 5 pick, has pitched very well for both CLearwater and Reading.

Les Walrond, 34, 20 games between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 2-2 with a 1.73 ERA; 26IP 18H 13BB 28K; 1.19 WHIP; 1.13 GO/AO; .194 opp. avg.. Walrond has done exactly what has been asked of him after being signed mid season.

BJ Rosenberg, 25, 26 games (13 starts); 4-4 with a 4.64 ERA; 85.1IP 92H 28BB 83K; 1.40 WHIP; 1.11 GO/AO; .281 opp avg., .267 vs. LH, .297 vs. RH; .302 with RISP. Rosenberg started the year in the ‘pen, then was moved to the rotation (unsuccessfully) and now back to the bullpen. He was the Phils 13th round pick in 2008 out of Louisville.

Jordan Ellis, 25, has remains on the DL. He has been on the DL for about a month.


Andy Loomis, 25, 15 games, 0-1 with a 1.65 ERA; 2 saves; 16.1IP 14H 5BB 19K; 1.16 WHIP; 1.07 GO/AO; .230 opp. avg., .115 vs. LH, .314 vs. RH. Loomis was the Marlins 16th round pick in 2008 out of Purdue and was picked up as a free agent mid-season.  He has pitched well for a decimated Clearwater bullpen.

Ebelin Lugo, 21, 34 games, 2-3 with a 4.56 ERA; 3 saves; 51.1IP 58H 9BB 44K; 8 HR allowed; 1.30 WHIP; 0.57 GO/AO; .291 opp. avg., .275 vs. LH, .306 vs. RH, .333 with RISP; 0-1 with a 5.72 ERA since July 1st.  A very pedestrian year thus far for Lugo.

Mike McGuire, 25, 13 games, 0-0 with a 8.15 ERA; 17.2IP 24H 8BB 19K; 1.81 WHIP; 1.50 GO/AO; .308 opp. avg. Not a whole lot positive to say, other than maybe his stats are due to injury. McGuire was recently activated from the DL.

Tommy Palica, 24, 9 games, 1-0 with a 7.56 ERA; 16.2ip 18H 8BB 10K; 1.56 WHIP; 0.70 GO/AO; .281 opp. avg. Originally a 10th round pick by the Braves in 2007 and signed by the Phils as a free agent.  Not pretty.

Eric Pettis, 23, 25 games, 1-2 with a 3.10 ERA; 3 saves; 40.2IP 38H 8BB 37K; 1.13 WHIP; 1.16 GO/AO; .250 opp. avg., .284 vs. LH, .224 vs. RH, .333 with RISP; In Lakewood: 10 games, 0-1 with a 1.23 ERA before getting called up.  A good year for Pettis who has transformed himself from an obscure 35th round pick last year, to a player who very well could be part of the Reading bullpen next year.

Juan Sosa, 21, 7 games for Clearwater, 0-0 with a 5.23 ERA; 1 save; 10.1IP 8H 6BB 11K; 0.31 GO/AO; .200 opp. avg. In Lakewood: 30 games, 3-2 with a 4.17 ERA; 10 saves; 41IP 36H 15BB 33K; 1.70 GO/AO; .243 opp. avg., 1.24 WHIP. Sosa is progressing well and should be a mainstay in the Threshers bullpen starting the 2012 season.

Jordan Whatcott, 26, 33 games, 2-1 with a 2.79 ERA; 6 saves; 51.2IP 53H 14BB 37K; 2.12 GO/AO; 1.30 WHIP; .279 opp. avg; .337 vs. LH, .234 vs. RH; .200 with RISP. Whatcott who was signed as a free agent has been part of the glue that holds the Clearwater bullpen together as faces have come and gone throughout the season. A good year, but Whatcott is long on years for High A.

29 thoughts on “Around the System, Bullpen, Top Half

  1. Like the comment on Loop: “The home run ball has crushed Loop since his callup to Reading.” Usually a hitter “crushes” a HR so it should follows that a pitcher who gives up that HR “got crushed.”

    I remember a few years ago, we were all talking about having no MLB ready relievers in the Minor league system and that the Phils had to spend money on journeymen relievers. Now there are a stable of young relievers. Next years bullpen might be mostly home-grown guys (I count Aumont as home grown because he’s been in the organization a couple of years).

    I’m not giving up on Rosy yet. He’s having some trouble coming back from injury. He might be next year’s Schwim. We’ll be trying to figure out why he hasn’t been brought up to the big club.

