First Person Scouting Report: Williamsport 3 August 2011

Another report from NYPhilsmaniac, who has done an outstanding job of providing us first hand accounts this summer. This report comes from yesterday’s Williamsport game. Thanks again Dave.

ADAM MORGAN started. I came away impressed even though his line didn’t look good. He is a hard-throwing lefty (or so it appeared to me since there was no radar gun in Brooklyn) who mixes his pitches well. I would make a guess that he was hitting 91-92 but would love to know what he tops out at (jslasher can you help me out here?). Morgan cruised through the 1st inning with 2 lazy flies to CF and a K. In the second inning after retiring the first batter on a liner to right, he gave up an infield single and then a smashed triple. He struck out the next batter on a 3-2 curve but then gave a single that hit the LF wall on the fly. From there he settled down and threw a hitless 3rd and 4th (there was a BB in the 3rd). In the 5th, he seemed to tire and after getting the first two out, he gave up a 2B (that was hit the other way over the 1B head into the corner), another IF single and a walk on a 3-2 pitch. That was the end of his day. They hit probably 3 hard shots off him in almost 5 innings. He definitely was not economical with his pitches running a number of deep counts. So with the bases loaded and two outs, in comes another lefty…

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AUSTIN BROUGH- Brough got the batter to ground weakly to third to escape the jam. He threw a few curves including the 1st pitch (surprising since he entered with the bases loaded and it was his first batter). In the 6th, Brough threw a strong 1-2-3 inning. Unfortunately, we had to leave at the 7th inning stretch to get my son home for his practice so I can’t comment on Arias who took the loss.

PETER LAVIN went 0-4 and didn’t show much. He played a solid CF.

KYRELL HUDSON- looked bad striking out on curves the first 2 times up. He was basically locked up and watched both 3rd strikes go by. He did get a hit after we left.

AARON ALTHERR (which I found out is pronounced ALL-TARE): grounded out twice to short but in his 3rd AB, he hit a shot over the LF fence. The LF barely moved so you know it was hit well.

KELLY DUGAN- K’s first two times up and then got an infield single off the 3B’s glove.

HAROLD MARTINEZ- Harold had the best day. He was solid at 3B though he did make one high throw to 1st (the runner was still out). He got an infield single up the middle, then a clean hard RBI single up the middle second time up. He stole second but was stranded there. I don’t see him as having great speed but he got a nice jump on the steal. He flew out to LF on his 3rd at-bat.

Sorry this report was not complete and believe me I HATE leaving games early. I spoke to some players about the bus accident- that was a scary situation.

16 thoughts on “First Person Scouting Report: Williamsport 3 August 2011

    1. Was not impressed by Dugan seems cocky and didn’t look good in striking out in his first 2 AB’s. His single wasn’t particularly hard hit. He DH’d so I didn’t see him in the field. He is still switch-hitting (I believe there was some talk of him abandoning that). It is often so hard to judge players when you only see them play once or twice per season. As an example, a number of years ago, I remember seeing Jason Michaels play for Batavia. He could not have looked worse- his swing was slow and he was totally overmatched. As it turns out, he must have adjusting to the wood bat or something because by the end of the season, he was among the league leaders in HR’s and as we know he has had a nice, lengthy MLB career as a 4th outfielder.

      1. Great – well not great, but you know what I meant – thank you for the quick response to my question!!

  1. Hey, nice report – great to see Phillies/Cutters fans on our road trips!

    I was actually kinda surprised seeing how Morgan looked like he was throwing harder than usual yesterday. All the times I’ve seen him on radar this season, he has been essentially 87-89 with the fastball, tops. He really did look like he was throwing darts. Gritty start.

    Brough could probably be pitching a level or two higher – the guy’s an older previous free agent but he’s done everything asked of him and more this season.

    Lavin didn’t have a great day yesterday, but he looked great on Tuesday night in game one of the series. He had like an 11-pitch at-bat to lead off, then spanked a double over the center fielder’s head. He picked up another hit later in the game too.

  2. Jslash- are you employed by the team? I enjoy your reports and yesterday will be the only Cutters game I will able to attend. I assume you were there yesterday. Were you on the bus that had the accident?

  3. Hey, thanks – Mitch and I enjoy giving you guys first-hand perspectives as much as possible.

    I’m writing for the Cutters website this season as an internship…so I basically go everywhere with the team. And yes I WAS on the bus the other night…can’t give details but there’s plenty of reports to read as it is.

    P.S. saw your comment about Dugan – He’s really a good kid that is hitting well right now. And to clarify, he is not switch-hitting…made the move to full-time lefty batter over the offseason.

  4. Gentleman I appreciate the reports as I am a big Harold Martinez booster. Seen him play a few times on TV when he was with Miami and liked what I saw of him there. Was surprised as all you know what when the Phils took him where they did.

    I love how the kid walks, don’t care that he strikes out as long as he continues to walk and hit for avg. Just hope he finds at least some gap power at some point. No worries on his defense the kid is a pretty slick fielder.

  5. I went to the game on Tuesday night–seems like Altherr had himself a real nice series. His homer on Tuesday was pretty much identical to the one you describe–a towering shot to left.

  6. Jason Parks (at BP) writes up Aaron Altherr today in the high ceiling division for future LF’ers, same article writes up Singleton. Great things to say about his tools and potential future. Good stuff.

    1. That’s nice to hear, but kind of weird he’s considered an LF. I thought he could handle CF. If he’s an LF down the road, he really needs to get his bat going.

  7. Today’s Williamsport Crosscutter game with Brooklyn is on TV tonight at 7:00 pm on SNY. If you get Directv it is on channel 639 but it is also available on some of the cable networks.

  8. I’m a big Martinez fans as well. I had thought with this draft we had really strengthed the infield positions with Harold, Asche, T. Greene and the other SS’s we’re still waiting on to sign. Good to see Franco moving along in the system and same with Rivero. Asche, I’m starting to worry about.

  9. Batavia is only 25 minutes from me, so I will probably go tomorrow night. Any idea who is starting?

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