    1. There’s really going to be a lot of turnover next year in terms of the bullpen. Let’s see:

      Only 3 certainties – 2 homegrown (Bastardo, Stutes), one not (Contreras). 3 other guys on this year’s roster (2 homegrown) who may be back – Madson, Herndon and Kendrick. That leaves anywhere from 1 to 4 spots. I’d say they will sign one or two FA. So let’s see … 3 to 5 homegrown. Yep, mostly homegrown, unless they keep Contreras, Herndon, and 2 FA. Maybe room for only one of Schwimer/Aumont/DeFratus to start the season, but honestly I’d prefer having 2 of them start the season in AAA to be available for the inevitable injury call ups.

      1. More specifically:

        Stutes, Bastardo, Conteras
        Kendrick (small chance Herndon instead)
        Madson (moderate chance FA or trade target instead)
        FA leftie
        Schwimer (some chance Aumont instead)

        That’s a prediction of what will be, not should be, but the only thing I’d change is Kendrick and even there I understand the logic (and no, I do not think he will be non-tendered after what will likely be his best overall season in terms of traditional metrics).

        1. Hey Larry. Agree with your list for the most part, but I think Kendrick’s ‘best’ season will only increase the chance that he is not offered arbitration. It will be interesting to see how his future plays out

          1. I definitely think KK will be back.
            Too much uncertainty in the rotation.

            Blanton may missed 2012 as well and at best will be iffy to count on.
            Oswalt is iffy too. Either Oswalt OR the Phils can opt out of the contract and his back may become more of an issue.

            That only leaves the 3 Aces and Worley as sure starters.
            A Team likes to have a minimum of 6 quality guys and preferably 7.
            I do not see anyone to start the year who would likely be able to full in.
            Perhaps by the end of 2012 with the Baby Aces get innings under their belt in Reading, but certainly not to start.

            KK will be kept around as insurance. Really Cheap Starters with any skill are not cheap unless they are Injury Rebound Lotttery tickets, which clearly would not be insurance.

            1. I don’t disagree with the logic, but cost will certainly weigh into their decision. He’s facing arbitration for the 2nd time and despite iffy peripherals, he’s had more successes than failures this season. If he pitches effectively the last two months, he’ll be in position for a substantial raise over the $2.45mm he made thru arbitration the first time. We start getting into the 4-5mm range at the decision is no longer obvious.

            2. If he keeps pitching this way, he should have some trade value rather than a non tender…

  2. schwimer at least should be given every chance to earn a spot on the roster in spring training next year.

    1. Of the three I see Schwimmer as the leading candidate of the three because he is the most advanced. I think the Phillies know what they have in him. He must live up to the confidence if given a chance this year and next. I think he will.

  3. I hope Schwimer gets a shot in September. I’m guessing the Phils will put Blanton on the 60 day for a catcher, hopefully Kratz and not Sardinha, and then maybe they can put Garcia or Naylor on the 60 day and put Schwimer on the 40 man. Defratus and Aumont should be in AAA in 2012 with both getting opportunities to pitch for the big club at sometime.

  4. Wow, Diekman is lights out against lefties. Unless he just walks them all. Which he could with that many walks. Let’s hope he’s pitching around the righties to get to the lefties.

    1. I saw Diekman pitch against Trenton and he was throwing a nasty slider and struck out three lefties. Unfortunately his slider is not as effective agianst righties.

  5. Saw several of the LHV pitchers during the SWB series. Aumont throws 95-96 mph, Savery throwing 91-92. Mathieson throwing 95-98. Savery is intriguing. A lefty throwing at that speed with good peripherals will see major league action eventually.

  6. A few of these relievers probably will be lost in the Rule 5 draft. The Phillies do not appear to have a lot of room to protect them. At most the Phillies will be able to add only 4 or 5 players to the 40-man roster this fall. The following are the players eligible for Rule 5:

    Rule 5 Eligible Pos
    Anthony Hewitt OF
    Colby Shreve RHP
    Cody Overbeck 1B -OF
    Brian Rosenberg RHP
    Michael Schwimer RHP
    Troy Hanzawa SS
    James Murphy 1B
    Tyler Cloyd RHP
    Stephen Susdorf OF
    Michael Cisco RHP
    Joe Savery LHP/1B
    Travis Mattair 3B
    Matt Rizzotti 1B
    Tyson Brummett RHP
    Chance Chapman RHP
    Chris Kissock RHP
    Jiwan James CF
    Jacob Diekman LHP
    Phillippe Aumont RHP
    Tyson Gillies CF
    Miguel Alvarez OF
    Lendy Castillo RHP
    Leandro Castro OF
    Ebelin Lugo RHP
    Sabastian Valle C
    D’Abry Myers OF
    Derrick Mitchell CF
    Justin Friend RHP
    Tim Kennelly C

    Locks to be added to 40-man ( 80-90% )
    Sabastian Valle C
    Jiwan James CF
    Phillippe Aumont RHP

    Probably added to 40-man ( 50-60% )
    Michael Schwimer RHP
    Tyson Gillies CF
    Brian Rosenberg RHP

    Possibly added to 40-man ( 10-20% )
    Derrick Mitchell CF
    Tyler Cloyd RHP
    Leandro Castro OF
    Joe Savery LHP/1B
    Anthony Hewitt OF
    Justin Friend RHP
    Colby Shreve RHP
    Cody Overbeck 1B -OF
    Matt Rizzotti 1B

    Note: Mitchell and Kennelly could become minor league free agents on Oct 15, 2011 so they need to be added to 40-man roster before then to remain in the organization. The rest need to be added to the 40-man by Nov 20, 2011 to be protected from the rule 5 draft.

    1. I believe you left out one name. Alvarez may be rule 5 eligible.
      While that list seems large, it won’t be that hard to protect the real prospects. The current 40 man roster has 7 guys on it that can easily be removed: Carpenter, Mathieson, Perez, Naylor, Zagurski, Orr and Harold Garcia.
      Those guys either won’t get picked up or won’t be missed. The 5 of Sebastian Valle, Jiwan James, Aumont, Schwimer and Castro will definitely be placed on the roster. I suspect that Gillies will be protected. That leaves one spot for Savery, Overbeck or Mitchell. I wouldn’t lose sleep over either, but if I had to choose I would keep Savery because LH pitching is premium.

    2. Sorry. Missed that you had Alvarez on your list. He is too far away to be taken in the major league portion of the rule 5, though.

    3. Here are the players you left off:
      (6 yr. + minor league free agents: Tuffy Gosewisch, if not added to 40)
      Rule 5 eligible:
      Juan Sosa, RHP
      Geancarlo Mendez, IF-OF
      Luis Paulino, RHP (IF)
      Gabriel Arias, RHP
      Leonel Bastidas, RHP
      Carlos Valenzuela, INF
      Francisco Diaz, C
      Alan Schoenberger, INF
      Siulman LeBron, RHP
      Torre Langley, C
      Jeff Lanning, C
      Mike McGuire, RHP
      Jordan Ellis, RHP
      Andrew Carpenter, RHP
      Albert Cartwright, INF
      Tommy Palica, LHP

      and maybe a few recent signees and maybe more.

    4. Great work. It should be added to transactions for further reference

  7. What about Cisco, He surely would be taken because he can probably be useful next year not just sitting.
    Carpenter said pitch almost every day helped him at Lehigh. No chance of that of the Phils

    1. No, there is no limit to how many player a team could lose thru the Rule 5 draft.

  8. I would have to think the guys you mentioned that could be removed: Carpenter, Mathieson, Perez, Naylor, Zagurski, Orr and Harold Garcia could be joined by a few who may be moved at some point from the ML roster, possibly Francisco, Valdez, Lidge, Ibanez, ??
    I definitely think we have seen the last of Francisco. I assume Martinez will remain over Valdez next year. But, you have to love the potential of the bullpen guys! With Aumont, Schwimmer, DeFratus, Savery and Diekman; not to mention guys like Pettis, Friend, and Cisco, they are stacked. I will say I think Madson needs to be resigned.
    One thing this does again is provide trade options. Kendrick has to have some value to another club, especially one that plays in a big home park. Determine who you really like out of the bullpen arms and potentially the club could offer a guy like Stutes to another team in a package. Not that I want to see him go, but he is a guy on the big club that others have seen do very well and should have value.

    1. You are correct—Kendrick can pitch with added value in a large park—–Kendrick to the Rockies for Tulowitzski—solves our SS problem for the future.

    2. You’re hoping to get a guy like Stutes for Kyle Kendrick, a #5 pitcher who’s too expensive for the Phillies but won’t be for the other team? Kyle Kendrick, who’s 2 years away from FA and likely to make $4M in 2012 and $6M in 2013? And you expect the other team to give something of value for him? How many big parks out there? San Diego? Oakland? Seattle? Seattle is the likely bet but you’ll be lucky to get a B level prospect for him.

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